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The Badge of a Protector

The badge of a Brother-Protector.

Turquoise Protector Astartes 2
A Protector shall never waver!
Turquoise Protectors

25th Founding (393.M41)


White Scars (A second Legion is also suspected)


Jaghatai Khan (A second Primarch is also suspected)

Chapter Master

Lord-Protector Kür-Shad




The Final Stand


None Known


1000 (+350 neophytes)


Naval Warfare, Airborne Assault, Space Hulk Purging and Fighting Chaos

Special Units

Akinji Soldiers (A.K.A. Marauder Marines)


"We protect the truth!" or "A Protector shall never waver and resign!"

"Wars are not won with big guns, excessive numbers or advanced machines. Wars are won with discipline and unity, with a thousand hearts beating in the same rhythm. Guns and machines are useless unless an expert uses them. Numbers? You can not wage war with an army lacking in soul. The only thing you can expect from them is to either get themselves annihilated, or to bleed enough for their enemies to drown in their blood. Aside from your normal training, we will teach you how to have that discipline and soul. In the end, your hearts and minds shall know what your brothers will do. You will act in perfect harmony, because that is what you are required to do."
― Captain-Protector Cyrus, Captain of the 10th scout company, addressing the 10th Scout Company.

The Turquoise Protectors are a loyalist, partially Codex Astartes compliant Space Marine Chapter that was created during the Macharian Crusade in 393.M41. A 25th founding chapter, they are a proud successor of White Scars, albeit a second legion is also suspected of having a connection with them. Fierce warriors that settled down on the Elysian system, these Astartes all share an insatiable lust for knowledge and the ability to withstand the corruptions of warp to very extreme levels. As a result, they excel at fighting on corrupt planets and inside Space Hulks. It is even whispered and believed by many that all the minds of these marines are touched by the warp, yet they have mastered it enough to suppress the dark whispers that lurk within them. Librarians within their ranks are praised as the most powerful ones in the entire Imperium and thus, are well respected. It is even said that the power of their librarians are grand enough to banish the daemons of chaos much easier.

Their wish to preserve knowledge and the supreme power of their Librarians have drawn the attention of the Inquisition and thus, the chapter is strictly monitored. It can be said that the reason why the chapter is not excommunicated by the Inquisition is because of the allies they have gathered during their relatively short existence and the influence they acquired within the Imperium of Man thanks to their immense skills. Many regiments of the Imperial Guard and other forces of the Imperium have praised them and see them as angels of courage, including the Crescent Elites, whose name alone is a symbol of respect among the Astra Militarum.

Chapter Appearance Edit

Chapter Colors Edit

Turquoise Protectors wear Turquoise colored power armor with kneecaps of it painted red and shoulders of it painted golden yellow. They also wear grey helmets. Captain-Protectors use laurels and a skull insignia to show their rank while sergeants only use a skull insignia to do so. Their soft armor is painted red to resemble their fury and strength within. The color of their belts vary, but most of them use belts painted brown. Their backpacks are painted black and red. If there is an Aquila on their chest, it is painted bone grey but Captain-Protectors and sergeants paint their Aquilas golden yellow. If there is an Imperialis symbol, however, the wings are painted bone grey, and the skull is painted golden yellow. Apothecaries of the chapter, however, paint their Imperialis symbol with golden yellow entirely.

Chapter Badge Edit

The circle on the middle of the badge shows Elysia, the heart of every Brother-Protector. The castle that matters the most. There are various theories what the symbol inside the circle represents. Some say it is an old Terran symbol, representing a sword and a bow while others claim that it shows the location of the Final Stand, the Fortress-Monastery of Turquoise Protectors, if the symbol is aligned correctly. The ellipse symbol used in their badge resembles the galaxy and the arrows reaching to to it shows the conquests of Mankind.

Chapter HistoryEdit

Founding Edit

The founding of the chapter occurred right before the Macharian Crusade and the reason of their founding was to aid the Macharian Crusade. The Turquoise Protectors were tasked with helping Lord Solar Macharius and thus, participated in many battles. Playing a vital role, the chapter brought many planets back to Imperial command, thus helping the Lord Solar greatly. However, after the death of their chapter master Lord-Protector Mete in 399.M41, and Lord Solar Macharius a year later, the chapter decided to leave the sector instead of wasting time with the incompetent generals of Lord Solar. Left leaderless, the remaining marines didn't know what to do. They wandered Segmentum Pacificus and Segmentum Solar, searching for a worthy mission. Their refusal to take up arms and fight against the enemies of the Imperium, due to the fact that they've seen the uselessness of the generals and the bureaucrats inside it, made the Inquisition declare them renegades. At this desperate time of need, Lord-Protector Kür-Shad took command and successfully saved Turquoise Protectors from certain doom. He reorganized the chapter, restored their unity and gave them a purpose. The chapter returned from the edges of the known universe and restarted fighting the enemies of man. Seeing the chapter return to the fight and ready to obey orders, the Inquisition reluctantly revoke the Excommunicate Traitoris. At the beginning of the Elysian Civil War, the chapter was organized, deemed pure, battle ready and nearly full in numbers due to wandering the Imperium for years and not participating in a campaign.

Elysian Civil WarEdit

There are many reasons why the civil war broke out in Elysia, but the main one is the corruption of the planetary governor, which ultimately led to the Elysian Planetary Defense Force revolting against the corrupted bureaucrats and the governor. Turquoise Protectors arrived just in time as the tensions had reached their climax. Lord-Protector Kür-Shad tried to ease tensions at first, acting like an advocate of peace. However, as the time went on, Kür-Shad started to see what people of Elsyia suffered. He saw visions of daemons feasting upon the long lost souls of Elysians. Their pain inflicted such a deadly mental damage on him that it would have possibly killed another Chapter Master. However, Kür-Shad endured and maintained his sanity. His visions nearly became true as the governor unleashed his plan to attain "divine perfection". Elysians were forcefully executed by the loyalists of the Governor and his forces declared martial law on the planet. Lord-Protector responded brutally and stormed the high command of Elysian PDF, executing all the generals loyal to the governor. He then seized the command of the PDF, and launched an attack to kill the Governor. The war lasted for a year and consumed both sides as the daemons of the warp feasted at the warfare, and even joined it. At first, the governor had the upper hand as his forces pushed Turquoise Protectors to a brutally standstill. what changed the course of the campaign was the battle of Protector Valley, when Kür-Shad personally led his command squad and pierced a straight way through his enemy's flank. After this victory, Kür-Shad ordered all the troops under his command to fight their way to the palace. A desperate push was made and the palace was laid to waste as Kür-Shad slew the governor who, through the use of dark sorcery, had been corrupted by the daemons he summoned. Elysia was quarantined by the Inquisition for 2 years until the acts of the old governor was confirmed and Kür-Shad appointed as the new governor. During this time, Turquoise Protectors oversaw the construction efforts to rebuild the planet.

