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The Vya are an a little known xenos race that live on the world of Vanya. This is a jungle world that has hot days and temperate nights. The homeworld of the Vya is a world that is in eternal night called Vanya. The vegetation is that of giant bioluminescent fungi. It is has ice moon called Xyar.

History Edit

The Vya Empire had 100 worlds, but in the year 345.M37 the Vya Empire was attacked by an an alliance between space marine chapters. A powerful alliance of multiple Space Marine Chapters wiped them out and took their worlds for Humanity. As the crusade started it was small and got bigger. As the Vya get their allies to help them, the Imperium brought more forces into the fray.

The planet of Vanya was partly destroyed, but this was beginning of the transformation of a normal campaign into a crusade. Even when the main force of the Vya was thought defeated in the year 765.M37, the chapters decided to keep chasing the xenos until they are thought to be no more, which followed at this crusade who lasted over centuries.

The Vya became shattered remains whom are trying to rebuild. The Vya are still a threat, not as big as tyranids or orks and over the years, more armies have followed these chapters to fight against these xenos. However hard they try, the Vya are not get rid of them forever. They are just sent them into hiding for a time.

Now as the Imperium of Man is waning, the Vya are raiding more and more and are trying to tack back their worlds.




The Vya as part of their control of an world, change the planet's ecology to make it habitable to themselves. They can not breath the air humans can breath. The Vya are an bipedal carnivorous insectiod race that stand at around 7 feet tall. They wight around 100 to 150 pounds. The Vya have white to light grey hard chitinous skin that provides some protection from harm.

Their four eyes that give them very good eyesight can be blue, green, grey, or silver in color. Most Vya have wings that are eight to ten feet in span and can fly. As weaknesses, the Vya have a cope well cold or sunlight that blinds them. They often show mutations from the corrupting influence of the Warp rift called the Bleeding Wound.

Assimilated HumansEdit

The Vya assimilate humans and transform them to have a bigger army. The Assimilated Humans have an Human forms but for the grey, chitinous skins of the xenos race.


Before their shattering in at the hands of an alliance of multiple Space Marines in the year 765.M37, the Vya were an race that had just begin colonizing other planets and they had colonized one hundred worlds at the time of the crusade in 345.M37. Now they are confined to their homeworld of Vanya and their technology has been brought down to iron age levels.

They are dived into many tribes, that unite only in times of need and are brroght together by the most powerful Vya. Some worship Chaos Unived, some worship the Changer of Ways, some worship Slaanesh, the Price of Pleasure, some Khome, the Blood God.



The military of the Vya, called the Bringers of Death are bloodthirsty and dedicated to Khome, the Blood God. They are savage close combat fighters, whom use little in the way of ranged weapons. Due to blessings of the Blood God, they are very strong and skilled fighters. The use little in the way of tactics, preferring to charge into close combat with their foe.

To gain power and advance in ranks in the Vya military, it is required to beat the one whom wish wish to gain the rank of in a fight.



They worship the dark Gods of Chaos. They also worship a place called the Bleeding Wound, a small place that overlap between the Warp and the physical universe. It is called that due to the red glow it has. The Blooding Wound can bee seen from Vanya.

Notable VyaEdit

Vya NotesEdit

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Space Marines AllianceEdit

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The "name of alliance" was a powerful alliance comprised of multiple Space Marine Chapters that launched a xenocidal Crusade against the upstart xenos of the Vya Empire in XXX.MXX.


Forces of the "Name of the alliance"Edit

Space Marine ChaptersEdit

Name Chapter Master Loyalty Date of Joining

Other Armies & OrganisationsEdit

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