It is the 42nd millennium. The galaxy, for a time, lays quiet. In the wake of the taxing wars that have raged for the past 11,000 years, the Imperium is tense. The Battle at the Eye of Terror, an all out war between The Imperium, Eldar, and Tau against the full might of Chaos, has left the Imperium of Man in utter disarray. Though Chaos has been quelled, the xenos of the galaxy are now encroaching ever closer to the Imperium's heart, and Astartes are few and far between..

As the remnants of a once unified Imperium prepare themselves for the inevitable conflicts with the ever expanding xeno armies, a massive warp travel signature is detected above Terra, something not seen since the War of the Beast. To the mixed surprise and horror of those below, what emerges from the Warp are four Crusade-Era battleships, bedecked in unknown iconography, and the unmistakable Palatine Aquila.

Thunderhawks and Stormbirds descend upon Terra in the dozens, hitting the ground and unloading Astartes in the thousands onto the streets of the hive world. They are accompanied by vehicles and walkers of ancient patterns thought lost during the Great Crusade, and flanked by two towering figures in Black, and White..

Nykoron Chronus, and Icadius Trajan, the lost primarchs, long thought expunged from life and record, have returned. With them they bring the full might of their legions, renewed with powerful technology and lost knowledge, bedecked with the finest armour, weaponry, and wargear to be conceived by the tech-priests of the Mechanicum.

They stride into the imperial palace, past the imposing Custodes and the Imperial Fists, through the Eternity Gate. When they return, they claim to have spoken to the Emperor, and claim dominion over the Imperium of Man. Those Astartes and guardsmen who will not follow, are branded renegades.

It is time for humanity to push back against the xenos that threaten their borders and expand their view to new horizons. The old ways are finished, the Last Imperium rises. For it now seems,

In the grim darkness of the 42nd millennium, hope is on the horizon.

Shadows of an Empire is set in an alternate timeline, where the Imperium is exhausted following a great battle at the Eye of Terror against the full might of Chaos. In the turmoil, the two lost legions, and their respective Primarchs have returned, claiming dominion over the Imperium of Man, and reforming it into the Last Imperium. Bringing with them new and ancient technologies alike, the lost legions have bolstered their new empire with a staggering amount of new armaments and equipment. Declaring the Quorundam Crusade, the Last Imperium pushes back against the encroaching xeno forces, and to locate the loyalist primarchs scattered throughout the galaxy...

Shadows of an Empire takes place at the outset of the Quorundam Crusade, and will continue to be updated with new events to progress the timeline. It is humanity's destiny to claim the stars once more, and there is only hope on the horizon.

Shadows of an Empire is a community collaborative project that is set in an alternate timeline where the lost Primarchs have returned to guide the Imperium in its time of need. The missing legions, alongside the modern chapters work together to stop both rebelling imperials and xenos forces alike. Though this is an Alternate Universe (AU) community collaborative project which does deviate slightly from established canon, some ground rules must be put into place in order to maintain a unified vision for this project as well as maintaining a high standard for the quality of content that is expected of our editors here on the Warhammer 40,000 Fanon Wiki.

To begin, please ensure that you have read the Shadows of an Empire community collaborative project page’s Overview and What is it? sections, in order to familiarize yourself with the project's background and setting. The following sections will give you an understanding about what you can, and cannot, write about when creating an article in this universe.

If writing about the canon factions and races doesn't appeal to you, you could write about any of the myriad of xenos races that have come into the light. Perhaps you could create a Chapter of Space Marines, or an Imperial Guard regiment that has refused to bow before the Lord-Protector and Lord-Archon of the Last Imperium. Though chaos forces are scarce now, roving warbands and cults still pop up across the galaxy, try writing about one of those!

Contributors =

SOSDarkPhoenix Founder/Project Lead Active
Lune Crackham Contributor Active

Space Marine Battleforces=

Battleforce Number Primarch Battleforce Numbers
I Icadius Trajan Knights of Apocalypse 88,000
II Nykoron Chronus Angelus Venatori 40,000
III Rogal Dorn Imperial Fists 8,000
IV Vulkan Salamanders 2,000
V Unknown Dark Hands 1,200

Azuthac the Hedonist
Bestion Kalar
Icadius Trajan
Nykoron Chronus
The Primeval

2nd Siege of Terra
Battle at the Eye of Terror
Quorundam Crusade

Angelus Venatori
Knights of Apocalypse


Azuthac's Horde

The Cabal

Deep Space

Corrosion Cannon

Harrower Gunship
The Axion

Track 01 Kazuma Jinnouchi — Osiris Suite, Act 1 (Shadows of an Empire Theme)
Track 02 Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan — Titan (Knights of Apocalypse Theme)
Track 03 Jeff Kurtenacker — We Are Dying (Last Imperium Theme)
Track 04 Jeff Kurtenacker — Charge the Gates (2nd Siege of Terra Theme)
Track 05 Neil Davidge — Immaterial (The Primeval's Theme)

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