Protectors of Elysia Edit

After the Elysian Civil war, Turquoise Protectors were quarantined within the system for 2 years and many Inquisitors were dispatched to investigate the chapter that had newly resurfaced. Lord-Protector Kür-Shad knew that it was a dangerous gamble to attempt and wrestle control of a planet and was afraid to see his chapter branded as renegades again. Finally, after a long and lengthy debate with his Captain-Protectors, Kür-Shad decided that it would be best to leave. However, as the mighty saviors of Elysia prepared to leave the planet, the population started cheering their names. Civilians of Elysia and even the newly built planetary defense command didn't want their protectors to leave them, people revolted against Kür-Shad's decision and tensions rose again. Kür-Shad saw the bond his Brother-Protectors and the people of Elysia had developed, a bond made with respect and forged in the fires of war. A bond that was impossible to break. He was then approached by a shady group of Astartes that managed to sneak all their way into his presence. These Astartes who have given up their colors confronted the Lord-Protector and demanded to talk. Kür-Shad was no coward, but he followed his feelings and held his hand. The marines did not tell their purpose nor gains, but offered the Lord-Protector Elysia itself. Kür-Shad thought this was a test at first and asked the marines how could they do that and why did they wanted to. Their answer was short:

"You have risked the very existence of your chapter for the people of Elysia. We are here to see that your sacrifice is not in vain. We may seem ineffective and lying to you, but we are loyal to the Emperor and his Imperium. That is the only rank, only authority, we require to aid the Imperium of Man."

Kür-Shad thought for at least one hour and the marines patiently waited. In the end, the Mighty Lord-Protector only said one sentence:

"Do it."

The marines disappeared like they arrived, leaving no trace of their existence. The Inquisitorial reports were presented to the High Lords of Terra in the following weeks, and to the surprise of Turquoise Protectors, the High Lords deemed them pure and the Elysian System was given to the Turquoise Protectors to honor their sacrifice in the name of the Emperor. Kür-Shad didn't know if those marines were involved or not, but he exactly knew that an age of great reconstruction awaited Elysia. Kür-Shad became the Planetary Governor after a long a cheerful parade.His first command as the Planetary Governor was to appoint Captain-Protector Cyrus, Captain-Protector of the 10th Company, as his regent in his absence. He also appointed Murad, the Captain-Protector of the 3rd Company, as the "Guardian of Elysia", tasking him with the most important duty of protecting Elysia. Turquoise Protectors and their chapter serfs, cheering the name of the mighty Lord-Protector, doubled their reconstruction efforts. Astartes and civilian alike continued to rebuild their planet, hoping for a future where Elysia prospered.

Establishment Of The Akinji Edit

While the Turquoise Protectors were on Elysia, helping the reconstruction efforts, Kür-Shad was also busy determining their losses. If the reports in his hand were correct, the total number of casualties were 170 Brother-Protectors. The 1st Veteran Company had lost 20 Brother-Protectors, the 2nd Termination Company had lost 30 Terminators, the 8th Airborne Company had lost 40 Assault Marines and the 4th Company was nearly eradicated, with only 20 Brother-Protectors remaining within it. Kür-Shad was uncertain what to do with the 4th Company as it was very likely that the company would be taken into reserve and slowly replenished while a reserve company would be taken to active duty. However, the Venerable Dreadnought of the Chapter and the Captain-Protector of the 4th Company, Osman, approached the Lord-Protector, along with the remaining marines of the 4th Company. The Venerable Dreadnought requested from Kür-Shad to give the command of the 4th Company to the newly promoted, and the only alive, sergeant of the company, Orhan. Kür-Shad was surprised and utterly refused the idea at first, but when Orhan and Osman requested to meet with him and told about their plan to save their company, he was convinced. The 4th Company was to be rebuilt with marines from the other companies that would be chosen through tests of agility. The company would be tasked with acting as the first and brutal force of Turquoise Protectors, always being the first to clash with the enemy. Kür-Shad named the company "Marauder" and the Brother-Protectors of this company "Akinji". They would be the Brother-Protectors tasked with harming the enemy whenever and wherever they had the chance, to ease the work of the companies deployed after them. They would be the tip of the spear, the edge of the blade, the first to go in and get out. They would weaken the enemy, allowing other companies to exterminate the enemies of man easier. It was then the 4th "Marauder" Company was established and given under the command of Captain-Protector Orhan. Venerable Dreadnought Osman continued to serve in the 4th "Marauder" Company and due to the events Orhan had lived on Elysia, the Venerable Dreadnought always fought alongside the young Captain-Protector as he was one of the only Astartes that had earned Orhan's trust.

The Castle That Matters The Most Edit

It took 10 years to rebuild Elysia and 3 to secure the planet against Pirates. The 3rd and the 10th companies were tasked with this objective and achieved a devastating victory. While Elysia was rebuilt slowly, Turquoise Protectors decided that they needed a Fortress-Monastery to strengthen their influence within the Elysian System. As Humans and Astartes worked together to rebuild what was lost, a colossal Fortress-Monastery was planned by Turquoise Protectors and it was decided that the Fortress-Monastery would be built after the reconstruction efforts were completed. 2 years passed and after that, most of the reconstruction efforts were finished. The entire chapter gathered around the ruins of the palace that once belonged to the previous Planetary Governor. The Lord-Protector decided to build the Fortress-Monastery of the Chapter on this location to honor the sacrifices of Elysians and to prove that the old Planetary Governor, and his reign of terror, were no more. The Astartes were impressed when the citizens of Elysia began to help them during the construction and the mighty Fortress-Monastery was completed in 3 years, 1 year before planned. Turquoise Protectors named their Fortress-Monastery "The Last Stand" For it was the first and the last line of defense, the castle that mattered the most.

Chapter Gene-Seed Edit

Possible Connection With A Second Legion Edit

According to the records of Genetors, they found a fatal flaw in the gene-seed of Turquoise Protectors midway on their creation. Their Progenoid Glands had fallen under the effects of a mutation and, as a result, they were useless. Genetors studied the gene seed of Turquoise Protectors and decided that the chapter would be an important asset to the Imperium of Man. Being unable to eradicate this mutation, however, they decided to disband the chapter anyway. Moments after this decision, several Genetors have appeared with Progenoid Glands of unknown origin. When implanted, these glands successfully adapted themselves to the other organs and replaced their old mutated Progenoid Glands. Accounts vary on how these Genetors have managed to secure these glands, but several reports indicate that these Genetors met with space marines from an unknown chapter who were bearing the symbol of a three-headed beast and acquired these glands from them. After investigated thoroughly, archives have revealed that a particular commander has also filed a report, stating a similar encounter, in late M41. stating "The insignia of these marines was a three headed creature, which I did not recognize, but they fought beside me and got vanished before I had a chance to talk to them.". It should also be noted that upon being questioned, these Genetors revealed that these Progenoid Glands belonged to a legion "That once had a similar problem.".

Homeworld of the Chapter Edit

Elysia Edit

"The most poisonous snakes are often the most beautiful. It is our duty to hold these snakes away from this system and the Imperium. That is the reason of our existence and we will complete our mission only when every one of us fall to the ground, never to rise again."
―Lord-Protector Kür-shad to Teoman, Captain-Protector of the 2nd Termination Company.

