Ruina Imperii

It is the 48th Millennium. Age of the Imperium is over. Mankind is no longer united as it once was.

The Imperium, being unable to keep up with the many threats assaulting it, failed to stand resolute. World after world, sector after sector fell to filthy xenos and corrupt heretics. With every battle lost, the citizens of the Imperium finally started to understand the chaotic threat and the truth hidden from them.

It all started when Regiments of the Imperial Guard started to resist the use of mind wipe. Needless to say, they were brutally crushed. Yet, it sparked a rebellion, a will to resist the cruel actions of the so called High Lords of Terra. Later, people started to protest, to revolt and to resist death, whether it came in the shape of a Xenos or Man. Anarchy ruled the planets as many governors were executed and their bodies left to rot. Later on, these revolts and protests turned to a full-scale revolution, with the citizenry, along with many other parts of the Imperial Guard and Navy, started to shout for reforms within the Imperium. A cry no leader except one heard. The Lord Commander of Segmentum Solar, a noble and honest man, Alistair Crackham became a paragon among his fellow revolutionaries as he openly defied the orders coming from High Lords of Terra and secretly led the Imperial Revolution to victory.

The Revolution spread to Adeptus Astartes as well. The strong superhuman defenders of mankind fractured as Chapters divided and tore themselves apart as the Space Marines choose sides. Brother fought against brother and in the end, only two Adeptus Astartes forces worth mentioning remained: the Loyalists that supported the High Lords of Terra, and The Reformists that supported the citizenry.

Planet after planet fell as the fire of the Imperium burnt itself down. The Reformists finally reached Holy Terra and, through the use of agents, entered the Imperial Palace. No force held them at bay, not even the mighty Adeptus Custodes as they fought each other as well, while the High Lords of Terra were executed, one by one. The cowards who used the name of the Emperor to do their corrupt deeds were no more. The Imperium lost control of Segmentum Obscurus, Pacificus and Ultima as Chaos and Xenos seized them from the decaying Imperium of Man.

The Civil War ended when the last High Lord of Terra fell to the ground, never to rise again. Mars was pillaged and the secrets it held were presented to the public. The pious Ecclesiarch was found in the middle of a Daemonic ritual and along with many high ranking Inquisitors. Both organizations were disbanded forcefully as millions of souls sacrificed themselves to see it happen. The Imperium was no more. A new Empire was built, bearing the name of the old one only out of respect to its selfless guardian, The Emperor. Some Loyalists surrendered and rejoined to the New Imperium while many fled to Segmentum Tempestus, vowing to continue their fight. Segmentum Tempestus became a contested zone where the New Imperium battled the old.

Age of the Imperium is over, but mankind still endures. It is unknown whether mankind will live on and regain its former glory, or fall prey to the predators in this galaxy that will do everything within their grasp to see Crimson Terra burn.

However, one must not forget that the hunter may become the hunted...

Warhammer 40,000: Ruina Imperii is set in an alternative timeline where the Age of the Imperium has come to a swift and brutal end through a 100 years long civil war. After this bloody war, the Imperium of Man was replaced by a more democratic empire, called the New Imperium, in the 48th Millennium, that supported the freedom of its people rather than controlling them with an iron fist. Beset by enemies on all sides and rife with corruption from within, the Imperium of Mankind had turned into a bloated carcass of soul-crushing bureaucracy, and lorded over by uncaring and distant masters - the High Lords of Terra - who only wished to maintain their absolute power for themselves and domineer the persecuted masses until the fires within Mankind started to rekindle. First, the forces of the Astra Militarum fell to in-fighting, until nearly all of the Imperium's military forces were drawn into a massive galaxy-wide civil war, the likes which have not been seen since the Horus Heresy. Entire sectors fell to internecine conflicts as both xenos and the Forces of Chaos gathered like carrion birds to feast upon the carcass of the formerly great empire of Humanity.

