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Second Tyrest War


Milky Way Galaxy



Imperium of Man
Chaos, Orks, Tau

Blood Dragons, Imperial Navy, Astra Militarum, Adeptus Mechanicus assets




The Second Tyrest War was a cataclysmic campaign, that brought the Tyrest Sector to it's knees, and nearly ousted the Imperium from this sector. Trapped between the three pronged invasion of the Tau Empire, a massive Ork WAAAGH! and the predations of Chaos, the Imperial forces fought desperately, barely clinging on under a massive onslaught.






Space Marine ChaptersEdit

Blood DragonsEdit
"Hear our roar"
―Battle Cry

The defacto leaders of the campaign, the Blood Dragons turned initial Imperial losses around and managed to take the fight back to the xenos and heretics invading their sector. Despite their fervent defence, loses heavy, forcing them to change their tactics to a guerilla campaign. Twice their home world came under siege, and twice they pushed the enemy back.

A successor chapter of the Blood Angels, while their gene-seed may be somewhat diluted, this has not stopped them from achieving innumerable victories.

  • Notable Members
    • Dragon Lord Ajax Aurak: Chapter Master of the Blood Dragons, and regent of the Tyrest Sector, Ajax is a fiery warrior, with a keen mind for strategy. Leading the Imperial forces, he's made some difficult decisions, that have not sat easy with his subordinates. However, his approach to the campaign has been methodical, striking the enemy at their weakest, rather than confront them at their strongest, and conduct raids on the enemy at every opportunity. Fighting a massive war on three fronts has stretched him to his limit, but even now he fights with the same fervour he did as a young Blood Dragon.
    • Lord Revak, The Dragon's Claw: Right hand of the Dragon Lord, Revak is the Captain of the First Company, and their most powerful duellist. Serving for years, he's loyal to his Chapter, and the Imperium. He's lead a great many battles during the war, leading the First Company into the jaws of death, and emerging victorious. He's an aggressive commander, even in defence, preferring to draw the enemy in before crushing them, trapping them in the dragon's jaws.
    • Chaplain Mirval: When Lord-Captain Kellen of the fifth company fell in battle during the siege of Granthal, the Tyrant's moral was broken, with the company breaking, and losing ground. It was then that Mirval rallied his brothers, taking up the fallen shield of his Captain and bringing his brother's back to the fight. Since then he has lead the Tyrants, carrying with him the Tyrant's Aegis, a large shield wrought from the scales of an immense Tyrant dragon.
    • Veteran Sergeant Eikolon: One of the most experienced veterans in the chapter, Eikolon is a warrior of renown, slaying a Myrmidon dragon during his sixth hunt, and leading his squad to victory, regardless of the danger. Eikolon now fights deep behind Tau lines, arming and training the rebels and insurgents still loyal to the Emperor in the conquered territories.
    • Ancient Falmiir: Once the Dragon Lord, injuries forced him to be entombed in the sarcophagus of a Contemptor-pattern Dreadnought. A vocal opponent of Ajax's strategies, he fights now only to prevent the extinction of his chapter.
    • The Black Dragon: An Imperial Knight, daubed in funeral colours, and dressed in the blackened scales of a fallen dragon, their steed has been scrubbed clean of any markings or affiliations, save the image of a dragon skull. Retainer of the Dragon Lord, this noble knight fights a brutal campaign, stomping out Xenos and traitor alike. The Black Dragon is especially hateful of the traitor House Mecalyn, hunting and slaying their Knights at every opportunity.
Knights of RetributionEdit
"Nobody escapes our retribution"
―Battle Cry

While aloof of the main campaign, the Knights of Retribution were a vital cog in the war machine. Rather than spread their forces across a wider battlefront, they continually attacked the traitor forces, again and again. Through the Knight's operations, numerous daemon cults and uprisings were halted, before they could ever gather speed.

A successor chapter to the Dark Angels, they share many of the mysteries of their forbearers, but also their strategies, equipment, and organization.

  • Notable Members
    • Grand Master Vidal Tuskon: The secretive leader of the equally secretive Chapter, Tuskon is an ally of Ajax, but remains aloof of his war council. Instead, Tuskon continually leads his Chapter, watching stoically as his brethren and tanks obliterate the enemy, only joining the fight once he is needed. A man of few words, he keeps his face obscured and his agenda hidden.
    • Master Osric Saváge: Master of the Deathwing, Osric is the very image of a commanding knight, leading his brethren from the front, commanding with honour and conviction. However, he is uncompromising in his brutality, slaying all in his path, and putting whole worlds to the flame if he felt he needed to.
    • Sergeant Jal Mortam: The most celebrated tank commander in a chapter famed for their tanks, he commands a Land Raider of ancient providence, dubbed in images of sword wielding Angels. Possessing keen tactical acumen, and and intuitive feel for the machine spirit of his war machine, he's spelled doom for many traitor war machines.
"Burn away the unclean!"
―Battle Cry

A violent chapter, the Scourers were tasked with halting the xenos advance, no matter the cost. Such was their ferocity in battle that both the Ork and Tau invaders grew to fear them, and began to actively avoid engagement with them. The Scourers were renowned for their well developed fleet capabilities, and their savage lightning assaults. They were also fond of scorched earth tactics, mixing orbital bombardment with mass use of flame throwers

The Scourers were kept the secrets of their founding, and the progenitors, only to themselves. What was known was the fearful effect they had on the enemy. Nominally codex adherent, their only deviances are the fire priests, an organisation that combines their Chaplaincy and Librarius, and firestorm squads, specially assault teams entirely equipped with flame weaponry.

  • Notable Members
    • Chapter Master Kester: Leader of the Scourers, Kester is a fiery orator, and even more fiery opponent, bringing his Chapter's creed of purging flame to the unclean. Bringing flaming death, he relishes the opportunity leading his men from the front, with the purest of intention. Burn everything away. A dangerous man, he's known for being headstrong, with meticulous Imperial plans set back by the Scourers brutal assaults.
    • Captain Eryanal: Known as the burned man, he was horrendously burned as a young battle brother when his flamer malfunctioned and exploded. Believing that he was reborn in fire, he became a Scourer without compare, burning his enemies away. His comrades see him as the Emperor's burning wrath made real.
    • Fire Priest Ŷukav: One of the most powerful members of the Fire Priests, he has pyro kinetic powers without compare, allowing him to fire gouts of warp flames, control flames around him, or force an enemy to spontaneously combusting. He exemplifies the Scourers beliefs on fire, using it to purge the enemy. Ŷukav takes a grim satisfaction in his actions, taking his time to burn prisoners and sacrifices.
Emperor's SabresEdit
"The keen edge of the Emperor's vengeance"
―Battle Cry

After surrendering during the previous Tyrest War, the Emperor's Sabres were sentenced to a century long penitent crusade. Gathering up their ships and arms, they disappearing, vanishing into the wilderness space near the Empire of Serra. Absent for the first few years of the Second Tyrest War, they emerged from wilderness space in a shock and awe assault, outflanking a sizeable chunk of the Tau invasion force. Their fervour, and immense desire for repentance drove them to plunge into the heart of the enemy, causing such tremendous casualties that they set the Tau back by several years.

Largely fleet based, and dwindling on numbers, the Emperor's Sabres are a codex adherent chapter of unknown founding and heritage. Prizing the sabre as the purest weapon in battle, many learn to wield it, with incredible skill, and practice in ritualistic duels.

  • Notable Members
    • Chapter Master Arvn Juval: Successor to Chapter Master Duskal, who remained imprisoned at the end of the first Tyrest War, Juval is a dark, and moody individual. With his chapter dangerously close to extinction, it falls upon him to ensure their survival, and complete their penitent campaign. An expert duellist, he's sullen and dour, committed to leading his chapter to glory, and hoping that they may survive another day.
    • Sabre Baelen Vah: Originally a Sabre, a duellist supreme, he was a veteran of the First Tyrest War. During that conflict, he fought many duels with his fellow Astartes, and remained undefeated. Following their surrender, and exile, Baelen has been consumed by his own despair, and fashioned himself after the Moritat of old, suicidal warriors who thought brief, bloody campaigns of suicidal aggression. Several of his brethren, consumed by grief, followed him on this, path, but only he has survived. His armour has since been daubed in images of death, becoming a grim effigy to killing.
    • Ancient Thaleon Torsun: The most ancient dreadnought in the chapter, he now fights desperately to save the remnants of his chapter, while also trying to secure their fading honour. Once a duellist, he fell in battle against Orks, and was then reborn as a Dreadnought. He now guides the wavering souls of the chapter, telling them glorious tales from their history in hope it will give them the determination to survive another day. His customised sarcophagus carries a pair of mighty Sabres, capable of slicing apart tanks and other walkers.
Aetherian WarriorsEdit

Guided by readings of the Emperor's Tarot, a contingent of Aetherian Warriors were dispatched by the new chapter master, Corradino Breda, and arrived at the warzone several years into the campaign. A force of three companies arrived to render aid, immediately engaging the every expanding Ork invasions. Working closely with their distant cousins in the Blood Dragons, the Aetherian Warriors struck numerous blows against the Orkish invaders, their savagery cutting a bloody swathe across the enemy front.

Due to the rest of their chapter currently engaged in the 13th Black Crusade or the defense of Ball, the contingent must be exceedingly careful about the targets they pick as any possibility of reinforcements currently lay hundreds or thousands of light years away. Even so, they are most comfortable fighting alongside their cousins, the Blood Dragons, and thus are more willing to send forces to aid them, even if it is not the most tactically sound of plans, more concerned with brotherhood than self-preservation.

Even though they're a mostly codex compliant chapter, the Aetherian Warriors have been known to place a larger emphasis on their Assault troops, mostly for their legendary ferocity, with rumors telling of them slicing through enemy lines, miles thick, to make way for allied advances. Whether or not this is true, or simply Imperial Guard hyperbole is unknown. What is known is that the Aetherian Warriors' Assault squads are some of the more lethal forces out there.

Black LionsEdit
Wardens CosmicEdit
"We bring forth Justice"
―Battle Cry

A chapter based in the Tyrest sector, they were initially too undermanned to fight in the First Tyrest War, but have thrown their entire weight behind the Second Tyrest War, almost heedless of the cost. The Justiciars follow the Lex Imperialis, the law of the Imperium, and openly recruit from Adeptus Arbites in the sector. This has resulted in a chapter of iron hard law enforcers, uncompromising brining Imperial law to whole worlds. Unusually for a chapter, they specialise in population suppression, and riot control, using the incredible strength and physique of an Astartes to put down whole crowds of rioters. They also bring law to other Imperial institutions, bringing down corrupt officials. They are notable for using Repressor riot suppression vehicles, and cyber-mastiffs.

During the war, they shored up Imperial defences, especially in combating cults and rebels supporting the Chaos forces pouring out of the Dark Stars region.

  • Notable Members
    • Chief Arbiter Reik: Judge, jury and executioner, he goes where he finds law lacking, and brings justice. A towering figure, of impressive stature and strength, his pitch black armour is marked with blood red marks. Inflexible and unyielding, he brings forth justice against any that break the law. While he's stubborn, he's proven a worthy ally in the war, maintain order and attacking dangerous cults on Imperial worlds.
    • Arbiter Maeson: The sharp edge of justice, he has personally lead brutal campaigns to bring peace to riotous hives, fell corrupt officials, and quell rebellions. A polarising figure, his brothers view him as a hero, but other Imperial institutions view him with caution. Despite being a quite brutal individual, he's quite jovial and affable, bringing levity to otherwise grim situations.
    • Enforcer-Brother Grissam: An expert cyber-mastiff handler, he trains and rears many off the chapters greatest hounds. An expert tracker, he uses his hounds to flush his foe, and bring them to battle, using a suppression shield and his maul to deliver a finishing blow. Closer to his hounds that his brothers, he has gone to extreme length to save them in danger.
"Death means nothing!"
―Battle Cry

A morbid chapter, approaching a death cult in nature, they fight for the Emperor in the only way they know how to, by shedding as much blood as possible. The chapter have a habit of not only spreading carnage, but also for being grim and unflinching in the face of death. If so ordered, any battle brother would willingly march to his death. The chapter uses extensive psycho-conditioning on their aspirants, shaping them from impressionable youths to hardened men. Lastly, as their final test, they are administered a lethal injection, and rendered dead for a minute, before being revived. They believe that minute of death brings them close to their emperor.

The Revenants fight in a mostly codex-adhere fashion, with a few deviations to match their belief system. They have largely been deployed to battle Chaos incursions, their propensity for collateral mattering little when whole worlds have fallen to rebellion and Chaos.

  • Notable Members
    • Death Master Tarvis Payne: The grim leader of the Revenants, he is a forbidding figure, clad in dark red armour and covered in effigies of death and destruction. A brutal warrior, he commands in a detached manner, focusing only on the maximum amount of causalities they can inflict, rather than tactical or strategic objectives. However, his grim appearance, and sullen features hide a rather accomplished Astartes, who is well spoken, and well versed in the arts and history.
    • Captain Krav Halot: A true master of death, he brings forth massive firepower to any battle, focusing on maximum destruction, rather than pinpoint precision. Commanding with a cool head, he uses combined arms to pound the enemy, then maul any foolish enough to survive. Restless and uncompromising, he is constantly out performing crusades and operations.
    • Ghoul-Sergeant Askor Taoul: A squad leader in the first company, he's an avatar of death, calmly advancing on the enemy regardless of fire or casualties. Heedless to danger, and with a grim resolve few can match, Askor has become famous for the blood baths left in his wake, leaving the dismembered limbs of xenos and traitors strewn across the battlefield for all to see. Recently, he has been deployed as a terror weapon against the Tau, butchering their officers and ethereals.
"Only ashes shall be left"
―Chapter Motto

The Basilisks are a secretive Chapter, who's arrival is often considered an ill omen by their fellow astartes, and as a sign of the end for many Imperial Citizens. Allegedly cursed, they specialise only in one form of combat; Scorched Earth. Utilising fire, rad weapons, and chem munitions, they salt the earth and slay any in their path. Their weapons taint the very ground they walk upon, making them an incredibly difficult enemy to fight, with the only one capable of fighting them on equal grounds being other Astartes. The Basilisks are often summoned as tools of last resort, to battle the most extreme infestations, such as Genestealer cults, Ork infestations, and the beginnings of daemonic incursions.

The Basilisks are almost silent on the battlefield, with no battle cry, and chatter limited to the barest essentials, often just the confirmation of the kill. They are mostly codex adherent in their formation, but their equipment and tactics differ hugely from other chapters, being reliant on their extreme weapons. They were deployed to battle Ork incursions, and as a method of punishment for worlds that openly turned from the Emperor's light.

  • Notable Members
    • Commander Skaran Morr: The current Chapter Master of the company, Skaran Morr is a frightening individual. What is left of his face is protected by a scorched mask, in the visage of a snarling skull. The few scant bits of flesh clinging to his body are pale, twisted, with dark veins full of black venom. He is a constant presence at war councils, but remains silent at all times, with one exception. When a world declares they are in league with the xenos, or the traitor, Skaran announces he shall cleanse it, and leaves.
    • Chief Librarian Askal Arsok: A skilled augur, and an even more lethal assassin, askal takes great pleasure in his role as a head-taker. He can summon bolts of venomous power, or send out darting psyker-serpents to poison his foes.
    • Apothecary Barj Phexx: A seasoned posioner, it is said during the Yoruk VI campaign, he poisoned the inland sea used by both rebels and loyalists, with the intent of slaying all of the Emperor's enemies, at a cost. A feared alchemist, he has killed more foes with his chemical concoctions, than he has with his bolter.
Iron BrotherhoodEdit
"Hear the call of Gjallarhorn! It is your doom!"
―Battle Cry

The Iron Brotherhood are a crusading chapter, spending years at war, only to return home and celebrate with tales of conquest, and battles won. An over-strength Chapter, their non-codex formation allows for each of their Companies, called Hosts, to be a self-sufficient warband. The Brotherhood fight with a furious rage, and a song on their lips, like heroes of old.

The Brotherhood owe an ancient debt to the Blood Dragons, and have answered their called by sending four full Hosts to do battle. These hosts have thundered into the war, the sound of their horns marking the end of traitors and xenos alike.

  • Notable Characters
    • Lord Captain Rohm Kalder: Leader of the Brotherhood contingent sent to aid their allies, Rohm is a patient, and professional commander. While he is not as brash and bombastic as some of his brethren, he possesses tactical acumen in war and siege craft
  • Iron Sergeant Cassian: A veteran Sergeant in the Brotherhood, Cassian has lead numerous campaigns against the enemies of the Imperium, crushing those who would dare to oppose on the field. Delivering might calls to his Brothers, Cassian has held his ground when others have broken.
  • Chaplain Kabir: A warrior, historian, and poet, Kabir is a hero amongst his brothers, physical manifestation of their stubborn nature. He has memorised many of the great sagas that make up the history of their Chapter.
White PaladinsEdit
"Without mercy, without hesitation, for the Emperor!"
―Battle Cry

A chapter of strict discipline, and iron-clad beliefs, the White Paladins are a codex-adherent chapter that hail from the edges of the Tyrest Sector. Usually crusading against the heretics in the Gaelan Stars, or purging xenos from the Belior Sector, they have since drawn their focus to the Tyrest Sector, arriving in force, and with the intent of turning the tide. While some decry them for their rigid doctrine, and inflexible fighting style, what cannot be challenged is their martial prowess, and incredible discipline.

The White Paladins possess a pride that makes them difficult to work with, meaning other Chapters only see them as allies of convenience, and the Imperium's lesser servants often chafe under their command.

  • Notable members
    • Commander Zavran: Chapter Master of the White Paladins, he encapsulates their fighting style. Disciplined, skilled, and rigid. To his Chapter, his word is law, and commands without hesitation, and without question.
    • Captain Eril Ruiir: Captain of the third company, Eril has earned a reputation amongst his fellow Astartes for being a skilled officer, a talented duellist, and as an arrogant and dogmatic zealot. Utterly inflexible in his views, his actions resulted in his unit initially being surrounded and besieged by Tau forces, and when rescued by a force from the Blood Dragons, Scourers, and Revenants, he came to blows with Captain Revak of the Blood Dragons.
Nemesis KnightsEdit
"Thus we name you; Nemesis, and it shall be a mark of death"
―Battle Cry

The Nemesis Knights have dedicated to the purgation of the Imperium's foes by any means necessary. Considered unsavoury, but necessary, the Nemesis Knights pick a foe, and conduct brutal campaigns of hit-and-run strikes, guerilla attacks, and decapitation missions. When the time is right, they find their enemy, and they strike them down in a fit on concentrated violence.

The Nemesis Knights emphasis tactics and strategies that allow them to strike down particular targets. Most battle brothers are trained to use precision ranged weapons, cutting down enemies with frightening precision. Others are trained to strike at the heart of the enemy, suddenly and unexpectedly emerging at the core of their forces, to deliver a killing blow.

  • Notable members
    • Chapter Master Gethemor: Chapter Master of th Nemesis Knights, little is known about Gethemor. A taciturn and cagey Astartes, he speaks with a barbed wit, and dismisses many with cold indifference. Some outside observers believe Gethemor is not a single man, but a hereditary title, each Chapter Master becoming Gethemor. He has never been seen outside of his highly artificed armour.
    • Shadow Captain Kaled Nohr: Better known as the "Shadow's Right Hand", Nohr is the First Captain of the Nemesis Knights. Highly professional, he is a meticulous planner, and a flexible commander, often adapting to changing circumstances on the battlefield within seconds.
    • Veteran Brother Deryn Kolaar: Peerless amongst the Chapter's assassins, Kolaar is an incredible sniper, using patience, and strategy, to create the perfect shot. Capable of lying in wait for days, even weeks, he creates the perfect shot. Such is his skill that he carries two Chapter relics, the Mantle of Night, and Corax's Arrow.
Hex WardensEdit
"We are His curse!"
―Battle Cry

A fleet-based Chapter of unknown founding, the Hex Wardens are regarded with suspicion and caution, on account of their larger than normal number of Psykers in their ranks. The Hex Wardens are specialists in fighting with and against pskyers, whether they be of Chaos, Eldar, Tyranid, or Ork origin. This over-specialisation has lead many to believe they may be of some relation to the Grey Knights, but no such link has been substantiated.

The Hex Wardens aim their recruitment specifically at those who have Psyker potential, often racing Black Ships to recruit these individuals. They also recruit Blanks as well, training such individuals as their greatest living weapon. They band their Psykers together into a Conclave, allowing them to leverage their powers together, and such is their force that they can tear down mighty fortresses.

  • Notable Members
    • Lord Warden Khates: Chapter Master of the Hex Wardens, Khates is a powerful warrior, and an inscrutable tactician. Heavily reliant on his Psyker conclaves, he commits to battle, and builds his strategies around their predictions. While he is superstitious, to mistake him for foolish has brought many foes to their end.
    • Chief Librarian Ranhata: The Chief Librarian of the Chapter, Ranhata is perhaps the oldest member of the Chapter, and one of the most potent. Far from a withered old husk, he's lively, and constant expanding his reach ever further. He, more than most, understands the need for protection against the Dark Gods, and has sealed, destroyed, or otherwise disposed of many dangerous relics that would otherwise have been investigated by his cohorts.
    • Hex Breaker Thathe: A member of the elite Hex Breakers, Thathe is a Blank, a Psychic null. The Hex Breakers, while lesser in number that Psykers, are highly prized on their own. Thathe's unique position mixes executioner and assassin. He guards the Librarians of the Chapter, more often than not from themselves. He also targets enemy Psykers on the field of battle. Thathe has been mentally reconditioned, possessing none of his memories prior to recruitment, and his conditioning is regularly altered, creating something less like a man, and more like a tool, with no hesitation, or emotion.
Emperor's SlayersEdit
"Our Watch will never end."
―Battle Cry

Hailing from outside the Tyrest Sector, the Emperor's Slayers are a Chapter of Space Marines dedicated to expunging the Heretic, and the Xenos, at a cost. The Emperor's Slayers lack any kind of manufacturing capabilities, leaving them without the capability to build new weapons, armour, or war machines. To combat this, they lend out their services to campaigns, endangered worlds, and Crusades, in exchange for a tithe. This allows them to acquire the necessary war hear to continue existing. However, this mercenary approach to war makes them unpopular amongst some worlds, and outcasts amongst their fellow Astartes.

Because of their crippling lack of hardware, each Brother of the Chapter are experts in repairing, and maintaining their weapons, and experts in field craft. Each brother is extensively drilled on how to mend his own armour, and repair his own weapons. They also learn to live off the land, becoming self-sufficient hunters. They build their own weapons, including a range of improvised explosives, and ad-hoc tools.