Elysia, the homeworld of the famed Elysian Drop Troops regiments of the Imperial Guard and the Turquoise Protectors, is a verdant Imperial Civilized World in the Segmentum Solar, some 30 light years away from the Hive World of Armageddon. The Elysia System and the surrounding space are notorious havens for pirates, as Elysia lays on a major trade route. Because of this ever-present threat, the Elysian Planetary Defense Force (PDF) has intensive experience in ship-to-ship combat, a type of warfare which Turquoise Protectors also excel at. As a result, former members of the Elysian Planetary Defense Force are a common sight in their ranks. Turquoise Protectors acquired this planet as their homeworld after they have discovered that the planetary governor had been corrupted by Slaneesh and actually helped the pirates that raided supply drops and merchandise, an action which made the governor fill his coffers with money. This was a situation Lord-Protector Kür-Shad could not tolerate. He, along with the entire Turquoise Protectors and Elysian Planetary Defense Force, launched a military coup. In the end, Turquoise Protectors managed to defeat the corrupt governor and his allies, with the governor being slain by Lord-Protector Kür-Shad himself. Kür-Shad later on vowed to protect the planet and the system it was in from any kinds of danger. As a result, he took control of the planet, effectively appointed himself as the next planetary governor, with the help of an unknown space marine unit who secretly blackmailed the corrupt officials and managed to force them into appointing Kür-Shad. After these events the fleet-based Turquoise Protectors acquired themselves a homeworld. There, they built their mighty fortress-monastery called "The Final Stand", built upon the ruins of the old palace that belonged to the old planetary governor. After these events, Lord-Protector Kür-Shad tasked the 3rd Company with breaking the hold of the pirates that lurked within the system along with the 10th scout company for the scouts to gain experience. This resulted with Elysia being cleaned from pirates in 3 years, yet there are still many pirate havens embedded in the system. That is why the 10th and the 3rd companies are still stationed on Elysia, to protect it and to recruit neophytes for Turquoise Protectors.

Culture Edit

"Those who are ruled by their dirty pleasures shall be your first target, for they are the main cause of heresy, gluttony and disorder within the galaxy. They are even wicked enough to try to make you fight against your own. If they try to tempt you, remember: your discipline is your greatest weapon, use it to protect the truth. They are a plague upon this universe, and you shall annihilate them without mercy! You shall never waver, you shall never resign!"
―Lord-Protector Kür-shad addressing new Brother-Protectors.

The chapter does not follow the White Scars culturally and this situation has caused some divides between their progenitor and the Turquoise Protectors. They do not have the savage attitudes of the White Scars, but are rather inspired by their ferocity and resilience. The chapter believes, after all the ages of never ending war, that they have created and improved their own culture, thus they consider that this cultural beliefs make them unique and divide them from the White Scars.

Turquoise Protectors believe that discipline is the essence of victory. That puts them against particularly the followers of Slaneesh, chaos god of pleasures. They are always the first to charge, yet even while they charge, they never break their formation and march in the same line, their movements in perfect harmony. Their line and machine spirit is rarely broken and those who manage to break their line consider themselves blessed by their gods. However, they are not pure, as they have a fatal problem, similar to the one Blood Angels have, called "Gun Lust". This is a result of their replaced Progenoid Glands, which occurs to Turquoise Protectors who are not deployed to battle for around a year. As a result, the lust for battle overtakes them and they berserk, attacking friend or foe alike. That is why they are seen in mostly dangerous and corrupting areas, as it keeps the "Gun Lust" away, clearing the minds of the marines. It is also thought that they use the corrupting influences of the warp against their gun lust, effectively managing to manipulate the corruption to influence only the parts that causes the gun lust. In short, they resist the effects of the warp way more than a normal Adeptus Astartes can. They believe this ability is both their gift and curse as it causes them fight better, yet it also makes them unable to quit fighting. This mutation, due to being in the gene seed, applies to everyone within the chapter and that is why Turquoise Protectors from every rank, from apothecaries to librarians, can be seen in the thick of the fight, protecting the Imperium.

This mutation and everlasting necessity to fight has also affected their culture; Turquoise Protectors are a chapter that is always looking for a fight and has more heroes and relics within their chapter when compared to other 25th founding chapters. Turquoise Protectors also greatly value Elysia and believe it is the "Gem of the Galaxy". They even consider their Fortress-Monastery, which is on Elysia, as the "castle that matters the most". However, they also firmly believe that even though Elysia is the Gem of the Galaxy, Holy Terra is the reason why they are the Protectors of Elysia at all. They believe that they do all their actions for the continuity of Mankind, and also think that the completion of this objective lies in the protection of Holy Terra. For these reasons, these two planets have a very important value in the chapter's eyes and they are prepared to go at great lengths and do many deeds to see both of them safe.

Protector of the Serfisorum Edit

"My rank may not mean anything to you Blood Raven, but every chapter serf of the Turquoise Protectors are under my command. Should you harm even one, you will face my wrath and the might of the entire Protectors!"
―Protector of the Serfisorum Ibrahim, after a taunting comment from a Blood Raven regarding his rank within the Turquoise Protectors.

Protector of the Serfisorum is a title special to Turquoise Protectors. The title does not bear any importance among other chapters or within the Imperium, but it means a lot to the chapter serfs of Turquoise Protectors. Protector of the Serfisorum has the glorious task of protecting the rights of chapter serfs, as well as upholding the sense of justice within the chapter. However, the title "Protector of the Serfisorum" is rarely used within the Imperium and the brother-protector deemed worthy of this title is usually addressed as such only by chapter serfs. Every chapter serf has the right to change the brother-protector they serve, and also every Brother-Protector is responsible for chapter serfs under his protection.

Training Edit

"Congratulations! You are not Shinies anymore."
―Captain-Protector Cyrus, after the final test of a scout squad.

Neophytes of the chapter, unofficially called "Shinies", are tested brutally, for every Brother-Protector must be prepared against any type of situation, master any type of gun and precisely know what his fellow Brother-Protectors think. The challenges set on the path to become a Brother-Protector is trying and even difficult compared to some other chapters. The "tests" consist of 3 parts, called "Body", "Mind" and "Soul".

The "Body" is the part where a Shiny starts to learn how to use weapons, is taught different methods of fighting and how to test the limits of his physical power. A shiny also learns how to fight against various enemies and survive different encounters that test his physical might.

After the "Body", comes the "Mind", where a shiny learns about different types of enemies, how to battle them, tactics, strategies, philosophy and even history. This is the part where the Shiny is taught all the strategies used by the chapter and how to overcome theoretical encounters. After all that can be learned is taught, the Shinies are tested to determine the amount of knowledge they've managed to keep in their heads. If a shiny obtains a score below the required amount, he is cast down and can no longer hope to become a Brother-Protector.

Those who pass proceed to the "Soul" part. The soul is the hardest part, as cohesion and teamwork is the backbone of Turquoise Protectors. The neophytes are broken into squads and each squad is tested with deadly encounters that can be a physical or theoretical one, to force every squad member to work together and effectively use all the knowledge they've gathered from their previous tests. Strangely though, the Shiny Squads mostly learn to act with supreme coordination both within them and with other squads in a short time, eventually the Shinies survive before a disaster happens to their squad.

However, it is a strange thing that while many fail these tests, the amount of those who die is fairly low. In fact, many of the chapter serfs are actually former neophytes that have failed their training or their descendants that can't serve the chapter like a Brother-Protector can. However, they still serve with unwavering determination, and most of the Brother-Protectors consider their chapter serfs equal with them. The rank "Protector of the Serfisorum" also proves that Turquoise Protectors care about the welfare of the chapter serfs they have, a trait many Chapters find useless.

Recruitment Edit

"Trust in your aim and your mind equally. While your aim can save your body, it is your mind that protects you against corruption. To stop caring about one, even for a second, is to waste your life."
―Captain-Protector Cyrus, addressing the new neophytes of the Chapter.