Soon the galaxy-wide insurrection reached even the superhuman defenders of Mankind, the mighty Adeptus Astartes. Split into two notable factions - Loyalists who supported the High Lords of Terra and The Reformists who supported the revolution, the massive conflict spread across the Imperium, until the fires of war finally came to the Throneworld itself. In a final apocalyptic struggle, the forces of The Reformists broke into the Imperial Palace and cast down the irredeemably corrupt members of the Senatorum Imperialis. The Age of the Imperium had come to an end. Having lost their leaders but not hope, those Loyalist forces refusing to bow down to the new order fled to the Segmentum Tempestus in order to continue their struggle against the upstart Reformists. The New Imperium of Man continues to combat the old, now called the Imperial Remnant, with no end in sight, unless one side destroys the other. But as the shadow of darkness descends across the galaxy, with xenos and Chaos building their own petty empires within those sectors they usurped from the Imperium, Mankind may yet endure as for the first time in known history, the New Imperium fights not for the survival of Mankind, but also for the advancement of it. Smaller than its predecessor, it is still the beacon of hope that it once was. Ruina Imperii starts in 560.M48, 10 years after the end of the Imperial revolution as the New Imperium, led by High Consul Alistair Crackham from Crimson Terra, tries to build its military and governmental structures while the mighty Chapter Masters of the Adeptus Astartes assist the High Consul. It is unknown whether the New Imperium will prevail or decay and rot like the Old...

Ruina Imperii is a community collaborative project that is set in an alternate timeline where the Imperium of Mankind has come to an end as the Imperium of Man is replaced by a smaller New Imperium. Though this is an Alternate Universe (AU) community collaborative project which does deviate slightly from established canon, some ground rules must be put into place in order to maintain a unified vision for this project as well as maintaining a high standard for the quality of content that is expected of our editors here on the Warhammer 40,000 Fanon Wiki.

==Before Beginning==

First of all, welcome to the 48th Millennium and Ruina Imperii Alternate Timeline! I, Lune Crackham, welcome you. Before writing anything you want to add, please don't forget to use Template: RIpage to ensure that it can be seen in the community. Also, if you want to join the community, feel free to message me on my talk page . If you are not in the community and want to join, please note that we will inspect your written articles and start a vote to decide, a vote every member can participate in. Also, if you are a member and wrote an article about Ruina Imperii, it is your responsibility to add the article to the Articles section, if not done before.


To begin, please ensure that you have read the Ruina Imperii community collaborative project page’s Overview and What is it? sections, in order to familiarize yourself with the project's background and setting. The following sections will give you an understanding about what you can, and cannot, write about. There are some basic rules and restrictions to obey such as:

A) The result of the Horus Heresy and the number of Traitor Legions cannot be changed.

B) The organizations known as the Inquisition and Ecclesiarchy (aka Adeptus Ministorum) exist, but only because the Imperial Remnant resurrected them after New Imperium forcefully occupied their headquarters and disbanded these organisations. They still have similar duties, but their voices have meaning only within the Imperial Remnant while the New Imperium has a secular belief, stating that, "The New Imperium will tolerate any form of worship, unless it directly or indirectly harms the New Imperium."

C) The Chapters in the New Imperium differs slightly from the old. The Chapters within the New Imperium, with the sole exception of the Crimson Wardens, include 3,000 Astartes and 500 Neophtyes each. These Chapters are led by their Chapter Masters who report directly to the High Consul Alistair Crackham. The New Imperium is also intolerant of autonomy and Chapters are inspected thoroughly to keep them free from Chaotic taint. The Imperial Remnant however, obey a remade Codex Astartes which demands that all the Chapters would be united as a legion and while the Chpaters and their organisations remain the same, this legion is commanded directly by the "Herald of the Emperor", the leader of the Imperial Remnant.