Each Brother of the Chapter is drilled on how to take down their foe, and do not rely on valour, or heroics, but a cold, and calculating combat style, reliant on knowing their foe, and taking them down in brutal and well calculated steps.

Their allegiance has been gained by the Regent of the Tyrest Sector at a heavy cost. They will now have a permanent link to the Forge Worlds of the sector, on the condition of victory. This also comes with the promise of several furnished suits of armour, and weapons.

Iron DrakesEdit
"There shall be no quarter!"
―Battle Cry

During the long and bloody Ylridian campaign, the Blood Dragons had proven themselves exemplary subjects of the Emperor, and proved instrumental in the final victory. After this great victory, the Blood Dragons were given right to create a successor Chapter, founding the Iron Drakes. Command was taken by Captain Orbek, and his chosen stratagem of armoured warfare became the new Chapter's standard. The Iron Drakes served as vassals of the Blood Dragons, crusading alongside their fore-bearers.

Their relationship was close for a number of decades, but the Iron Drakes began to divert from Blood Dragon, and Blood Angels, tradition. The Sanguinary Priests and Guard was gradually retired into an Apothecarion not indifferent from other Chapters, and many other trappings were dropped. This strained their relationship, but failed to break it. That came during the Siege of Berengrad. Iron Drakes and Blood Dragons attempting to break through the defences of the traitor fortress of Berengrad. The plan, drawn up by the Blood Dragons Captain leading the expedition, called for a two pronged assault by the twin Chapters, cutting through. While casualties were expected, each Chapter would bare an equal brunt. When the attack came, the Blood Dragons joined the field of battle alone. By the time they reached the fortress walls, already hammered by the enemy guns, they realised the Iron Drakes had failed to take to the field. Now trapped beneath the walls, and facing the full brunt of the traitor forces, the Blood Dragons became bogged down, and encircled. With casualties mounting, the Blood Dragons made one final push, breaching the walls of the fortress. Once they were inside, they discovered the Iron Drakes had waited for the Blood Dragons to make it to the wall, then launch their attack when the enemy forces were diverted to face the Dragons in battle. The Iron Drakes broke through effortlessly, and proceeded to destroy much of the enemy garrison and reclaim the fortress. The Blood Dragons, having lost half of their entire number, and their captain, demanded satisfaction. The Company Champion of the Blood Dragons insulted the Iron Drakes captain, and asked for a duel. In the ensuing duel, the Iron Drake captain was slain, and both sides left, incensed at one another.

The Blood Dragons demanded compensation from the Iron Drakes, who staunchly refused. Rather than remain close, as they had done for centuries, the Iron Drakes left the Tyrest Sector, taking their crusade to distant stars. In a final insult to their gene-fathers, the Scarlet Conquerors also broke alliance to the Blood Dragons, and followed the Iron Drakes out of the Tyrest Sector.

After the defeat at the Shrine of the First Dragon, the Psychic backlash from that defeat was felt by the Scions of the Blood Dragons, who returned the Tyrest Sector. While the relationship between the two Chapters is far from healed, they have returned with a righteous anger, cleansing all their foes from the Tyrest sector.

The Iron Drakes are a Blood Angels successor, but lack many of their trappings, such as Sanguinary Priests, or Sanguinary Guard. They do not favour the savage close quarter assaults of their gene-fathers, and instead utilise mechanized warfare, relying on a mixture of armour to dominate the field of battle, and deploy forces into battle.

  • Notable Members
    • Commander Faraq Al-Issan
    • Chaplain Erus Shaerap
    • Panzer-Captain Terik Ukkaban
Scarlet ConquerorsEdit
"In His name we claim this!"
―Battle Cry

The second of two successor Chapters to the Blood Dragons, the Scarlet Conquerors are a crusading Chapter and worthy of the title 'Conqueror'. Originally heirs to the Blood Dragon's fire, they immediately set out on their own. While distant from their parent Chapter, they still responded to calls for war from their fore-bearers. However, after the falling out between the Blood Dragons, and Iron Drakes, the Scarlet Conquerors elected to follow the Iron Drakes into their crusade across the stars. Their reasons were their own, but they felt chafed under the yoke of command.

The Scarlet Conquerors lived up to their name, taking vast swathes of territory back for the Emperor, in bloody campaigns. While the Iron Drakes would settle upon a world, the Conquerors would not. They became a crusading Chapter, expanding their numbers to match their ever increasing size. They became particularly well known for their vicious orbital assaults and boarding actions. Their fleet is amongst the largest belonging to an Astartes, and their active numbers sit between 2000 and 3000 Marines, as befits a Crusading chapter.

They carry some trappings of their forefathers, such as the Sanguinary Guard, and the Death Company, who's number are relatively small, because of weakened Geneseed in the Conquerors. They have three major specialist units. Wardens serve as the guards of their fallen brothers, fighting with powerful long swords made for executioner blows against a fellow Astartes. They also serve as elite vanguards. The Conquerors are the namesake of the Chapter, and vicious troops, carrying Combat Shields and Power Maces, serving to muscle the enemy out of strong points and close quarters. Lastly, the Terminator elite, the Intercessors, serve to perform brutal execution strikes on the enemy, known for carrying long glaives that can drag an enemy to ground and quickly execute them. They maintain order in the Chapter, especially during the heat of battle.

  • Notable Members
    • Lord Conqueror Aldracht
    • Chief Intercessor Evrun Rotwald
    • Storm Captain: Taural Vann
Abyss WardensEdit
"From darkness comes light"
―Chapter Motto

Centuries ago, the Tyrest Sector was faced by the threat of the ever expanding Tenebrous Stars, a wound in the fabric of space, no unlike, though much smaller than the Eye of Terror. In order to combat this, Chapters were raised, armies gathered, and a mighty Crusade began, the Tenebrae Crusade. Four Chapters of Astartes were raised, the Red Sentinels, sons of Sanguinius, Honoured Sons, of Jaghatai Khan's blood, Orion Marauders, of unknown providence, and the Knights of the Sun, who counted Dorn as their gene-father. When the Crusade came, the Knights of the Sun were granted domain over the world of Astora, long a military bastion at the edge of the Tenebrous Stars.

The Crusade proved disastrous, with tens of thousands falling in battle. They commenced bloody slogs across worlds, barely managing to overcome the demented hellscapes. But no matter their victories, their defeats were greater. The other Chapters fell, the Guardsmen they lead lost the will to fight on and surrendered to the dark powers, and the Sororitas order that followed them, the Order of the Eastern Star, abandoned the field, seeing the fruitlessness of the war. The Knights of the Sun attempted to escape back to Astora, but they could not outrun the Tenebrous Stars. It's malignancy grew, swallowing Astora in warp storms lasting hundreds of years.

When they abated, Astora was a shattered world, consumed by the darkness. Emerging from it were the Abyss Wardens, the remnants of the Knights of the Sun. Utterly dedicated to fighting the forces of Chaos, and to bringing an end to the Tenebrous Stars, they formed a pact to ensure it is done, no matter the cost. They have narrowly avoided all taint of chaos, keeping their spirits pure through righteous battle, and faith in the Emperor.

The Abyss Wardens have abandoned several tenants of the Codex, in exchange for greater flexibility against their hated foe. While most companies maintain some semblance of Codex adherence, there are several variations. The First Company are the Abyss Knights. These are warriors who have descended into the darkness of Chaos and come back stronger, time and again. The second company, called the Coursers are the purest souls, in who Chaos cannot find purchase. They are the cold executioners, killing any who exhibit taint. The Chaplaincy commands a special unit of Veterans equipped with Terminator Armour, who maintain vigil over their comrades, called the Watchdogs. They form the vital centre of any Abyss Warden army. A special unit exists outside of normal hierarchy, called the Dead Knights, are those who have lost their sanity in the face of their grim task, but still useful in battle. They are restrained until battle, then released upon the field as fevered beasts, sent to ravage their enemy in close quarters.

  • Notable Members
    • Chapter Master Kolaas
    • Abyss Knight Sigrya
    • Watchdog Baliol
"Libertas Rex!"
―Battle Cry

An unexpected entrant to the war, the Liberators are a mysterious Chapter, beholden to the Inquisition. A Chapter of heroic warriors, the Liberators are fervent believers in inner strength, and seek to protect Imperial citizenry from the predations of Chaos, renegades, mutants, and xenos. A highly skilled Chapter, their well drilled warriors possess excellent training, which teamed with incredible strength of will, and superior endurance, allow them advanced under a hailstorm of fire. Despite these traits, they fight on under a heavy yoke from the Inquisition, who monitor and command their every step.

The Liberators fight as a codex adherent Chapter, with few to none deviations from the Codex. Their preferred enemy is Chaos, devotees of Nurgle more so than any other. They prefer lightning raids, supported by armoured offensives, and the individual strength of their infantry. There is not a huge focus on assault specialists, and instead on each infantryman being well trained for all scenarios. They excel at fighting in dangerous environments, being prepared for any conditions

They do not fight at the side of the other Chapters present, instead unwillingly conducting operations for the Inquisition. They have been able to sleep these bonds a few times, in order to fight battles more befitting their desires.

  • Notable Members
    • Chapter Master Artur Hethemor
    • Captain Ghalad Ruicke
    • Veteran Sergeant Illan Andros
Fire BearersEdit
"We light the way!"
―Battle cry

A Chapter of unknown origins, they have become an uninvited guest in the Second Tyrest War. Arriving from regions unknown, the Fire Bearers have yet to make announce themselves to any other Chapter, or Imperial forces. Much of their internal organisation, hierarchy, and disposition and unknown. They have a highly irregular internal organisation, made up of multiple orders, each representing a specialist role inside the Chapter. They have unique colourisation scheme, leading to some early observers thinking they were watching several different Chapters in combat.

So far, the Fire Bearers have held their intentions to themselves, arriving and leaving without warning, sometimes aiding Imperial forces, sometimes hindering or abandoning them in times of need. These tactics have found them few allies, though the Fire Bearers have shown no sign of caring. The Fire Bearer have, so far, have conducted operations to their own agenda, striking targets seemingly at random, without any link between them

The Chapter is divided into several orders, each with a unique colour scheme. The most common is the Sylver Order. Equal to tactical marines in role and training, they form an impenetrable silver line in any battle. Each is a honed weapon, no flinching or shirking from their duty. The Black Order are the equivalent to assault marines, carrying close quarters weapons for battling the enemy without mercy. Black order are recruited directly from experienced Sylver Order members, and also serve as the honour guard of commanders. Supporting any battle line are the Ruin Order, Brass armoured warriors carrying heavy weapons. The Ruin Order is a more supporting role, advancing behind the Sylver Order, or holding ground ahead of them. Guiding their brethren is the Lion Order. Veteran warriors, they lead their comrades as line breakers, and leading surgical strikes. There is no distinction made between Sternguard and Vanguard veterans. Further reinforcing this is the mighty Stone Order. Those blessed with Tactical Dreadnought Armour, or entombed within a Dreadnought, are members of the Stone Order, forming impervious spearheads against the enemy. Other groups in the Chapter have their own Orders, with the Librarius forming the Ivory Order, and the Chaplaincy forming the matching Ebony Order. Those brothers who command war machines, such as Bikes, Speeders, or Tanks, or those who serve as Techmarines, fight in the Scorn Order.

  • Notable Members
    • Magister Generalis Archo Vizar
    • Legate Mallor Ferrul
    • Lion Knight Wynn Falgard
Orion's SonsEdit
The Golden ReclaimersEdit
Imperial UhlansEdit
Grey KnightsEdit
"We are the hammer!"
―Battle Cry

Imperial GuardEdit

Parnean PraetoriansEdit

Representing the single finest force in the Imperial Guard's contribution to the campaign, the Parnean Praetorians were the most elite unit raised from the hive world of Parnea. Well equipped, well armed, and incredibly disciplined, their numbers were recruited from heroes of the Parnean guard. Originally forced to be a garrison force by the mad Lord Andal, under the rule of the Dragon Lord, asserting his position as Regent, they became a front line combat unit. Where ever the Praetorians appeared, the tide of battle changed. Armed similarly to Tempestus Scions, and with a wide variety of support in the form of armour, including the mighty Baneblade, the Praetorians crushed Tau invaders at every turn.

  • Notable Members
    • Lord Militant Stavros Van Kylndash: Once the general in charge of the Praetorians, he was selected by the Dragon Lord to take the position of Lord Militant, and giving him unconditional command over all Imperial Guard forces in the Tyrest Sector. Taking to this duty with a grim determination, he's focused on created an iron-strong force, where he can deploy each force to its greatest advantage, and push the enemy back. Kylndash has remained an important member of the War Council.
    • Lord Marshall Vato Chask: Leader of the Parnean Praetorians, he has been charged with battling Tau forces at the forefront of the advance. Placed in the most difficult situation, Chask has thrived under the pressure, leading his forces to victory after victory. Wiley and cunning, he's repeatedly confounded the Tau with unorthodox tactics and unusual stratagems. However, he is more aware than most of the direness of his situation, and he knows that absolutely defeat is certain, unless something changes.
Parnean GuardEdit
"Honour in duty, duty until death"

The main bulk of the Imperial force, the Parnean guard were mass conscripted from Parnea. Moderately well armed and well equipped, they fought on almost every front. They had airborne, mechanised, artillery and armour support units. They also have a number of super heavy tanks.

  • Notable Members
    • General Yaver Havernal: The commander charged with the defence of Parnea itself, he's charged with an almost impossible task, since a massive Tau and Chaos force approaches it, getting closer day by day. Optimistic in his task, he's rallied the entire planet into the effort, forming militia units, doubling the size of the Parnean guard, and creating vast networks of bunkers, redoubts, trenches and fortifications. A symbol of Parnea's determination, he has their loyalty for the coming invasion.
    • Captain Harrick Vanderkal: A rising star in the Parnean Guard, he came to fame when his undermanned company encountered a larger force of Tau in the ruins of an Imperial city. With his orders to hold the sector at all costs, and retreat not an option, his brilliant command of his unit saw the Tau charge into killzones established in the ruins, allowing him to render the Tau's numbers moot. His great victory lead to him being lauded as a hero. Jovial and resourceful, he's respect by his men for his dedication to them.
Midgard JaegersEdit
"I don't like fighting without a company of Midgard Rangers out in front. By the time my infantry reaches the enemy, they've already been so terrorised by sniper fire that they barely put up a fight."
―Colonel Kaal Matthers

Recruited from the forest world of Midgard, Jaegers were considered the best scouts and trackers in the Sector. Expert huntsman, and amazing shots, they were well versed in field craft and living off the land. Principle armed as skirmishers, with a large number of long-las rifles, they wore intricately made camo cloaks. They often provided scouting support for larger formations, as well as act as infiltrators and assassins. They also had small numbers of Sentinel units and Tauros ATVs, their heaviest support.

  • Notable Members
Lamosan DragoonsEdit
"The creaking of tank treads, the thundering of cannons. The Dragoons must be here."
―Captain Illan Frist

Hailing from the civilised world of Lamosa, their Dragoons have two things in excess. Tanks, and more tanks. Lamosan Dragoons have massed armoured and mechanised formations, providing an impenetrable line of iron for assaults. An excellent example of combined arms, their artillery softens the enemy, their armour secures a beachhead, and their chimeras deploy their supporting infantry. Lamosan Dragoons have a steely discipline, but without their armour many are lost. Tank crews have an intense attachment to their war machines, going so far as to name them. Dragoons also operate supporting Sentinels, scout units using Sentinels, and Tauros ATVs for carrying small scouting teams. The Dragoons also have a small number of Macharius Heavy Tanks, provided by neighbouring forge worlds. These complement the handful of super heavy tanks in their armoury.

  • Notable Members
Knightvale GrenadiersEdit
"No fortress is impervious"

Risen from the industrial world of Knightvale, they have a long and bloody history of storming the most heavily fortified positions. Born out of the brutal inter-fortress wars of Knightvale, the Grenadiers are experts at defeating fortifications, over coming them through a mixture of bombardment, attrition, combat engineering and pure brute force. Grenadiers are known for their dour and serious nature, with little care for joy, theatrics or furious cries. Nothing is more terrifying than Grenadiers pouring throguh a breech, silent aside from the crack of their lasguns.

Equipped as stormers, they use las-carbines, and each carries a large number of grenades, ideal for storming. They utilise armoured support, usually in the form of siege weapons, and breachers, such as the Basilisk, Medusa, or Leman Russ Demolisher. Large numbers also carry shotguns and flamers, ideal for purging enemy fortifications. They have elite cadres of sappers, experts in demolitions, tunnelling and at cracking fortifications. They are expected to lead assaults.

  • Notable Members
Danzym Sturm SoldatsEdit
"Sturm Soldats look creepy, like corpses. Nice guys though."
―Guardsman Darr Timas

Risen on the perpetually dark world of Danzym, the Sturm Soldats wear nothing but pitch black uniforms, heavy overcoats, and pale while skull masks. As capalbe of seeing in the dark as any normal man can in the light, they march relentlessly, and tirelessly, storming positions. Often, the only signifier that they're out in the darkness is the shot of their rifles, and their battle cry, right before they charge. They don't have much in terms of armour support, but make use of towed artillery for fire support.

  • Notable Members
Attryan HussarsEdit
"Our charge will not be stopped!"

Coming from the vast plains of Attryan, Hussars are specialists in rapid motion, and rapid redeployment. Every member of the Hussars is mounted in a Chimera, in a Taurox, in a Centaur, or on a horse and rely on these vehicles to rapidly attack the enemy. Relying largely on flanking and misdirection, they appear from no where, strike hard, and retreat before retribution can find them. They are notable for their vehicle commanders and officers having a wing-like decoration on their armour, making them noticeable in the field. Attyran Hussars were well known for their bravado and recklessness in battle.

  • Notable Members
Uhlans of SkyreachEdit
"Striking from the skies!"

The Uhlans of Skyreach are an expert airborne unit, specialising in inserting either through Valkyrie or grav-chute insertion, they are experts at infiltrating enemy positions, or suddenly storming them from above. Experts in small-unit fighting, they only carry whatever their Valkyries can, limiting them to man carried ordnance such as mortars, missile launchers and bolters, and air dropped Tauros and Sentinels. They also rely heavily on fire support from their Valkyrie dropships, Vendetta and Vulture gunships. Uhlans have a strong esprit de corp, rarely, never routing, and rallying with only a battle cry.

  • Notable Members
Ionia KataphractsEdit
"Till all that remains are ruins"

Hailing from the industrial world of Ionia, orbiting the forge world of Arkhan, the Kataphracts specialise in the utilisation of armour, in massive, overwhelming amounts. Utilising more super-heavy tanks than any other Imperial Guard regiment in the Tyrest Sector, they rely on their heavy armour smashing aside resistance, then their Crassus transports disgorging cast numbers of infantry to take the position. They also have fearsome massed artillery batteries, including deadly Praetor rocket batteries, and even a few rare Minotaur artillery tanks.

  • Notable Members
Mamaluke CorpsEdit
"Only the Emperor forgives!"
―Battle cry

The Mamaluke Corps are a mass fielding of genetically engineered slave-soldiers. The result of generations of genetic engineers, the Mamalukes are born into slavery, raised slaves, and die slaves. Training begins as soon as they are born, and as soon as they are old enough, they are augmented, then delivered to their unit. The augmentations, which add several glands, and cybernetic fail safes, renders them stoic, unflinching, and devoted to the Imperial cause. Dissent and rebellion is unheard of, and Mamalukes never refuse an order, no matter how insane or misguided. Once they make contact with the enemy, they become aggressive and cunning, turning into fearsome soldiers. Ranks up to Major are hosted exclusively by Mamalukes, the most intelligent and skilled taking these positions. Because of their nature, they are seen as ammunition, not as individual soldiers. Mamalukes advance, under hails of fire, without slowing or stopping. Mamalukes are lightly armed, with light clothing, a few pieces of armour and a lasrifle. Their helmets obscure their face totally, and each uniform is identical to another aside from unit patches, which take the shape of simple objects, of different colourations. Only those Mamalukes who prove themselves in battle earn the right to breed, passing on their genes to make the next generation of soldiers even better than the last.

  • Notable Members
Jenoan FusiliersEdit
"Our will is unbreakable!"

Raised from the civilised world of Jenoa, Fusiliers have a variety of quaint customs that suffuse their whole culture. They march with intricate uniforms, and their helmets and caps are adorned with plumes, traditionally dipped in the blood of their enemies. Jenoan Fusiliers are equipped as line infantry, with heavy support in the form of weapon platoons, specialist units for attacking enemy armour at close range, and large infantry platoons. While they have support in the form of Leman Russ and Chimera tanks, they are few and far between. They have strong discipline, but prefer to engage where they feel strongest, and are not averse to retreating from a battle they see as lost.

  • Notable Members
I Penal CorpsEdit
"For repentance!"

A massive Penal force, they are the remains of Imperial Battle Group 2, once a member of the secessionist army during the First Tyrest War. Comprised of the original survivors of that unit, and their children, the Penal Legion are a massive, and utterly disposable force. Composed of slaves fitted with bomb collars to ensure discipline and compliance, they are herded into battle, squads of commissars with bolters at their rear to ensure retreat is impossible. They are used to test defences for weaknesses, front infantry assaults, clear minefields, and otherwise distract the enemy. They are equipped with a uniform, no armour, and a lasgun with a single clip. They are mass-issued frenzon combat-stimm, applied at the will of their commander, to give them artificial bravery.

Within their unit, they have elite cadres of penal soldiers, called Regiment 99, or just the ninety nines. Mostly comprised of the sons and daughters of original penal legion members, the members of 99 are chosen from not just the most hardened and skilled of the I Penal Corps, but also the most devout and reticent. Fanatics, desperate to earn redemption for their father's sins, these fighters are notoriously violent, especially against their lesser comrades in the Penal Corps. They fight harder with the promise that their sentence will be commuted as reward for valorous conduct.

  • Notable Members
Sargrad Shock CorpsEdit
"Forward! Never look back!"
―Battle cry

One half of Gensar's martial might, the Gensar Shock Corps are the front line combat force. Dedicated assault troops, their equipment is somewhat older that that used by most Imperial Guard. The use older patterns of Lasgun, that are longer and slower firing than their contemporaries, but more accurate. Their armour too, is of ancient providence. They utilise Malacador-class tanks, utilising the standard line variant as a battle tank in place of the Leman Russ, with Malacador-defenders as vital support tanks, and Gorgon transports to mass move troops into combat. The Gensar Shock Corps aren't particularly well trained, or heavily disciplined, but they make up for it in sheer numbers.