Most of the Brother-Protectors and Neophytes hail from the Elysian System. However, every Brother-Protector has the right to present potential Neophytes they notice on their campaigns to the Chapter Command, who might have committed an act of bravery or selflessness for the Imperium that earned the respect of the Brother-Protector. Those Neophytes join the normal tests like others and those who pass their tests earn the right to become Brother-Protectors themselves. Because the Chapter believes in cooperation, if a Neophyte is presented to the Chapter by a Brother-Protector, that Brother-Protector also agrees that he would assist, within reason, in the training of the Neophyte he recommended. The reason of this is if that Neophyte fails his tests, the Brother-Protector recommended him decides his fate, who usually assigns him under his command as a chapter serf.

Notable Turquoise Protectors Edit

Command Edit

  • Lord-Protector Kür-Shad: Current chapter master of Turquoise Protectors and the planetary governor of Elysia. He rose to the rank of Lord-Protector after the death of Mete, the first chapter master, who died while fighting alongside Lord Solar Macharius during the Macharian Crusade.
  • Chief Librarian Ahmet: The Chief Librarian of Turquoise Protectors. He is considered as the greatest psyker within his chapter. Before being chosen as the Chief Librarian, he sacrificed his body during the Macharian Crusade, in order to protect the records of the chapter, an act that made a greater daemon of Slaneesh possess his body. However, after the daemon impersonated him for almost two years as his soul wandered around the warp, he finally took control of his body again during a fight, exorcised himself, banished the daemon back to the warp and saved the Adeptus Astartes his impersonator was going to kill, who turned out to be his fellow Brother-Protectors. After these events, the Inquisition intervened and took him to Holy Terra immediately. He spent 10 years there, being tested to see if he was truly "pure". These painful tests proved that he was not under the effects of any kind of possession and, in fact, nearly immune to it because what he went through was a process like exorcism. He, by the order of the Inquisition, was later on sent to his chapter for them to decide his fate. Lord-Protector Mete sentenced him to a Death Oath and ordered him to destroy the greater daemon of Slaneesh which impersonated him. Ahmet set out to fulfill his death oath, at the year 398.M41. 15 years later, the daemon, named Voluptatem, met it's death at the hands of Ahmet, as his power lance "Unbreakable Will" destroyed the very being of the daemon and eliminated it forever. He, after fulfilling his Death Oath, was assigned to the position of Chief Librarian under the orders of the new Lord-Protector Kür-Shad.
  • Master Of The Forge Sinan: Sinan is the Turquoise Protectors' most senior Techmarine, charged with the maintenance of the Chapter's armored fighting vehicles such as Rhinos, Predators and Land Raiders. His knowledge of the arcane sciences has been refined over centuries of service, and rivals that of the senior Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars. Unlike many chapters, Sinan has earned respect among his Brother-Protectors and is treated fairly as Turquoise Protectors believe that advancement is important to survive. Because of this, the chapter command usually supports Sinan in his bold but useful experiments. Sinan does not hesitate to bend and adapt a Machine Spirit to his needs instead of carefully entreating and revering it as the Cult Mechanicus prescribes. Even though this allows him to make quick decisions in critical situations and help his brothers, Adeptus Mechanicum views Sinan with distrust.
  • High Chaplain Yunus: Yunus is a fierce warrior and a devoted believer of the Imperial Cult who also is the Master of Rites. His devotion to Emperor of Mankind is so strong that he defeats the enemies of man with it. Because of that, he believes faith is the key to any victory. However, he doesn't try to force his brothers and citizens of the Imperium into believing the Imperial Cult unlike other High Chaplains. He believes that no one can love a religion if that person is forced to believe in it, and true devotion can only be assured if the person is willing to follow the Imperial Cult.
  • Master of the Fleet Barbarossa: Barbarossa is a naval mastermind, his strategies and tactics rivaling even the best of Imperial Navy. He is also an Elysian noble, born to a rich family that sided with the old governor during the events known as "Elysian Civil war", much to the disgust of Barbarossa. The corruption embedded in his family ultimately resulted in him leaving them and abandoning all his rank and titles. This noble and selfless act came into the attention of Lord-Protector Kür-Shad, who later offered Barbarossa a chance to atone for the sins of his family. Barbarossa accepted without hesitation and joined the ranks of Turquoise Protectors. Barbarossa later on showed his skill in naval warfare as he saved Nova Frigate Silence from utter destruction at the hands of Elysian Pirates, an achievement which ultimately led to his ascension into the rank Master of the Fleet. He has direct access to all the ships inside the chapter, and the authority to override the orders given by the Captain-Protectors commanding them, a command he uses often to prevent defeat. These powers and abilities resulted with the ships near the presence of Barbarossa feel almost immune, as he never lost a single naval battle. However, because Barbarossa has the right to take command of their frigates, the Captain-Protectors distrust Barbarossa.
  • Chief Apothecary Lokman: The mysterious Chief Apothecary of the chapter. It is rumored that he can heal any wound and cure any disease. He is a valiant fighter as well, because he has also earned his Terminator Honours. Almost nothing is known about the early life of him except the fact that he grew up on Elysia. Lokman values the survival of his brothers above anything else and he works to assure it either by healing them, or destroying those who might harm them. Lokman is also a master in the art of poisons as he spent a lot of time examining and making poisons during his time in the notorious Deathwatch.
  • Protector of the "Serfisorum" Ibrahim: Current Protector of the Serfisorum and a fierce warrior who earned this rank because of his unwavering sense of justice and will to protect it. He is originally a veteran sergeant who also is the champion of the Lord-Protectors squad.

1st Veteran Company Edit

  • Captain-Protector Ata: Ata is a veteran of many battles, and a serious leader. The most distinctive feature of Ata is that he can not tolerate a disrespectful attitude. He is not a cruel soldier, but ages of never ending conflict have made him a cold person. In battle, he carries the "Bane of Disorder", his powerful Thunder Hammer. He is a respected leader and a man who inspires those around him regardless of his cold attitude. He is a great tactician who mastered the art of logistics over a long and painful life. Due to this, he also bears the title Master of the Marches.

2nd Termination Company Edit

  • Captain-Protector Teoman: A bold man, Teoman is a soldier who likes taking risks. A man with bravery unmatched within the chapter, he is most often seen in the middle of a battlefield. Teoman is also a quick thinker who finds quick and practical solutions to any problem he faces. However, his most important flaw is elitism. Teoman is a Captain-Protector who pushes the Brother-Protectors under his command to their limit and can not tolerate any sign of weakness. Bearing the title Master of Relics, Teoman strives to be an example to all the chapter and strives to add glory to the Chapter, without hesitation.

3rd Guardian Company Edit

  • Captain-Protector Murad: The ever vigilant Guardian of Elysia. Murad is an authoritarian commander and a well respected Captain-Protector. He only talks when needed to and wants his Brother-Protectors to act, rather than talking. He is a legend among Elysians as he is always concerned with the security of Elysia. He is called "The Vigilant" among other Captain-Protectors and also is the Master of the Watch.

