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Scarlet Skulls SP
Scarlet Skulls Astartes
A Scarlet Skulls Astartes of the 4thTactical Squad, 4th Company
Scarlet Skulls

Unknown (Possible 4th Founding)





Chapter Master

Lord Master Hobard Morgan




Battle-Barge - Wandering Skull


Approximately 1,100


Surprise Attack, Infiltration, Insurgency & Counter-Insurgency Warfare, Multi-Vector Attack, Deep-Range Raiding Operations, Ship-Borne Assaults & Boarding Actions, Void Combat Operations


None known

War Cry

"No quarter asked, no quarter given!"


The Scarlet Skulls are a fleet-based Space Marine Chapter of unknown Founding and origin. Shrouded in mystery, this Chapter has served the Imperium of Man for millennia. The Scarlet Skulls do not shrink from battling the enemies of Mankind, and reserve a special grudge for renegades and corsairs. Throughout their millennia of service, their constant enemies have been Dark Eldar and Chaos Space Marine renegade Chapters such as the Red Corsairs. The Scarlet Skulls specialize in boarding actions and planetary raids, but maintain a mechanized company in the event of protracted ground battles.


The Scarlet Skulls are a bellicose Chapter which has garnered reputation for carnage and subterfuge. Its formation, use and purpose was shrouded with mystery and deliberate concealment from the rest of the Imperium. It is evident that this secrecy was colluded by the highest circles of power. Imperial scholars believe the Scarlet Skulls were created following the climax of the catastrophic event known as The Beheading. In 546.M32, the byzantine politics of the Imperium had taken a calamitous turn when the Grand Master of Assassins, Drakan Vangorich, deployed his elite assassins of the Officio Assassinorum, and the High Lords of Terra were slain to a man. Afterwords, the Imperium swiftly descended into anarchy as rival factions fought for supremacy and the open seats on the Senatorum Imperialis.

This sorry situation would last for almost a full century, until the direct intervention of Chapter Master Agnathio of the Ultramarines and fifty other Chapters Masters arrived upon Terra to contain the anarchy. Only then did the political squabbling finally cease, and when they departed, twelve new High Lords of Terra had been chosen. They more than likely authorised the 4th Founding of Space Marine Chapters to help bring order to an Imperium rife with civil discourse and insurrection, and to restore the rule of Imperial law. It is believed that this Founding took place sometime during the late 32nd or early 33rd Millennia.

Over thousands of years, the Skulls have garnered a reputation for ruthlessness and deception, never shying away from so-called 'dirty tactics' if it means achieving their objectives and overall mission accomplishment. Despite this unsavoury use of unorthodox methods, or in some cases because of this, they have earned the respect of several brother non-Codex Chapters. One notable exception to this is the Ultramarines. There has been no love lost between these two Chapters. One account written by an Astra Militarum trooper that took part in the Battle for Seclorum IV claims that two Space Marine Captains -- one Ultramarine and the other from the Scarlet Skulls -- had such a fierce argument over how to proceed with the campaign that by the end of it the two had come to blows. The report continues, saying, that the brawl escalated until battle-brothers from each Chapter were forced to step in and pull the two Captains apart. Soon after the altercation, the Ultramarines departed the world, leaving the Scarlet Skulls to extinguish all traces of xenos themselves.

Currently, the Veteran 1st (Valor), 2nd and 4th Companies are on crusade, conducting their 'Fourth Hunt for the Red Corsairs' within the Maelstrom Zone in the Ultima Segmentum near the Warp Storm known as the Maelstrom - the treacherous region where the Red Corsairs are said to maintain their vast empire consisting of Renegade Space Marines and various Traitors. Meanwhile, Battlefleet Epsilon III (consisting of the 1st (Honor), 3rd, 7th and 11th Companies are currently patrolling near the Eastern Fringe. Battlefleet Alpha (consisting of the 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th Companies) are performing defensive manoeuvres in Sub-Sector Incursio, near their recruiting worlds.

Chapter RecruitmentEdit

The Scarlet Skulls have no home-world as such but do have several recruitment worlds in Sub-sector Incursio, in the Gothic Sector. The Battlefleet Omega is ever ready to take the fight to any fowl scum who would seek to prey on these worlds. They, along with the IG 307th Expeditionary Force who are assigned to the sub-sector Incursio, are the first and last defense. The 307th has a history of working well with and campaigning along side of the Skulls. There have been numerous occasions where guardsmen of the 307th have gone on to become Astartes in the Scarlet Skull chapter. Each aspirant must go through a set of trials devised by the Training Sergeants at each Worlds Keep-cathedral. The trials generally consist of survival, mock battles, tests of physical capabilities.

