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"Men and women of the New Imperium! Hear your High Consul, the first degree servant of this glorious nation of ours! Today, we stand at the brink of a new era. Unbound and released from the dogmatic ways of the Inquisition and the scholastic thoughts of the Ecclesiarchy, mankind is now ready to rule the stars properly! We, the servants of this New Imperium and it's citizens, will do all that is in our power to ensure that the flames of the New Imperial Revolution will never be extinguished! We shall march on with courage and will unmatched, to see our thoughts and ways brought to even the darkest corners of the Galaxy! We shall fight on until the very end, for all our battles are only fought for Mankind and it's Welfare!"
―High Consul Alistair Crackham, announcing the establishment of the New Imperium.

The New Imperium is an interstellar empire dominated by humans, the overlord of the Federation and the ultimate authority in Segmentum Solar. Established during the 48th Millennium AD, the New Imperium is led by High Consul Alistair Crackham, who was arguably one of the most important figures in the New Imperial Revolution. Being a recently established nation, it still tries to strengthen its authority and apply its laws on countless planets under its rule. Battling many forces in almost all the Segmentae Majoris, the New Imperium is also known for being more tolerant to xenos and mutants than the Imperium of Man, as it is known that the New Imperium enhances the Reformed Imperial Guard with xenos regiments.

A rather benevolent force, it is best described as a democratic nation. Built after the bloody and devastating "New Imperial Revolution", it is regarded as the successor of the Emperor's ideals and last hope for mankind by most of it's citizens. However, a noticeable portion of the humans in the galaxy deem it as a curse and a sickness that must be destroyed. The latter who deem it to be like this have pledged themselves to the Imperial Remnant, which is somewhat the opposite of the New Imperium and rules over most of Segmentum Tempestus.



The New Imperium is established in 550.M48, when the Reformists successfully conquered Holy Terra, now renamed Crimson Terra, and established a new state under the leadership of the, former Lord Solar, High Consul Alistair Crackham.

New Imperial Elections and Voting SystemEdit

Te New Imperium has two types of elections that takes place within their borders. These are the High Consul Elections and the Representative Elections, respectively.

High Consul ElectionsEdit

The office of the High Consul is not a permanent position for anyone but it can not stay vacant unless the New Imperium ceases to exist. The election for a new High Consul happens if one of these 3 different conditions are met:

  1. By default, the elections are expected to take place after 200 years have passed since the latest election.
  2. If the High Consul leaves Crimson Terra, a regent is immediately assigned by the High Consul, or the Great Council should the High Consul leaves the decision to them, to lead the New Imperium in their absence. If the High Consul dies on another planet other than Crimson Terra, the sword is passed on to their regent who is to govern the New Imperium until a new High Consul is elected.
  3. If the Great Council orders the disposition of the High Consul, which can only happen if there is a consensus, elections are prepared immediately after the High Consul is removed from office, by any means necessary.

This election is quite shorter than the Representative Elections, because the Great Council is the only organization that can elect a new High Consul and the only voters are the members of the Great Council, whom are also forced to have at least 3 regents that will represent them in their absence, be it during a vacation or after death, until they are relieved from their duty.

After the Great Council gathers and then elects a new High Consul, the New High Consul takes his position after a formal ceremony that involves the previous High Consul, or regent if the High Consul is dead, handing the office to the new one.

Representative ElectionsEdit

These elections normally take place every 300 years, however, the Great Council has the power to postpone or propone the elections, just like the High Consul Elections. To make sure that the planetary representatives are elected with ease, the New Imperium has developed a new system to avert mass confusion, called "Planetary Parties". As the name implies, there are numerous political parties scattered across every planet under New Imperial control. However, these parties are allowed to act on only one planet, thus stranding every party on one planet to ensure that time isn't wasted with listing all the other parties from a planet to a citizen from another as the citizen would only care about the parties that are on the planet they live on. These parties, when notified that the election year has come, start making preparations to notify the citizens among their planet of the undertakings they would begin if their representative is elected. Every planet can only have one representative, so the parties need to sway the most amount of people to their cause to prevail and work even though if an election year is not present. Parties from various planets can form alliances, but a party can not be active on more than one planet. Military is excluded from politics to ensure the unity of the New Imperial Armed Forces is not shattered.

