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"His steps are slow and deliberate but do not be fooled. He is quicker than he seems. Many Chapter Masters have fallen to him, foolishly thinking that they were superior to him. Be wary of the Dread Master, or this day may be your last!"
― Chapter Master Justarian of the 3rd Chapter of the Ultramarines Legion

The Dread Master is the current Legion Master of the Eternal Legion and is one of the oldest living Legion Masters of the Nova Terra Regency. He is renowned throughout the entire galaxy by both friend and foe alike, striking terror in the hearts of all who stand before him, and inspiring allies and causing them to go above and beyond many acts of valor. He utilises his reputation with such efficiency that his very presence on the battlefield has been known to change the outcome of the battle. He is constantly guarded by the most feared of the Eternal Legion who are known as the Death Wardens. The Dread Master is the chosen of Konrad Curze as he was one of the few original Night Lords that he has truly cared about.


Nothing of the Dread Master's previous life is known, due to the fact that upon assuming the mantle of 'Dread Master', all traces of one's previous life is wiped away. All former connections of an individual's past gets expunged to preserve a sense of anonymity. What is known however is that he is a hardened veteran of the Unification wars of Terra and of the First Great Crusade and fought many of the battles of the Horus heresy including the Seige Of Terra. What is known is that he lead a splinter group of the Night Lords who stayed loyal to the Emperor during the heresy.

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