The Recruitment WorldsEdit

  • Darkuk - A rocky Agri-World filled with great mountains, cliffs, and canyons in the Raqus System.
  • Mosmarra - A desert Death World in the Hinevah System.
  • Dagos IV - A densely populated Hive World in the Dagos System.
    • Covaas (Dagos V's Moon) - A poison gas filled Death World extremely rich in resources.
  • Dagos IX - A world of barren rock populated only by small mining colonies at the far end of the Dagos System.

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • 4th Black Crusade (001.M34) - The oldest official documentation that the Administratum has concerning the Scarlet Skulls is a report concerning the assault on El'Phanor. The report contains a list of Chapters who participated in the assault. Upon further Inquiry the Administratum found that they had no record of this Chapter's founding, nor could they find any other mention of the Scarlet Skulls prior to this event, with one notable exception, the so called Galphi Document. The Document is a letter from Lord Dellio, then Governor of Galphi, to his brother, an Admiral in the Imperial Navy. In the letter, the Governor, recounts a civil revolt on his planet. He tales how the noble Astartes showed up with perfect timing just as the riots began to spread. He makes no mention of the Chapters name but gives a brief description of their colors, as well as making note of their extensive use of 'Bleeding Skulls' in their livery. Many dispute whether or not this document refers to the Scarlet Skulls, or even if the document itself is legitimate.
  • Olc Troi (Unknown Date.M35) - During the 35th Millennium, the Scarlet Skulls' Battlefleet Iota pick up a faint but desperate astrotelepathic message begging for assistance. The Iron Warriors were currently in the process of rampaging across the face of Hive World Olc Troi. In a succession of swift assaults on Iron Warrior strategic positions, the Scarlet Skulls manage to cripple the enemies fighting force. The Iron Warriors, in full retreat, are harried by the Skulls each step of the way. In the final battle for the Olc Troi, the full might of the 4th Company comes to bear on the remnant Iron Warrior force. Unexpectedly the Iron Warriors disappear while the planet comes under orbital bombardment by the Iron Warrior Fleet before it disappears into the Immaterium. The 4th Company is decimated, and spends the next several years on reserve status rebuilding their strength. It is a bitter victory for the Scarlet Skulls.
  • War of Assassins - The Fall of the Forty (492-542.M37) - In 492.M37, a senior member of the Officio Assassinorum, known only as Occisor, rebelled against the Imperium and - along with seven other assassins - went rogue and established a power base on the planet Atrum Ugolo. In the annals of the Scarlet Skulls, what followed would be come known as the War of Assassins. The Skulls were called upon to aid the Officio Assassinorum to hunt these renegades down. For five decades the hunt was on, and the Skulls pushed their spy networks to the limit, but eventually started finding valuable information that they were able to push forwards to their Officio Assassinorum allies. By the end of the so-called war the Rogue Assassins had taken the lives of 40 Lord Masters of the Scarlet Skulls over the course of this bloody and brutal campaign. The Scarlet Skulls' annals refer to this lamentable event as the 'Fall of the Forty'.
  • Atrum Incendus Uprising (325-332.M40) - After receiving disturbing reports concerning the Forge World Atrum Incendus in the Segmentum Obscurus the Scarlet Skulls despatch their 5th Company to investigate. By the time they arrived, Atrum Incendus was in full blown rebellion. When they made their way down to the surface, their Scouts quickly discovered hidden cells of Word Bearers Chaos Marines operating on the planet. Immediately, they sent an astropathic message to their Chapter for reinforcements. The Chapter despatched the entire 3rd Company, as well as supporting elements from both the 7th and 11th Companies. Also in tow where serveral regiments of Astra Militarum including: four Darkuk Infantry Regiments, two Mosmarra Drop Troops Regiments, and two Dagos Armored Regiments, along with a demi-Legio of Titans from the Legio Tempestas Regis. All told, it took seven years to bring the world back into compliance.
  • First Hunt for the Red Corsairs (917.M41) - In 917.M41, the Scarlet Skulls experienced their first encounter with the Renegade Red Corsairs. A vast Chaos Space Marine fleet under the command of one of Huron Blackheart's lieutenants emerges from the Maelstrom and proceeds to ambush the Scarlet Skulls' Battlefleet Delta, stealing away with several of their vessels. Battlefleet Epsilon is formed and gives chase alongside Battlefleet Alpha. The so-called 'First Hunt for the Red Corsairs' ends triumphantly, when the Scarlet Skulls manage to defeat the Red Corsairs in battle and recover their lost ships.
  • The Third War for Armageddon (998.M41) - When Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka leads the largest WAAAGH! ever seen in Imperial history and proceeds to assault the vitally important Hive World of Armageddon, the Scarlet Skulls contribute Battlefleet Epsilon which comprises both the 2nd and 4th Companies, along with a detachment of several elite members of the Veteran 1st Company, to include three Dreadnoughts to the Imperial forces' war efforts. Fighting closely alongside the Omega Marines, members of each Chapter forge strong fraternal bonds of brotherhood with one another in the fires of battle. Following their participation in this brutal campaign, the Scarlet Skulls adopt a campaign badge to mark this conflict - a black-coloured Greek letter 'omega' symbol centred behind the scarlet coloured Chapter icon to signify their utmost respect for the Omega Marines.