  • Notable Members
Sargrad Guards CorpsEdit
"Honour! Courage! Duty!"

The elite branch of the Gensar tithe, the Guards Corps are selected from the best performing soldiers. Given weapons and armour of superior construction to the Shock Corps, the Guards Corps have significantly better training, morale and equipment. Like the Shock Corps, they Malacador-class tanks, but these are supplemented with more advanced war machines, such as the Malcador Infernus, the might Valdor tank hunter, ancient patterns of Basilisks and Medusa, the ancient Dracosan transport, and even a few Stormhammer Super-heavy tanks. For line defence, they use rapier weapon platforms for fire support.

  • Notable Members
Stavik Void JumpersEdit
"Back to the darkness with you!"
―battle cry

Raised from the dead world of Stavik, Stavik would have not normally been populated, had it not been for the massive mineral wealth. Great expense was made to colonize it, with cities inside domes, or buried under the ground. Outside of these, the world was made up of harsh void, requiring protective suits to venture out. Void Jumpers are descended from these hardy miners, their heavy armour descended from void suits used by them. Heavily armoured, for a Guardsman, they are experts in fighting in low to zero gravity, and fighting in the cold depths of space. Preferred for boarding actions, they also lead assaults against planets where their suits give them the advantage. They lack much in terms of support, outside of Valkyries, but make up for it with a skill in their environment few can match.

  • Notable Members
Rustfall OathswornEdit
"Glory in death!"

The Guardsmen of Rustfall specialise at one thing, and one thing alone. A glorious death. They charge into combat in order to honour their family back home. This dates back to the early days of the imperial tithe on Rustfall, where the independent people of the planet refused to send their sons to war. The resulting civil disobedience resulted in mass incarceration and forceful conscription, with the oath that if they serve, they can go free. The resulting generations have twisted this meaning, so that to serve is to bring honour to their family. To this end, only the most valorous, most brilliant heroics will do. To do this, the Oathsworn are usually the first ones into battle, rushing heedlessly into combat, and overcoming them enemy with sheer bravado. When a fortress is breached, it is the Oathsworn that charge the breach.

The Oathsworn are largely made up lightly armoured infantry, with lasguns specially tailored to close quarters combat. Their armour is usually used for creating opportunities for them to close with the enemy.

  • Notable Members
Nashvak Ogryn AuxiliaEdit
"The Greenskin Nob had cut down at least a dozen of my men, and was close to my own position, advancing heedless of las fire. I turned to Grunt, and I shouted that the Ork was an enemy of the Emperor. Something snapped in his head. That huge ogryn waded in and tore than nob limb from limb, then brought me his head, asking him if he made the Emperor proud."
―Captain Yanulf Wargin

Recruited from the high-gravity moon of Nasvak, the Ogryn Auxilia recruited there are highly prized. Tough, resilient, and just enough cunning to follow orders, and break an enemy's face in, the Nasvak Ogryns are usually distributed across multiple fronts. Huge, well built, and with a child like mind, they are easily inducted into the Imperial Creed, and easy to direct on the field. Principally armed with a ripper gun for making a mess of the enemy at close quarters, they also have subunits armed with heavy duty armour and slab shields, or mauls and suppression shields, allowing them to batter an enemy to death, while protecting their comrades. Some intelligent Ogryns are selected for BONE surgery, turning them into what is referred to as 'bone heads' by other Ogryns, equal to sergeants in their units.

Rumours persist of a secretive unit within the Nashvak Auxilia, that utilise ancient augmention procedures to turn Ogryns into cybernetically altered killing machines, using chemicals to turn them into emotionless automatons, until a trigger is used to turn them into rapid killing machines. Fitted with a variety of mechanised claws in place of hands, they tear armour asunder, and smash clean through armoured barricades.

  • Notable Members
Volkstryst CommandosEdit
"If I was given the choice between a regiment of Parnean Praetorians, and a squad of Volkstryst Commandos, I would pick the commandos, every time."
―Colonel Harnon Celebjorn

Coming from the distant world of Volkstryst, the Commandos risen there are famed for their self reliance. Each is trained from a young age in survival skills and firearms, which is expected to survive the harsh winters. The result is close-knit groups of commandos, who quietly infiltrate an area to get to their target. Trained in bomb-craft as part of their Guardman training, they prove to be deadly at sabotage and assassination. Commandos are considered equal to Storm Troopers in skill and training, but lack the equipment. Instead, they make up for it with cunning and skill.

  • Notable Members
Cimmeron Ash WalkersEdit
"Filthy barbarians. Instead of bringing me an after action report, they broguht me the heads of all the enemies they killed"
―General Falka Porsamin

Ruthless barbarians, raised from the world of Cimmeron, Cimmeron Ash Walkers are raised from the ash wastes, the vast plains of soot and debris from constant volcanic activity. Coming from a culture of brutal hardship, they take this with them into their role as a guardsman. Most eschew armour in favour of speed, and adorne their face and body with warpaint, made from consecrated ash from their homeworld. Lightly armed, they usually carry a autogun or an autopistol, a few spare clips and that's it. Each one carries a massive broadsword, the weapon of choice for their home world. They have little in terms of advanced technology or heavy weapons, mostly limited to heavy stubbers and flame throwers.

As brutal and as violent as some of the Xenos in the Tyrest sector, the Ash Walkers are frequently brought in to fight Orks and Kroot.

  • Notable Members
Syndal Pilgrim GuardEdit
"Only the pious will survive!"

The Syndal Pilgrim guard hail from the cardinal world of the same name. Fervent believers in the Imperial creed, these fanatically warriors fight with a zeal unseen by most. Preferring chainswords and flamers, they purge the enemy from their redoubts in glorious assaults. They utilise armour sparingly, instead choosing to keep a few select tanks for bringing the enemy to justice. They are especially fond of Hellhounds and Chimeras, allowing them to burn the enemy out, then follow up with a close quarters assault.

The Pilgrim Guard are equipped in encompassing armour, covered in icons of the Imperial cult. Everything they use is blessed and anointed regularly. While Syndal is their base, they often guard pilgrim caravens and shrines on nearby worlds.

  • Notable Members
Utarsh Thorn WarriorsEdit
"If Utarsh can't kill us, you certainly can't!"
―taunt at the battle of Bloody Falls, attributed to Major Panin Horst

Warriors born from the harsh world of Utarsh, the Thorn Warriors don't just survive, they've thrived. Their world is infested with venemous thorns, growing as thick as trees, and at tens of feet a day. Its impossible to push back the thorns, forcing the cities to by built on mountains and rocky plateaus. The thorns themselves are deadly venomous, but surviving once gives the victim a resistance. Because their field manoeuvres take them out into the thorn forests, the burgeoning thorn warriors either fall ill and die, or develop an immunity, an immunity that makes them resistant to a whole host of other poisons. To make their world even worse, the thorn forests are cover for a race of insectoid xenos, large ant like creatures that regularly mount raids. Fighting goes down into the tunnels, where the xenos hold the advantage, forcing the Thorn Warriors to clear out hives in a slow and meticulous manner.

The resulting warrior can move quickly through dense forest, ignores pain, his immune to most poisons, toxins and venoms, and is an expert in close quarters fighting. However, the Thorn Warriors lack much in terms of armour, instead utilising Sentinels and flame weapons, the only thing that ever keeps the thorns at bay.

  • Notable Members
XXVI Storm Trooper CorpsEdit
"I have no unit at my command that is more flexible, more robust, more deadly. If only I had more!"
―Lord Militant Stavros Van Kylndash

Collected from the recruits of several Schola Progenia in the sector, the XXVI Storm Trooper Corps is one of the most elite formations in the area. An unflinching special operations unit, they can rapidly deploy to a variety of zones on a moments notice. With the best armour and training available to a mere human, and a corps of Taurox Prime APCs and Valkyrie dropships, they often deploy alongside Guardsmen as an elite unit to breach lines and go where the fighting is toughest. They're also sent on secretive missions, to assassinate enemy leaders, sabotage their supplies, and change the course of wars. They've also been called upon by the Inquisitorial Enclave in the region, to act as their escorts in order to prosecute battle.

The Storm Trooper Corps has a number of regiments, from a number of different units, but they are largely uniform in equipment and training.

  • Notable Members

Battlefleet TyrestEdit

"By His Indomitable will"

Representing the naval might of Tyrest, this fleet is the first bulwark against invasions by the heretic, the alien, and the traitor. Famed for its discipline under fire, and skill at arms, Battlefleet Tyrest battles to hold back the tide of invasions. Divided into squadrons with area of operations, battlefeet Tyrest desperatly fights to hold back the Tau invaders, wherever possible.

  • Notable Members
    • Lord Admiral Aryal Resinnach: When the actions of Chaos during the opening salvo of the war rendered Battlefleet Tyrest leaderless, the relatively untested Admiral Resinnach stepped into the breach to take command of the fleet. Over the next few years, she rapidly reorganized the fleet, rallying the scattered fleet elements, and finally mounting a coordinated defence. Fiery and progressive, she's introduced new tactics and strategies to the fleet, in an attempt to stave off utter defeat for one more day. She leads the fleet from the Emperor's Hammer.
    • Admiral Kandal Gerreliume: Second in command to Aryal, Admiral Gerreliume has been tasked with commanding the Tau front. Despite being massively out numbered, he's managed to hold his position, forcing the Tau to pay dearly for each victory. Utilising the weaknesses of the Tau fleet, especially their slow travel times, he's been able to out manoeuvre them and ambush them. However, the Tau are rapidly adapting to his tactics, testing his lines for weaknesses, and its only a matter of time until it breaks. Gerreliume himself is tyrant, enforcing order through his fleet by the harshest measures. These are actions that must be taken, to keep order and maintain discipline, even in the face of defeat.
    • Flag-Captain Vanis Von Gorral: Commander of the Dauntless-class Light Cruiser, Huntsman, he has been tasked with a special duty. Crewed with the finest navigator in the sector, he travels deep behind the Tau lines, delivering arms and soldiers to worlds occupied by the Tau, in hopes of preparing a rebellion by the citizens loyal to the Emperor. A cautious man, his dangerous mission has only succeeded thus far thanks to his patience and intuition.
    • Captain Korl Locke: Commander of the Lunar-class Crusier, The Emperor's Shadow, Locke rose to fame during the Orkish attacks on the outer territories. Left isolated, and floundering following the crippling of the squadron command ship, Locke took to the fight. Despite his ship already being damaged, with communications rendered useless, he held back a squadron of Ork ships for hours, luring them into an asteroid field where careful helmsmanship, and a great deal of luck, allowed him to isolate and destroy the ships, mixing short, blistering ambushes, with point blank torpedo barrages. Emerging from the asteroid field with heavy damage, he was lauded as a hero. Not one for hero worship, he prefers to quietly serve, still commanding his ship despite offers of promotion.
  • 4 Battleships
    • 2 Retribution-Class Battleships
      • Cardinal Kylask:
      • Divine Praetor:
    • 1 Emperor-class Battleship, Emperor's Hammer:
    • 1 Apocalypse-class Battleship, Wright Bane:
  • 16 cruisers
    • 2 Armageddon-class Battlecruisers
    • 1 Mars-class Battlecruiser
    • 2 Overlord-class Battlecruisers
    • 1 Avenger-class Grand Cruiser
    • 1 Exorcist-class Grand Cruiser
    • 1 Dictator-class Cruiser
    • 1 Dominator-class Cruiser
    • 2 Gothic-class Cruisers
    • 4 Lunar-class Cruisers
    • 1 Tyrant-class Cruiser
  • 16 escort squadrons
    • 3 Dauntless-class Light Cruiser squadrons
    • 6 Sword-class Frigate squadrons
    • 3 Firestorm-class Frigate squadrons
    • 4 Cobra-class Destroyer squadrons

Mechanicus ForcesEdit

"If Arkhan falls, the Tyrest Sector will surely follow."
―Lord Militant Stavros Van Kylndash

The largest, most powerful and most influential Forge world in the sector, Arkhan is named for the famous Arkhan Land. Built on a resource rich world, with a work force of tens of billions of slaves, Arkhan provides the largest amount of war materiel for the sector, constantly turning out weapons, ammunition, armour and ships.

  • Notable Members
    • Magos Prime Hyrex Malacirum:
  • Legio Gladiator
    • The largest and most experienced titan legion in sector, Legio Gladiator, known as the Red Gladiators, were at the forefront of many campaigns during the war, in particular they battled their traitorous cousins in the Legio Ferros. Equipped with a wide variety of Titans, with specialisations in a number of environments,they specialise in shock assaults, uncaring towards the enemy's attempts to stop them. They became particularly deadly at battling other Titans.
  • Notable Members
    • Princeps
  • Arkhan Legion
    • Arkhan's contribution to the war effort, the Arkhan Legion is the largest and most well equipped Skitarii unit in the region. Principally a support unit for Legio Gladiator, they are a capable fighting force of their own. The cohort include a large bulk of of Skitarii vanguard, supported by Onagers and Ironstriders. They have small small support elements of Skitarii Rangers and dragoons, and a few Castellan war robots that function as line breakers. A supremely professional fighting force, they are relentless in the prosecution of their enemies.
"The Tau have met us on the field, again and again, and again and again, they have fallen. They will fall again."
―Princeps Eragar Terrigain

Positioned close to the Tau advance, Avanum has increased its output tenfold in the last few years, its population swelled by refugees who have been forced into servitude. A grim world, it is covered in a layer of thick, choking smog, making it impossible to live outside the cities.

  • Legio Vexilla
    • A titan legion hailing from the forge world of Avanum, Vexilla, also known as the Sword Bearers, is slightly smaller than a standard legion, with a greater focus on war hound Titans and close quarters combat. Thanks to this organisation, they're utterly lethal against the Tau, who have little if no defence against such monstrously huge war machines.
  • Avanum Cybernetica Cohort
    • The pride of Avanum, they have a large and sophisticated Cybernetic cohort, of deadly war robots. Arranged into specialised squadrons, the cohort is principally armed as a siege units, with the majority of theirs war machines being large, powerful and made with siege craft in mind. Their principal units are the powerful Castellax battle automata, a versatile war machine, and its descendent, the Kastelan battle automata. It has support from Thanatar mortar carriers, and Thanatar-Calix tank hunters, and rapid Vorax hunters. They also have a handful of gruesome Scylax guardians for sentries. The cohort is rarely fielded as a single unit, and is instead spread out amongst multiple Imperial forces to provide support.
  • Avanum Legion
    • Avanum's contribution to the war effort, Avanum Legion field large numbers because their ranks are swollen with Tech Thralls and Servitors. While they have a solid core of Skitarii warriors, with light and heavy armour support, most of theirs numbers come from the simple Tech Thralls, armed simply as expendable shock troops. Bolstering this are heavily armed Servitors for fire support. Bolstering these are waves of Kataphron battle servitors.
"Even under siege, Kellindorn continues to produce and supply armament for the whole sector. Now if only they could terminate those Orks..."
―Chief Arbiter Reik

Kellindorn is a world singularly dedicated to war, with such a focus that few can compare. The Magos of Kellindorn do not seek information, or wish to expand the Omnissiah's domain. They care only about preserving their world, which is constantly threatened by Orkish invaders. Producing tanks, titans and soldiers in huge amounts, most die in battle against the Orks, a glorious death. Kellindorn is filled with inhospitable deserts, with great factory-cities extending out over the top of the dunes. It has a massive network or orbital defences, designed to stop any offensive. Ironically, such heavy defences make it an ideal target for the Orks. Its three orbiting moons are locked in constant war, with the Skitarii of Kellindorn fighting to oust the Ork invaders, but most are locked in bloody stalemate, with the Orks incapable of establish a firm beachhead, but the Skitarii unable to oust them.

  • Legio Vigilum
    • Raised from Kellindorn, a forge world constantly threatened by Orkish invaders, Legion Vigilum, also named the Vigilants, are experts at battling Ork Titans, in particular battling gargants and stompas. Bitter and vengeful warriors, the men and machines of Legio Vigilum are scarred, but unbroken.
  • Kellindorn Legion
    • The escorts of the Kellindorn forces, this legion relies heavily upon large armour support, complemented by commandos and rangers in the field. To combat the superior number of Orks, they focus on wearing them down at range, and delivering a finale fatal blow in close quarters, as the Orks uselessly fall upon the defenders, their numbers thinned so much to rob them of that advantage.
  • Kellindorn Reductor Cohort
    • The secret of Kellindorn's survival, they have a small corps of Ordo Reductor cyborgs. The Thallax cohort are cybernetically altered soldier, their emotions, sensory organ and limbs are excised, and placed in a cold metal shell. The exult is a cold and calculating killer, clad in heavy armour, and carry a variety of deadly weapons. They're so frighteningly effective on the field that Ork morale takes a blow every time they encounter them.
  • Kellindorn Myrmidon Auxilia Cohort
    • A specialist Auxilia from Kellindorn, they are represented by two closely related priestly orders within the Mechanicus. The first order, the Secutors, are specialists at close quarters combat, overcoming mighty foes through skill at arms and extensive modification. The second order, the Destructors, are specialists in ranged combat, purging the enemy with ranged weapons. These twin orders often complement other units in the field, rather than deploy alone.
Basilikon AstraEdit

Not a single fleet, but a conglomeration of several Mechanicus fleets, the Basilikon Astra represent the orbital defence of the three forge worlds in the sector, as well as the mechanicus' exploratory capabilities. Individually, their ships are better armed, and better armoured than their Imperial equivalents, but suffer from lower numbers. For the most part, the presence of these fleets is enough to dissuade attacks on forge worlds. They've also been drafted to aide in fleet actions, their ships providing pinpoint accurate fire over startling ranges. The three fleets are named for their world of origin, and are roughly equal in size to one another, with a single Ark Mechanicus, several cruisers, and several escort squadrons.

Knight ForcesEdit

House OrtharnEdit

Once valued allies during the first Tyrest War,House Ortharn were again roused to war, to protect their realm and Imperial citizenry. The very image of a Knightly house, they have a chivalric code, and a strong sense of martial pride. They have a long history, replete with great heroes, and currently field a variety of Knights, including war machines of great providence, and many Knights of considerable experience.

Ortharn hails from the agri-world of Stannach, which provides food for the forge world of Arkhan. While they are not strict vassals, they have a cooperation pact, exchanging food supplies for Knights. They have oaths pledged to a number of neighbouring worlds, providing forces in times of war. Their symbol is a golden lion, while their machines are dark grey with red decorations, usually with lion pelts attached to it. The members of House Ortharn and their vassals dress somewhat lavishly, wearing decorative armour over well made robes, usually with the pelt of a lion slung over them. Their sacristans dress in grey robes.

The are currently lead by King Dornan Ortharn, a hero of the first Tyrest War.

  • Notable Members
    • King Dornan Ortharn: King of the Ortharn House, and a warrior of honour, he is the very image of a chivalric knight. Honest, brave, and dedicated to his cause, he fights by a code of honour. While traditional, his individual skill, and bold leadership style, has lead his House to numerous victories. However, day by day, more of his kin fall, and soon, the House will enter decline, a thought that bears heavy on his mind. His steed is the Winter's Bite, a restless knight Errant.
    • Baron Gaitel Ortharn: Brother to Dornan, and leader of his vassals, Gaitel is more unorthodox in his strategies, launching feints, and surprise attacks. A known eccentric, he is still a hero of renown. His men are loyal to him beyond question, and his squadron often answers the call of the Imperial Guard, supporting them in battle. His war machine is called Slayer of Fools, and is a heavily armoured Knight Crusader.
    • Prince Dannis Ortharn: Son of Dornan, and heir apparent, he is every part his father's son. Loyal, brave, and honourable, he was set to be a great hero. However, the horrors of war have weighed heavily upon him, influencing him. More practical than his fellows, he has begun to dispense with the trappings of honour, becoming a more flexible warrior on the battlefield. While a wildcard within his family, he's the next in line for the throne, and with him, changes will come. He commands a Knight Errant, the Might of Ages, an ancient machine that can be adequately described as cantankerous. However, once roused to a fight, it relishes the feel of battle.
    • Baron Eryal Pallianos, Kingsward: Kingsward to King Dornan, Eryal is bound to her sire's life, defending him with all she has. While she is a glory hunter, she knows devotion to his monarch comes first, and she bares the scars earned protecting her sire with honour. She commands the Aegis Eternal, a heavily scarred, but utterly devoted Knight Paladin. Her Knight is much like her, uncaring about the need to throw itself in the line of fire, uncaring for damage, for scars.
    • Vassal Rannel Urqhart: A member of a cadet branch of Ortharn, Rannel serves directly under Dornan as his champion. A warrior of deft skill, his incredible will has tempered the mighty warmachine Vanguard's Challenge, a temperamental and aggressive Knight Lancer. Rannel fights the most powerful foes, hunting down the mightiest creatures, and most powerful war machines, slaying them in order to win the day. However, Rannel is not foolhardy, and instead fights his foe with a carefully measured patience, exploiting their weaknesses to deliver a killing blow.
    • Vassal Illia Hippolyta: Part of a political trade between the Houses of Ortharn and Hippolyta, her daughter Illia was traded to join in marriage with Dornan's son, Dannis Ortharn. The union of the Ortharn and Hippolyta houses has yet to bring any fruit, but the two have become quite the pair. Initially quarrelsome, the two have since been bonded by their fighting on the battlefield. Despite her marriage into the Ortharn family, she is still a daughter of House Hippolyta, choosing to wear crude, savage, clothing, and still asserts her superiority over the men of House Ortharn. She fights as hard for Ortharn as she does for her own house. She pilots the Knight Warden Unforgiving Zeal, a relic of her house, now marked with the colours of both House Hippolyta, and House Ortharn. Her Knight is mighty, and unflinching, but responds very well was it hears the words of the IMperial Creed.
House CharnaalEdit

Entering the war to protect their masters of the Kellindorn Forge world, this Mechanicus aligned Knight house charged in to protect their masters when war broke. Their numbers are well stocked, and they even have a number of relic-machines, notable the larger class of Knight including the Lancer, Castigator and Archeron, and examples of the darkly famed Magaera and Styrix Knights. They lack many of the feudal trappings of other Knightly houses, but make up for it with cold, implacable fury.

Charnaal hail from the world of Cathal, in the same system as Kellindorn. With a vast swathes of mineral wealth, they openly trade with their masters on Kellindorn, and in return get Knights, technology, slaves and skitarii. Their symbol is a gear split in half, each side out of line with the other, and sword in the divide. Their war machines are painted red, with brass decoration. Before the Ork invasion, the largest threat was massive mineral eating worms, who threatened their only source of wealth, as well as their Knights. The members of this house frequently get cybernetic enhancement, and dress as their masters do on Kellindorn, with long red robes.

