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So much has been forgotten.

No longer does humanity appreciate the wonders and promise of science or technology, for such things have long been supplanted by superstition. The achievements, struggles, and triumphs of ages past mean nothing now. All that matters now is survival: the survival of Mankind as a species.

Survival, in a universe ridden with mind-bending horrors the likes of which the human psyche was never meant to behold. A universe in which our race is but the flickering flame of a mere candle struggling to stay alight against the force of a mighty gale. A universe enveloped in brutal, unforgiving, unending war. War well beyond the comprehension of mortal men.

A war that we are losing.

But even in this bleak era, hope, though fleeting, remains. The glorious God-Emperor, carrion lord of all Mankind, still sits upon the Golden Throne of Terra. Though His body has long been ruined by the ravages of time, His soul lives on in another plane of existence, His unrivaled psychic abilities holding together the rotting Imperium of Man that he founded ages ago. So long as the Emperor remains a force in the universe, the Imperium of Mankind shall not fall.

But no one knows how long this shall last.

All accross our Milky Way galaxy, the servants of the God-Emperor work tirelessly to safeguard the Imperium from threats originating within, without, and beyond. They come in many forms, from the lowly men and women of the Planetary Defence Forces and the Imperial Guard, to the mighty Space Marines, the Emperor's legendary Angels of Death. All of them fight valiantly against impossible odds, for they dream of the day that humanity shall once again know solace from conflict.

But, for now, such a day is but a sweet, wishful dream.
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Warhammer 40,000: Imperium of Blood is a fan-created expansion of the Warhammer 40,000 lore. It is the combined efforts of multiple users to contribute towards a shared, interconnected vision of the grim darkness of warfare in the 41st Millenium.

Warhammer 40,000: Imperium of Blood is an expanded universe, NOT an alternate universe.
It does not deviate from the established lore, but rather expands upon it. As such, all works within Imperium of Blood are expected to conform to the rules and limitations of the Warhammer 40,000 universe as they have been established by Games Workshop.

In Imperium of Blood, we firmly believe that neither creativity nor quality should be sacrificed merely because we cannot build concrete rules to accommodate them. As such, in Imperium of Blood, rules CAN and WILL be interpreted liberally and on a highly situational basis. One rule may be interpreted strictly in one situation and it may also be bent somewhat in another. If you have a problem with this, then Imperium of Blood is not for you. Also, we may in some situations reserve the right to collectively veto an idea "just because it doesn't work", and in others allow an unconventional idea to be fleshed out because we collectively believe that it can work if written properly. If you also find this bothersome, you may similarly want to reconsider joining. All rules can be considered suggestions more than anything else, and the collective opinion of the Imperium of Blood users holds weight over all. We believe that this works because IoB is merely a group writing project, not government or anything else which requires clear and concrete rules. Do note, however, that these conditions ONLY apply to Imperium of Bloods internal rules; site policy will still be held to as strictly and consistently as possible.

  1. You may not majorly impact the Warhammer 40,000 setting as a whole. Imperium of Blood adheres firmly to the "Your Dudes" perception of the setting, and as such, we believe that Warhammer 40,000 is a sandbox in which to tell stories, and that advancing the storyline of the setting as a whole is a bad idea. Thus, you may NOT majorly impact the setting. Additionally, while your characters may interact with canon characters or take part in canon events, they may not majorly affect them, so no telling the Dark Angels that Cypher is actually seeking redemption or that Lion El'Jonson is somewhere aboard The Rock, and no claiming that the Cryptus Campaign was won in large part thanks to your Blood Angels successor chapter. This is the rule that we will be least flexible about.
  2. Matters upon which canon material is contentious or vague should not be touched upon. This means no stating whether or not the Alpha Legion are truly loyalist or traitor, no telling whether or not the Lamenters were destroyed, et cetera.