D) Adepta Sororitas are no more because after the Sisters of Silence discovered the treachery of the Ecclesiarch, who attempted to use a blasphemous daemonic ritual to destroy the rebels, the Sororitas abandoned their duties and all orders agreed to retreat to Ophelia VII. When the Sororitas made planetfall, a quick cleansing began and the entire planet fell under their rule. Thus they decreed their independence, stating that they would serve as a force operating only for Mankind within the galaxy, and no nation would have their loyalty. After the Imperial Remnant was founded, their response to this situation was brief but deadly. Mighty battle ships occupied Ophelia VII and Loyalist Astartes cleansed more than half of the planet in mere months. Imperial Remnant had triumphed when a small New Imperial fleet, led by the only reformist Sisters of Battle called the "Reformist Seven", arrived and successfully managed to sneak into the planet's surface. The New Imperium demanded the annexation of the Adepta Sororitas and because of being desperate, the Sisters of Battle were quick to break their oath. The leader of the Reformist Seven known as "Ebony Dagger" also played an important role during this war and managed to convince her fellow sisters to aid the New Imperial cause. As the war dragged on, New Imperium was successful in evacuating all the remaining Sisters of battle with avoiding detection of the Remnant blockade, right after their initial objective was completed. They now serve under the New Imperium as an elite organization called as "Silent Daggers" and are led by Ebony Dagger herself. The reason why Sororitas agreed to join the secular New Imperium was because they were grateful for every New Imperial soldier who sacrificed their lives on Ophelia VII for them and because they were declared heretics by the new Ecclesiarch that rose to power after Imperial Remnant was established. Losing their faith, the only thing that keeps the Sisters of Battle standing is their determination to prove their worth to the New Imperium.

E) No loyalist Primarchs ever returned to the Imperium in these times of need. However, the Ultramarines' Primarch Roboute Guilliman, after his resurrection, served as the Lord Commander of the Imperium of Man until the war known as The Great Devouring. Guilliman and the 1st company of the Ultramarines valiantly sacrificed themselves during the final epic battle, in order to defeat the first Greater Hive Fleet. It is rumoured that the Armour of Fate, the artificer armor worn by Guilliman, protected his body at the cost of putting the Primarch into stasis. With his armour shielding his body from death, the Ultramarines believe that the body of their Primarch is aboard the destroyed Macragge's Honour, whose massive wreckage is in the devoured regions of Segmentum Pacificus. The New Imperium also made attempts to recover Guilliman, basing their operations on these rumours, but their attempts bore no fruit. However, the sword of the Emperor was recovered and placed on the steps of the Golden Throne.

F) The term "Heresy" is no longer used in the New Imperium. Instead, it is replaced with "Treason", though you can use any other term if you like. However, the Old Imperium is still punishing heretics severely.

G) You can make your own empires that are ruled by any race, by using Template:Infobox RIEmpire, but you can't change the governmental, economical and military structures of the 5 main empires (meaning you can write about them, but can't change their basics), whose names are the New Imperium, Imperial Remnant, Chaos Resurgent, Necron Empire and the Federation (Tyranids are not considered as an Empire, so feel free to write about splinter Hive Fleet forces and what-not.) unless you are a project moderator.

H) Necrons are busy fighting Tyranids as the Silent King plans to search the worlds not in the Milky Way Galaxy in order to accomplish his goal. This note means: Necrons don't want to conquer the galaxy entirely and can't focus on it primarily because they are fighting against the Tyranids with the bulk of their force. However, many dynasties still continue to fight against the races within the known galaxy and as such, the Necron Empire manages to be a threat to both the Tyranids and other empires.

I) The first 8 Heroes of the New Imperium are already made or planned. However, the other 8 remains free to make and you can make one if you are given permission to do so by the Founder directly.

J) The Imperium of Man barely managed to defeat Abaddon the Despoiler during the 14th Black Crusade, without the help of their Primarch, Ultramar suffered heavily during the 14th Black Crusade and many Successor Chapters of the Ultramarines were destroyed to preserve Ultramar. The Imperium of Man continued to be plagued by many more Black Crusades, and eventually Chaos forces managed to invade the Cadian Sector during the 20th Black Crusade, establishing a small empire known as "Chaos Resurgent". Chaos Resurgent continued to expand and during the establishment of the New Imperium, it controlled most of the Maelstorm and entire sectors around the Eye of Terror.

K) The Emperor of Mankind is still in a millennia-long coma and still sits upon the Golden Throne.

L) The Tau Empire is dissolved, and the Farsight Enclaves are ravaged by Tyranids. The Tau race was forced to flee their homeworld and now lie divided. (You can still make small states ruled by Tau though.)

M) The Galaxy Map will be improved when a nation state made by a contributor (or moderator) passes inspection. That's why the boundaries of the nation states you want to create are important. Also, these nations created can not be more powerful than the 4 major factions. Also, they cannot rule over more than 4 sub-sectors.

