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Fury of the Storm
Storm Wolves

Twenty Fifth





Chapter Master

Storm Lord Genn Graywalker


Storm Peak


1,000 (approx.)


"We are the storm!"


"Nothing can stand before the storm that is coming"
―A common saying among the Storm Wolves


Notable EventsEdit

Chapter OrganisationEdit


Chapter HomeworldEdit

"It is said there are a hundred different ways to die on this world, be it falling through the great ice chasms in the north, swallowed by our savage seas or broken by the winds of the Great Plains. And that's not even telling the tales of the monsters bestride these lands. You'd better make peace with that traveller or you'll not last long on this world"
―High King Thorgar

Doctrines and TacticsEdit

Chapter BeliefsEdit

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Notable MembersEdit

  • Genn Graywalker: Genn is the current Chapter Master, known within his as the Storm Lord, of the Storm Wolves Chapter. Known as both a consummate warrior and shrewd tactician, he is a well respected leader who commands the utmost respect of his peers.



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