Chapter OrganisationEdit

he Scarlet Skulls loosely follows the guidelines of the Codex Astartes, seeing it as a basic guidelines rather than as law set in stone. Because of this The Skulls are somewhat over-strengthen, Usually having anywhere from 1,100-1,200 Marines on Average.

1st CompanyEdit

The elite 1st Company serves as the Chapter's Veteran Company, however the Skulls divide it into two parts: 'Honor', and 'Valor'. Honor mans the Chapter flagship, the Wandering Skull, commanded by the Lord Commander, while Valor joins other Battle Companies in the field and is led by the First Captain.

Battle CompaniesEdit

2nd through 4th are fairly standard Battle Companies in accordance to the dictates of the Codex Astartes, although each Company is designed to be self-sufficient.

5th Company is an Assault Company designed around fast-attack and line breaker assault. The Assault Companies house all of the Chapter's Bikes, Landspeeders and several Rhinos. Often times these units will get tasked out to other companies for support.

Reserve CompaniesEdit

The 6th, 7th, and 9thCompanies are set up exactly like the standard Battle Companies, and the 8th is also an Assault company. The reserve companies generally stay with the Battlefleet Omega, as they are responsible for the protection of their recruitment worlds and the entirety of Sub-sector Incursio.

Scout CompanyEdit

The tenth company is the scout and recruiting company as per codex. Each Fortress-Cathedral has Senior Sergeants of the 10th who are constantly recruiting and training new marines. As the different companies visit the recruiting worlds the new marines are immediately transferred over. There is no command staff for the tenth instead they fall under control of the Lord Black and the Bloody Brothers.

Mechanised CompanyEdit

The Scarlet Skulls have an additional, 11th company which is entirely mechanized and responsible for most of the vehicles as well as the keeping of the sacred war gear for the chapter. Often they are tasked out to other companies but they insure that they keep a strong core together in case they are ever called on for ground assault.

The Lord Master and the High TableEdit

The High TableEdit

The High Table is the advisory counsel to the Lord Master. The Scarlet Skulls are not a democracy but each Lord Master is encouraged to heed the advice of their Table. In the event that the Chapter is without it's Lord Master, the High Table votes on the Chapter's decisions, including the election of a new Lord Master. The only one who doesn't get to vote on these occasions, is the First Captain. He will only cast a vote in the event of a tie.

The members of the High Table are as follows:

