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The Era of Unrelenting Crusade was a period in the Knights of Sanguinor's history fought over the course of more than 600 standard Terran years between 678.M37 and 278.M38 to Exterminate the enemies of the Emperor in the Apothicron Sector located at the northern edge of the Segmentum Pacificus. This Era of Crusade was one of the largest and most significant undertaken crusades in recent chapter history and ultimately ended in the virus bombing of Tavellian II.

The Era of Unrelenting Crusade




Lazarus ( I, II, III, V),Arceon (II, III),Omicron II


Rebels crushed after intense virus bombing upon their capital world along with the execution of the planetary governor's leading to the Knights of Sanguinor's reign of terror over the sector they controled


Imperial forces: Knights of Sanguinor Black Templars Cadian 8th Cadian 244th Cadian 154th

Order of the bloody rose