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Surtr is the only natural celestial body orbiting the powerful Forge World of Muspelheim. Surtr was colonized shortly after Muspelheim itself was claimed and colonized by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Surtr is a hellish hot desert moon with expanding dunes that covers most of the moon's surface. Only a few settlements exists on Surtr but these are more heavily fortified fortresses than actual towns and cities. The biggest and most fortified of these forts are the moon's capital city, Volburg. Surtr is also known for it's large reserves of minerals that the Adeptus Mechanicus have laid claim to long ago. A great Imperial Knight House aligned with the Adeptus Mechanicus, House Torn, rules the planet.


Great CrusadeEdit

Like Muspelheim, Surtr was colonized after a short war between elements of the White Scar Legion and the Adeptus Mechanicus against a technologically inferior xenos race that had colonized the system only a few decades before the arrival of the Imperials. After the war there were great tension between the Explorator forces and the White Scars over who would claim Muspelheim due to the ruins of ancient human settlements dating back to the Dark Age of Technology. The Adeptus Mechanicus eventually received claim over the Muspelheim but at the cost of being in the dept to the White Scars. The Adeptus Mechanicus accepted these terms and colonized Muspelheim.

Not long after Muspelheim was colonized and the combined crusading fleet had left to conquer more worlds in the name of the Imperium of Man did Muspelheim Tech-Priests send expeditions to Muspelheim's moon, Surtr. This was due to exploit the moon's rich mineral deposits as well as to confirm whether or not there also were ancient ruins on Surtr. While no ruins were discovered on Surtr it was more rich in rare minerals than the Adeptus Mechanicus could ever had imagined. Muspelheim quickly requested for Surtr to be colonized as well and petitioned the Emperor himself to move the Knight Frames that were recovered from ruins on Muspelheim to Surtr and found a new Knights House. The Emperor allowed the founding of this new Knight House. The Knight House was named House Thorn, named so after its first Preceptor, Victos Thorn, and the frames were transported to Surtr after the first cities were established. House Thorn would aligned itself with the priesthood of Muspelheim and were often seen fighting alongside both titans from Muspelheim or White Scar forces.

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