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(Quick Note: The infobox that you will see below is only referring to of that of the planet Xervedia, and not the entire star system. I apologize for any confusion I might've caused with this)

The Xervedia Star System is a Solar System located within the South-Western edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. It currently serves as a home to vast populations of Human, Tau, Ork, and Eldar, due to the Star System's main planet: Xerveida planet being in control of the Allied Races of the Galactic Dominion.

Objects in the Star System Edit

The objects within the Star System will be listed in order from the System's Star, and the Object that is further from that of the sun than the other objects

System's Yellow Star: The Yellow Star is, of course, at the center of the Star System, that allows other objects within the system to orbit the star. The star is currently 5.8 Billion Years Old, and has a 3.7 Billion Years left in it's lifespan until it collapses into a White Dwarf.

Demstrill: TBA

Makosuak: TBA

Xervedia: [Please refer to the Infobox below]




System's Massive Asteroid Belt
Xervedia Star System
Astrographical Information






Orbital period

249 Days

Rotational period

19 Hours


Nova Bax (Natural Moon), Madison (2nd Natural Moon)



Physical Information

Mostly Cloudy, with some chances of Typhoons


Forest Areas, Massive Deserts, Minor Swamps, Moderate-sized Oceans. 63% Land Mass, 37% Ocean.

Skin color


Societal, Political, & Chronological Information
Sapient inhabitants

Human, Tau, Eldar, Ork


25 Million (Present)



Tithe grade



Allied Races of the Galactic Dominion


Under Dominion Control

Date settled


Date abandoned


Date destroyed


Major events

Imperium Colonization, Foundation of the Dominion


History Edit

Imperium Colonization Edit


Foundation of the Dominion Edit


Trivia Edit

Unlike most (or some) habited planets in the Milky Way, that weren't abandoned or destroyed, the Planet isn't as populated as any other, leaving to a small population of the species currently living on the planet.

The Planet Xervedia has been shown in a variety of Fandoms, each version being different, or sometimes identical in each fandom.

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