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Bloodied Hand SP
Bloodied Hand Chaos Marine
The Bloodied Hand
Original Name

The Bloodied Hand



Descended from

World Eaters

Servants of



Lord Zherneboh


N/A (Fleet-Based)





Special Units



"Skulls! Blood! War! "


The Bloodied Hand is a Chaos Warband that is descended from the treacherous World Eater Space Marine Legion. The Bloodied Hand is comprised of roughly 500 Chaos Space Marines, most of which are Khornate Beserkers. They are led by a Champion of Khorne by the name of Lord Zherneboh. This warband has been a thorn in the Nova Imperitor's side for the last three slandered centuries, burning and pillaging the planets of the Nova Terra Regency and leaving before the elite Space Marines of the Ur-Legions can react.

Warband HistoryEdit

The Bloodied Hand was founded shortly after Khârn's sundering of the World Eaters Legion at Skalathrax. This was the final campaign the World Eaters Traitor Legion fought as a unified Space Marine Legion against a large force of Emperor Children Chaos Space Marines. The XIIth Legion all but consumed itself in bitter internecine conflict that saw it fractured into countless warbands. Lord Zherneboh, who was originally the Assault Captain of the 2nd Assault Company, took 500 other World Eaters Legionaries under his command and left the bloody killing fields of Skalathrax. He started pursuing his own path to glory on behalf of the Blood God and began persecuting his own war against the Imperium and its False Emperor. Lord Zherneboh has led his warband throughout the length and breadth of Imperial space for over a thousand standard years, reveling in carnage and bloodshed, especially against the hated Ultramarines Legion. Lord Zherneboh is reckoned to be one of the most renowned and infamous Chaos Champions of Khorne, next to Khârn The Betrayer.

Notable CampaignsEdit

Notable Bloodied Hand MembersEdit

  • Lord Zherneboh -
  • Thrax The Ensanguined- Thrax the Ensanguined is a comptemptor pattern dreadnought that is dedicated to khorne. This dreadnought is one of the most feared beserkers in the entire warband. Even lord Zherneboh has been known to fear this dreadnought when it is on a rampage. When not in battle Thrax is kept chained in the deepest Bowels of the flag ship The Hand Of Khorne.

Warband AppearanceEdit

Bloodied Hand Icon

Icon of the The Bloodied Hand Warband

Warband ColoursEdit

The Bloodied Hand warband primarily wear crimson coloured battle plate the colour of spilt blood. The inset of the shoulder pauldrons as well as both poleyns (knee guards) are coloured black, while the shoulder trim is brass in colour. They wear the typical Chaos fetishes of death and destruction, as well as the severed heads of their enemies as trophies upon their battle plate.

Warband BadgeEdit

The icon of The Bloodied Hand warband is a bone coloured symbol of the Blood God, Khorne, centered on a field of blackest sable. A bloody handprint is centered upon the symbol of the Blood God.

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