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Nova Terra
Astrographical Information

Viridis Sector


Segmentum Pacificus

Physical Information
World type

Hive World/ Capital World

Societal, Political, & Chronological Information

Tens Of Billions


Nova Terran Regency


Nova Terra is the capital world of the Nova Terra Regency. Nova Terra lies in the heart of the Viridis Sector and is also the prime recruiting world of a multitude of Space Marine Legions, known as the Nova Terra Legiones Astartes (more commonly known as the 'Ur-Legions'), namely the Iron Talons, Eternal Legion, and Night Lords.


Major EventsEdit

Notable PlacesEdit

Arches Of The Legions - This is a memorial raised to all the legions that have been raised for Nova Terra.

The Pillars Of Memories - A memorial that is dedicated to all thoes who have died for the Nova Terran Regency. The largest and most ornate of these pillars are dedicated to the legions who have died to a man.

Fortress Of Eternal Shadows- The Eternal Legion`s fortress monastary.

Nova Palatium - The Nova Terran palace building that sits in the capital city.

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