4th Marauder Company Edit

  • Captain-Protector Orhan: Orhan is the youngest of all Captain-Protectors, who was recruited by Lord-Protector Kür-Shad himself after a tragic event that killed Orhan's father, his only known relative. Osman is an Elysian and a pragmatic soldier. He earned his position as a Captain-Protector after Osman, the Venerable Dreadnought of the chapter, gave it to Osman and left his duties as a Captain-Protector. Osman is a really fast and agile marine and is the fastest Brother-Protector of the entire Chapter. For this, Brother-Protectors within his company respect him and his abilities, even though he is younger than all the other Captain-Protectors. After the resurrection of Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, and the start of the Indomitus Crusade, Orhan was tasked by the Lord-Protector Kür-Shad himself to go to Terra and inform the High Lords of Terra regarding the state of the Chapter and Elysia. Informing the new Lord Commander of the Imperium and notifying the Senatorum Imperialis regarding the state of the Elysian system, Orhan was also one of the first Space Marines to be transformed into a Primaris Marine, after Captain-Protector Kemal, which greatly enhanced his already magnificent abilities.
  • Venerable Dreadnought Osman: Osman is the best warrior Turquoise Protectors has ever seen and the only venerable dreadnought of the chapter. His resolve is considered legendary, mainly because on the battle that killed Teoman, he was injured beyond aid to save his squad and the Lord Solar himself. The mighty warrior later on was implemented to a dreadnought. He continues to fight for the chapter and to guide the eager, but young, Lord-Protector Kür-Shad, along with the rest of Turquoise Protectors. He is also known for being the only soldier who managed to defeat the gun lust, thus officially mastering all his emotions. He is under the command of Captain-Protector Orhan, Captain of the 4th Marauder Company.

5th Company Edit

  • Captain-Protector Ali: Ali is the Captain-Protector of the 5th Company, specializing in combatting forces of Chaos. Ali is an authoritarian and a stern Captain-Protector who bases his tactics on capturing key points and keeping civil order through submission. His company, which he refers to as "Peacekeepers", greatly respects him and has also specialized in fighting the forces of Chaos. A man with many talents and deeds, Ali wields a power fist and an ancient plasma pistol, which is rumored to be a relic created during the Dark Age of Technology, in battle.

6th Primaris Company Edit

  • Captain-Protector Kemal: Kemal is the most watchful Captain-Protector of the chapter, being a master of disguise and strategy. Kemal is a Commander first, and a warrior second. Being a military mastermind, his ability to understand his enemies and perceive their actions are rivalled only by a few. However, even though he is known for his clever tactics, he is not perfect. Being a strict man by birth, a lifetime of war has taken its toll on Kemal, turning the mighty Captain-Protector into a reckless man. Basing his tactics on selflessness, he casually risks his life, alongside his company, whenever and wherever he can if it will save others. A valiant and honorable man, his company also adopted the notorious ideals of their Captain-Protector and the company itself represent one of the core values of the Turquoise Protectors: Self Sacrifice. In war, Kemal prefers using long range weapons and, as such, uses a relic Stalker Pattern Bolter, referring to it as "Valiance", alongside a combat knife gifted to him during his time as a Shiny by the former Lord-Protector Mete himself. During the the Siege of Elysia, 6th Primaris Company was utterly wiped out, with Kemal being the only survivor. Having suffered mortal wounds and been traumatized by the event, Kemal was specifically tasked by the Lord-Protector Kür-Shad to go to Mars and understand the nature of the Primaris Marines, while his company was rebuilt. Kemal was one of the first Space Marines to be transformed into a Primaris Marine, which greatly boosted his abilities and awed all the other Captain-Protectors. Being the first official Primaris Captain-Protector, Kemal leads his "reborn" company with all the glory and vigilance he can muster, always looking for opportunities to avenge all the former Brother-Protectors he once led with pride.

7th Company Edit

  • Captain-Protector Mahmut: Mahmut is one of the most radical and strict Brother-Protectors the chapter has ever seen. After The Cleansing of the Imperium's Bane, in which he was mortally wounded and yet miraculously survived, Mahmut dedicated himself to fighting the Xenos menace, especially Tyranids, because of the grudge he bore against for them, due to the fact that he lost an eye to a genestealer. A man who dedicated his life to understand and destroy all the Xenos living in the Galaxy, Mahmut is a learner as much as he is a warrior. A reformist Brother-Protector, he even developed his own political opinion regarding the Imperium and all the organizations within it. Mahmut, however, is an honest person by nature and has never thought twice before expressing his opinions, which put him at odds against various organizations like the Inquisition, which he regards as an organization in "dire need of reforms". Mahmut wields a master crafted Bolter-Flamer, one of the most respected combi weapon patterns, calling it "Burning Sight". The 7th Company also specializes in combating the Xenos threat, much like their Captain-Protector, and Mahmut unofficially calls his company "Tyranid Hunters".

8th Airborne Company Edit

  • Captain-Protector "Hair Gel" Hakan: Captain of the 8th Company and possibly the only Captain of the Turquoise Protectors with a good sense of humor. His nickname "Hair Gel" comes from his long hair and due to the fact that his hair rarely grts messy, even though he is an assault marine and uses a jump pack.

9th Devastation Company Edit

  • Captain-Protector Avitus: Avitus is the Captain-Protector of the 9th Devastation Company who also is Master of the Arsenal. His primary weapon is his fury as he has a short temper that he uses to devastate the enemies of Man. Avitus was first noticed by the chapter during the Macharian Crusade by a rather young Brother-Protector named Kür-Shad, who recommended Avitus to the Chapter Command and he was taken in as a Neophyte. He survived his trials and was serving in the 9th company when Macharian Crusade ended. On the following years, Kür-Shad, along with Avitus, tried to stabilize the chapter and save it from certain doom. Eventually they, along with other allies, succeeded in taking control of the chapter. While Kür-Shad made many reforms in the chapter to prevent such a disaster from happening again, he also assigned Avitus as the Captain-Protector of the 9th Company, which was reformed as the "Devastation" company.

10th Scout Company Edit

  • Captain-Protector Cyrus: Cyrus is the cynical but trustworthy Captain-Protector of the 10th Scout Company and the Master of Recruits. He is a great teacher, even though he is a demanding and a hardly impressed one. He is also a master in the art of disguise and because of that, his "students" believe that he is the ideal Brother-Protector. It is rumored that recruits consider a nod of approval from Cyrus equal to a nod of approval from Lord-Protector Kür-Shad.

Chapter Organization Edit

Turquoise Protectors are not exactly a Codex Astartes compliant chapter. While they are broken up to 10 companies, obey the limit of 1000 space marines and mostly act as Codex Astartes dictates, the fact that their companies are not organized according to Codex Astartes and their devotion to protect the citizens of the Imperium at any cost complicates the situation. They instead organize their companies according to the specialization of their marines and each Captain-Protector has mastered the specialization of their companies.

1st Veteran Company Edit

The company of Veteran Marines which also contains the command squad. The marines in this company are veterans of hundreds of battles, having mastered how to fight with any type of enemy the galaxy might throw at them.

2nd Termination Company Edit

The company of Terminator Marines, the company a Brother-Protector is sent if he receives the honor of being awarded with a Terminator Honours badge.

3rd Guardian Company Edit

The company which is tasked with guarding Elysia that consists of a hundred Brother-Protectors. To protect Elysia and guard the very homeworld of the chapter is a tremendous honor, even though far from action. After the Siege of Elysia, this company was reinforced with the most vigilant and stalwart Primaris Brother-Protectors sent to the chapter by the order of Senatorum Imperialis.

4th Marauder Company Edit

The company of famous Akinji Marines. To join this company, a Brother-Protector has to be fearless. Also, the said Brother-Protector must be agile and fast as the Akinji are tasked with raids and Blitzkrieg operations that require the marines in the company to be swift and dauntless. After the Siege of Elysia, this company was reinforced with the fastest and the most dauntless Primaris Brother-Protectors sent to the chapter by the order of Senatorum Imperialis.

5th Company Edit

1st reserve company which is usually used in quick skirmishes to satisfy the Gun Lust and to keep the numbers of the company near maximum.

