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Terminus System
Terminus System
Astrographical Information







Estrella Ǣlysium (artificial)

Physical Information
World type



extreme environmental conditions, superstorms


volcanic activity, crackled and glassed surface, lava rivers and pools

Societal, Political, & Chronological Information

15 billion (pre-Heresy) / 0 (Present)

Tithe grade

Aptus Non


Caballeros Vulpones

Date settled


Date destroyed


Major events

Horus Heresy


The Terminus System (formerly named the Vulpecula System) is located in the northeastern fringe of the Ultima Segmentum. The system has only one planet, Terminus Prime, which was destroyed during the Horus Heresy. Now stands as a dead world, with the Fortress-Monastery of the Caballeros Vulpones Space Marine Chapter orbiting around it. The Chapter uses the planet as training ground.


Before Horus HeresyEdit

It is unknown when the system was first inhabitated but it managed to maintain a relative high tech level and was not affected by the events of the Age of Strife. Because of the location on the fringes of the galaxy there was almost no effect, at least visible, on the planet and its tech level.

During the Crusade era, the Navigators managed to find their way back to Terra and the planet joined the Imperium willfully. The Mechanicus was most intrigued to research on the archaetoch of the planet. This was not bode well, mainly, for the goverment of the system.

Horus HeresyEdit

The difference in opinions between the Imperium and the people of Terminus System was escalated in an all-out war during the Horus Heresy years. The distrust for the Mechanicus and their concepts of the God-Machine from one part, and the religious fanatism and fervor against the A.I. and the concept that the machine was an inanimate object from the other part escalated in a civil war. There was also a subtle and slow corruption of the A.I. on the planet from Chaos, which manifested when reached critical mass on these complex and sentient machines.

The Goverment, nobility and most of the local Mecanicus sided with Horus. The rest of the population, along with local Imperial Guard and Legio Titanica was loyal to the Imperium. Large scale fights erupted thorought the system. In the end and as the Warp storms closed the connection with Terra for once more, the war ended in an all-system obliteration. The main planet of the system, Terminus Prime, was destroyed completely by Exterminatus by the Traitors. In a final act of desparation they turned all their weapons, both the orbital defences and planetside ordnance, on the planet itself. Whatever left from the loyalist forces, along with the Mechanicus, eliminated the remaining traitor elements of the system. As there was nothing left to salvage and Terminus Prime was a dead world, the loyalists fell back into the close Polean System, which had remained loyal to the Imperium.

As time passed, the location of the dead system got lost, although its legacy remained in stories of the tragic events of the Horus Heresy.



As of M41, the planet is used as training grounds for the Caballeros Vulpones Chapter.

Terminus Prime

Terminus Prime at M41

Terminus Prime auspex

Terminus Prime auspex image at M41

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