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A Redeemer Tactical Marine
Tallarn Redeemers

Thousand Sons


Magnus the Red

Chapter Master

Chapter Master Darwish




Approximately 300


Desert Combat, Ambush Tactics, Anti-Psyker, and Sniping


The Tallarn Redeemers are members of the Thousand Sons geneseed who remained loyalist since before the fall. They are used by the Inquisition to hunt down Thousand Sons and are kept under heavy lock and key.

Background Edit

The story goes that a detachment was on an extended mission before the Thousand Sons fell and they returned after their brothers had already betrayed the Emperor. Most of them were executed upon detection when the returned to Terra. The few that survived were taken prisoner, stripped of all weapons and armor and held for interrogation. However, this transpired about the same time as the Battle of Terra. During the battle, left in cells, the few remaining marines (~75) were said to have broken free and fought against Chaos. Fueled by a need to repent and armed with only a few spare scout sniper rifles they made an impressive number of kills.

While not absolved of their sin, they were allowed to continue to operate secretly as heretical tools of the Inquisition. Eventually they were re-entered as a successor chapter of unknown origin and are typically tasked with hunting down or battling the Thousand Sons. They mostly draw their stock from desert worlds, primarily Tallarn (home of the Tallarn Raiders Imperial Guard units).

As the gene seed of their veteran units is from the Thousand Sons, they are almost all psykers. The chapter itself fields very few actual marines, mostly fielding scouts. A scout is only given full conversion with the consent of the Inquisitor overseeing them- a privilege and curse as they see it. However, despite what the Tallarn Redeemers think- the Inquisitors are actually giving the scouts different gene seed (they can't actually let the taint of Magnus spread...) of a redacted origin and sports a high level of psykers (possibly Ultramarine, Blood Raven, or even Grey Knight). The Inquisitors hope to eventually weed out all of the remaining Veterans but learn as much about them as they can in the meantime. 

There is a massive divide in the chapter- the veterans who were on Holy Terra during the battle considering themselves as the “true” members of the chapter and the rest of the chapter as “false brothers” who do not truly share in their sin (or, in reality, their geneseed). They fear that the new recruits will forget their mission once the veterans have all died. That is not to say no scouts become battle brothers, it just takes much longer than normal. The newer members take great pride in their heritage from Tallarn and are less concerned with the matter of their chapter’s past, wanting to move past it and do good works in the name of the Emperor.

The chapter’s specialty is desert combat, ambush tactics, and sniping. They have a deep hatred of psykers and the Thousand Sons. Their colors are desert tan and green with a touch of crimson for accents. They are typically deployed alongside Inquisitor allies (or in support of them) who keep an extra close eye on them for any inclination of heresy. They are not typically fielded alongside other Adeptus Astartes, for obvious reasons.

Redeemers Of Note Edit

Scout Sgt. Aladdin Badroulbadour: Once a great tribal prince from Tallarn Aladdin is a soft spoke but very effective leader. He is a veteran scout who has been around since almost after the fall.

Scout Sgt. Sinbad: Once a roguish bandit king on Tallarn, he has forsaken his outlaw lifestyle in favor of a life of service to the Emperor.

Scout Sgt. Amir: The only “old guard” veteran from the times of the heresy. He is the last surviving scout and trains the others in the true ways of combat.

Chapter Master Darwish: The eldest and wisest of the marines. He is mute, having been interrogated prior to the Battle of Terra and having his tongue ripped out. He is patient, silent, and brooding. Darwish is the only member of the chapter who knows that the scouts of this chapter do not have Thousand Son geenseed- something he stays silent about.

Capt. Layth: The second oldest marine in the chapter after Darwish. Layth is something of an X-factor, accomplishing assigned orders in whatever way he deems fit. Darwish trusts him completely, Layth serving as the “yin” to his “yang”. He leads the veteran assault marines of the chapter and fights with many chainswords. At one point he was a techmarine but his training is long out of date.

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