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The Vulpecula Sector is in the northern reaches of the Eastern Fringe of the Ultima Segmentum. It compromises of only two inhabitable systems:

  1. Terminus System
  2. Polean System

It also has a small number of solar systems who cannot sustain life. There exists minor mining operations in them.

Vulpecula Sector starmap

Vulpecula Sector (light blue)

In 583.M40 a strange ringworld construction of ancient species and design was discovered. The megastructure orbits a yellow main sequence star. An expedition from the techmagii of Hephaestus Forge World have been sent to investigate it. Their only discoveries so far is that it is older than the Necrons' Empire and at some point, a part of it, had been settled by humans (est. M20-M25). Since the megastructure is huge in volume and area, and its creators had implemended defences around and inside it, the archaelogical progress is very slow.