6th Primaris Company Edit

2nd reserve company which is usually used in quick skirmishes to satisfy the Gun Lust and to keep the numbers of the company near maximum. After the 13th Black Crusade and the siege of Elysia, this company was entirely wiped out except Captain-Protector Kemal and was rebuilt from the ashes with Primaris Brother-Protectors sent to the chapter by the order of Senatorum Imperialis. On the onset of the Indomitus Crusade, the Primaris Company is recognized an active company and is drawn from the reserves section, in order to ensure that the Turquoise Protectors would be able to be more effective on the battlefield.

7th Company Edit

3rd reserve company which is usually used in quick skirmishes to satisfy the Gun Lust and to keep the numbers of the company near maximum. After the 13th Black Crusade and the siege of Elysia, this company was promoted to be the 2nd reserve company, due to the fact that the 6th Primaris Company became an active company.

8th Airborne Company Edit

The company of Assault Marines. The marines need to show exceptional skill in using a jump pack in order to be assigned to this company, and Captain-Protector Hakan notes that "a good sense of humor" is also an important requirement to enter his company.

9th Devastation Company Edit

The company of Devastator Marines. The marines in this company are chosen from the most fierce warriors of the chapter. The marines in this company are known for their immovability when holding a position.

10th Scout Company Edit

The company of Scout Marines, which bears the responsibilities of selecting new Neophytes and training them. Except for Captain-Protector Cyrus and his Shadow Squad, all the marines in this company move to other companies after they complete their training.

Chapter Relics Edit

The Lord-Protectors Arm

The legendary Power Kilij of Lord-Protector Kür-Shad.

  • The Lord-Protectors Arm: The personal Power Kilij of Lord-Protector Kür-Shad. The weapon is made recently and to honor their old chapter master, Lord-Protector Mete, the hilt of the Kilij is covered in ceramite taken from a piece of his destroyed power armor. This makes the hilt exteremely durable and the weapon itself is more stable because the balance is enhanced. The weapon has a Powerfield Generator to bolster the defense of it and an activation button at the end of the Kilij that activates a lethal distruptive energy field when pressed. The blade is made from Adamantium and represents the resilience of Turquoise Protectors. The sheath of the Kilij is also notorious. Called "The Dark Blue Sheath", this sheath is a durable and deadly weapon in the right hands, as Lord-Protector Kür-Shad uses this sheath as a blunt weapon if he is left with no other weapons to use.
  • Unbreakable Will: The power lance used by Chief Librarian Ahmet, which also acts as his power staff. The blade is entirely made from adamantium and the staff from ceramite. The weapon is extremely durable and swift as Ahmet wields it with ease to destroy the enemies of Man. The weapon is rumored to have a psychic connection with Ahmet and can't be used by any other librarian than him. However, the origins of this weapon is not entirely known and, as a result, this rumor can't be confirmed. The weapon itself is surrounded by warp energy, which Ahmet channels to destroy the foes of the Imperium.
    The Truth

  • The Truth: The Graviton gun used by the Lord-Protector Kür-Shad which was gifted to him by the White Scars because of the Lord-Protector's acts in redeeming a successor of them, disregarding the suspicions of their true origin. Lord-Protector Kür-Shad wields this gun along with his Power Kilij, The Lord-Protectors Arm. The weapon also bears one of the warcries of Turquoise Protectors, as the words "We Protect The Truth!" are inscribed on the weapon. The Graviton Gun is named The Truth because it represents their purity and purpose, due to the origins of it.
  • The Hook: The Hook is an ancient relic predating even the Age of the Imperium. Some sort of ancient gauntlet, it throws an adamantium cable, with a hook at its end, when utilized and it is most commonly used to climb locations that are difficult to do so, such as cliffs and mountains. It is currently used by the Lord-Protector Kür-Shad himself, attached to the right gauntlet on his relic power armor. The cable is very durable and even though it was broken on many occasions, Master of the Forge Sinan developed a technique that enables him to repair the cable rather easier.

Chapter Beliefs Edit

"We revere the heroes of the Imperium as what they are, and what they are changes from Brother-Protector to Brother-Protector."
―High Chaplain Yunus, to an Imperial Inquisitor.

Turquoise Protectors nominally follow the Imperial Cult, but do not follow it as strictly as their fellow chapters. They believe that faith is special to every individual, and it should not affect the judgement of a Brother-Protector. Their chapter states that everyone is free in their beliefs, however, on the paper, every one of them appear as followers of the Imperial Cult. That is why there are both fanatical believers of the Imperial Cult, and those who are less willing to follow it. The chapter is aware of the existence of the Imperial Truth, however, they refuse it as it dictates unbelief.

Deathwatch Service Edit

Deathwatch Astartes Suleiman

Suleiman, one of the most notorious Brother-Protectors seconded to Deathwatch.

"I am a failure, I failed to stand at the side of my squad and die with them. Now their memories live with me, and will die with me. I will take them to the grave along with myself and as many traitors as I can kill. That is why I fight, to repent in their eyes so that when I fall, I will be remembered as a Brother-Protector."
―Deathwatch Marine Suleiman, taken from his personal logs.

For the Turquoise Protectors, being seconded to Deathwatch is both a great honor and a terrible disaster. Because every Brother-Protector fills a certain role in their squad and it is their exemplary cooperation that makes them strong, the seconding of a Brother-Protector scar his squad for a long time, often resulting with a loss of cooperation for roughly 2 months. This is the reason why Turquoise Protectors have a lower amount of Brother-Protectors in Deathwatch than other chapters. However, by the order of Lord-Protector Kür-Shad, those Brother-Protectors who lost their squad are presented with a decision. If they wish to continue serving the Chapter, they are assigned to a new squad immediately. However, If they want to take the memories of their squad to the grave with themselves, they are taught how to survive and fight alone for a year and get seconded to the Deathwatch. Most of the Brother-Protectors choose the latter and sentence themselves to death or a life of war outside of their chapter for their failure to protect their fellow Brother-Protectors. On the ranks of Deathwatch, they are exemplary squad members, each being a master of their assigned role. They also share parts of their training with other Astartes they befriend on their time as a Deathwatch, teaching them how to act as a great squad member.

Combat Doctrine Edit

PotS Ibrahim

Protector of the Serfisorum Ibrahim, fighting in a Desert World.

Turquoise Protectors do not follow similar tactics like their progenitor chapter, White Scars, as they fight better in space and on corrupted locations. Their resistance to the warp is a legend among other Astartes and they make use of that ability. Turquoise Protectors are usually deployed on space hulk purges, Blitzkrieg operations and ship-to-ship conflicts. They are excellent fighters against chaos and daemons, a talent they have as a result of a mutation in their gene-seed. In vacuum and space their soldiers bring the wrath of the Emperor to his foes as they lash out to his enemies relentlessly.

They take their fastest and toughest marines to the 4th "Marauder" company, where those marines master the art of Blitzkrieg Warfare. The 4th "Marauder" company is also tasked with investigating critical locations before the initial war begin. Being a marine in the 4th "Marauder" company is considered to be a great honor among Brother-Protectors as they represent the brightest of their chapter. Turquoise Protectors also greatly value the citizens within the Imperium and do anything within their power to protect them. This also puts them against the Inquisition because if an Exterminatus order is given to a planet that's in Turquoise Protectors' reach, they believe it as their sacred duty to determine and destroy the corruption within the said world before the Exterminatus happens.

