This page outlines the rights of users editing on this wiki, as well as their expected behavior and an explanation of administrative rights and blocking policy.

Basic OutlineEdit

All users of this site are entitled to the following rights:

  • Any and all rights permitted to them by Wikia's Terms of Use and global policies.
  • The right to be treated fairly, equally, and without discrimination based on age, experience, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or other personal differences.
  • The right to have your opinions respected.
  • The right to expect ample explanation for a punishment given by the administration.
  • The right to report members of the administration if you feel they have acted out of line.
  • The right to create what content you want to create, the way you wish to create it, at your own pace, so long as said content is created within the confines of the site rules and with the intention of contributing constructively to the site.

Civility & User ConductEdit


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