High Table

Lord Master
Guardian of the Rites Master of the Fleet Master of Recruits

Lord Black

Lord Admiral

First Captain

Master of the Watch Master of the Faith Master of the Forge Master Sanator

Lord Commander

Lord Chaplain

Lord Forge Wright

Lord Chirurgeon

Lord Black and the Bloody BrothersEdit

Lord Black is the Keeper of Secrets, Guardian of the Rites, and historian for the Chapter. When it is time to appoint the new Lord Black the Lord Master will, in secret, select the candidate. Once selected, the Lord Master waits until the time of battle to bestow the honour. Afterwards the honoured brother who was been chosen is marked in the Chapter's annals as having died heroically in battle. Henceforth, he will then be known as only Lord Black for the rest of his life. The Lord Black never leaves Battlefleet Omega and never takes part in battle unless he is defending the Recruitment Worlds. The Lord Black also acts as Captain of 10th Company and maintains the Chapter's spy network. The Lord Black is assisted in his duties by the Bloody Brothers. It is said their name comes from the fact that the entirety of their battle-plate is painted scarlet, not just their helms. There are 24 Bloody Brothers total, which are selected chosen by the Lord Black, and only he knows their identities. Like the Lord Black, the Bloody Brothers give up their former names and past identities. Forevermore, they're names are replaced with one of the letters from the ancient Phoenician alphabet:

























Alpha and Omega typically accompany the Lord Black wherever he goes and act as his second and third in command.

Rank StructureEdit

  • Lord Master - The senior rank of Lord Master is equivalent to Chapter Master. He wears black-coloured artificer armor, which is completely unadorned other than black-on-black scroll work, scarlet-coloured helm and Chapter Badge.
  • Lord Captain & Lord Admiral - These are essentially equivalent ranks. They represent the two most senior Astartes within the Chapter and are invaluable advisors to the the Lord Master. While in space the Lord Captain defers to the Lord Admiral, however, when on the ground, the situation is reversed. The Lord Captain has black-coloured battle-plate with gold trim on the pauldrons. The Lord Admiral wears golden artificer armor with black trim on the pauldrons. The Lord Captain is the Master of the Arsenal while the Lord Admiral is Master of the Fleet.
  • Lord Commander - The Lord Commander is a senior officer of the Chapter. His rank is designated by two black-coloured pauldrons with white-coloured trim. The Lord Commander also serves as the Master of the Watch.
  • First Captain - The First Captain is a senior officer of the Chapter. His rank is designated by two white-coloured shoulder pauldrons with black-coloured trim. The First Captain also serves as the Master of Recruits.
  • Captains - Captains are seniors officers who command the Chapter's individual companies. Their rank is designated by two gold-coloured shoulder pauldrons with black-coloured tirm.
  • Colour Sergeants - Colour Sergeants serve as the Chapter's honoured Standard Bearers. They are designated by painting the right arm of their battle-plate scarlet in colour as well as the trim of the shoulder pauldrons. The right shoulder pauldron still retains the colour of the company they are assigned to. Colour Sergeants are the most senior-most sergeants within a company, and serve as the commander's second-in-command. The rest of the command squad answers to the Color Sergeant. Other duties include recording the history of the unit, managing the Roll of Honour and performing executive officer duties.
  • Master Sergeants - Master Sergeants serve as Company Champions and third in line of command of the company. They are directly responsible for all company training. Their rank is designated by two gold-coloured shoulder pauldrons with the trim of the right shoulder pauldron painted in the the designated company color.
NCO Ranks

Noncom ranks applied to the left vambrace (From left-to-right: First Sergeant, Sergeant & Corporal)

  • Sergeants - Serving as the backbone of the Chapter, the Sergeants of the Scarlet Skulls are Veteran Space Marines that have been put in charge of the Company's individual squads and are always leading from the front where the fighting is the most fierce. The denote their rank by painting a three scarlet-coloured chevrons on their left vambrace (forearm). A First Sergeant is the most senior Veteran Sergeant in their field (i.e. Tactical, Assault, Devastator, or Veteran) and typically denotes their seniority by a stylised scarlet-coloured lozenge (diamond) symbol painted on the left vambrace (forearm). First Sergeants are also responsible for company training.
  • Corporals - Corporals are the senior-most battle-brother in a squad who serves as Sergeant's second-in-command. Whenever a ten man tactical squad breaks up into two five man combat teams, the Squad Sergeant takes one team and the Corporal is charged with command of the other. They denote their rank by painting a pair of scarlet-coloured chevrons on their left vambrace (forearm).
  • Battle-Brothers - Battle-Brothers are full-fledged Space Marines that serve as the rank-and-file of the Chapter, and as such, have no special markings to identify them, other than their Chapter's basic colours and Company/squad designations.
  • Initiates - Initiates makes up the Chapter's Scout Squads of the Chapter. They have not yet earned the honor of wearing the Scarlet skull. Instead, they are authorised to wear a plain light gray shoulder pauldron with a white-coloured skull centred upon it.