Special Gear Edit

Mark II Muspelheim Pattern Space Marine Jump Pack Edit

Main article: Mark II Muspelheim Pattern Space Marine Jump Pack

The Mark II Muspelheim Pattern Space Marine Jump Pack was conceived at the request of the Turquoise Protectors that were in need of a more effective jump pack that could carry their assault marines across the vacuum of space more effectively. To do this the magi council of Muspelheim greatly modified the Mark 7 Mars Pattern Space Marine Jump Pack to fit the Chapter's needs. The result was the Mark I Muspelheim Pattern Space Marine Jump Pack. Though bulkier and heavier than the original, it was outfitted with better stabilizers and adjustment thrusters which allowed for greater mobility to carry the marines to their intended target. But the Turquoise Protectors were not impressed with their new jump pack due to its poor performance in battlefields with gravity, especially on planets with high gravity. This led the Magi council to add an anti-gravity device into the design which allowed the jump pack to become almost weightless in normal gravity while, at the request of Turquoise Protectors, this anti-gravity field could be turned off during fights in the vacuum of space.

The Power Kilij Edit

Main article: Power Kilij
Power Kilij

A classical Power Kilij.

The Power Kilij is a different type of Power Sword that appears like a Kilij. The weapon is special to Turquoise Protectors and as such, it is designed to suit their needs. The most notable difference of the Power Kilij from an ordinary Power Sword is that the Power Kilij is a lot lighter than The Power Sword. The Power Kilij also has better balance and velocity, but mastering the use of this weapon is considered to be harder than the Power Sword. The weapon also has a power cell, which is activated by touching a control located on the bottom of the hilt. Upon activating the power cell, the blade is sheathed in a lethal corona of disruptive energy. This energy field allows the blade to carve through flesh, bone and most forms of armor plate, like the Power Sword.

Notable Campaigns Edit

  • 392-400.M41 The Macharian Crusade: Turquoise Protectors aided the Lord Solar until the end of the crusade, and was an invaluable asset to Macharius. It is rumored that it was the psychic power of Lord-Protector Mete that saved Macharius, who used his powers to slow down the bullet. Turquoise Protectors first came into the attention of Macharius during that battle, who later on utilized them until the end of the crusade.
  • 422-423.M41 Elysian Civil War: Reformed Turquoise Protectors under the command of Lord-Protector Kür-Shad fought in a year long conflict against the corrupt planetary governor of Elysia and effectively toppled his regime. After this event, Lord-Protector Kür-Shad was assigned as the new planetary governor. It is rumored that the marine unit that helped their founding was also involved in the appointment of Kür-Shad as they blackmailed corrupt bureaucrats of the Imperium.
  • 444-445.M41 The First War for Armageddon:
  • 742-745.M41 The Damocles Gulf Crusade:
  • 755-778.M41 The Sabbat Worlds Crusade: Being one of the most important events in the recorded history of the Turquoise Protectors, the Sabbat Worlds crusade was an event that resulted with the chapter meeting with the notorious Imperial Guard Regiment, The Crescent Elites. Normally a chapter would not even slightly care about a regiment of mortals that wage war alongside them, but the Turquoise Protectors are an exception. The chapter often coordinates and works with the regiments they fight alongside and actually the marines are reported to be more caring about the regiments than usual. Thus, they came to know The Crescent Elites and the regiment became a well respected one in their eyes.The first company of the chapter participated in the crusade and were very important assets when it came to Naval Warfare. The Lord-Protector Kür-Shad was personally near the Warmaster Slaydo as he drew his last breath, who was considered as an equal by the Lord-Protector and thus was one of the very few mortals that truly earned his respect, causing the rather young Chapter Master to go on a frenzy, fighting until he was finally calmed down by Captain-Protector Ata. Turquoise Protectors continued contributing to the crusade as time went on, but the chapter entirely withdrew from the crusade after the Lyubov War, due to being greatly exhausted and the rising tensions between the new Warmaster Macaroth and the Lord-Protector Kür-Shad.
  • 755-780.M41 Fourth Quadrant Rebellion:
  • 800-802.M41 Cleansing of the "Imperium's Bane":
  • 901.M41-913.M41 The Badab War:
  • 941-942.M41 The Second War for Armageddon:
  • 995-999.M41 The 13th Black Crusade: The Chapter recently participated in the 13th Black Crusade by sending the entirety of the 5th, 6th and 7th Companies. The task force, code named "Dawnbreakers", luckily were not in Cadia when it fell, but still suffered grievous losses while fighting against the forces of Chaos around the Cadian System. Losing nearly a third of their Adeptus Astartes, the Dawnbreakers were forced to withdraw to the Imperium Nihlus, a newly formed region of Imperial territory encompassing much of Segmentum Obscurus and Ultima Segmentum. The Imperium Nihlus, or Dark Imperium in Low Gothic, is a region of space that became isolated from the greater Imperium due to the formation of the Great Rift, or Cicatrix Maledictum in High Gothic. However, as the Cicatrix Maledictum was examined, a temporary rift corridor was detected, right near Elysia herself. The Dawnbreakers made a daring warp jump and barely managed to return to Elysia with around 150 Astartes left, losing at least 50 marines while passing through the temporary rift corridor, which closed right after the last Dawnbreaker force exited it. After their defeat against the forces of Chaos, the Dawnbreakers were happy to see their beloved homeworld again. However, their happiness was short.
  • 999.M41 The Siege of Elysia: As the Dawnbreakers approached their homeworld, they were puzzled to see that it was under attack. "The Masters of Temptation", a chaos warband that seceded from the infamous Emperor's Children Legion, had laid siege to Elysia. The warband was led by the Chaos Lord "Avaroth the Decadent", who was planning to destroy the Turquoise Protectors ultimately by destroying their Fortress-Monastery "The Final Stand" for he knew its value for the chapter. Due to his goal, The Masters of Temptation had already started to turn the paradise of Turquoise Protectors into their worst nightmare. The 4th, 3rd, and 10th Companies were valiantly fighting but they were outmatched and outgunned. The Captain-Protectors Ali, Kemal and Mahmut were all filled with a kind of hate that they never knew existed within their hearts. As the scarred remnants of the Dawnbreakers entered the orbit of Elysia, a valiant offensive began. Company banners rose high, with hundreds of Brother-Protectors shouting "Elysia will not fall!" while fighting against the forces of chaos. The war dragged on, both in space and on the planet, as the forces of chaos were pushed back city by city, street by street and meter by meter. The Siege was about to be broken as the Turquoise Protectors fought against The Masters of Temptation on the ruins of Cyra, one of the many cities in Elysia and the city where the invasion began. In the climax of the conflict, the Lord-Protector arrived, along with 200 Primaris Brother-Protectors sent to them by the order of the High Lords of Terra. Intervening on a critical time and making planetfall, the Lord-Protector Kür-Shad fought Avaroth the Decadent, ultimately triumphing and executing the Chaos Lord with his mighty power kilij. The warband was entirely wiped out, with Turquoise Protectors showing no remorse against anyone who conspired with them, no matter the occasion. The entire chapter was rallied and met at their homeworld to defend her in these dark times. A great era of rebuilding was underway when the news of the Indomitus Crusade came...