  • Notable Members
    • Princeps Faran Charnaal: Truly a scion of Mars, Faran has ruled the Charnaal for centuries, now being more machine than man. However, cold machinery has done little to calm his fiery temperament, and he leads the charge with a unflinching resolve. Once joined in battle, he turns into a man possessed, shouting canticles of vengeance as he tears apart his foes. What makes him most valued as Princeps is his close allegiance to Kellindorn, gifting Charnaal with an over-abundance of Knights. He pilots the Knight Gallant, Omnissiah's blessing.
    • Baron Archat Charnaal: The master Tactician of the house, Archat is tasked with a strategy intended to save their world, as the Orks gain an ever stronger foothold. A cold warrior, he isn't above sending Skitarii to their deaths in order to win the day, and believes no sacrifice is too great. He has initially been successful, forcing the Orks back to their ramshackle encampments. he pilots the Knight Styrix, Red Wrath, a machine uncaring for casualties, or collateral.
    • Knight Kellen Tarvis: The top huntsman of the House, he is an expert in hunting down enemy titans, and slaying them. Commanding a Knight Errant, Burning Huntsman, a predator war machine that relishes the kill.
    • Knight Tollan Charnaal: The youngest son of Faran (Among seventeen), Tollan had much to prove. He has since bonded with the mighty Knight Castigator, Foe Reaper, a decidedly picky machine that often refuses to bond with even the most skilled of Knights. While young and impetuous, he has proven himself a fearsome opponent on the field, savaging his enemies with a mighty rain of shells.
House HippolytaEdit

A distant house, positioned at the edge of the Tyrest sector, the other houses, and some Imperial institutions, view House Hippolyta with suspicion, occasionally bordering on open hostility. Wayward and fierce, they live on the edge of Ork territory where they frequently battle the Orks. They care little for most Imperial institutions, heeding little to Imperial governance, and only aiding the Mechanicus for their own ends, the only heed to the Eccelsiarchy, being devout members of the Imperial creed. What makes this House so different from others is that it runs on a matriarchal society, with the women of the house piloting the Knights, and commanding their future. Women serve as the priestesses too, while men are reduced to foot soldiers, and slaves. The warrior women of Hippolyta are equally as skilled at hunting in their Knights as they are at hunting in person.

House Hippolyta make their home on the world of Delphi III. A harsh jungle world, the insectoid beasts that originally called it home are now endangered, continually hunted by the Hippolyta. Now it is threatened by Orkish invaders, who time and again have been hounded off the world. Their war machines are white, with red decoration, and are festooned in trophies, like Ork skulls, teeth, and tanned hides. Their coat of arms is a helmet with a ceremonial helmet. The women of the house dress in crude clothing, usually wearing loin clothes and harnesses made from tanned leather, and wear crude jewellery made from unrefined gem stones. The sacristans wear cloaks, while their men are collared as property. The ladies of the house are preternaturally beautiful, using this, and their state of undress to their advantage to ensnare, dominate and enslave men.

They are lead by Queen Cassa Hippolyta, a fearsome warrior-woman who has personally slain no less than a dozen Ork warbosses.

  • Notable members
    • Queen Cassa Hippolyta: Regarded by most as nothing better than a savage, Cassa is potent warrior, bold leader, and surprisingly erudite. A fickle ally, she fights only for the Emperor, and cares little for the agendas of others. She is confrontational, cares little for etiquette, and even less for ceremony. As a warrior, and a leader, she is bold and brash, attacking the enemy at their strongest, seeking to crush them so thoroughly they cannot hope to survive another battle. Cassa dresses in the manner that most would considered a savage, in barely-there tanned hides, trophies hung around her neck, and a crown of crude metal. She uses her beauty and appearance to dominate lesser men and bind them to her will. Her mount is the Knight Warden, Queen's Vengeance. Passed from Queen to Queen, the machine is savage, but with hints of a noble bearing. Like it's pilot, it is festooned in trophies, including Orkish skulls, and their tanned hides.
    • Baroness Annika Hippolyta: Eldest daughter of Queen Cassa, and beloved champion of her House, Annika is an exemplar of her house and kin. Violent in her action, a brave warrior, and utterly contemptuous of men, she's praised by her sisters, and feared by her foes. A leader amongst her sisters, she leads them into battle at the head of the fight, her battle cries pushing her sisters to greater acts of bravery. She commands the Knight Archeron, Strength of Amazons, a mighty machine that sweeps aside all resistance, the machine spirit thrumming with joy as it spreads destruction.
    • Lady Serana Hippolyta: Cassa's niece, and a notable warrior in the House. She's lead many campaigns to purge the enemies of the Imperium, and is one of the few who has actually ventured onto Ork territory to take the fight to them. She became famous as a liberator, freeing slaves held by the Orks of Serra, but of course, any man freed became slaves of House Hippolyta. Serana is a fierce, but calm warrior, taking to battle with a level head. She rides in the Knight Crusader, War Seraphim, mixing extreme anti-armour with extreme anti-infantry abilities, and possessing an almost saintly personality, carefully avoiding collateral damage.
    • Baronnes Vaella Dinah, Herald of Hippolyta: Among Hippolyta's best, Baroness Vaella Dinah is her herald, who broadcasts orders on the field, blowing a horn to signal her approach. Out of combat, she is her main envoy, her visits other courts, and allies. It is her who secures their armament and war machines through favours curried, and it is her who strikes allegiances. Coy and cunning, she is as wily on and off the field. She commands the Knight Gallant, Ever Bold, a machine that like her, is cunning, more akin to a stealthy predator than a hulking war machine.
    • Sir Tanis Hippolyta: One of the few males to pilot a Knight, one of the only reasons he was afforded this opportunity is because he is the son of Queen Cassa herself. Despite being born a lowly boy, and destined to be traded as breeding stock to a vassal, he proved himself a fighter. Scrappy, and determined to prove himself, the ladies of House Hippolyta have developed a begrudging respect of him. He commands the Knight Paladin, Imperative Resilience, a machine handed down the handful of male warriors in the Hippolyta line, like each of its previous pilots is desperate to prove itself.
House CyrimorEdit

A Knightly house from the core of Tyrest, Cyrimor was once known as the strongest of the houses in the Tyrest sector. Today they are a shadow of their former strength. They suffered heavy casualties blunting Ork Waaaghs, halting Tau expansions, and even executing renegade Knights, but all this was a prelude to their greatest failing.

The House fell into the path of Waaagh! Da Mek Bosses, and their world was consumed by a tide of greenskins. Despite Imperial aid, and support from their allies, the battle was won before the first Ork Lander hit the fertile ground of their world. Their already depleted numbers were not enough to save their world, and when defeat was certain, Imperial forces began their withdraw. The House was sundered in two, by those few who wished to leave, and those who could not bare the thought of leaving their home. Their leader, Archon Chariol Von Cyrimor, lead a small rear guard, buying much of the house time to escape. His last surviving heir, Kalia Von Cyrimor, lead a dozen Knights to Imperial evacuation points, along with as many members of the House as they could bring. The rest died, or were captured when the rearguard fell, desperately trying to defend their Keep.

Now the House exists as just a few, moving from warzone to warzone as nomads, their whole House being their army. They offer their services in exchange for food, ammunition, fuel, and new Knights, in hope of rebuilding their numbers, so they might one day return home and reclaim it. To guide them, they rely upon the Emperor's Tarot, it's guidance bringing them to where they need to be.

As a House, they were once noble, with eloquent ceremonies of succession, and greetings. Most of these have fallen by the wayside, in order to preserve the house itself. Knights and Titles are held in peerage by a family line. However, because of the extinction of certain family lines, peerage is only possible under a few lines, with Archon Von Cyrimor offering other positions. Because of casualties, their classical lineage of male heir, to male heir, is no longer possible, and is now it is awarded for merit to make sure the strongest and most capable, male or female, are the ones to command a Knight. This meritocracy allows the House to survive.

The House once ruled the agri-world of Accord IV, providing protection in exchange for ease of rule. They maintained their keep, the Five Spires, was a well maintained base, that allowed them to arm and and conduct operations across the sector. The House itself has a great and storied history, being descended from the warrior Yarum Von Cyrimor. During the Dark ages, he lead attempts to keep the sector safe, and crushed the Valean Rebellion, smashing an army aside, breaking the back of the rebellion. They can only hope to live up to this legacy. Heroes like this are central to the House's beliefs, and are venerated above all others, save the Emperor and his loyal sons.

When it comes to battle tactics, the house prefers shock and awe, smashing into the enemy at such speed and, and with such power, that no defence can contain them. Pivotal to this was the House's reliance on the flexible Knight Paladin, and the more agile Cerastus pattern. However, casualties means that these tactics can only be done in bursts of focused lethality, for fear of losing more precious war machines to the enemy. The exception to this is their conflict against their sworn foe, the Orks of Waaagh! Da Mek Bosses. Even the sight of their banner drives them into a frenzy, stomping and smashing their way through their lines, until their war-machines are slick with greenskin blood.

Even in their state of exile, their fierce independence and pride result in them appearing to be wayward in rebellious. The Knights of Cyrimor prefer to conduct battle in their way, heedless of the plans of others. This sits fine with their patrons, the Hex Wardens, who have given them their patronage, in exchange for the pandemonium they wreak on the battlefield. The House itself possesses flexible hierarchy, an affect of their small numbers.

  • Notable Members
    • Archon Kalia Von Cyrimor: Last scion on her house, and the future of her people, Kalia has had to leave the survivors into exile, and on a desperate flight from their home. She has witnessed the decline of her House, from noble heroes, to nomadic wanderers, and is desperate to reclaim their lost heritage. Despite her shame at her escape, she is every part a member of the Cyrimor family, and a Knight of skill and renknown. Her keen understanding of tactics, and the flow of battle, is matched by the independent nature of her, and her House. She commands the Knight Paladin, Iron and Blood, typically commanded by the first-born son of the Archon of the House, but now commanded by it's last scion. The spirits of her ancestors rest uneasily in the machine, and it does not always follow her command, in the way a Knight should.
    • Primus Uriah Haal: The shield of his Archon, Primus Haal would have preferred to have died as his lord's shield during the fall of their home, but was instead tasked on ensuring the House lived to see another day. Haal has been the tutor of Kalia, and is now her guardian, his Knight following in her shadow. A master warrior in his own right, his skill is second-to-none. He commands the Knight Crusader Bell for the Fallen, a sullen machine that grows irate with every fallen comrade.
    • Suzerain Tarral Morecam: Amongst the most experienced of the survivors, Tarral is considered the keen-edge of Cyrimor's vengeance. Despite all the misery heaped upon him, despite all he has seen befalling his house, Tarral has yet to give in to despair, and instead fights with a cold fury, even against their most hated enemies. He epitomises their methodology for warfare, commanding the Knight Lancer, On Black Wings, which charges into battle with a certainty unseen amongst similar war-machines.
    • Warlock Allian Phaeman: The last member of the Vassal house, Phaeman, his house is famed for the Psyker powers that grow within them. For generations, their power foresight allowed them the advantage in every campaign, and the crackling power they fired from their Psi-Knight was without question. However, they were all blinded by the oncoming warp shadow of Waaagh! Da Mek Bosses drove most made before the first of the landings began, robbing the House of one of it's greatest weapons. Now Phaeman is desperate to regain the honour of his lineage, and acts as council to his Archon. He commands the Psi-Knight Unmasked Empyrean, a machine that mounts psychic weaponry of ancient providence, that crackles with power when his might waxes strong.
    • Scion Sihale Balgaere: Youngest of Cyrimor's Knights, Balgaere counter-acts his youth with a cool head, born of the desperate existence he was born into. Born after the fall of his House, Balgaere earned enough merits to take command of his first Knight. He chose the ancient relic, Bane of Giants, a Knight Atrapos. Such a machine was born to destroy opposing war-machines, and in his capable hands it has accounted for many Orkish foes.
    • Scio Wareun Haal: A knight of Cyrimor, he has tried to snatch back some of the honour, brought to him by the tales of his uncle, Primus Haal. He is a represenation of everything the House once was, A knight possessed of speed, and independence, smashing into his foes, and pulling them apart in a burst of focused aggression. He commands the youngest Knight of the House, Bloom of Fire.
  • Just Renegade: The Freeblade known as Just Renegade is regarded with suspicion and hate. The first encounter with the Knight was during fighting on the world of Sahkov, where he fought as part of the Mecalyn detachment their. While the rest of his brothers were fair-weather allies, leaving when the fighting became toughest, Just renegade, then known as Just Warrior, stayed for the fight. During the first Tyrest War, Just Warrior was absent until late in the war, when he appeared to aid Loyalist forces against Mecalyn forces. Initially thought to be enemy reinforcements, he killed a Baron straight away, before chasing away two more of his House. Since then, he has been somewhat quiet, appearing on obscure battlefronts, and in all his later appearances, he has stripped his House iconography, but kept his personal icongraphy, and painted his armour stark white. During the Second Tyrest War, he's continually appeared to foil House Mecalyn, brutally crushing them whever he finds. He commands a Knight Gallant, perfected for slaying his former kin. He still has the light blue livery of his fallen kin, and inplace of the livery he has a skull impaled upon a sword. A clear message of vengeance.
  • Sir Anac ViDalla, The Last: The last of a once mighty House, he survived thanks purely to being offworld at the time of his House' destruction. Driven into a vengeful frenzy, he has hunted House Mecalyn where ever he goes. Such is his grief, that he fights without care for his own safety. Sir Anac has fought bot Just Renegade and the Black Dragon, having personal vendettas with them, though the former is more obvious than the later. Most Imperial forces steer clear of Sir Anac, preferring to follow in the wake of his devastation. His mighty Knight Lancer is still coloured black and white, with ViDalla markings, but with markings of mourning.
  • Lady Evalon Dinah, Fallen Amazon: Once a noble lady of House Hippolyta, her love for a slave, and the stifling rules of her House, she fled with her lover. While she is no longer a House sworn Knight, she has not forgotten her duties, and still fights. She primarily battles along the far edge of the Orkish advance, and at the far edge of the Tau invasion. However, news of the Orkish forces approaching home have called her back, no matter how unwelcome she may be. She is not as fierce as her fellows, and instead is more tempered, more restrained, looking for a more reasoned response to her situation. She commands a powerful Knight Crusader, painted a dark green, with her image of a severed heart on her armour.
  • Siral, The Risen: Lover of Lady Evalon, he was born and raised a slave, but his love of Lady Evalon made him aspire to be so much more. The two fled, with Siral stealing a Knight Paladin as he did. Siral has learned well in the saddle, becoming a competent Knight pilot, who works most fiercely when fighting with the woman his loves. Despite their roving life as a pair of Freeblade Knights, the two have begun a small family, who will carry on their name in time. Siral and his wife still dress as members of House Hippolyta, and carry many of their traditions and trappings. His Knight is painted green, with a heart that complements the one on his wife's armour.
  • Sir Cartyn Ortharn, Cunning Blade: Exiled from House Ortharn for his deception, conniving, and his attempts at advancing himself at the cost of others. A cheat, and a liar, and something of a scoundrel, he scoffed at Ortharn, and headed out to find his fortune. He sold his services as a mercenary, fighting for anybody that would pay him, before he came into service with a rogue trade, finding a life of riches and adventure. That is, until the rogue trader was killed by the Tau, and Cartyn was froced to find a new paymaster. Now he is paid by the IMperial Guard, to bolster them.
  • Cursed One: The last survivor of a terrible conflict, the Cursed One left his name, and his House behind, abandoning both. Nobody knows who he once served, all that is known now is that he fights wherever their is need. He in particular has fought the Orks withy some intensity, having a vendetta against the Ork Empire of Serra. He remains silent on the battlefield, allowing the crack of his cannons, and the howl of his chainsword to do the talking. He has been an ally of both Kellindorn and House Hippolyta, and his skill has earned him respect and offers of friendship, none of which he has taken up. He commands a Knight Warden.
  • The White Tempest: Nobody knows this Knights names, House or motive, aside from the chapter master of the Justiciars. An expert in urban combat, he has cowed riots simply by his appearance. However, when battle calls, he savages the enemy, stomping and crashing through the enemy. He commands a mighty Knight Archeron, coloured entirely white, with imagery of dark red star on his armour.
  • His Will: A mighty warrior, in an equally mighty machine, His Will only speaks with quotes from canticles, litanies, and other religious tomes, making him something on an enigma. His machine black, with fine golden decoration, and daubed in the imagery of Imperial Eagles. He fights for the Imperial Creed, heeding the call of the Eccelsiarchy and Sisters of Battle. In battle, he wades into the enemies, crashing through their lines and splintering them, all the while bellowing the Emperor's words. He commands a Knight Gallant, which is as loyal to the Imperial Creed as he is.
  • The Crusader Eternal: Records of the Crusader Eternal first emerged in the 35th millennium, on the other side of the galaxy. Since then, sightings of this Knight have been reported, gradually making his way eastwards. Surely a single man could not live that long, suggesting that the mantle is passed. However, other rumours have surfaced, that he is nothing but a ghost, fading in and out of the warp, or that he is cursed with undeath for a great betrayal. He is of great interest to the INquisition, but thus far he's managed to evade them. Now he fights in the Tyrest Sector, not resting until battle is over. He commands a Knight Errant, coloured a dark red, almost maroon in colour, with the images of swords and shields.

Eccelsiarchy ForcesEdit

Order of the Weeping IdolEdit

The largest contingent of Sister of Battle, the Order of the Weeping Idol was made up a large corps of battle hardened, well equipped, and pious battle sisters. Veterans of the first Tyrest War, the veterans of that great war are enormously skilled, and with the influx of recruits following that conflict, they've grown in size. Most of their forces were devoted to halting the advance of the Tau and Chaos. Sisters from this order also ventured behind enemy lines, to keep the Imperial Creed strong on those worlds occupied by the Tau. Should any world fall from the Imperial creed, their wrath was great, bringing fire and retribution down on those who turned from the Emperor's light.

The Order of the Weeping Idol are a splinter order, breaking off from the Order of the Martyred Lady. They prefer to defeat the enemy through combined arms and superior tactics, utilising deception and cunning, before finally bringing about a hammer blow. Their armour is painted light blue, with red cloaks and black linings. Their icon is a closed eye with a single weeping tear.

  • Notable Members
    • Canoness Superior Persephone: Canoness of the order, she rose to the rank after the death of their previous Canoness during the First Tyrest War. Admired for her sisters as much for her personality as her skill as a leader, she's popular with the Eccelsiarchy and Imperial administration, a fine and delicate balancing act she's maintained. She is affable, and jovial, and many find her to be easy going. however, earn her ire, and she gains a frightening intensity. As a leader, she possesses a mind for strategy, utilising her strategy to bring victory. As a warrior, she's an excellent with the sword, with a fluid grace and sublime style that catches out many would-be attackers. She has a long history of cooperation with the Dragon Lord, being one of his closest confidants, and staunchest allies.
    • Canoness Perceptor Diana: Second in command of the Order, she has been tasked with a grim duty. She has been organising operations deep behind Tau lines, ensuring the Imperial Creed stays strong amongst the Imperial citizenry captured by the Tau. She has been deploying missionaries and sisters to train, arm and equip would be rebels, then fight alongside them. A dangerous task, her Sisters die everyday, sometimes without even making an impact. However, she knows their duty will eventually bare fruit, hampering the Tau by causing so much havoc at their rear that they cannot hope to advance. Diana accepts this duty, approaching it as she would any other, with fiery oration, and a steey resolve.
    • Palatine Bellona: One of the younger commanders of the Order, she has proven herself despite her young age. A top graduate from her Schola Progenium, and reaching Celestian in just a few years, her talent from command was seen from her earliest actions. She is bright, and innovative, with a certain zeal, but is somewhat naive about the politics of the Imperium. To that end, she prefers the battlefield, where things are much more straight forward. She's serious, but remains cool-headed, and has become skilled with the bolter and with the chainsword.
    • Celestian Artemis: Hero of the order, Artemis has been lauded numerous times for her heroic actions. She epitomises her order, with a calm mind, a certain degree of cunning, and an ability to quickly decimate her foe. An intense individual, many can find her somewhat off-putting, and her dour attitude creates an aura that distances her from her sisters. However, most admire her professionalism, and her skill in battle is unquestionable.
    • Sister Petra: Despite only being a sister for a few years, She's already risen to fame after single handed pushing back an entire Tau Fire Cadre. Brave, almost to the point of being foolhardy, she's got a strong aim, and an even stronger will, which has served her well. Many of her superiors have ear marked her for promotion, and if she continues the way she has, she'll surely by a Sister Superior in only a few more years.
Order of the Purging FlameEdit

Sister order to the Weeping Idol, the Order of the Purging Flame lacked some of the subtly their sisters brought, and instead made up for it with a zeal and devotion rarely seen. They paid a dear cost to keep many worlds free of the enemy, sisters dying in their droves to kill their enemies, and push them back to the darkness they crawled from.

The Order of the Purging Flame are descended from the Order of the Bloody Rose. They favour fire weapons above all others, believing their flames redeem themselves and their enemies. Their armour is brass coloured, with white cloth and white linings. Their image is a white flame.

  • Notable Members
    • Canoness Superior Juno: Juno earned her rank ash head of her order by being a bold leader, a honest woman, and having a willingness to burn everything. A fiery warrior, she believes that fire is the purest weapon, and that the Emperor has sent her to bring flame to his enemies. Lacking in subtly, but making up for it in zeal and conviction, she's a blunt instrument, but relishes her role. Because her order is smaller than the Weeping Idol, her rank is technically inferior to Canoness Persephone, but both view one another as equals and friends.
    • Canoness Commander Fortuna: The top field commander in her order, she specialises in close assault, using tanks to closer in to their foe, and deliver blistering fire. Eerily silent, even in the heat of battle, she doesn't join the celebrations, or open prayer, or even with battle cries, and instead only talks to deliver orders. Fortuna rarely involves herself in political matters, or matters of religion, instead preferring to see herself as only a weapon for the Emperor's will.
    • Palatine Mira: A fervent commander, her unorthodox tactics and unusual take on combat has earned her both admires and detractors. She prefers multi-pronged assaults over a single hammer blow, probing for weaknesses and then pressing the assault there. Mira herself is somewhat inquisitive, seeking to learn more about her enemies and allies, a potentially dangerous path.
    • Sister Superior Athena: A sergeant in the Order, she became famous for managing to rally her fellow sisters into holding against an incursion by Chaos raiders, holding a single ruined building for seven hours, resorting to using rocks and fallen enemy weapons in the end. Athena was well rewarded for her leadership, and now commands Celestians in battle. She's a stoic individual, but cares deeply for her sisters, dragging them to cover when wounded, or ensuring they receive a proper burial if they fall.
    • Sister Seraphim Demeter: An eager Seraphim, she fought to earn her position amongst her sisters, and fights everyday to prove her worth. Delighting in falling from the sky on her pray. Delivering fire in close quarters, she relishes her role, and seeks to continue felling her enemies in this manner.
    • Sister Dominion Freya: A specialist in a Dominion squad, during her first engagement she fired upon a rebel tank with her melta-gun, only for it to explode, spraying her with molten metal. Now proudly showing her scars, she's become a figure to look up to amongst her sisters as she still returns to the battlefield, destroying the heaviest of enemy armour in close quarters fighting, uncaring for the potential harm she may incur. She's prideful and hot-blooded, enjoying her role.
Order of the Cloistered HeartEdit

Once a part of the secessionist rebels during the first Tyrest War, and it's conclusion they surrendered to the Orders of the Weeping Idol and Purging Flame. After the war, they took the oath of the penitent, shedding their armour and wargear and taking up swords as Sisters Repentia. While some of these battle crazed sisters have been divided between the order of the Weeping Idol, and the Order of the Purging Flame, most remain together as a bulk force, desperately seeking absolution in combat. The order disappeared into wilderness space, seeking secessionist hold outs to bring to justice. With the outbreak of the war, the order returned, bringing the Emperor's vengeance to their enemy.