Combat DoctrineEdit

The Scarlet Skulls combat doctrine is fast and ferocious. Preferring larger numbers of "boots on ground" over vehicles and extra gear. They are devious in their tactics and use whatever edge they can find. The Scarlet Skulls maintain a vast spy network and are relentless in their search for intel against their chosen foe.

Chapter Gene-SeedEdit

Notable Scarlet SkullsEdit

  • Lord Master Hobard Morgan - Current Chapter Master of the Scarlet Skulls
  • Captain "Black" Benatus - Current Captain of the 4th Company and Commander of ground forces for Battlefleet Epsilon.
  • Captain Polycrates - Captain of the 4th Company at Olc Troi during the 35th Millennium.
  • Ixot Cleodis - Hero of the Assault on Baxtan.

Chapter FleetEdit

Astartes/Imperial Fleet StrengthEdit

Scarlet Skulls Fleet Strength is rather large as the are a fleet-based chapter. There are always at least two Battlefleets, Alpha and Omega. Whenever ships from these two Battlefleets must separate to go elsewhere for whatever reason, then a new Battlefleet is founded, taking its name from the Greek Alphabet. The Battlefleet then exists until its mission is complete at which time the Battle fleet is absolved. The names progress in Alphabetical order, starting at Beta and going to Psi. Once Battlefleet Psi is dissolved it starts anew back at Beta. In the Chapter's annals, it is recorded that the battle fleets are listed by the chronological appearance of their name - i.e. Battlefleet Gamma I or Battlefleet Epsilon II.

Battlefleet Alpha Battlefleet Beta Battlefleet Delta Battlefleet Epsilon

Astartes Ships
Battle Barge: The Wandering Skull
Battle Barge: The Red Lightning
Imperial Navy Ships Retribution-class Battleship: Indomitable Man
Emperor-class Battleship: Emperor's Servant

Astartes Ships
Battle Barge: Bloody Hangman
Imperial Navy Ships
Overlord Class Battle Cruiser: Pride of Mosmarra
Several Dauntless Class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships & Light Support Vessels

Astartes Ships
Strike Cruiser: Great Ranger
Imperial Navy Ships
Lunar-class Cruiser: Aggressive
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships & Light Support Vessels

Astartes Ships
Battle Barge: Pirate's Doom
Imperial Navy Ships
Emperor-class Battleship: Emperor's Dagger
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships & Light Support Vessels

Battlefleet Gamma Battlefleet Iota Battlefleet Kappa Battlefleet Lambda

Astartes Ships
Strike Cruiser: The Hateful
Imperial Navy Ships
Armageddon-class Battle Cruiser: Great Fortune
Lunar-class Cruiser: Cape Forlorn
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships & Light Support Vessels

Astartes Ships
Strike Cruiser: Murderer's Bane
Imperial Navy Ships
Lunar-class Cruiser: Effective
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers Adjoining Escort Ships & Light Support Vessels

Currently Missing (Status Unknown)

Astartes Ships
Strike Cruiser: The Greedy Executioner
Imperial Navy Ships
Overlord-class Battle Cruiser: Tempest Lord
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships and Light Support Vessels

Battlefleet Omega Battlefleet Omicron Battlefleet Sigma

Astartes Ships
Battle Barge: The Shameful Cruelty
Imperial Navy Ships
Emperor Class Battleship: Bainbridge
Lunar-class Cruiser: Safeguard
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships and Light Support Vessels

Astartes Ships
Strike Cruiser: Hades' Kiss
Imperial Navy Ships
Armageddon-class Battle Cruiser: The Zephyr
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships and Light Support Vessels

Astartes Ships
Strike Cruiser: Neptune's Curse
Imperial Navy Ships
Armageddon-class Battle Cruiser: Fire Drake
Lunar-class Cruiser: Vital Valor
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships and Light Support Vessels

Battlefleet Theta Battlefleet Upsilon Battlefleet Zeta

Astartes Ships
Strike Cruiser: The Angry Storm
Imperial Navy Ships
Lunar-class Cruiser: Wasp
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships and Light Support Vessels

Astartes Ships
Strike Cruiser: Bloody Compass
Imperial Navy Ships
Lunar-class Cruiser: Good Hope
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships and Light Support Vessels

