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Wardens Cosmic

3rd Founding (M32)

  • Sanguinius
  • Rogal Dorn (Speculated)
Chapter Master

Legatus Caldisias Viricus




None Known


1200 Astartes

  • Naval Combat
  • Assault
    • Shock Assault
  • Siege

The Wardens Cosmic are a loyalist, partially Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter of Adeptus Astartes created during the 3rd Founding in the first year of the 32nd Millennium at the behest of Rogal Dorn himself. Their exact origins remain mysterious even during the time of their creation. Most Imperial sources have state that the Wardens Cosmic were Founded utilizing Blood Angels gene-seed, a claim supported by the maintenance a Death Company; However this is disputed sparcely by some Scholars from Kacreirus and the Inperium, who beleive they are successors of the Imperial Fists.

Chapter HistoryEdit

A system-spanning Chapter of much glory and prestige, the Wardens Cosmic chapters own historians record them as one of the Chapters of the 3rd Founding of the Adeptus Astartes. Their founding occurred during the first year of the 32th Millennium. The 3rd Founding or sometimes reffered to as the Barbarous Founding occurred after the Horus Heresy and Great Scouring, the High Lords of Terra felt they need to make more brutal and ruthless Chapters to strike fear into the Imperial populace and scare them into compliance during those tumultuous times. These ferocious Chapters would have wreaked terrible slaughter on those who opposed Imperial rule, though the Wardens Cosmic hail frm this Founding, they are notably less brutal then their peers, the Wardens proved to be a resolute Chapter and true Scions of the Emperor, fiercely defending the realms of man from the enemies of the Kacreirus, and the Imperium of Man.

Notable CampaignsEdit

37th MillenniumEdit

(815-818.M37) Deadfang Invasion of Ailuros

Main article: Deadfang Invasion of Ailuros

38th MillenniumEdit

39th MillenniumEdit

40th MillenniumEdit

41st MillenniumEdit

Chapter Gene-SeedEdit

Chapter OrganizationEdit

Chapter CommandEdit

Special FormationsEdit

Chapter RecruitmentEdit

The Wardens Cosmic recruit new Astartes from the populations of the six worlds that comprise the Dominion of Kacreirus in the south of the Galaxy in the Ultima Segmentum.

Chapter Combat DoctrineEdit

Deathwatch ServiceEdit

Chapter BeliefsEdit

Chapter RelicsEdit


Dominion of KacreirusEdit


Kacreirus is the Chapter home world of the Wardens Cosmic Chapter of Adeptus Astartes located in the southern reaches of the the Ultima Segmentum.


Notable ProtectorsEdit

Chapter AppearanceEdit



By them Edit

About them Edit

"The Tech-Priests of Muspelheim will never forget the glory we shared with the Space Marines of the Wardens Cosmic during the great greenskin threat to our homes so long ago. Clearly we would all have perished had it not been for the stubbornness and righteous fury of Wardens Cosmic Chapter during the war"
―Archmagos Alpenan Joichoks, ruler of Forge World Muspelheim, addressing vital role the Wardens Cosmic played in the Deadfang Invasion of Ailuros.

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