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Sarveth Ur'Kash
"I have bent a thousand worlds to my whim, a thousand times! Billions have knelt before me and pleaded for their worthless lives! I have broken ten thousand of the Corpse-Emperor's greatest champions over my knees! I have led armies of the galaxy's most feared warriors, hundreds of thousands strong, all of them answering to me and me alone! You know not with whom you trifle! By the Gods, I shall end you!"
―Sarveth Ur'Kash boasts about his impressive reputation.

A Daemon Prince of immense power, Sarveth Ur'Kash was trapped within a blade known as the Anathema of Rynthos for nearly four thousand years after failing the Dark Gods on the world of Therangard. However, he was released by the Dark Apostle Vanderoth on the world of Signatus Minorum in 960.M41, helping Vanderoth to sacrifice much of the planet's unwitting populace in order to summon a vast daemonic army. While Vanderoth was slain by a pair of Battle-Brothers from the Angels Encarmine Space Marine Chapter, Ur'Kash successfully summoned his army, and retreated to the Eye of Terror, amassing his army further before unleashing it upon the Ulgroth Sector later that year.