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Raptors of Vulkan

Second Founding

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Ortek Tyrian


Orjekt Prime


Halls of the Pyre




Heavy Weapons, Destroyer Squads, Punitive Actions


Salamanders, Iron Hands and Dark Angels


"We are the Talon!" or "Let the pyres burn true!"

"This galaxy is infested with twisted, delusional madmen. Ignorance, avarice, and treason infest the minds and hearts of mortal men and Astartes alike. It sickens me. Lord Vulkan is a kind soul. He must keep his hands clean, so that he may lead the Legion. Let us be the fire of the Salamander. Let them look upon us, not in awe, but in fear, in terror. So that we may show them the error of their misguided paths in the manner the ancient gods of myth, with hellfire and brimstone. We shall be the avenging talon of justice, wrought in sacred flame. We shall be the Raptors of Vulkan, and none shall stay our wrath!"
―Kyrrian Bloch, First Lord of the Pyre, Legion Master of the Raptors of Vulkan

The Raptors of Vulkan are a Second Founding Successor Legion of the stalwart Salamanders Legion, created in the wake of the Horus Heresy to help offset the severe losses sustained by the Legiones Astartes. Founded as a replacement for the lost and forgotten IInd Legion,

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