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Track 01 Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan — A Hero's Legacy (Imperium of Blood Theme)
Track 02 Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan — Prologue
Track 03 Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan — Titus' Theme
Track 04 Two Steps From Hell — Dark Ages (Eneldor Battles)
Track 05 Two Steps From Hell — False King
Track 06 Two Steps From Hell — Power of Darkness
Track 07 Two Steps From Hell — Protectors of the Earth (New Sirius Battles)
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Track 09 Avenged Sevenfold — Hail to the King
Track 10 audiomachine — Knights and Lords
Track 11 Manowar — King of Kings
Track 12 Brian Tyler — Heroes
Track 13 Brian Tyler — Sword and Council
Track 14 Hans Zimmer — Roll Tide
Track 15 Hans Zimmer — Cliffhanger Escape
Track 16 Doyle W. Donehoo — Khaine's Wrath
Track 17 Pfeifer Broz — Humanity Sector
Track 18 Megadeth — Symphony of Destruction
Track 19 Metallica — The Thing That Should Not Be
Track 20 Borislav Slavov — What Are You Prepared To Sacrifice
Track 21 X-Ray Dog — Dethroned
Track 22 E.S. Posthumus — Unstoppable
Track 23 Two Steps From Hell — Sons of War
Track 24 Richard Wells — The Night Before (Halius' Theme)
Track 25 Tool — Schism
Track 26 Nox Arcana — Steeds of Thunder (Aetherian Warriors' Theme)
Track 27 Two Steps From Hell — Invincible
Track 28 audiomachine — The Last Ember
Track 29 Two Steps From Hell — Moving Mountains
Track 30 Pfeifer Broz — Agents of Change
Track 31 Pfeifer Broz & GRV Music — Quantum Crypts (Extended Remix)
Track 32 GRV Music — Obscurus Mix II (Zaphkiel's Theme)
Track 33 Clint Mansell — Lux Aeterna
Track 34 Hans Zimmer — King Arthur (Alasdair's Theme)
Track 35 Steve Jablonsky — Insurmountable Odds (Nero's Theme)
Track 36 Savage Genetics — Silent Hill Dubstep Remix (Krax's Theme)
Track 37 Iron Maiden — Hallowed Be Thy Name
Track 38 Akira Yamaoka — Fear of the Dark
Track 39 Iron Maiden — Children of the Damned
Track 40 Doyle W. Donehoo — Angels of Death
Track 41 Two Steps From Hell — Armada (450th Siege Korps' Theme)
Track 42 Epic Score — Global Tempest (13th Black Crusade Battles)
Track 43 Immediate Music & GRV Music — Lacrimosa & Preliator (Prelude to Calamity final mix)
Track 44 Nox Arcana — Frozen Memories
Track 45 Idaeus III — Son of Aquila (Egon's Theme)
Track 46 Jeremy Soule — "Chant"
Track 47 Nox Arcana — Blood of Angels (Adeptus Astartes' Theme)
Track 48 Jeremy Soule — Space Marines Theme
Track 49 audiomachine & GRV Music— Guardian at the Gates (extended mix redux)
Track 50 Posthouse Tuomi — We Were The Law
Track 51 Yuki Kajiura — This Day And Never Again
Track 52 Yuki Kajiura — The World Is Tumbling Down
Track 53 Avenged Sevenfold — Coming Home
Track 54 Avenged Sevenfold — Shepherd of Fire
Track 55 Far From Heavens — Prometheus (Dark Angels Theme)
Track 56 Jo Blankenburg — Vendetta
Track 57 Avenged Sevenfold — Requiem
Track 58 Avenged Sevenfold — Heretic
Track 59 Exorcio Daemonum
Track 60 Aleksandar Dimitrijevic — They Fought As Legends
Track 61 James Dooley — Hold The Line, Fire At Will
Track 62 audiomachine — Legions of Doom
Track 63 audiomachine — Warlords
Track 64 Zack Hemsey — See What I've Become
Track 65 Zack Hemsey — I'll Find A Way
Track 66 audiomachine — Red Sorrow
Track 67 audiomachine — Battle of Actium
Track 68 audiomachine — Terminus
Track 69 Max Legend — Escape
Track 70 Icon Audio Music — Seeker
Track 71 Dark Statique — Nameless Hero
Track 72 Dead Me — Ungoliant
Track 73 Hans Zimmer — Day One Dark
Track 74 Hans Zimmer — No Time For Caution (film edit)
Track 75 audiomachine & GRV Music — Blood & Stone (extended mix)
Track 76 audiomachine & GRV Music — Fallen Army
Track 77 audiomachine, James Dooley, & GRV Music — Grand Battle
Track 78 Star Wars - The Imperial March (Friedrich Konegeer's theme)