N) Because it became a question among some contributors and users, the reason why the logos and insignias within the New Imperium are changed will be explained under this section. There are 2 primary reasons for these changes:

N.1) 3 thousand years prior to the New Imperial Revolution, another galaxy wide unrest had plagued the Imperium of Man. This massive civil war is referred as the "Ecclesiarchial Wars" and as the name implies, was a massive religious civil war. The logos used by the new Imperium dates back to this era, as they were taken from a similar revolutionary organization that used them, whose goal was to extend the rights given to the citizens of the Imperium. Led by a former Lord General Militant, who was known as "Alexander", the revolutionary force found a massive fortress that was abandoned on Elysia itself. Further inspection revaled that this fortress had actually predated the Imperium of Man itself by several millenia. The symbols that the New Imperium would use were inscribed and drawn in many locations within the fortress, on many different shapes and types. Alexander took advantage of this situation and turned the abandoned fortress into the headquarters of the revolution after he proclaimed that the logo would represent his movement and goals. His revolution was eventually crushed by the Imperium, after all the warring factions within the Ecclesiarchy agreed on a ceasefire and joined together to destroy any other rebellious movements. His fortress lied in ruins as Alexander was executed. His body was later crucified and left impaled on the ruins of his once magnificent fortress, a warning to anyone who dares to rebel against the Imperium of Man. When Alistair secretly joined the revolutionaries, he decided to adopt the logo Alexander had once used to represent the revolution itself. After the New Imperial Revolution succeeded and Terra was seized, it was Alistair who ordered that the logo used by the revolutionaries were to become the new logo of a New Imperium that would be established hours later. Alistair knew about the logo and the Ecclesiarchial Wars, even though their records were hidden deep in the Imperial Archives. However, because of he was the Lord Solar, these "precautions" proved to be no trouble at all.

N.2) The White Scars were one of the very first chapters to join the revolutionaries and they, along with the Salamanders, became one of the most known and important figures of the revolution itself. Some of their Chogorian iconography are thus used within the New Imperium to honor their deeds and show their importance.

N.3)By the time Ruina Imperii begins (10 years after the Second Battle of Terra), the New Imperium has successfully managed to notify all the planets under their control about all the changes and reforms made. However, there are still some "problems" implementing them on some of the planets under New Imperial control.

O)The Cicatrix Maledictum, also known as the Great Rift, closed after the end of the Great Devouring, during 206.M42. How it was closed still remains unknown and forgotten, but most people believe that it is due to Roboute Guilliman, the Primarch of the Ultramarines. However, the true story is lost and maybe will never be rediscovered.

P)After the disastrous civil war known as the Ecclesiarchial Wars, the majority of the Imperium faced cruel and strict reforms. However, these wars also proved that the numbers of the Schola Progenium and their cadets were not enough. To ensure that these problems were solved, the Schola Progenium was reformed and it was decreed that now non-orphan nobles can also join the prestigious institution. However, as a result, the Schola Progenium had to capitulate as it abolished the mindscaping trials, trials in which cadets were mind-wiped and brainwashed. Instead, the mindscaping was replaced with what was known as "Ecclesiarchial Education" lessons, lessons in which cadets spent solar months to memorize and repeat Ecclesiarchial texts. They were also closely monitored and cadets that showed obvious disobedience were still secretly mindscaped. The Imperium also lost a lot of dirus during the Ecclesiarchial wars, as both sides used the substance to convert and subdue many soldiers and commanders. This also caused the mindscaping to become a secondary option, one only taken if there was no other clear path. Whereas the Imperial Remnant continues this method on their Schola Progenium facilities, the New Imperium abolished them and ensured that New Imperial Academies would not get their hands on these substances. However, the New Imperium has never actually destroyed the dirus substances it recovered. Instead, they were secretly stashed and used on the Navis Nobilite during the Edict of Naval Reformation. It is even whispered by some that the Officio Assasinorum even has some extra dirus substances that are used when the Secret Wall Protocol is issued.

R)The list may continue so get a good drink and relax...






