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Order of the Frozen Heart

Order Militant


33rd Millennium


Stephan Lykosia

Battle Cry

"Blood on our blades, ice in our veins, the Emperor's word upon our tongues!"


The Order of the Frozen Heart, was a Sisters of Battle Order established shorty after the end of the Ursulan Insurrection, where several members of the Order of the Bloodied Rose wiped out a local Chaos led insurrection in the 33rd Millennium by Stephan Lykosia. With the insurrection eradicated, the Order, realizing that it had other matters to attend to, and also currently suffering from ideological and political clout, decided to settle the matter in a peaceful and inconspicuous manner, by decreeing the creation of a new order to safeguard the otherwise seemingly insignificant planet. This Order would eventually blossom into the Order of the Frozen Heart, an unorthodox, yet fervently loyal force that has defended both the Ursulan Sector as well as other Sectors in need, albeit often clashing with other Imperial forces in doing so.


The Bloodied Rose, already suffering from infighting, demonstrated this somewhat fatal flaw during their otherwise impeccable offensive actions in the Ursulan Crusade. In the Crusade, both commanding officers and Battle Sisters debated and fought over over various subjects, up to and including how the local population of the Ursulan Sector should be treated. While more traditional elements of the Order often saw them as little more than mere peasants to be exploited for labor and taught the glory of the Emperor, progressive elements instead wished to treat them fairly and equally, believing them to have already been oppressed by their lords, some of which were incurably tainted with the poison that is Chaos. This lead to what could best be described as rather schizophrenic behavior by the order while occupying parts of the system, as some locals reported a rather great treatment by their new overseers, while others reported rather violent methods taken to ensure peace in their local area, up to and including massacres and mass executions. This further caused political and moral strife within the order, which now found itself even more conflicted by its own actions.

A subsequent, non-Chaos affiliated insurrection, and several skirmishes with the previous Imperial Guard regiments in the sector made it clear that the Bloodied Rose's reputation was tarnished in the Sector. Realizing that this could be an opportunity to finally settle the issue, both traditionalists and progressives within the Order realized that they could maintain a foothold on the Sector while still being capable of focusing its efforts elsewhere and settling its growing political strife. Thus, Palatine Eleonora, a major voice within the progressive members of the Order was Canonized, and given command over her new safeguarding force, and assist the locals of the Sector in rebuilding. Despite initial concerns and strife between locals in the Sector, the Order of the Frozen Heart fulfilled its duties quite well, and ended suspicions with the local population.