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Ulgroth Crusade

Verdictus Crusade




Verdictus Frontier


  • The Imperium successfully claims much of the Verdictus Frontier.
  • The Traitor Legions succeed in diverting the Imperium's attention away from their preparations for the 13th Black Crusade.
  • The Cursed Twins star system is cleansed and supply lines to various Chaos incursions on Imperial worlds are severed. Chaos renegades on these worlds soon retreat into hiding, having lost their capacity to wage war on the Imperial government.
  • The Tuffskullz Empire is fragmented and a number of Ork-controlled worlds are scoured of life, but the Orks remain a significant threat to the region.
  • The combined efforts of the forces of Chaos and the Tuffskullz Empire deal tremendous damage to the infrastucture of innumerable Imperial worlds.
Imperium of Man
Forces of Chaos
Tuffskullz Empire
  • Vornath Kor'Aashk
  • Warlord Killkrunch Gazrukk

Several billion Orks

  • Total death toll nearly two trillion


  1. Operationally folded with the Ordo Malleus.

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