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They'z Dead 'Ard
Quad-Kan Murdahandz
Date of Birth


Date of Death

897.M41 (three of the Dredds), 943.M41 (Murdahandz)


Bad Moonz


Confusion and enforcing Roktoof's position as Warboss


The four Ork Deff Dredds collectively known as Quad-Kan Murdahandz were the enforcers of Warboss Roktoof, during the Eneldor Campaign. These four Deff Dredds were one of the most confounding Ork contraptions ever devised - the Big Mek serving under Roktoof agreed to fuse four different Ork Deff Dreads together into one to create the ultimate "tincan 'umie killin' masheen". The leading Deff Dredd, known individually as Murdahandz, survived Eneldor, though its three compatriots did not, and confronted one of the participants of Eneldor during the New Sirius Campaign years later, and was defeated for good there.