Descended from the order of the Argent Shroud, like their forebearers they were paragons of justice, and altruistic, only joining the Tyrest War because of the corrupt rule of Lord Andal, unaware of the corruption that created the Secessionist course. Following their Oath of Penitence, they've become zealots, seeking redemption that they can only gain by shedding the blood of the Emperor's enemies. Originally, their armour was alabaster white, with red cloaks and red linings. Their icongraphy was originally a heart wrapped in chains with a lock, after their fall from grace, this was replaced by simply the lock and chain.

  • Notable Members
    • Former Canoness Hecate: Once the leader of the order, her crime of joining the Separatist cause gave her the most terrible punishment. Bound to a Penitent Engine, she became a living effigy of guilt and punishment. Constantly consumed by feelings of guilt and pain for her role in the First Tyrest War, she became a living engine of destruction, her guilt driving her to fighting harder, seeking absolution in death. Unfortunately for her, death has yet to find her, and she continues to butcher the Emperor's enemies. Her sisters watch her with awe and reverence, hoping they too can reach the same fervour. Hecate constantly cries and wails, consumed by her own sins.
    • Former Palatine Morrigan: Once the right hand of Canoness Hecate, her heresy in the war saw her receive a terrible punishment; Arco-flagellation. Her body and mind was butchered, with limbs replaced by flails, and her mind subjected to recoditioning. She was fitted with a pacifier helm, which constantly showed her images of Saints, and played hymns, keeping her calm and placated. Once her trigger word was heard (Reticence), she turned into a raging berserker, smashing through her enemies, with all her rage, and pain, and desire for absolution giving her a inhuman strength. Bolstered by combat drugs, she became a deadly instrument on the field. She even began to find some solace in her duty, even if she was littler better than a servitor.
    • Former Sister Superior Hera: Another sister sentenced to Arco-Flagellation, she became the personal tool of Inquisitor Jaelana Havernell, who over saw the process that turned her into a weapon. Fitted with power whips, allowing her to ensare and tear her enemies to ribbons, she was reprogrammed to accept the trigger word Iconoclasm, to turn her into a weapon. A reckless berserker, she's received such terrible damage that much of her original body has been destroyed, with only her head and upper torso remaining, and now her very body turned to a weapon, with additional limbs, and blade like limbs in place of her legs. Hera has accepted this fate, and her seeming inability to die, with a feeling of resignation, only wishing to meet the Emperor with a purified soul.
    • Sister Repentia Minerva: One of the oldest surviving Repentia, she was a young battle sister when they surrendered, and she took her Repentia oath. Since then, she's fought as a maddened berserker, seeking the Emperor's absolution in glorious battle, and an equally glorious death. Despite her punishment, she's maintained an amazing focus, and has grown to become an incredible sword wielder. Sullen outside of battle, once the enemy approaches, she becomes a screaming font of rage, her sisters following behind her, held in awe by her dedication.
    • Sister Repentia Helena: Only a novitiate when her Order surrendered, she never even fired a shot in the war, yet she too was forced to taken the Repentia oath. Determined to serve the Emperor, regardless of role, she became a skilled warrior, wielding her eviscerator with skill. Rather than seeking a glorious death, she instead seeks victory, fighting with a deadly cunning, and a desire to live another day. While some of her sisters are ill at ease with this, they cannot fault her for her dedication.
    • Sister Repentia Cybele: Cybele was raised, purely to become a Repentia, simply because of her mother's sins. The daughter of a sister in the Order, she was only three when her Order fell, and she was taken from the Schola Progenium along with the Novitiates. Brought up to be a Sister Repentia, she's known no other life, and allow fights for absolution. Helena has taken her under her wing, hoping to at least get the child through their penitent crusade.
    • Repentia Mistress Selene: Technically not a member of the Cloistered Heart, she is in fact a member of the Order of the Purging Flame. Brought in to function as an overseer and officer, her duty is to whip the Repentia into a frenzy and drive them into battle. Stern, and cruel in her actions, she feels a deep sorrow for the warriors in her charge, but knowns their only absolution can come from death, or from finishing their crusade.
Order of the Sunless SkyEdit

Once, centuries ago, the Order of the Sunless Sky was a much more jubilant order. The Order of the Eastern Star, as they were known then, was dispatched to join the Crusade, intended to purge the darkness within the Tenebrous Stars. The Crusade went catastrophically badly, with 4 Space Marine Chapters declared lost, and the Guardsman armies fell apart. They were prepared to fight to the death, but were instead ordered to retreat. They conducted a fighting retreat, allowing many forces to evacuate. Once they returned to Imperial space, they were lauded as heroes, but felt a deep shame in their own failings. They asked to take a new role, and engaged in their own penance.

They were given guardianship over a cluster of worlds at the edge of the system, where barbaric worlds were being brought into the light of the Imperium. Settling on the sunless world of Lothryl, they became the Order of the Sunless Sky.

They possess a quiet stoicism, and a cold fury in battle, striking hard at their enemy. Each Sister is whisper quiet, speaking only to relay important messages. They favour combined arms, hitting the enemy with overwhelming force, then once the cracks show, they pour all their forces into the gap. For their armour, they use silver armour, with blue cloth decoration. One of their divergences is that their elites have brass coloured armour. Their other divergences come from their tactics and equipment, using a wider range of weapons, with a leaning to ranged weaponry.

Inquisitorial EnclaveEdit

Since the First Tyrest War the Inquisition remained in the Tyrest sector, to ensure it returned to peace and stability. The two Inquisitors present were Inquisitor Jaelana Havernell, of Ordo Hereticus, and Inquisitor Kliment Saazbaum, or Ordo Astartes. Shortly after the massive Tau invasion, and the poor response by Lord Andal, Saazbaum authorised the secession of power, supporting Dragon Lord Aurak to execute Andal for incompetence, then assume the position of regent of the Tyrest Sector. Havernell and Saazbaum largely concerned themselves with the Chaos incursion, lead by the defeated Secessionists. Gathering information, and launching clandestine strikes, the two worked to undermine the Steel Reavers and their armies. When the situation worsened, they were joined by Lord Inquisitor Raphal Anzo, of Ordo Malleus. When the extent of the enemy's heresy became clear, he took charge of operations, leading Sisters, Marines, and his own retinue on missions to crush daemonic incursions.

While they lacked sizeable forces of their own, the three inquisitors requisitioned forces from the space marines, sisters of battle and tempestus scions for aid.

Officio Assassinorum Execution Force: Righteous KillEdit

Such was the fear that the Tyrest Sector may fall, the High Lords of Terra dispatched a force of assassins, at the behest of the Inquisitors battling there. The force, totalling 7 assassins, including a single member from the Vindicare, Culexus, Callidus, Venenum and Vanus temples, and two assassins from the Eversor temple. While essentially placed under the command of the Inquisitorial forces, individuals would be sent to serve under an officer, for a time, usually a Chapter Master or Lord Militant. They were also deployed to aid Imperial forces without the knowledge of any party involved. Only on a few occasions was the full force deployed as a single unit, when the need was most dire.

  • Uriah Whensel, Vindicare
  • Mu, Culexus
  • Yennefer Tabard, Callidus
  • Erasmus Karrde, Venenum
  • Tios Shan, Vanus
  • Arimor, Eversor
  • Tutalas, Eversor


With the escalating xenos incursion, the Deathwatch have deployed two Deathwatch Shields, in order to aid the Imperial forces. One kill-team was equipped and trained to deal punishing blows to the Orks, and the other to the Tau.

Shield HailstormEdit
Trained and equipped to battle Orks, Shield Hailstorm has been sent to the Tyrest sector to disrupt the Waaagh! pushing into Imperial positions. Hailstorm has been doing whatever they can to disrupt the Orkish advance, assassinating Nobs, sabotaging factories, and boarding space hulks. They've also organized several slave uprisings, managing to even take territory back. The team is lead by Watch Captain Thaddeus, and assisted by Epistolary Shraevan.
Shield GoliathEdit
Golaith has been specially armed to take the battle to the Tau. Cunning and wily, they have been out manoeuvring the Tau at almost every turn, assassinating their fire caste leaders and ethereals. They've also struck deep behind enemy lines, damaging their ability to rearm and resupply, and promoting, or terrifying, Imperial populations to rise against them. The team is lead by Chaplain Augustus Seneca, and he is assisted by Champion Horan Sawtooth.

Tau EmpireEdit

The Tyrest Sector lies within a branching arc of the Third Sphere Expansion of the Tau. Where the Imperium threw resources at the Tau during the Damocles Gulf campaign, this expansion force has sidelined major Imperial positions. The Tau forces had arrived in earnest before vicious Warp Storms cut off the sector, and have established a self maintaining military. Rather than wait for the storms to abate, they have expanded, conquering Imperial territory, and cutting deeply into their territory. Worse yet, as they claim worlds, they convert them to the Greater Good, and create a self-maintaining war machine.

Threat Suppression ForceEdit

Formed from the Second Expansion Sept of Aut'il, the Threat Suppression Force is the keen edge of the Tau's ever growing expansion. A massive force, consisting of millions of Fire Warriors, Earth Caste engineers, Air Caste pilots, and Water Caste diplomats, the force is first and foremost an invading army, pushing the Imperium back and claiming new worlds for the Greater Good, then fortifying them and moving on. Made up of fervent believers in the Greater Good, they advance without fear or uncertainty, claiming world after world. Initially unchallenged, they have begun to grind to a halt as the Imperial forces have finally thrown their full might into counter offensives. During key battles across their front, they took colossal casualties as the Imperium finally bared its fangs, with forces of super-heavy tanks and titans turning the tide, and the arrival of Space Marines tearing them apart.

Their battle tactics rely on massed lines of infantry and artillery, shelling the enemy until they break. Once that weak link makes itself known, they suddenly press there, attacking in force and focusing fire, punching a sizeable hole in the enemy lines and pouring in. Relying primarily on infantry and armour, they have a small number of Kroot mercenaries to provide close quarters support, with small contingents of Vespid Stingwings for additional aide, but these are few and far between. Coming from a forest world, they have their preferred terrain for fighting, adept at fighting through dense woodland. This is offset by the fact they lack practical experience in fighting in urban environments. Initially successful against the meagre Imperial forces sent against them, Imperial tacticians have begun to rapidly adapt to their battle strategy, and the TSF are finding it is no longer a viable strategy, as the Imperials are out manoeuvring and destroying them. Additionally, the recent Space Marine reinforcements have proved impossible to pin down in such an easy manner, and have constantly beaten them, usually in close quarters assaults.

Notable Characters

  • Commander Fireblood: Their current commander, and the commander of the Tau campaign, is Commander Fireblood. A highly experienced officer of many years, he's lead several previous campaigns of smaller scale, and is now commanding a massive, multi-front effort to expand the Tau Empire. A skilled commander, and a cagey tactician, he leads his forces with a strength of conviction, and a faith in the Greater Good that few can match. He's utterly loyal to to their Ethereal in charge of overseeing the campaign.

Aggressive Annexation ContingentEdit

The thorn in the Imperium's side, the Aggressive Annexation Contingent has become one of the most notable tau forces in the theatre. Smaller that the Threat Suppression Force, they have proven much more challenging opponents. When the TSF's advance slowed to a crawl, the AAC pulled into a flanking manoeuvre, penetrating deep into Imperium space. Now considered a larger threat than the TSF, the AAC has become a high priority, but is stubbornly holding onto their foothold, and is in fact gaining ground, threatening to encircle a large Imperial force. The AAC is mostly recruited from the second phase world of Jursa'l, a world of sprawling urban structures and warrens. Their adherence to the Greater Good isn't as strong as many, but their ruthlessness in combat has made them a worthy part of the expansion.

Fast and fluid, the AAC favours probing strikes with Pathfinder teams and Piranhas, and once a weakness has been found, they strike for the kill, storming the enemy with battlesuits and aircraft. They are also reliant on a force of Morralian Deathsworn, who have been used to great effect in urban combat, useful as shock troops and terror weapons for frightening the enemy out of position, and tearing apart anybody foolish enough to stay. These are reinforced by Kroot, Vespid and Tarellians. Experts in urban fighting, the AAC has thought itself invincible. However, the might of the Adeptus Astartes and Adeptus Sororitas has turned to them, and inflicted heavy casualties, but the AAC has learned, and adapted, and now come back in force.

Shas'el - Fire Caste Noble

Alhosive - Reclusive

Forward Entrenchment DivisionEdit

With every new world taken, come the Forward Entrenchment Division. A large force, split into multiple units, they have followed in the aftermath of combat to secure, and entrench taken worlds. Their assigned Earth Caste engineers have established fortresses, bunkers, defence networks, and cities in their aftermath, and their combat engineers have further augmented this with mines, bunkers, and other defences. Following this, they have acted as garrison forces, keep these worlds secure, from unrest and from attack.

Experts in defending their territory, they employ Kauyon tactics. In their defensive strategies, this revolves around creating intentional weak points in the defences, which lead to stronger rear defences. Enemies are then funnelled into killboxes, and traps, being destroyed piecemeal. They prefer to pound the enemy at range, focusing their heavy cannons before committing to any close-in assaults. As a result, much of their forces are focused on range fire, with gun lines of Strike Teams supported by Broadside Battlesuits, and Hammerhead Gunships, along with Stormsurge Battlesuit. Pathfinders and stealth suits are almost unheard of, and Crisis Battlesuits are kept as mobile reserves along with squads in Devilfish APCs, to plug breaches, and back up where the line weakens.

They also employ a large Auxiliary force of Kroot. These fighters were inavualble, being poured into breaches to fight back against the enemy climbing into their position. They are also used to quell unrest, being a fearful tool of enforcing the Greater Good amongst a resistant population.

The Forward Entrenchment Division a recruited from several second phase worlds, usually selected from urbanised worlds, that experience in urban environments translating well to their chosen strategies. They have a reputation for dogged defence, and this determination is only enforced by their strong beliefs in the Greater Good.

preferred enemy IG

Shas'O - Fire Caste Commander

Or - Ambitious

Insurgency Combat UnitEdit

counter insurgency

2nd Sphere of Expansion


Kauyon, the Patient Hunter – Lure your enemy into a trap and surprise them

Hybrid with stationary units supporting mobile ones


Normal presence/adherence to Greater Good

Normal deployment of auxiliary

Majority of auxiliary are Vespid

Shas'el - Fire Caste Noble

Doran - Stoic

Clandestine Actions DeploymentEdit

spec ops conversion

2nd Sphere of Expansion


Mont’ka, the Killing Blow – Study the enemy before attacking its weak point

Mobile units for rapid strikes and creating confusion

Adaptive/Changes according to commanders whim Lower than normal presence/adherence to Greater Good

Smaller than average auxiliary

Majority of auxiliary are Hrenian Light Infantry

Shas'el - Fire Caste Noble

Gal - Inquisitive

Crisis Garrison TeamEdit

The Crisis Garrison Team have followed behind the front line, coming to worlds captured for the Greater Good and setting up garrisons, in preparation for the eventual arrival of colonists. Equipped primarily as a garrison force, they largely focus on infantry, light transports and defensive emplacements. They have a supreme focus on fire cadres, Devilfish APCs and drones. Mostly drawn from Third Sphere worlds, they came here with little expectation to fight. They have a large number of Earth Caste, to create fields and build cities, and Water Caste to organise infrastructure and bring the local humans into the Greater Good. They initially had successes converting the local populace, however, the CGT was ill-prepared for the level and scope of insurgency encountered, being stretched thin. While their belief in the Greater Good is strong, their morale has begun to wane, as casualties mount, and insurgency spreads, with no means to contain it.

As an occupation force, they have little need for heavy armour, or battlesuits. They are mostly there to stamp out small insurgencies, leading to their reliance on drones and aerial units, with mounted infantry equipped for rapid reaction. Modelling themselves on the Kauyon style, they wait until the most opportune moment to strike, and deliver a killing blow. The recent surge in rebel attacks, by humans still loyal to the Imperium has forced them to rely on Kroot mercenaries, who have been unleashed into urban centres to hunt rebels, brutally killing them. However, this hasn't been enough. They've also now been exposed to the Imperium counter attack, as frontline units are breached, allowing the Imperium to at last bring the war back to their lost worlds, stretching the CGT to breaking point.

Shas'O - Fire Caste Commander

Va'yan - Proud

Yrshkot Hunter ClanEdit

Serytian PrivateersEdit

Deep Reconnaissance UnitEdit

Forward scouts

Sept Founding: 3rd

Predominant Terrain: swamp

Philosophy of Commander: Mont'la - the killing blow

Preferred Tactics: hybrid with stationary weapons

Primary Role: conquest

Adherence to the greater good: normal

cadre auxiliaries: smaller than average

Aux type: human

preferred enemy:

Cadre Leader: fire caste noble

leader personality: inquistive

Corrective Combat DeploymentEdit

Penal unit, rogues

Sept Founding: outpost colony

Predominant Terrain: forest

Philosophy of Commander: patient hunter

Preferred Tactics: mobile units for rapid strikes

Primary Role: cojnquest

Adherence to the greater good: low/none

cadre auxiliaries: small number of aux

Aux type: mixed

preferred enemy:

Cadre Leader: disgraced noble

leader personality: ambitious

Asymmetric Siegecraft OperationsEdit

Sept Founding: 3rd sphere

Predominant Terrain: urban

Philosophy of Commander: killing blow

Preferred Tactics: static units for shelling

Primary Role:

Adherence to the greater good: questioning greater good

cadre auxiliaries: large

Aux type: kroot

preferred enemy:

Cadre Leader: fire caste commander

leader personality: evaluative

Urban Pacification ForceEdit

Sept Founding: 2nd sphere

Predominant Terrain: urban

Philosophy of Commander: patient hunter

Preferred Tactics: mobile units

Primary Role:

Adherence to the greater good: normal

cadre auxiliaries: none

Aux type: n/a

preferred enemy:

Cadre Leader: fire caste commander

leader personality: hot blooded


Steel ReaversEdit

"We shall never tire!"
―Battle Cry

The once noble Steel Wardens chapter lead the retreat of the exiles into the Tenebrous Stars, a collection of dark red stars that bathed numerous worlds in their bale red light. The home of pirates and traitors, the Steel Wardens quickly established themselves as the dominant force there. Bringing several star systems to heel through coercion, force and alliances, the Steel Wardens began forming a force to take back their rightful home. However, the longer they stayed in the Tenebrous Stars, the more they began to twist, their purity eroded and collapsing, until they became the very thing they fought against for so many millennia.

When they returned, the burnished silver armour of the Steel Wardens was now covered in dried blood, their noble visages twisted into that of monstrous beasts. They had become the Steel Reavers, slaves to the dark gods, and avatars of Chaos.

After their corruption, their structure changed surprisingly little. Despite a purge that removed the few remaining loyalists, their numbers have remained high, thanks to their recruitment from the denizens of the Tenebrous Stars. They still utilise the same tactic, of a slow and steady advance, utilising their superior stamina and endurance to simply wear the enemy down. However, they now utilise daemon engines on the field to provide vital fire support. While they have been slow to utilise them, they have began summoning daemons into battle, as well as accepting their gifts in the form of possessed marines, forming small elite units of shock troops. They have also began establishing 'cadres', free of the usual chain of command who have devoted themselves wholly to a single Chaos god, and become consumed by their dark gifts. The results are units of Khorne berserkers, Nurgle plague marines, covens of Tzeentch wizards, or Slaneesh pleasure cults. Answering only to Warlord Raan, these cults support battles, acting as linebreakers or auxiliaries.

The Steel Reavers are more or less the leaders of this campaign, directing the forces of Chaos, and spearheading their major battles. They are pressing closer, and closer, to Parnea and Plainsfier, preparing for their master plan.

  • Notable Members
    • Warlord Garran Raan: Master of the Steel Reavers, and Warlord of the Tenebrous Stars, he has united the denizens of these darkened stars through conquest, diplomacy, and bribery, creating a 'Dark Crusade'. Where Raan was once a stoic and noble Astartes, but jealously and spite have turned him into man that resembles none of those noble qualities. While he still has all his tactical acumen, he is spiteful, and scheming, aiming to crush those who had wrong him, and slay Aurak for his perceived crimes. Raan has substantial cybernetics, and carries a might Power Spear as his weapon, teaming it with a storm bolter.
    • Captain Hugos Fausek: Second only to Raan, Fausek was always bloody minded, treating battles of attrition as a grim game of calculus, perceiving his men, and the enemy, as simple numbers. While his command is loathed, his ability is undeniable. He was also the first to embrace the use of Cadres and demon engines in battle.
    • Veteran-Brother Ural Tero: Once an exemplar of the legendary stoicism and endurance of the Chapter, his physical abilities have been suffused by the power of the Dark Gods, granting him mutations in the form of a massive, barbed claw, and mighty horns. He is treated as an example, for the future of their Chapter.

Warp PredatorsEdit

"Fall before the Great Hunt!"
―Battle Cry

Once the Venators, the Warp Predators fell to their predatory nature in the Tenebrous Stars, having great hunts of the enemy, where thousands of skulls were collected in a day. This brought them to the attention of Khorne, who began to bestow his gifts upon them. They began to grow stronger, their lust for blood growing.