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Chapter Chapter Master Loyalty Iconography
Dark Angels Supreme Grand Master Raphael Loyal to the Old Imperium.
Dark Angels Chapter Icon
Iron Hands None, the chapter is led by the Iron Council Chapter was loyal to the New Imperium at first, however, after Mars was ransacked and hidden technologies, along with their schematics, were confiscated by the New Imperium, the chapter felt betrayed. Before the Conquest of Titan, the chapter secretly convinced the Grand Master of the Imperator Class Titans to revolt. As the war to capture Titan started, Iron Hands also secretly met with Supreme Master Philip Augustus and assured him that any survivors would be granted shelter. When the survivors boarded the Iron Hand, flagship of the Iron Hands' fleet, no one was left wondering where their true loyalties lied. The Chapter still fights for the Old Imperium.
Iron Hands-logo
Raven Guard Ardaric Koryn Loyal to the Old Imperium.
Ultramarines Julius Brutus Loyal to the Old Imperium.
Ultima Icon 2
Loyal Fists Venerable Dreadnaught Darnath Lysander Imperial Fists Loyal to the Old Imperium.
LF ıconography
Black Templars High Marshall Richard Chapter suffered a costly defeat during the Second Battle of Terra as they fought to the last Astartes to defend it. The survivors of the battle, around 150 Astartes, remain Loyal to the Old Imperium.
Black Templar Symbol
Grey Knights Supreme Grand Master Philip Augustus Chapter is nearly destroyed in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Terra by a combined assault made by the entire armed forces of the New Imperium along with the Exorcists. Only the command squad survived the 50 months long siege known as the "Conquest of Titan" and they are the current military leaders of the Imperial Remnant, commanded by Supreme Grand Master Philip Augustus.
GK Iconography

Chapter Chapter Master Loyalty Iconography
Space Wolves Great Wolf Eirik Valdemar Loyal to the New Imperium.
Space Wolves Badge1
White Scars Great Khan Genghis Loyal to the New Imperium.
White Scars Lightning Icon
Blood Angels Lord Commander and Venerable Dreadnaught Dante The chapter stood loyal to the Old Imperium at the start of the revolution. However, it was actually torn apart when the revolution broke out, with some of their successors even clashing with one another. Another civil war for the sons of Sanguinus drew near as the revolution continued to grow, pitting brother against brother. However, taking advantage of their situation, the forces of Chaos launched a cowardly planned surprise attack on Baal. If the Blood Angels weren't warned at the last minute by Virgil Arsalor, their destruction was inevitable. However, the warning carried out by Virgil and his determination to help the Blood Angels became a legend within the chapter. Eventually defeating the forces of chaos, the Blood Angels were almost certain that Virgil had a connection to the legendary Sanguinor, or maybe even their primarch, Sanguinus. Virgil became a figure of inspiration within the chapter and the Blood Angels were quick to change sides after the Second Battle of Terra.
Alatus Cadere - Winged Droplet
Imperial Fists Corvanz Grenstein Chapter Split in two; the Reformist Imperial Fists earn the right to keep their original name by retaking The Phalanx from their loyalist brethren.
Imperial Fists Icon
Salamanders The Regent of Vulkan Loyal to the New Imperium.
Salamanders Livery Heraldry
Exorcists None Chapter remained neutral to the revolution at first, and only maintained order within their planets until their homeworld was destroyed by the Grey Knights. The Exorcists were mortally wounded, but not broken as they immediately answered this call to war by joining the New Imperium and helped the Reformists greatly during the conquest of Titan by completely annihilating the Grey Knights except their command squad. However, left with nearly 200 Astartes, the New Imperium officially merged the remaining Exorcists with their elite "Crimson Wardens" chapter, along with their training and Exorcism tests.
Exorcists Livery
Aquila Knights Shield Lord Vordrick Yusef The Aquila Knights were a chapter that was created during the New Imperial Revolution by the old Imperium. However, after Terra was seized, their founding was decided to be kept secret and continued by the New Imperium. After the chapter was successfully founded, they remained loyal to the New Imperium.
Aquila Knights Badge

The Galaxy Map
RI Map

New Imperium
Imperial Remnant
Banished Enclaves

Alistair Crackham
Virgil Arsalor
Clovis Vecto
Dion Toles


Conquest of Titan
The Great Devouring

Void Formations
Heroes of the New Imperium
Aquila Knights
Chalishan Rad Scorpions




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