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Ulixis Iratus
The Eyes that Sleepeth Not
Ulixis Iratus



Puritan, specifically Thorian

  • Investigation of alien threats

High Inquisitor



Date of birth




Hair color


  • Bionic uplinks and neural interface
Weapons & Equipment
  • Ignatius Power Armour
  • Inquisitorial Servo-Skull
Current Status





A stern, hardy Inquisitor, Ulixis Iratus was an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor who was a frequent aid to Watch Fortress Erioch, in which he helped oversee their Chamber Militant, Deathwatch. Of note is his close working relationship with a six-man squad, consisting of a Dark Angel, a Hawk Lord, a Raven Guard, an Ultramarine, a Blood Angel and an Imperial Fist. He has served Watch Fortress Erioch for many years indeed and has faced every threat the galaxy has had to offer, including some of the more obscure Xenos races, such as the Rak'Gol.


At a glance, Ulixis seemed like a run-of-the-mill Inquisitor who goes about his duty and follows a rigid schedule and philosophy. Upon tearing those away, it is revealed that Ulixis is a highly intelligent and savvy Inquisitor, having shown much promise when he was enrolled at Schola Progenium. He was almost always clad in ornate power armour, a paranoid man indeed who would not let his guard down. His staunch determination was enough to stare down the enemies of man and prevail. However, while paranoid, he did not allow his paranoia to grip him by the throat, going about his job with an air of dignity. He had been noted by a Dark Angels Devastator to be "a helpful Inquisitor - a rare breed", as shown by his ability to study and analyse the enemy and their tactics.

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