Unlike most Khornate warbands, they are not thoughtless berserkers, without heed for their own safety or tactics. Instead they are patient ambush predators, skilfully closing on their enemy without detection, then launching a savage, close quarters assault. They collect the skulls of their foes, and other grisly trophies. They are feared for their savage hit and run strikes. While they lack heavy armour, or ranged support, they make up for it with a mixture of stealth and strength that is difficult for most to beat.

The Warp Hunters gave lead mgihty hunts, turning jungles, cities, and hives into their own personal hunting grounds, and butchering any who attempt to stop them.

The Warp Predators are arranged into hunting cadres, rather than Chapters, each being highly individualistic. Their colouration is as a rust-brown colour.

  • Notable Members
    • Chieftain Mazaark: Commander of the Chapter through the first Tyrest War, he is a true predator, revelling in the hunt. a keen hunter, and bold leader, he has arranged great hunts in the Tenebrous Stars, and now encourages the gathering of skulls in the Tyrest Sector.
    • War Leader Euvam: A captain in the Warp Predators, he is cutting ever deeper into Imperial lines. Euvam leads by example, guiding his men to a higher level of butchery, collecting scalps and skulls of the fallen.
    • Hunt Master Shynkor: A special rank, his place is as hunt master for the Warp Predators, directing the hunts of his brother,s tallying their victories, and arranging for display of their trophies. While once their trophies were the bodies of beasts, and the skulls of traitors, it now includes mounted trophies of Guardsmen, Astartes, and other Imperial Forces. He also oversees controlled hunts, where they gather and release captives for their own amusement.

The Eternal MenaceEdit

"He is returned! Now deliver your souls!"
―Battle Cry

A force of Chaos followers that ravaged the westward reaches of the Tyrest sector several centuries ago, they were initially fought by a combined force of Steel Wardens and Blood Dragons. Their leader, a massive Daemon Prince called Ury'kor, lead a great slaughter in the name of their dark gods. This was put to a stop when Ury'kor's true name was spoken by Raan, told in confidence by the dying Chief Librarian of the Blood Dragons. Weakened by this, Ury'kor was struck down Ajax Aurak.

Brought back to the material universe at Raan's behest, at the head of an army, Ury'kor leads warriors of the Word Bearers in depraved acts, intent on pleasing their gods. While the alliance between Raan and Ury'kor is uneasy, Ury'kor is a necessary component of Raan's forces, bringing expertise on Chaos rituals and daemonacy.

Ury'Kor's main goal is to expand the reach of the Tenebrous Stars, using foul soceries, and tens of thousands of sacrifices to dye the stars themselves red, spreading the madness that comes with those Stars.

  • Notable Members
    • Ury'Kor, the Returned: A Demon Prince of the Word Bearers, he leads the Eternal Menace. As a man, he was once a captain within the legion, but his acts of bloodshed and depravity pleased the Dark Gods so, and elevated him to a daemonhood. While defeated by Raan once before, he has been returned by his hand. Because Raan knows his true name, Ury'Kor is beholden to him, and resents this relationship.
    • Dark Apostle Ioluq: For millennia, he has been the faithful right hand of Ury'Kor, from the Great Crusade, to the Second Tyrest War. An adherent to the ways of Chaos, and an expert in daemonology, he has brought many horrors upon this universe. He has a strange, child like adoration for daemons, and grows giddy upon seeing them in battle.
    • Hurok Lithal, Chosen of Chaos: A champion of Ury'Kor's warband, Lithal has killed hundreds, if not thousands, with no more than his daemon sword. He grows ever stronger, becoming fused with his sword, and becoming more monstrous with every kill.

The Long NightEdit

"You shall remember us!"
―Battle Cry

The Long Night are the results of an aborted attempt to bring the Tenebrous Stars to order. A force of three Space Marine Chapters were risen then dispatched to purge the stars of their Chaos taint. The effort was an unmitigated disaster, with all three chapters entering the stars and dropping out of contact. They returned, the three Chapters forming one warband. They did not turn their wrath on the Tyrest Sector, and instead disappeared further afield, with appearances across dozens of sectors. The flames of war have drawn them back to their place of birth, and follow Raan in his quest to conquer the sector.

The Long Night have formed a single coherent fighting force from three Chapters, with no visible difference in blood origin, equipment, or tactics. The Long Night have a myriad of equipment, including relics and powerful armaments, but do not rely as much as on demons or Chaos powers. Their real power comes from their large fleet, with the Space Hulk, the Absolute Grave, at it's head. The Chapter, despite their differing organisations, fight as one now, and engage with an implacable fury of somebody abandoned and forgotten. They overcome defences in a wave of zealous rage, straining against their own fate.

They wear black armour, with their chapter symbols defaced and replaced with a white cross.

  • Notable Members
    • Chaos Lord Vitar Kranik: Once Chapter Master of the Red Sentinels, when the Tenebrous Crusade failed, he rallied the survivors as their commander, and in their fall to Chaos, he assumed absolute command. Their fall to Chaos was absolute, and he did not even try to halt it. Now he leads the Long Night as their fearsome commander, directing them on a crusade of vengeance against the Imperium that wronged them, and abandoned them. He is a bloody-minded officer, directing his attacks against military and civilian targets alike, with the same fervour.
    • Sorcerer Ji-Asu: Once a Librarian of the Honoured Sons Chapter, he gave himself fully to Chaos, and emerged as an extremely powerful sorcerer. Capable of calling on the warp with frightening ease, he has guided them on the path, including the call to return to the Tyrest Sector once again, so they might join the Dark Crusade. He is extremely cagey, and will often only speak with Kranik.
    • Guril Vhakan: Once a noble brother of the 1st Company of the Orion Marauders, he became a figured head of the abandoned Astartes. When they began to falter, and the fall to Chaos began, Vhakan was wounded, and interred in a Dreadnought. Consumed by hatred, rage, and a irrepresable lust to kill, he awakened in his Sarcophagus, and immediately went on a rampage, which has never really ended. His has fused with his Dreadnought, bursting forth from it as the remnants of a corpse, screaming and leering as he strains to escape. Vhakan is now thrown into the midst of combat, and allowed to drown his anger in blood.

Blood of The BeastEdit

"Those who play with Chaos's toys will be brought by degrees to wield it's sword"
―Ancient proverb

The Blood of the Beast were once an Astartes Chapter of noble bearing, called the Scions of Blood. Counting themselves amongst the sons of Sanguinius, they appeared outwardly as a noble, and brave Chapter, though inwardly they kept their Curse in check with an unusual ritual. Once victory was won, the Scions would devour their fallen enemies. It helped to keep the Curse in check, and had practical benefits, with the Omophagea implant allowing them to decode enemy memories from their flesh. However, it became occultised within the Chapter, and was seen as a means of gaining the victims strength and knowledge.

For much of their history, they had little cause for concern, until the fateful battle of Aurigae IV. The Chapter deployed en-masse to defeat the a Chaos cult, and close the Warp Gates they used to summon daemons. However, before any senior members of the Chapter could halt it, many Battle Brothers imbibed blood and flesh from their fallen enemies, consuming Cultists, Possessed, and Daemon flesh alike. While considered dangerous, it had no untoward effects, and in fact seemed to make Brothers stronger, and faster, and felt no ill effects. Their loyalty didn't waver, and the Sanguinary Priests and the Chaplaincy found no signs of corruption. However, Brothers began to show a greater predilection for violence, and above all sought out Chaos forces to battle. During the siege of the Chaos temple at Yuior, cultists summoned a Greater Daemon of Khorne, bringing about a great battle. During the fierce battle, all members of the Chapter swarmed it, tearing it apart and consuming its flesh. Their fate was sealed in that moment. The daemonic blood already in their veins was brought to full strength by the Greater Daemon's blood. Those who had consumed the Daemon turned first, their corrupted flesh transforming them into monstrous creatures, Those further afield began to feel the pull of Chaos, their Daemonic blade awakening. Some refused, instead ending their own lives before Chaos could take them, while others gave themselves wholly, partly changing.

When the dust cleared, every member of the Chapter, had either fallen to Chaos, or ended their own lives. In place of the Scions of Blood, was the Blood of the Beast. Those who had only partly transformed became monstrous, but still retained their minds, and could lead the Chapter in battle. Many of their veterans and officers survived and filled this role. They became the Hunt Masters. Their less fortunate brothers became ravening Beasts, beholden to the words of their brothers, but otherwise monsters without redemption. These beasts are still fully possessed of their thirst for blood, and are directed on a never ending crusade to feed. They've joined Raan's Dark Crusade, drawn by the scent of fresh blood.

The warband is divided into two main groups. There are the Huntmasters, those members of the Chapter still possessed of their mind and sanity. They possess numerous mutations, such as long claws, tails, and fang filled mouths. They were once officers, such as Captains, Chaplains, Apothecaries, Librarians, and Veterans. While They all have their own roles, they lead their hunt with fervour and bloodlust. Those brothers who fell to the curse became Beasts, little better than monsters. Gone are any human features, replaced by monstrous claws, legs of a beast, and wolf-like heads. Covered in patches of surviving armour, and long, matted fur.

  • Notable Members
    • Lord of the Hunt Orioz:
    • Huntmaster Veriol: former apothacary
    • Borosk, Thunder Beast: former dreadnought

Seekers of ApotheosisEdit

"You wish to see eternity? Fine, come with me and you shall see it."
―Scorcer Lord Inagas corrupts a Planetary Governor

The Seekers are a band the renegades who have sworn allegiance to Tzeentch, and constantly seek to bring about his myriad of plans. Much of the Seekers history is lost to the Imperium, or has been purposefully destroyed, leaving their origins a mystery. What is known, is that they possess powerful sorceries, and an extended intelligence network. They have a small core of Traitor Astartes, but surround them selves with cultists, agents, and Tzaangors.

They are mostly established on the Tenebrous world of Ashan, but maintain links to cults across the sector, nurturing them in time for their arrival.

The Seekers are clad in dark blue armour, and wield a variety of weapons, from the contemporary, to the eldritch.

While allied under Raan's banner, they are only temporary allies, and ultimately fickle allies on the field, joining and leaving the fight as they pleased

  • Notable Members
    • Sorcerer Lord Inagas: Inagas is the leader of the Seekers, and an extremely powerful warp user. He has been blessed greatly by Tzeentch, sporting an bevy of feathers, and extra limbs. Like his patron, he creates many schemes, muddying the waters of galactic politics, so as to empower himself. Despite not being an Astartes, he still commands them.
    • Rogue Psyker Varion Marr: Rescued from the dungeons of a Imperial fortress, after he immolated a crowd, Marr has been inducted into the Seekers without question, where he casts powerful sorceries on the battlefield, shooting lightning, and multi-hued flames.
    • Cultist Golga Ereban: Spy master of the Seekers, Ereban follows his orders without question, and in turn commands without hesitation. He is the one responsible for seeding rebellions far beyond the Tenebrous Stars.


"All shall be broken before us"
―Battle Cry

A massive conglomeration of renegade marines, traitor guard, and other filth, the Banner of the Broken Sword represents an encroaching threat. The Banner fight with a mixture of zeal and professionalism, with focus that is uncommon amongst most traitors, leading experts in the Inquisition to believe they may be lead by representatives from the Alpha Legion. They subvert a planet's population, invade, strip it of resources and recruits, then leave, becoming an ever growing locust swarm. Their path is spiralling closer to the home world of the Knights of Retribution, resulting in concern for the chapter.

Unbeknownst to them, the leader of the Banner is a member of the Fallen, Karve Melior, who has directed them as their shadow-master, in hopes of crushing the scions of the Lion. The Banner use pitch black armour, with bone white helmet, and their icon is a red sword being shattered

  • Notable Members
    • Fallen Angel Karve Melior: The shadow master of the Banner, Karve commands from behind a front. He carries many of the trapping he once did as a Battle Brother, and is monastic in his behaviour. However, he does not pray to the Emperor, or to the Chaos gods, and instead looks inward, for a strength to crush his enemies. He hates all scions of the Lion, his wounds over Caliban still feel fresh
    • Chaos Lord Shurat Halidan: Chaos Lord Halidan, on the surface, looks to be a powerful leader. He's a fierce orator, a powerful leader, and a keen tactician, and has all the hatred one would expect of a renegade. Instead, he is a simple figurehead. Sure enough, Halidan is a strong fighter in his own right, but many of his actions are controlled by a remote psyker link, allowing Melior to ensure his command is always followed.
    • Colonel Gethan Collan: Collan was once the commander of PDF forces on Rethan IV, and served with little distinction. Being a peaceful world, the PDF forces were almost unneeded. Collan felt under utilised, and grew bored with his service. Melior seized upon this, and helped Collan to rebel. While ultimately, their glorious rebellion ended in failure, Melior was impressed enough with the officer that he brought him to the Banner, where Collan is afforded all the battles possible, and never goes bored.

Black AngelsEdit

Not long ago, the Black Angels cut a bloody swath through the Imperial worlds located along the galaxy's eastern fringe, subjugating system after system with startling efficiency under the ambitious leadership of Vorgath the Ruthless. However, their reign of terror in the region was thought to have been ended in 505.M41, when the Second, Third, and Fifth Companies of the Avenging Fists Chapter slew Vorgath and inflicted seemingly unrecoverable losses upon the Black Angels on the world of Alnor. The badly beaten warband withdrew their surviving forces from the planet and made a hasty retreat through the Warp, all but disappearing from Imperial space for several centuries.

However, the Black Angels abruptly resurfaced in 947.M41 after abducting the entire human populations of several feral worlds. Investigations conducted by the Ordo Hereticus indicated that the Black Angels had found a new leader, in the form of a Daemon Prince long suspected of stalking the worlds of that region, known in the legends circulated on the local feral worlds as "The Horror that lurks beyond the sky". The reasoning for their abductions was assumed to be to gather "recruits" for involuntary conversion into Chaos Space Marines to help bolster their depleted ranks.

  • Notable Members

Lords of RotEdit

Formerly the Apothecarion for the Imperial Uhlans chapter, they were stolen from their ships during a prolonged journey through the Warp. Missing for several decades, they eventually reappeared in 763.M38, twisted by the Warp into servants of Nurgle, the Plague Lord. Led by Marcus Blasius, the former Chief Apothecary, they have pillaged numerous worlds and outposts in the name of disease and rot. Recently, they have set their sights on several worlds in the Tyrest sector, and have dispatched a large force, led by Blasius himself, to spread all manner of pox and disease to the inhabitants of the region.

The Blood Reavers

Unlike the other Chaos forces that joined the war to fight in the names of dark gods or savage masters The Blood Reavers, under the command of their Chaos Lord Taron Rex, joined the war for the promise of plunder and profit. A highly skilled and well armed warband operating from their fearsome battle barge Storm of Fury The Blood Reavers have proved to be a great addition to the cause of Chaos.

As befits their Lord's megalomania Taron demanded a place in the war council of the Chaos forces, which he received. Though highly paranoid Taron is still a very capable strategist and a supremely competent warrior. Under his command the Blood Reavers have cut a deep wound in the Loyalist side and continue to bleed them as the war carries on. Some within the Chaos side whisper that Taron is focusing much of his attention on the Blood Dragon's home of Plansifer, and perhaps that he is seeking something there.

  • Notable Members

Coven of HateEdit

"We have broken free of the shackles imposed upon us. We are free to engage in every delight the galaxy has to offer us."
―Canoness Synchalla

Once a prideful order of the Adepta Sororitas, they followed Raan into exile. Initially determined to purge the Tenebrous Stars of Chaos' pernicious taint, they began to succumb to its corruption, distancing themselves from the Emperor's light, then wholly turning their back on him. Initially hesitant, Raan whispered in the ear of Canoness Commander Raetal Synchalla, telling her to overthrow the leader of her Order, and claim it for herself. Leading a bloody coup that purged those loyal to the Emperor, Synchalla became Canoness of the whole order, and reshaped it in her image, in the image of Chaos.

The Coven of Hate is barely recognisable from the Order of the Shining Sword. Twisted and hateful because of their exile, they channel this into a barbarous fighting style, falling on their enemies in a orgy of hate and bloodshed. Their order hasn't changed much of their structure, except for two areas. The first is their Repentia squads are no longer a place for Sisters who have failed the Order, and the Emperor, but is instead a place for Sisters still loyal to the Emperor. They are made to undergo brutal surgery, closer to butchery, that at the flip of a switch turns them into brutal berserkers. Using this, they have slowly been opened to the influence of Khorne. The second change is a new unit, called the 'Uplifted', who are Sisters of the Coven possessed by daemons, becoming bestial warriors. On top of that, psykers have begun to emerge among the Sisters, resulting in numerous witches.

Instead of their once proud iconography, they now wear burnished brass armour, with purple cloth, all of which are covered in runes of Chaos.

  • Notable Members
    • Canoness Raetal Synchalla: Once the second in command of her order, Synchalla fell to the temptations of Chaos, and took her order by force. Where before she was dedicated and ambitious, now she is a hedonistic marauder, engaging in delights offered by every Chaos god. Synchalla has lost some of her focus, but this has been replaced by a cold cunning.
    • Witch-Sister Evary Issin: Witch-Sister Issin has accepted the gifts of the warp, manifesting them in the form of psyker powers. Now joining a Coven of witches, she is sharpening her new found powers as a weapon. She utilises these powers without care for friend or foe, cackling as she sends warp-death to anybody in her path.
    • Blood Sister Tia Weryn: Not all Sisters in the Order fell to the temptations of Chaos. Sister Weryn remained strong in her devotion to the Emperor, refusing to give in to the horrors that surrounded her, and continued to battle in his name alone. When Synchalla lead her coup, Weryn was captured by traitors. Far to valuable to simple do away with, Synchalla gave the captives a 'mercy'. They would pay for disobeying her. Any surviving officers were hauled off to face indescribable horrors, but Weryn faced her own hell. Stripped of her armour and weapons, the Hospitallers of her Order began to perform barbarous surgery on her, taken from a grimoire on gladiators. It drove spikes into her brain, that on a switch, would drive them into a maddened frenzy. Surgery complete, she was inducted in a Blood Sister coven, their equal to Repentia squads. Now, during every battle, Weryn is thrown into a berserker rage, and is unable to discern friend from foe in the heat of battle. She still prays to the Emperor in the quiet moments afforded to her, but can feel her faith and sanity slipping. All she prays for now is a quick death.

Fury AccordsEdit

"You hear it, don't you? The Whisper. It's the Cardinal. He's telling me I need to start killing..."
―Eccelsiarchy Priest, right before the incident on the Pilgrim Fleet

The Fury Accords are the remnants of an Ecclesiarchy pilgrimage, travelling to a distant shrine world. The ships of the fleet contained hundreds of thousands of pilgrims, missionaries, priests, Confessors, and even a Cardinal, alongside their Adeptus Sororitas guards. During the pilgrim fleet's transit through the warp, the Gellar field of the flagship flickered, only for a moment.

It was during this brief moment that the demon Arshush Bloodborne possessed Cardinal Yarris, leader of the Pilgrimage. In that moment, his soul was utterly consumed, and Arshush took his form, his memories, and his personality. Nobody knew different, and he seamlessly integrated. During the journey, he began to slowly worm into the psyche of his followers, with a convincing lie here, a dark whisper there, and a calculated action. Exerting his influence, he arranged for his most devoted to modify the Gellar fields across the entire fleet. Rather than opening the ships to the predation of warp creatures, he fiercly guarded his new flock as his own, and instead used the Gellar fields to amplify his own power, spreading his influence across the entire fleet. On a word, carried on a whisper at the back of their mind, the entire fleet erupted into an orgy of violence. Nearly half of all those in attendance turned into blood thirsty maniacs, brutally murdering their fellows with their bare hands, engaging in self mutilation, and embracing the bloodshed and mania. While many aboard resisted the violent urges, they were caught by complete surprise, resulted in an almost immediate victory for Arshush. However, Arshush wasn't pleased by simple carnage. Now in full control of tens of thousands of blood thirsty followers, he ordered them to capture any survivors, and imprison them for his own uses.

The high ranking priests amongst the survivors were kept as sacrifices, allowing him to bring his true form into realspace with every brutal death. Some of the pilgrims, who refused to break, were kept as bounty, and when the fleet escaped to the Tenebrous Stars, they were traded for weapons, worlds, and allegiance. Others were less fortunate, Being steadily broken down in the holds of the ship, their bodies being broken down over the span of weeks to create powerful stimulants to heighten the strength and aggression of the faithful on battle. Those Sisters of Battle, whose faith held firm, and the Navigators of the fleet, loyal or otherwise, suffered perhaps the darkest fate. They would serve Arshush for all eternity, by being incorporated into a device called the Defiled Sovereignty. They were combined into this fell throne, mind body and soul, and imprisoned within the confines of the machine. This device allows him to whisper into the ears of his followers far and wide. The Throne itself is a ghastly creation, with the screaming forms of the tortured sisters held within pushing against the skin pulled taunt along its exterior.

Now renamed the Fury Accord, Arshush Bloodborne still leads his massive army of faithful, whispering in each of their ears, and urging them to violence. He has a large fleet, though most are refitted transport ships, and a sizeable army that grows with each world conquered. With each new adherent, Arshush grows stronger. Now, he has thrown in lot in with Raan, and his Dark Crusade, on the promise that he keeps what he conquers.

His faithful are divided into four circles. The first circle is the Circle of Malice. This is where the faithful serve their master. All are slaves before the Bloodborne, but the Circle of Malice are the lowest. Whether they slave in the factories, or in his armies, they live, and die, for his entertainment.

Circle of Hate are the initiated. These are the zealous adherents who have proven themselves in his name. They are afforded better arms, equipment, and vehicles. They serve as his true army, after the Circle of Malice have soaked up the fire.

His elite is the Circle of Wrath. Once Sisters of Battle, they now follow his command without question, butchering themselves and others for his pleasure. Their weapons, armour, and flesh have long since been corrupted, and form his most elite forces, taking his will directly to the field. Some have been given over to demons, forming horrific abominations of corrupted flesh that act as mindless hounds for Arshush.

Lastly, is his Circle of Pain. These are the most powerful, forming his inner circle. Powerful sorcerers, and malefic leaders, their number also include a number of lesser demons beholden to his will.

While they have little in terms of matching uniforms, most wear red with the shattered star as their icon, and their tell tale appearance of self mutilation allows them to differentiate from other Chaos warbands.