Chapter Fleet Edit

Battle Barges Edit

  • Battle Barge The Commandant: Commanding Battle Barge of Turquoise Protectors, which is under the direct command of Lord-Protector Kür-Shad. The Commandant is a dangerous and destructive engine of war, capable of completely wiping out small fleets on her own. This vessel represents the wrath and the might of the Turquoise Protectors. The Commandant is heavily modified as well, equipped with the most advanced technology Turquoise Protectors can use. She also has an extremely devastating arsenal of weapons.
  • Battle Barge The Veteran Protector: The Battle Barge under the command of Captain-Protector Ata. The Battle Barge is heavily modified to act as a remote command center. Turquoise Protectors use The Veteran Protector as their commanding Battle Barge if The Commandant can not be utilized.
  • Battle Barge Termination of Sin: The Battle Barge under the command of Captain-Protector Teoman, which is enhanced with lots of ship-to-ship warfare equipment to act as a Space Hulk Purger. The ship saw countless Space Hulk assaults, and her crew are the experts of Space Hulk Purging.

Notable Cruisers Edit

  • Strike Cruiser The Guardian: The Strike Cruiser commanded by Captain-Protector Murad. The vessel earned her name after Lord-Protector Kür-Shad named Captain-Protector Murad as "the Guardian of Elysia". It stands vigilant over the Turquoise Protectors' homeworld and guards Elysia against any form of danger. The Guardian is a modest and an old strike cruiser, but a proud one. The only notable difference she has from a usual strike cruiser is that she uses heavily modified ammunition.
  • Strike Cruiser Marauder: The Strike Cruiser commanded by Captain-Protector Orhan. Marauder, as it's name indicates, an engine of war designed to be fast. It is the fastest strike cruiser within the Chapter Navy and Brother-Protectors of the 4th "Marauder" Company claim that Marauder represents their Company. However, it is not without flaw, for Marauder has a grave weakness: Capacity. Indeed, Marauder is susceptible to boarding actions and can only carry %60 of the 4th "Marauder" Company due to the fact that many hangars were replaced with engine rooms in order to increase her speed. That is why the 4th "Marauder" Company is sometimes referred as the "Twin Force", because to deploy the entire 4th "Marauder" Company, the chapter uses two vessels; One being Marauder and the other Mustafa, the "Little Brother" of Marauder.
  • Strike Cruiser Authority: The Strike Cruiser commanded by Captain-Protector Ali.
  • Strike Cruiser Protection: The Strike Cruiser commanded by Captain-Protector Kemal.
  • Strike Cruiser Turquoise: The Strike Cruiser commanded by Captain-Protector Mahmut.
  • Strike Cruiser Airborne: The Strike Cruiser commanded by Captain-Protector "Hair Gel" Hakan. Airborne is a fast and highly mobile strike cruiser, being able to outflank enemies easily. It does not have a great amount of firepower, because of the fact that some of the weapons within the ship were removed to make room for more engines. It is often used to outflank enemies and create confusion in their ranks so that other Strike Cruisers like Righteous Fury can unleash their devastating weapons.
  • Strike Cruiser Righteous Fury: The Strike Cruiser commanded by Captain-Protector Avitus. The Strike Cruiser is heavily modified and is a colossus of naval warfare, as the enhanced hull of the Righteous Fury is said to survive from even the most grievous injuries. The Strike Cruiser is also, like the company it serves, a devastating engine of war. It's numerous and deadly weapons prevent the enemy from directly attacking as it alone forces the enemy to break their formation, due to the devastating amount of ammunition en route to them fired by Righteous Fury. The ship was within Turquoise Protectors' arsenal even before the Elysian Civil War and it is presumed to be the deadliest Strike Cruiser used by the Turquoise Protectors.
  • Strike Cruiser Unity: The strike cruiser under the direct command of Master of the Fleet Barbarossa. Unity serves as a portable headquarters for Barbarossa...

Notable Escorts Edit

  • Nova Frigate Silence: The only Nova-Class Frigate of the chapter which is used to guard the Elysian system. The frigate is under the direct command of Captain-Protector Cyrus. It should be noted that many additions were made to the frigate and it currently has a vast amount of firepower, considered enough to take down a Strike Cruiser. It is also a terrifying sight for pirates on Elysian system.
  • Hunter Destroyer Macharius: Named after the Lord Solar Macharius, Macharius is a Hunter-Class Destroyer of great renown and might. The hunter-Class Destroyer was used by Turquoise Protectors before the Elysian Civil War and it is even rumored that Lord-Protector Mete once used this ship as his personal transport, refusing to abandon it no matter the situation. Macharius suffered grievous wounds during the Elysian Civil War and the bow side of the ship was destroyed entirely after it miraculously managed ram and destroy three Cobra-class Destroyers owned by Elysian Pirates, who wanted to take advantage of the ongoing Civil War. The engines of the mighty ship became silent only after the third Cobra-class Destroyer was lying in ruins. Later on, the wreck was recovered by the victorious Turquoise Protectors and Macharius was slowly repaired, with a monument to all of the former crew of it erected right in the heart of the Hunter-Class Destroyer. It is still in active use and serves under the direct command of Master of the Fleet Barbarossa, who calls Macharius his "Ace". In battle, Macharius commands all other Hunter-Class Destroyers under the command of the chapter fleet, often leading them to victory.
  • Gladius Frigate Mustafa: Mustafa is a modified version of the iconic Gladius-Class Frigate. The vessel is larger than any genuine Gladius-Class Frigates likely to be in use because it was modified to be faster than the usual Gladius-Class Frigates and able to carry Adeptus Astartes from the 4th Marauder Company to aid their scouting operations. It still lacks the powerful assault capabilities of other Space Marine vessels, However, the 4th Marauder Company uses the Frigate to transport their forces efficiently. Mustafa earned itself an admirable place as the small but reliable and fast transport of the 4th Marauder Company.

Quotes Edit

By Them Edit

"Unity ensures victory. I am united both in soul and body, bent on the purpose of crushing the enemies of Man!"
―Captain-Protector Avitus, moments before an assault.
"Another step and, I promise, it will be your last!"
―Captain-Protector Cyrus, taunting a chaos marine in cover.
"Death only awaits those who are going to be forgotten. You shall endure as none will forget your name until our last brother dies. You shall live in the records of the chapter."
―Chief Apothecary Lokman to a dying Brother-Protector.
"You have no power over me, tainted spawn of chaos! I am not affected by the foul corruption you plant in the hearts of Men! I am your death, so face me with all the courage you can muster!"
―Lord-Protector Kür-Shad, while fighting against a Keeper of Secrets alongside his command squad.

About Them Edit

"I fought alongside many chapters, even fought against some. However, I have never seen a chapter that battled like them. They lash out at their enemies, yet none of them breaks their formation and continue to push like they are marching to their deaths, without a single showcase of remorse, fear, or anger. These soldiers have truly managed to put aside the temptations that lurk within them, and embraced the single ideal of protecting the Imperium. They are not without soul, yet they leave it behind when they go to war. Even their name, Turquoise, resembles something militaristic but long lost."
―Lune Crackham, Acting Commander of The Crescent Elites.

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Trivia Edit

  • Captain-Protectors Avitus and Cyrus are inspired from Blood Ravens sergeants with the same names that appeared on Dawn of War 2 video game, both of whom the author found very interesting.
  • The badge of Turquoise Protectors is inspired from the flag of Crimean Khanate, a nation that was established by Hacı I Giray in 1449 and a Turkic vassal state of the Ottoman Empire from 1478 to 1774 which got annexed by Rusian Empire in 1783, the longest-lived of the Turkish khanates that succeeded the empire of the Golden Horde.
  • The name, Voluptatem, literally means "pleasure" in Latin.