Astartes Ships
Strike Cruiser: The Sad Dragon
Imperial Navy Ships
Armageddon-class Battle Cruiser: Admiral Achelous
Several Dauntless-class Light Cruisers
Adjoining Escort Ships and Light Support Vessels

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Chapter ColoursEdit

The Scarlet Skulls Chapter primarily wear black-coloured power armour with scarlet painted on the exhaust ports of their back packs and helms. A white vertical stripe on the helm, denotes a Colour Sergeant (Company or Chapter Banner Bearer). On the plastron (chestguard), is a black-coloured Imperialis with a scarlet-coloured skull is displayed. The inset of the left pauldron is light grey in colour, and displays the Chapter's iconography. The inset colour of the right colour displays the company colour (i.e. White (1st Company), Yellow (2nd Company), Red (3rd Company), Green (4th Company), ect.). A black-coloured squad specialty symbol centred on the right shoulder pauldron designates operational specialty -- Tactical, Devastator, Assault or Veteran. A scarlet-coloured gothic numeral on the left poleyn (knee guard) designates squad number. Each squad typically picks a unique design of their own and applies it to the right poleyn (knee guard).

To further distinguish themselves from the rank-and-file, the Chapter's Chaplains power armour wear a black and scarlet quartered-pattern on their battle-plate. Scarlet Skulls Librarians and Apothecaries wear the standard Codex-authorised colours with the exception of a scarlet-coloured helm and the entire left arm, which is kept in the Chapter's black colour. This is so that is associates themselves more closely with their fellow battle-brothers. Techmarines wear red and black halved-pattern to show their association with the Chapter as well as their allegiance to the Omnissiah.

Chapter BadgeEdit

The Scarlet Skulls' Chapter badge is a large scarlet-coloured skull centred on a field of light silver. Most unusually, when the Scarlet Skulls are on campaign, a design is added behind or below the central Chapter icon. Sometimes, even the shape of the skull is changed and become the campaign badge. Heroes of notable campaigns often choose to continue to wear the individual campaign design for the honour.

Chapter Relics & HonorsEdit


  • The Alpha Sword - A superlative master-crafted blade said to be used by the first Lord Master.
  • Omega Armor - The most ancient set of master-crafted artificer armor the Chapter holds, said to have been a gift from their Progentiors. It is worn by the Lord Master of the Chapter.
  • The Gilded Skull - An Astartes skull gilded in gold with ruby studded eyes. It is not known who the skull belongs to, but is said to be the most valued relic of the Chapter.


  • Iron Skull - unlike other Chapters, the Iron Skull is not awarded for leadership. It is an honor given to any Scouts when they attain full brotherhood. The Iron Skull, known to the Chapter as the Scarlet Skull, is the symbol of the Chapter. Some say it symbolizes that a regular Scarlet Skull Battle-Brother is the equal to all other Chapter's sergeants.
  • Sacred Bones - Bones belonging to the Chapter's heroes are handed down to Battle-Brothers who have shown great valor. Sacred Bones are placed in silver gilded reliquaries and worn on a Battle-Brother's power armour, so that their past brethren might witness their valorous deeds on the field of battle.
  • Crypt Scrolls - Scrolls written with encrypted text that holds the Chapter's secrets within. It is said that no one in living memory has been able to decipher the words.
  • Campaign Seals - Similar to Purity Seals, these seals are affixed to company banners and denote famous battles the company has participated in.
  • Golden Laurels - A golden Laurels is awarded for great and extraordinary valor resulting in, or attributing to victory. These are more rare than Imperial Laurels.
  • Scarlet Seals - Scarlet Seals are affixed to Imperial Laurels to denote that in this act of valor, this Astartes was severely wounded.



Notable QuotesEdit

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By the Scarlet SkullsEdit

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About the Scarlet SkullsEdit


I cannot take credit for this one -- the Scarlet Skulls were originally created by Thisarmysucks (or TAS) over on the Warhammer 40,000 Wiki. He's a Noncommissioned Officer currently serving with the United States Army's 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Due to his hectic schedule and VERY active lifestyle, he's not often online, and unfortunately his original article had to be removed due to some minor non-canonical issues. Not wanting to let such an awesome Chapter fall by the wayside, in honour of TAS, I've brought his Chapter out into the limelight for everyone to marvel at and enjoy!


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