  • Notable Members
    • Arshush Bloodborne: Arshush is an ancient demon, that thrives on worship and cultism. He has long fostered many cults over the millennia, honing his perfect model for a cult. At the moment, he possesses the body of Cardinal Yarris, but very little of Yarris still exists. His soul has long since been consumed, and his skin is stretched thin against the monster growing beneath, his horns and claws already bursting from his form. He is a calculating beast, able to whisper into the minds of those linked to him, urging them onto greater acts of depravity in his name
    • Wrath Champion Seryn: Once, Sister Selia Rynor was a proud and noble Sister of Battle, dedicated to her sisters, her charges, and the Emperor. But when she first heard the whisper in her mind, she thought she finally communed with her Emperor. The whispers wormed their way into her psyche, they told her how to act, and how to think, and when the trigger came, she leapt into action. She started by taking her knife to her own face, creating a menacing leer from ear to ear, then she turned the knife on her sisters, butchering them in a malestorm of violence. The deed done, she prostrated herself at the feet of the Cardinal, fully devoted to his creed. She abandoned her name, and took the name of Seryn. Since then, she has proven herself worth of the rank of Champion, leading her fellow warriors into battle, butchering all who stand before her with a enthusiasm and cruelty that would bring madness to any sane man,
    • Shaemar Deen: Shaemar Deen was once a priest, amongst the most zealous. He stirred crowds of the faithful with his words, and broguht many back to the Emperor's light. However, his faith blinded him to the whispers, and he thought they were the words of his god. When the bloodshed started, Deen mutilated several of his fellow breachers, then tore out his own eyes, offering them to his Cardinal. His devotion has been rewarded, being inducted into the inner circle, where he loyally follows the Cardinal, and brings new devotees to his side with his fierce words.

Conclave of FleshEdit

"I agree to your terms, Warlord. We fight for you, you provide us flesh to grow."
―Lord Visagan

Even amongst the horrific creatures of the Tenebrous Stars, there are those who are reviled. The Conclave of Flesh are perhaps the sickest creatures to inhabit these stars, predating upon any who cross their path. The Conclave is lead by Flesh Sorcerers, Biomancers who control flesh with thought. Devoted to Chaos Undivided, they actively seek to increase their ever-growing Conclave with new flesh, twisting it to their needs. What interests them most is incorporating the flesh of the Imperium's strongest, and most faithful, and twisting it to their ends.

The Conclave is lead by the Biomancer Lords, each capable of reshaping flesh in themselves, their followers, or their enemies, on a whim. Their powers result in a form that is constantly being shifted to appease their needs, sprouting new appendages, growing weapons, snapping jaws, and other monstrous features. They command and unending tide of flesh, each brutally twisted to their needs. Their most trusted servants are the Changed, flesh-knights who serve their masters willingly, in exchange for a great many gifts. They are gifted with new limbs, increased strength, altered features, and a ferociousness that does not come from nature. They are clad in organic armour, crafted from ossified bone, and equipped with drug injectors that fuel and power them for battle.

The majority of the Conclave is made up of the Fleshed. The Fleshed are little better that thralls, beholden to the rule of their masters. For this, they receive alterations, gifting them strength and augmentations for their appointed task. They are given strength for use as labourers, or tough bodies for working in the void, and such alternations. They also have an implant in their brain, a small flesh bud, that ensures servitude. Some are less fortunate, just being turned into mindless automatons, set to savage enemies on command. Beneath even them are the Flesh Mongrels. Any vestiges of humanity have long since been lost, being turned into ferocious beasts for sport, and for hunting. Along side these beasts are the Chimera, horrifying collusions of flesh from different races, creating a repugnant creature. Their torso bears all the hall marks of once being a man, and their head bears a passing resemblance to that of a man, but that is where it ends. From their waist down is a long, trailing body, oozing slime, and many mismatched limbs, allowing them to move with some surprising speed. Their arms are long, sinuous tendrils, possessing a strength that belies their appearance. They use all of their body as a weapon, moving with a fearsome, squelching speed, and crush their enemy, or vomit their acidic ichor onto them.

One of the more disturbing weapons employed by the Conclave are the Bone Wraiths. Far larger than a man, and coated in a flesh-grown layer of bone armour, the Bone Wraiths have a frightening visage, with a snarling skull where once they had human features, and clawed hands, jutting spins, and monstrous appetites. Pausing only to feast on the dead, the Bone Wraiths are unstoppable juggernauts. Many bear modifications in the form of additional limbs, venomous claws, grasping tendrils, and enhanced body chemistry. The Most frightening aspect of their existence, is they may once have been Space Marines. Their battlefield tactics, and physiology, show clear sign of Astartes origins, and may be survivors of the ill-fated Belior Expedition. Beyond these are the Pain Golems. Resembling Imperial Knights in size and stature, they contain the still living bodies of dozens of victims, all reshaped and bound together in a mound of screaming flesh, with baroque armour bolted directly into the flesh and bone, and weapons grafted into the flesh. Each victim still possesses their own conciousness, and each conciousness is stitched together in a maddening cacophony of pain and madness. Where one might expect a head or face, is the 'figurehead', the tortured core of the Pain Golem. This figurehead is a victim, visible from the beast's flesh from the waist up. The only recognisably human part visible, the victim functions as a conduit and an interface for the biomancer that commands it. A Biomancer lord will graft himself into this beast, taking control of the creature and commanding it as he does his own body, all the while the quivering flesh screams in agony.

The Biomancers cannot solely rely upon fresh influxes of slaves to bolster their numbers, so they also employ means of artificially increasing their numbers. Any female humans unfortunate enough to end their victims, and incorporated into a flesh construct called the wailing womb. Imprisoned in the very flesh of their ships, they become part of it, and live the rest of their life incubating fresh horrors for the Conclave.

The Conclave travel in the space hulk, the Defiled Angel. While much of the ship's external parts are fused ships, and captured asteroids, the interior is a maze of pulsating organs, grown tissue, and horrifying sights. It is attended to by a fleet of ships that act no differently, with almost normal exteriors, and hallways of stretched flesh. These ships are operated by poor ghouls, surgically integrated into the ship systems to serve as living components, imprisoned for eternity as parts of the ship.

The Conclave has been promised much to fight for Raan. Their gift was the location of the homeworld of the Scourers Astartes chapter, where they will reap so much flesh that their strength will be unchallenged.

  • Notable Members
    • Lord Visagan: Leader of the Conclave, Lord Visagan is a horrifying creature to see. His arms and legs are unnaturally long, his hunched back studded with bones, tentacles flowing freely from his body, bursting free, and his gaunt figure augmented by a fleshy maw of teeth in his chest. Truly a horror, he leads the Conclave in their quest to grow closer to Chaotic perfection. Any speck of humanity has long since left him, and he looks to all beneath him as simple meat, his to do with as he pleased.
    • Sunder: Among the Bone Wraiths, some stand out. Sunder is amongst those. Sunder is a giant, hulking figure, clad in a shifting, living armour of bone. Beneath his pitted skull mask, some features are visible. Sunder tears apart all in battle, brutally tearing apart any who stand against him, and gargling in impotent rage as he does. His power has been noticed, even by Lord Visagan. What is most frightening of all, is the fact that Sunder was once a noble Astartes, suspected to be a lost brother of the Blood Dragons.
    • The Wailing Throne: One of the largest, most grotesque of the Pain Golems, it is commanded by one of the higher ranking Biomancers, Lord Tuorok. A massive conglomeration of flesh, each unfortunate victim held within is still alive, and in constant torment. Tuorok is rather proud of his creation, only choosing the finest flesh. Many of the donors are formerly warriors of the Imperium, including Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Sisters of Battle. He also has a penchant for weaving the Eldar into it, giving it potent psyker powers, and making the beast ever more maddening for Eldar unfortunate enough to fight it. Rather than a single Figurehead, the monster has 3 Figureheads, bursting from the quivering flesh and screaming from their constant madness. The left Figurehead is Captain Eurus Heich, of the White Paladins astartes chapter, while the right Figurehead is Palatine Mena Colten, of the Order of the Weeping Idol. The centre Figurehead is Warlock Wynas Verais, of the Altana Craftworld. Her Psychic might taps into the pain of every victim inside the Pain Golem, amplifying its power, and allowing Lord Tuorok to launch frightening psyker attacks on those who challenge him.

Marrow DrinkersEdit

―Vox transmission during battle with the Marrow Drinkers

Sometimes, the Dark Gods work in unusual ways, seeking to create new disciples through seemingly random acts. It was the random act of a Warp Storm that knocked a transport ship into the planet of Zhufran, that signaled the downward spiral of this world into the hands of Khorne.

When the transport vessel crashed into the world of Zhufran, it created a nuclear winter, smothering the world with ash. The planet, a civilized world occupied by humans loyal to the Emperor, quickly fell into chaos. The storms prevented aid arriving, and the ash clouds mothering the world killed any plant life, destroying cattle alongside it. With food supplies rapidly declining, any semblance of order faded. The PDF quickly collapsed, and the planet was over taken by rival factions, each desperate to secure food supplies. One such group, lead by several officers of the PDF, refused to give into starvation, and when food supplies were exhausted, they turned to feeding on their fellows. First they consumed bodies, but after corpses began to run low, they turned to actively hunting and feeding on their fellows.

Five years later, when the ash clouds finally dispersed, and aid arrived, they found the ash covered cities to be empty, with no signs of life. After a brief exploration, they were set upon by the survivors, desperate for food. They fell upon the rescuers, consuming their flesh before they'd even died. In place of the citizens of the world, they now faced barely-human creatures, with paper white skin, and bloodied maws of sharp teeth. They still possessed all the cognizance they had before the disaster, but now had an unquenchable thirst for the flesh of their fellow man.

This warband, now calling themselves the Marrow Drinkers, took the supplies and ships, and set off into the stars, to satiate their hunger. Khorne looked upon these men-turned-beasts and favoured them with his gifts, making them ever more violent, powerful, and hungry. They butchered their way to the Tenebrous Stars, where they feasted on other Chaos warbands there.

They are lead by the Khornate Champion, Urax the Hunger. Once an officer of the Zhufran PDF, he has been blessed by Khorne, growing horns, claws, fangs, and mounds of muscle, but possesses all his intellect as a man. Khorne has likewise blessed him with a great hunger for flesh, that will never be sated. He leads an army of bersekers, driven mad by their hunger for men. They have a sickly instinct to discover those amongst their victims who could join their star-feast, allowing them to join the feast and become a member of the warband. Warlord Raan bought their loyalty with a meal of a thousand slaves, and now allows them to be first to the ground, so they might dine on new cultures.

  • Notable Members
    • Urax the Hunger: Urax was once an officer in the PDF of his homeworld, but the ever growing hunger took him to first corpse eating, and then to feasting on the living. He gave into the bloodshed, becoming a monster that hunted and devoured his fellow man. Khorne looked upon this and bestowed his blessings upon the man that would become Urax, giving him increased muscle mass, claws, fangs, and an unending hunger. Now he leads great hunts, and greater feasts
    • Skathard Bonerender: Once a simple soldier in his PDF, when the hunger came, he turned into a cunning survivor. When he ran out of las shots, he turned his lasgun into a club. When the lasgun broke, he turned the shoulder blade of his commanding officer into an axe. Now he still wields it, infused with the powers of Chaos into a ravening blade, as eager for blood as it's wielder.
    • Bloowmaw: Many of the Marrow Drinkers maintained some semblance of their mind, despite their brutal fall to Chaos, but not the monster known as Bloodmaw. Bloodmaw came to the Marrow Drinkers during the dark days, covered in blood and entrails, though we would speak to none of what he had done. Dark whispers suggest that in a moment of desperation, he ate his family, and forever gave himself to the Dark Powers. After that, he stopped thinking, and only became a growing hunger. His body warped and twisted, becoming massive, and covered in ribbons of muscle. His head atrophied, and split in half, with the seam reaching his navel, finally blossoming to reveal row upon row of razor sharp teeth. Thus Bloodmaw was born. Uncaring for friend or foe, Bloodmaw only cares for feeding himself, devouring prey in a bloody spectacle.

Void HoundsEdit



  • Notable Members

Gifts of YalbaothEdit

"Come now, you will not suffer long. It will only take two centuries to digest you."

Like many Chaos cults, Gifts of Yalbaoth started innocently enough. It started with the waning of one man's faith. Cardinal Iurnus commanded the faith of the world of Laustania. We was well respected, a pious man, and had the ear of the Governor. But, as an older man, his latent Psyker powers began to manifest unexpectedly. It took the form of telepathy, being able to hear the voices of those around him. He could hear what they thought, in their heart of hearts, and at first was delighted, believing the Emperor bestowed these upon him. However, the volume of voices heard, and the dark secrets he heard, began to drive him to madness. He begged for the Emperor to stop these voices, but heard nothing. His prays went unanswered, aside from the deafening cacophony of others. Growing desperate, he asked for help from anybody who would listened. This invited in darker powers. A voice answered "I can silence them, simply allow me into your heart.". The Cardinal accepted this gladly. So began to pact between him, and the daemon Quranas.

Under Quranas' tutelge, Iurnus honed his powers, learning to control them, then even how to exert them other others. The Daemon guided him into learning sorceries, and exerting his influence over his followers. He corrupted the priesthood, the Governor, the planetary PDF, all who would listen. Quranas told him he would only go so far as a leader, and he must create a figurehead, an object of belief. He chose a member of his faithful priesthood, Aldraman, turning him into a god for the masses. The process was horrifying, wherein Aldraman was fed the dead and the living, growing corpulent, then leaving behind all recognisable physical form and turning into a amorphous blob of hunger. Quranas showed him the final component Iurnus needed to make his living god complete. Quranas guided him to capturing Farseer Palionas Sov in battle, and feeding him to Aldraman. Aldraman did not consume him, and least all of him. Aldraman fused with him, the Farseer's soul long since gone, but all his power in the hands of Aldraman. Aldraman was reborn as the 'god', Yalbaoth, in turn a puppet of Iurnus, his self-appointed Pontiff, who was in turn a puppet of the daemon Quranas.

The Gifts of Yalbaoth now form a major Chaos cult, centred around their homeworld at the edge of the Tenebrous Stars. They were held to ransom by the power of the Dark Crusade, with the promise of join or cease to exist. They begrudgingly accepted the offer to join, and in return were trained by Astartes from the Steel Reavers, and armed to bring their frightening brand of darkness to the Imperium at large.

The cult is divided into multiple levels of faith, wherein they are given a station which they defend to the death.

Deacons form the Priesthood of this cult. Each Deacon has partaken of human flesh, and began to display mutations. Generally, the more corpulent the Deacon, the more he has eaten. Many begin to develop Psyker powers, especially towards pyrokinesis, and develop a deadly focus on these arts.

The Deacons have their own guards, the Deacon Sentinels. These are especially pious individuals that have been suffused by the dark power afforded to the Deacons. This creates a man far stronger and larger than any normal man. Carrying heavy armour, and elite weapons, they guard their charges fiercely.

Pontiff Iurunus keeps himself his own personal army, in the form of the Pontiff Guard. Each is a warrior loyal to him, infused with a portion of his own dark power. They have the appearance of tall, elegant, but utterly ghastly creatures, clad in soft robes, and patches of armour. Graceful on the battlefield, and possessing some dark powers, they are his enforcers. There is an elite unit within their ranks, The Pontiff Witches, each of whom has developed significant psyker powers in Pyrokinesis.

The last of their organised forces are the Scorned. The Scorned are their main forces, and are each armed and equipped for war, then told they may never return home, only spread the word of Yalbaoth. Each Scorned will never see their home world again, and march on, in their endless crusade to spread their perverse faith. The Scorned wear encompassing armour, which over time completely fuses with them, locking them inside the armour. Those that survive longer begin to change, the longer they survive, the less human they become. Their form changes to become more bestial, with long limbs, strange gaits, and crooked backs. Eventually, they leave behind all semblance of humanity, and become a beast.

When a Scorned has gone too far, or a follower has passed beyond the veil, they become Accursed, a beast with no thought save for serving their monstrous overlords. There are two, that come about. First are the Hounds. The Scorned, cursed by the Pontiff, degenerate into massive hounds. Bearing some semblance to wolves, they are covered in bristles, bones, and possess massive jaws, capable of swallowing a man whole. They respond only to the Pontiff's command, charging into battle with frightening force. The second are Watchers. Watchers are Deacons, dismissed either by the Pontiff, or by their god. They are consumed wholly by despair, becoming a spider like monstrosity, far larger than any man, that bounds and leaps onto its prey, tearing apart its prey in a frenzy of claws.

  • Notable Members
    • Pontiff Iurunus: The puppet master of his faith, Iurunus is in turn a puppet to the daemon Quranas. Possessed of potent Psyker abilities, Iurunus can hear what happens in the hearts of men. Iurunus is a keen schemer, and possesses beguiling charisma. While most would think him a simple cleric in battle, he can call upon a potent daemon sword, and if needs be, call Quranas into battle, as his doppelgänger.
    • Yalbaoth the Devourer: Living God of the Gifts of Yalbaoth, he is a monster, possessed of a hunger for the flesh and screams of men. Once a simple priest, by the name of Aldramann, he was chosen by Iurunus to be elevated to godhead. Feeding on the dead, he lost all semblance of humanity, and turned into a gluttonous beast. He then fed on a Farseer, consuming his soul and power, and fused with his body. Yalbaoth survives on pain and misery, luxuriating itself in the screams of those it feasts on.
    • Siconia Boreas: Once the daughter of the planetary governor, and adored planet wide, Boreas was destined for greatness. Iurunus could not allow this. He decreed that she must joined the Scorned, hiding her face behind a mask, and fighting across foreign worlds. She has been consumed by the powers of Chaos, her body growing lithe and strange, salivating like a beast. Her armour is now indistinguishable from her hide, fusing with it. She serves at the front, bringing the Tales of Yalbaoth to others.

Warriors of DesolationEdit

"Your army awaits your command, Warlord. Each of us wish to taste the blood of Imperials!"
―General Quilain Batram

The Warriors of Desolation, also known simply as the Desolate, are the core of Warlord Raan's armies, and the remnants of the Imperial Army that followed him into exile. Vital in securing their foothold in the Tenebrous Stars, the Guardsmen eventually gave in to the wanton slaughter and began to grow corrupt. What came out the other side was an army of Guardsmen, loyal to Raan, and corrupted by Chaos. Despite being drawn from dozens of different worlds, they have grown largely uniform in equipment and appearance, with black uniforms and red armour. They have armour and air support, enough to challenge any other Imperial Guard unit in open combat. Many of the Desolates have been recruited from the traitors and pirates in the Tenebrous Star region, causing their numbers to swell to a great horde. Their numbers have also been further swollen with mutants, rogue psykers, and even daemons.

The Desolate are broken down into many constituent units, most of which follow a regimental system recognisable to Imperial officers, but also contains irregulars in the form of Cultists, mutants, and other warbands.

  • Notable Members
    • General Quilain Batram: Once an officer of noble disposition, Batram carried his family's legacy of hate against the Andal family, rulers of the Tyrest Sector. Long political enemies, when the Steel Wardens raised their swords against the Andal family, Batram pledged himself, and his soldiers to them. That hate still remains with him, as does that allegiance. Warped by this hate, he has become an adherent of Chaos Undivided.
    • Primaris Psyker Eregar Kuros: Once a well respected Psyker, the respect of his peers was never enough to combat the fear and loathing from normal humans. However, in Chaos he found that his powers were revered and honoured. Thus he gave himself to those dark powers, calling upon the dark gods in battle
    • Hrothgan: A vile mutant, from the Bythran Catacombs on Yeures, Hrothgan was leading a battle against the puritanical rulers of the planet. Hrothgan resorted to tactics that target civilians, bombing homes and work places, defiling shrines to the God-Emperor, and other such heresies. When the Desolate invaded Yeures, Hrothgan's brutality and cunning made him a prime candidate for recruitment. Serving under General Batram, his mutant guerillas provide an important element of scouts and skirmsihers to the Desolate. Hrothgan is a fell creature, possessed of a vile cunning. His mutation takes the form of a bulging, exposed, spinal chord and rib cage, covered in bony spurs that have been sharpened into weapons.

The Cloven HordeEdit

"For the gods! For the Warlord! Men shall perish tonight!"
―Translation of braying before battle

A massive beastman army, they were initially free beastmen scattered across the Tenebrous Stars, until Raan conquered and enslaved them to his will. Now they serve as his most horrendous army, spilling onto planets from space hulks, where they can cause the most damage. They would quickly overtake worlds, raping and pillaging, their numbers swelling from their cursed offspring. Deployed more like a plague, they are possessed of a vicious cunning, and a cruel nature.

They were not issued armour, and received only crude knock-offs of lasguns or autoguns. They are often deployed ahead of the Steel Raiders, or ahead of the Desolates, in order to soften up the enemy. In reward for their services, they have been granted several conquered worlds, where they live lives filled with drunken debauchery and bloodshed, the human populace living in terror of their new beastmen masters.

The Cloven Horde are divided into smaller Warherds, usually attached to a force of the Desolate, or another Chaos warband. Warherds have little in terms of organisation, outside of a Wargor, and his favoured lieutenants, and the shamanistic Bray Sorcerers, who maintain their malevolent lore and history.

  • Notable Members
    • Beast Lord Murhgor, the Slaughterborn: Born in the midst of a battle between Warherds, bloodshed has always been in Murhgor's veins. Becoming Wargor of his Herd, then Beast Lord of several Herds, when Raan came to conquest, Murhgor saw the malevolence swirling around him, and pledged himself and his Horde to Raan. Raan rewarded him with command of the Cloven Horde. Now at the head of a massive army, Murhgor can slaughter as much as he pleases, and has been rewarded with fiefdoms for his actions. Murhgor possesses animalistic cunning, and an innate lust for blood.
    • Bray Sorcerer Borthul Gorehorn: A devout of the Ruinous Powers, Borthul saw the rise of Murhgor and positioned himself at his side, providing counsel on how to best please their gods. He has been rewarded, with great power, respect, and influence. Being a faithful of Chaos, he destroys any and all symbols of the Eccelsiarchy, seeing it as his holy task. He has brought down his churches, defiled basilicas, and sacrificed priests to the Dark Gods.
    • Turugul Darksire: Amongst Imperial worlds, Turugul is whispered in hushed tones, as a threat, as a dark tale. Turugul is the darkest desires of the Beastmen made real, and according to the rumours has sired hundreds of Beastmen abomination with the populations of conquered worlds. What is known truth is that he indulges in his monstrous desires at every opportunity, and many amongst the horde count him as their sire.

Haedexin AscendancyEdit

"The Imperium once cast you out of your homes. I will help you take them back"
―Warlord Raan

The Haedexin Ascendancy once ruled much of what is now the Tyrest Sector, in the years before the Great Crusade. The Haedexin are gross, corpulent beings, with no discernible features, aside from long, dexterous tentacles, and a dribbling maw. These gastropods dominated hundreds of worlds, keeping the humans enthralled to their will. Their original empire was destroyed during the great crusade, crushed by the Blood Angels as they stormed through this sector. Retreating to dark corners, hidden catacombs, and such places, they waited, and bided their name. Now their strength is waxing strong again, they are gearing up to take back their worlds, and claim their vengeance on the sons of Sanguinius. They have willingly entered a pact with Raan, lending him their aid, in exchange for the worlds that were once in their dominion.

The Haedexin have a number of powers that allowed them to create a great empire. First off, each is a natural psyker, allowing it to dominate the minds of those close by. While their power is overwhelming, they do not often use this, as it quickly burns out the individual and renders them braindead. They also possess necromantic powers, being able to raise the dead as twisted thralls, beholden to their power. Lastly, they have a strong mastery over Warp technology, using it as a weapon and tool.

As a military force, the Haedexin are to be feared. While they look to be weak, their psyker powers afford them powerful abilities, along with forcefield generators to protect their person. They then surround themselves with armies of thralls and war beasts. Most disturbing is their use of captive Psykers. Psykers are bred like cattle, producing stronger, more subservient lineages, they can use as their own. These Psykers are bound to their ships, and their war machines, allowing them to be remote controlled by their masters. They also use them to create portals, through which they can invade unrestrained.

In any Haedexin force, the core are Haedexin thrallmasters. Massive, oozing, disgusting creatures, they are protected by forcefields attached to their hides, and have substantial psyker powers. They aren't above simply gobbling up their opponent either. They direct their armies from behind a wall of faithful guardians.

Haedexin armies often use Thralls as their mainstay. Simple humans, broken to the Haedexin's will, the thralls are fitted with a Thrall Collar, keeping them linked to the Haedexin's psyker hive mind. They are given simple weaponry such as autoguns, and swords, and sent into battle to die in droves. Alongside them, are the lesser Graven, simple dead reanimated by dark ritual. They serve as swarming creatures, near mindless. Many of their more human features are gone, replaced by rending claws, sightless skulls, and withered frames, with the appearance of being only moments from crumbling into dust.

To provide vital power, they use powerful Psi-Engines. Powered by a living Psyker, surgically implanted in the machine, these take on a few forms. Little is left of the original Psyker, outside of his head, and a few organs. These Psi-Engines are always large and powerful war machines. The two most common examples are the Bale Goliath, and the Arachnaught. The Bale Goliath is a bipedal war machine, meant for purging infantry. It uses a warpfyre flamer, and a large slashing claw for cutting them to pieces. The Arachnaught is a four legged war machine, not unlike the Mechanicum Onager, and crawls across hostile terrain in a sickly manner. Its upper body consists of high power cannons, intended for purging enemy armour.

Their elite are Psy-Covens, made up of heavily altered Psykers devoted to their masters. They can team together to generate great Psychic weapons, such as storms and artillery, or generate defensive barriers. They are easily spotted because of their unique helmet, which lucks to be a globe created from a single dome of glass, with no visible means of seeing.

Lastly, any Psyker that fails their rigid requirements, is turned into something less than a base tool. Their bodies are twisted and reforged, their flesh rupturing and forming a warp gate, allowing the Haedexin a point-to-point teleport, usually used from orbiting ships to their ground forces.

  • Notable Members
    • haedexin leader
    • haedexin strategist
    • psyker hero

Legio FerrosEdit

"Iron Within"
―Motto of the Legio Ferros

Once the Iron Lords titan legion, they fled to the Tenebrous Stars with their masters, and out there they became corrupted. Their machines were claimed by demonic entities, and their princepes bound themselves to their machines, in rituals that sacrificed their moderati. While their numbers are depleted, they have recovered some of their titans through the taking of the forge worlds lost in the Tenebrous Stars, and alliances to cursed Hereteks and members of the Dark Mechanicus.

The Legio Ferros, in their corrupted war machines, often stride at the vanguard of any attack led by the Steel Reavers. Many worlds have been put to flame by their cannons, whole cities laid to waste without care for collateral or casualties.

  • Notable Members
    • Warlord Battle Titan Effigy of Change: Once a noble, and revered Titan, with a great many battle honours, it was part of the forces that fled to the Tenebrous Stars. Its Princeps immersed himself in the dark arts, and sacrificed his Moderatii, and the Machine Spirit, to invite a daemon into it, and bonded himself to it. Now the ancient machine rumbles with the grotesque screeches of a daemon, who commands it at the behest of the Princeps.
    • Reaver Battle Titan Curse Rotted: A cursed machine, born in the bale light of the Tenebrous Stars, the Reaver known as the Curse Rotted is covered in a pustulating sickness. Its constantly shifting metal-flesh leaks venomous ichor, choking spores, and hatches sickly Skitarii-like creatures, bound to it's malicious will.
    • Warhound Scout Titan Misery of Teremia: Once known as the Saviour of Teremia, the Warhound had once saved the world from Chaos invaders. When it returned, it was this time on the side of Chaos, its maddened crew intentionally targeting civilians. It didn't even use its weapons, it stomped its way through cities, its feet red with gore.

The Iron LegionEdit

"Our march cannot be stopped"

Once the escorting Skitarii cohort of the Legio Ferros, they have been corrupted, like their masters, and twisted to the cults of Chaos. Now sworn members of the Dark Mechanicus, and filled with numerous Hereteks, the Iron Legion march to battle for Warlord Raan. The once proud war machines of their army have been corrupted by Chaos, with mechanical tendrils and claws splitting from their hulls. They now escort formidable daemon engines, monstrous machines possessed of an uncanny blood lust. They also experiment, with binding daemons to the cybernetic Skitarii, creating unusual daemons.

The Iron Legion are heavily dependent on combined arms, using an initial armour strike to clear the way for Vanguard and their supporting Ranger units, while faster units prowl the flanks.

  • Notable Members
    • Master
    • Alpha
    • Assassin

Kulari CultEdit

"You have our terms, Warlord. We want the Forge World of Arkhan. From there, we will give you the sector."
―Magos Prime Ballan Vaas

A Dark Mechanicus cult based on the Tenebrous Stars, the Kulari Cult happily trade with the new arrivals, providing them with warp-tainted war machines, heretical creations, and horrifying demon-engines, in exchange for slaves, by the thousand. The Kulari Cult are far from passive observes. They possess their own army, with psi-titans, piloted by enslaved demons bound to Psykers, twisted cyborgs, legions of cybernetic warriors, and demons augmented with heretek technology. They now march along side Raan's armies, expanding their reach and powers with every conquest.

  • Notable Members
    • Magos Prime Ballan Vaas
    • Magos Biologis Saemik
    • Magos Dominus Yulrich Yirrim

House MecalynEdit

"We serve, you lead. Our courts follow you, mighty Warlord"
―Baron Erol Mecalyn

One of the first to flee to the Tenebrous Stars, House Mecalyn's leader was hunted down by Warlord Raan and brought before his whole house, and brutally killed as a warning to the rest. After that day, House Mecalyn has served Raan directly, with no baron to take unified leadership into the house. Instead they have been divided into many separate courts.

Already considered brigands and thieves, corruption by the Dark Gods hasn't improved them any more. Swearing themselves to Chaos undivided, House Mecalyn take to the field in corrupted war machines, bearing the sigils of Chaos. A few have begun to devolve into cults dedicated to a singular god, with Knights seeping with pus, and infested with flies, blood thirsty war machines that tear apart the enemy, and knights devoted to pleasure and pain. A few have even sworn themselves to Tzeentch, their steeds resonating with eldritch powers.

  • Notable Members
    • Baron Erol Mecalyn
    • Baron Killian Mecalyn
    • Knight Buran Fougar

House CuculusEdit

"Our tithe is paid in blood, our reward is greatness"
―Princeps Estana Urum

Servants of the Kulari Cult, House Cuculus have long been their enforcers, providing their benefactor with a tithe of slaves to be worked to death in their hell-forges, in exchange for newly manufactured Knights. Cuculus regularly raid worlds in and outside of the Tenebrous Stars, bringing back their prizes to exchange with their masters.

Cuculus are not savage marauders, or vile murderers, but coldly-calculating killers, skirmishing with the enemy in a serious of hit and run strikes, then executing with a final charge of heavy hitting war-machines. Cuculus use daemon engines like hounds of the hunt, releasing them when the moment is right to turn the side, sicking them on their enemies.

  • Notable Members
    • Princeps Estana Urum
    • Forge Master Celin Baste
    • Knight Shairris Levir

House IrioleEdit

"The screams of the dying, the thrill of slaughter. Have you never encountered such exquisite pleasure?"
―King Stanech Jarr

Few noble houses can fall as far as House Iriole. Once a noble House, they sowed their own seeds of downfall when they accepted a gift from a mystery benefactor, in the form of the Knight. Readily accepted, to replace casualties from a war against Chaos forces, Sacristans failed to perform the relevant checks on the purity of its design.

The suit would serve without fault for years, and eventually become the steed of the House's next leader, Baron Stanech Jarr. Stanech discovered the trap too late. The machine was inhabited by a demon of Slaanesh, who perverted the minds of all who entered. None would remember these thoughts, or this conversion to Chaos, and when the time was right, they would all fall into line. Subtly asserting its influence, it arranged for Stanech, unwittingly enslaved to it's will, to become leader of his House. Once he was leader, it began the House's steady decline into perversion. Through Stanech, it made things previously taboo into the norm, and strived for them to take pleasure in every action.

Once the House was ready, the demon tipped the House past breaking point. They had been asked to accompany a Guard regiment as the went to subdue a non-complaint world in what was mostly a policing matter. Stanech lead a contingent of 5 Knights, and during the entire operation, suffered the demon's whispering in his ear, until he finally gave in to his desires. When a protesting minor threw a stone against his machine, he returned fire with his Battle Cannon. The Knights began to instigate a bloody slaughter against the unarmed protesters, revelling in the blood shed, deafening screeches leaving the vox casters of their Knights. When they ran out of protesters, they turned on the people, butchering them in a slaughter that was now on it's fifth day, and with a toll of up to 60,000. The Guardsmen they were escorting blocked their way, and ordered them to stand down, but Stanech just cut them down as he did all others, revelling in the pain and death. The Imperial Guard were summoned in their thousands to stop them, and likewise, Stanech's entire house was called to battle them. The entire House fell to Chaos, killing millions, and in the revelry, Stanech wholly gave himself to Slaanesh.

A combined force of House Ortharn, House Hippolyta, and House Cyrimor eventually stopped their slaughter, by which point the death toll was in the millions, and then purged their homeworld. Stanech lead his forces to the Kulari Cult, where they became willing allies, giving them bountiful amounts of slaves, in exchange for war machines.

House Iriole have readily accepted the gifts of Slaanesh, with their war machines mutating, and some pilots wholly bonding with their steeds to become amalgams of flesh and armour. Their Knights have mutated externally too, with pincer claws and whips, as deadly as any other weapon, and bone shattering vox casters. The Knights too have changed, their Sacristans rendering their victims down into cocktails to excite the Knights as they fought. They further bolstered their numbers with demon machines, like Maulerfiends, and Forgefiends, augmenting their already frightening powers.

  • Notable Members
    • King Stanech Jarr
    • Baron Suverin Jarr
    • Knight Opia Myst

Black RaidersEdit

"We shall reap the storm"
―Admiral Rasmus Leitzig

Once glistening Imperial Warships, the first Tyrest war left many scarred, and their campaigns in the Tenebrous Stars further twisted them. They've now taken in many of the pirates that inhabited those fell stars, turning them from rag-tag survivors, back to a full-sized fleet. While they have a core of dedicated warships, most of the fleet is now made up of raiders, smaller, faster vessels made to attack the enemy at speed and leave before retribution can find them.

  • Notable Members
    • Admiral Rasmus Lietzig
    • Captain Uri Talis
    • Captain Maga Foeburn: pirate

The Red WakeEdit


  • Notable Members

Ork Empire of SerraEdit

Ork raids from the neighbouring Empire of Serra had always been a threat to the Tyrest Sector, but early action often prevented would-be warbosses from launch full scale Waaaghs. However, the intensity of the conflict, and the failure of previous Waaaghs resulted in a flurry of full blown Waaaghs to be launched, the biggest of which was Waaagh! Horguz Da Rekker. The only redeeming feature of this was that the Orks attacked the Tau as much as they attacked the Imperium.

The Empire of Serra was largely settled by the Head Stompa Clan, biologically diverse from their cousins, though isolated to Serra and it's surrounding worlds. They're known for being savvy and cunning, and having their own, strong, Orkish kulture. However, their biological diversity stems from a flaw, or gap, in their Orkoid biology and life cycle. Grots and Snotlings are sparsely born, making them rare. Instead, this has made the Empire of Serra reliant on slave labour. Its gotten to a point, where slaves are almost as much a currency as teef are. The Empire of Serra holds billions of slaves too, including, most frighteningly, Astartes. Most slaves have been part of the Empire for generations, and are indistinguishable from their Orkish masters in mannerisms and dress. As well as labour, slaves are used in administrative roles, and even in combat, herded by runtherders in mobs, armed with crude weapons. They're also used to crew vehicles and weapons. Some slaves, so useful, are kept by warbosses as close advisors, useful for providing advisement on tactics or management. Others are kept as pets for their Warboss's amusement. Orks of the Empire of Serra take it as a mark of respect to own a slave taken from their toughest enemies, top amongst them being Adeptus Astartes (Usually a survive of the Marines Militant) or Adepta Sororitas (From the survivors of the Order of the Martyred Maiden). Wars haven even been fought on the matter.

While individual tribes and groups develop their own tactics and kulture, there is an overarching sense of superiority by the Orks of the Empire of Serra, who fashion themselves as great masters, though live in crude squalor. They mostly favour ramshackle heavy armour and looted war machines. While lacking in quality against their Imperium foes, they make up for it with numbers.

The Empire currently encompasses 12 worlds, at its heart is Serra, a former hive world, with the Orkish rulers lording over the destroyed remnants of the hive structures. Other worlds include the former Forge World of Antarious, now ruled by the Mek Boys, the former seat of the Marines Militant, Tiburon, is now an Orkish domain, and the shrine world of Gloriana, which is ruled by the Khurch Burnas, who have established massive edifices to Mork and Gork, built over the ruins of Imperial shrines.

Waaagh! Horgruz Da RekkerEdit

Following the death of the previous Arch-Slaver of Serra during the first Tyrest war, numerous battles were fought to take his throne. Eventually, the biggest, meanest Ork would take the throne. Titled 'Da Rekker' because of his collateral damage, Horgruz commands a vast army, with hundreds of warships, thousands of war machines, and millions of boyz. An ultra-violent blunt instrument, his brutal attacks have laid low several star systems, and conquered vast swathes of territory.

His Waaagh! is nearing the core of the Tyrest sector, threatening Parnea, Plainsfier, and the Navy port of Rysbach. Repeated blockades, and strikes by Astartes forces is only succeeding in slowing the advance, and no definitive victory has yet been gained.

  • Notable Characters
    • Horgruz Da Rekker, Arch-Slaver of Serra: A colossal example of his brutish kind, Horgruz is a powerful warboss, and an even more powerful warrior. Crude and violent, he fights purely for the pleasure of conquest. In battle, he's a laughing maniac, thoroughly enjoying himself as he swings his choppa in his enemy's face. Horgruz fights purely to go after 'da scaley boyz', chasing the Blood Dragons close to the centre of the Tyrest sector in hoping of battling them, and laying them low.
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    • weirdboyz
    • kommando
    • armour nob
    • mek boss
    • Marine

Waaagh! Da Mek BossesEdit

Rather than a single leader, Da Mek Bosses are a gaggle of Mekboyz who share leadership, albeit tenuously, and usually breaking down into petty brawls. When they aren't fighting amongst themselves, they're focused on taking the forge world of Avenum, which has been their goal for centuries. Da Mek Bosses are in constant competition to see who can build the biggest, shootiest war machines. They have legions of stompas and gargants, usually reserved to attack the Titans of Avenum. They have gained footholds around Avenum, and even on the homeworld of House Chaarnal, but lack the means to get heavy armour planet side, yet.

  • Notable Characters
    • Mek Boss
    • Mek Boss
    • gargant mek
    • mek
    • dread boss
    • mechanicus
    • charnaal

Waaagh! Khurch BurnasEdit

The Khurch Burnas were a sect of iconoclastic Orks, lead by the self styled prophet of Gork and Mork, Gurzgrug Thrag. Believing the Imperial creed to be an affront to Gork and Mork, Gurzgrug has lead numerous holy wars against the Eccelsiarchy, attacking cathedral and shrine worlds, and burning them down. Several crusades have failed to stop him, and he continues his quest. It was his boyz that lead the charge on Gloriana during the first Tyrest War, and they took the best loot, with looted Immolators, flames and meltas. They charge into combat with flame weaponry, focusing on burning their opponents, and their homes, down. Gurzgrug takes great pleasure in breaking members of the Eccelsiarchy and Adepta Sororitas captured during his krusades, and forcibly converting them to Gork and Mork.

Gurzgrug himself is zealous, and a fiery orator, for an Ork, whipping his followers in a frenzy. He rides a personal battle wagon festooned with masonry stripped from the ruins of cathedrals, and defiled with visages of the Orkish gods.

  • Notable Characters
    • Warboss Gurzgrug Thrag
    • prophet
    • weirboy
    • burna
    • cardinal
    • sister

Da Flash FlotillaEdit

A Freebooter with delusions of grandeur, Zuggob Zaggab's Flash Flotilla of pirates are a marauding fleet of pirates, drawing other Orks to his tales of victory. He now leads a fleet that plunders and pillages as he likes, thought he prefer to simply leave with the loot, than take and hold worlds. This has swollen his ranks and made him rich. Allegedly, his battleship has a great chamber filled with teef, from floor to ceiling.

As his victories have grown, Zuggob has grown more eccentric, his plans growing more complex and elaborate. His fleet grows bolder still, painting their warships in bright, garish colours, and striking ever more well defended targets. Worse still, his Waaagh! has recently changed course, edging closer to Waaagh! Da Mek Bosses, which may result in a union of their forces.

  • Notable Characters
    • Zuggob Zaggab
    • captain
    • captain
    • flash gitz
    • flash gitz
    • trophy

Da Big RuntherdEdit

Wurok Da Runtboss is a runtherder who has risen to notoriety and power purely through the number of slaves he owns. Backed by a an army of boyz, and a massive slave army fuelling his war machine, Wurzok has taken world after world on his conquests, purely to add to his slaves. He controls much of the slave labour in the Serra area, and now has amassed an army of loyal followers to make himself ever more powerful. While his horde has a mass of boyz, loud warmachines, and stompas, its backed up by massive runtherds of human slaves, poorly armed, and sent against their fellows in battle. More frightening still, Wurzok has small units of slaves taken from the Astartes and Sororitas survivors, frightening shock troops, and advisers for his conquests, so thoroughly broken to their new master that they fight for him without hesitation.

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Altana CraftworldEdit

First sited in M35, Altana Craftworld has long called the Tyrest Sector home, patrolling the Exodite colonies at it's far boundary, distant from Imperial control. At first contact, the Imperium attempted to purge the Exodite worlds, starting a short and bitter war that cost many lives on both sides. At the end of the conflict, the two sides limped away, too wounded to continue the fight, since then the two have mostly stayed away. Altana has occasionally, intervened during battles in the Tyrest sector, arriving suddenly out of the webway to battle Orkish forces or Chaos pawns. A tenuous peace has existed between the Altana Craftworld and the Imperium, and the two have been erstwhile allies. However, this allegiance was interrupted by renegades who refused to accept the peace, and fled to the dark city of Commorragh to enact their vengeance. Their active participation in the Second Tyrest War, fighting with the Imperium to curtail the advance of both the Tau and Chaos has saved the Imperium from total collapse, but most commanders are wary to rely on them fully.

Altana maintains a small, but professional fighting force. Currently under-strength, they are making efforts to recoup their numbers from the Exodite worlds under their protection. The preferred tactics of their warriors is quick, lethal precision attacks, emerging from the webway suddenly to rain devastation, then disappear before reprisal can find them. They have a large corps of well trained guardians, supported by armour, including some heavy armour uncommon to most Craftworlds. Following the betrayal of their kin, Wraithblades have become a common sight in their army, sowing fear and terror wherever they go. For Aspect Warriors, Dire Avenger is their most common, though the others exist in small but maintainable numbers.

Altana itself is a large Craftworld, with an interior terrain of rolling plains. Once main of them had soft, magenta grass, but damage to the craftworld has turned them black and sickly.

4: warlock hero

2: slew a chaos demon

Khalach CraftworldEdit

Masque of the Echoing LaughEdit

Exodite WorldsEdit

Weeping Nova CorsairsEdit

Shroud RaidersEdit

Kabal of the Sacrificed SoulEdit

Originally an obscure Kabal, they were of little consequence, usually reduced to scavenging at the edge of Commarragh. This changed through an alliance to Exarch Sathram Shaelas. Frustrated by his father's decision to make peace with the Imperium forces attacking them, he created an alliance with the Kabal, Eldar Corsairs and Exodites, aiming to seize Atalana by force. When this uprising failed, Shaelas and his followers slicked back into the we way, joining the Kabal. For centuries, these Eldar learned from their dark kin how to be heartless, pitiless raiders. Steeped in this darkness, they became indistinguishable from the Dark Eldar. The Kabal grew strong with this warriors, but Shaelas decided the Dracon had outlived his usefulness and killed him, usurping his position.

Now a Dracon, commanding a powerful Kabal, he forged a new destiny, attacking the Tyrest sector as a pirate and raider, assaulting the Imperium and his home craft world. In Commarragh, he has cemented his Kabal, holding a precious Anchorage for his Kabal, from which they sell slaves. Their growing territory is centred on a slave-labour complex, where they produce both weapons or war, and a constant source of pain and torment. They've worked hard, cleansing their territory of undesirables, making it a gleaming, crystalline lair, glowing with a sicky, frightening aura. They've also secured the allegiance of a Wych cult and Haemonculus coven. They also hold the alliance of several groups of Eldar corsairs and Exodite worlds.

The Kabal focus on heavy weapons, using the heaviest war machines, and specialist support units. Bringing massed firepower, they fire from afar, striking down officers and ruining defences with precision fire. Using this, they sow terror, striking down the enemy's leaders, seemingly from no where. However, they suffer from arrogance typical of Eldar, attacking the enemy where they are strongest, regardless of the cost.

Usurping Dracon

ambitious and calculating

allied haemonculi coven

allied wych cult

allied helion gang

allied incubi shrine

Kabal ofEdit

Notable ParticipantsEdit

Dragon Lord Ajax AurakEdit

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