The Representative Elections are more difficult to take care of and they take an entire solar year. These years, referred to as the "Voting Years", have been separated to 4 different sections:

  1. The first 2 months of the year is solely for preparations. Notifications would be sent all across the New Imperium and the Planetary Parties start to notify the citizens of the upcoming Elections. Party leaders choose the Representative Candidates and a main Representative of the party is chosen. It should also be noted that while the way a party chooses it's Representative may wary, the most basic and common way is via a vote within the party council.
  2. The following 3 months cover the voting process. Every citizen is urged to vote for a party, note that the votes are for parties and not for representative candidates to overcome confusion if a representative dies during the elections, but due to the fact that it is impossible to count every citizen of the Imperium, those who do not vote are not punished or even recorded. The voting locations are also tightly guarded by a governmental organization called the "Electionary Guard". These men and women are trained on basic warfare, but most importantly, a strong moral code is implemented on each member of the Electionary Guard. They are such fervent followers of the New Imperial Cause that each member of the Electionary Guard consider themselves as "meat shields" when it comes to executing their duty.
  3. The next 6 months are for counting down the votes and determining the victorious party. After the victorious party is chosen, the result of the election is sent to Crimson Terra through Astropathic Messages, while important figures such as Planetary Governors that do not vote are listed as "absent" and these lists are also sent to Crimson Terra to notify the Great Council as well. This process can be extended by another month should the Astropathic Messages not arrive. If the result of the election is not sent even though the extra month is complete, the planet in question would be branded as "in duress" and a force may be sent to investigate. Once the results are acknowledged by the Great Council, the newly elected Planetary Representatives, and their regents, are expected to arrive in Crimson Terra as soon as possible. In their absence, it is the duty of the former Representatives to represent their planet, and should the new Representative die en route, it is the duty of the former Planetary Representative to represent their planet until the elected party chooses and sends a new representative to replace the dead one.
  4. The last 2 months of the Election year are for adjusting the list of the Great Council members and preparing the quarters of the New ones. During this time, Planetary Governors are also expected to notify Crimson Terra about the number of citizens that voted on their planet, via astrophathic messages. This also enables the Economistry, an Adepta within the Great Council, to record the estimated population of the planet, along with the population growth rate, the amount of materials and taxes that should be sent to Crimson Terra.

The Election Year complete, Estare Imperium records the sessions and results, along with the information related to the planets that are relayed to them through various other Adeptas like the Economistry.

Planetary GovernorsEdit

Although it is a heavily debated topic within the halls of the Great Council, the New Imperium does not elect Planetary Governors. Instead, the Planetary Governors are considered as an extension of the Great Council's will on all the planets under New Imperial rule and thus are assigned by the New Imperium directly. However, in order to avoid mass confusion and effectively assign planetary governors, these matters are handled by a new Adepta, called "Adeptus Electus", which is led by the "Prime Assigner". The High Consul also has the responsibility to oversee these assignments and thus, must have a representative in this Adepta. The current representative of the High Consul is Irmina Crackham, adopted daughter of High Consul Alistair Crackham.

Adeptus ImperialisEdit

The New Imperium is led by the Great Council, which consists of the following members:

  • Lord-General of the Reformed Imperial Guard
  • Headguard of the Royal Guard
  • Great Trader of the New Imperial Trade Company (NITC in short)
  • Grand Admiral of the Reformed Imperial Navy
  • Chapter Master of the Crimson Wardens
  • The Grand Master of the Officio Assassinorum
  • The Lead-Pysker of the Nova Astra Telephatica
  • Representative of the Xeno Imperialis
  • Representative of the Abhuman Imperialis
  • Representative of the Mutant Imperialis (who also represent the Navigators)
  • The High-Fabricator of the Reformed Mechanicum
  • Master Economistarum of Economistry
  • Lawbringer of the Justiciars
  • Ebony Dagger of the Silent Daggers
  • Representatives of every Planet under New Imperial Authority
  • Lord High Peacekeeper of the Electionary Guard
  • Estate Imperium
  • Prime Assigner of the Adeptus Electus

Every member of the Great Council participates in laws decreed by it and votes to that law by representing their ranks or planets. The High Consul is also elected by the Great Council and should be a member of the Great Council. However, during times of need, someone who has shown great devotion to the New Imperial Cause can be elected as a High Consul, the greatest example to this being the High Consul Alistair Crackham. Though, on usual elections, a High Consul is elected from the members of the Great Council. Every member is considered equal to each other and shares the same privileges that are a bit more than the normal citizen rights, except the right to vote for laws proposed and elect the High Consul.

However, some of these leaders represent a greater organization within the New Imperium, called Adeptas. Adeptas handle the bureaucratic, diplomatic, commercial and likewise affairs of the New Imperium and works to assure their tasked mission is done properly. However, these Adeptas have limited autonomy within the New Imperium as they are bound to consult with the Great Council on events that may affect the New Imperium greatly. These Adeptas include, but are not limited to:

  • The Imperius Administratus is the Adepta responsible for the day-to-day administrative and bureaucratic functions of the entire New Imperium. Being the largest Adepta, It administrates the New Imperium at almost every bureaucratic level, assessing tithes and taxes, recording and planning. The Imperius Administratus consists of many subdivisions and departments tasked with varying purposes to benefit the New Imperium. At the will of the Great Council, the Imperius Administratus collects the New Imperial tithe, sends out colonists, and catalogues planets. On its own, it administers the day-to-day bureaucratic affairs of the New Imperium. It also includes the Munitorial Department, which is devoted to the general administration, personnel assignment, supply and logistics of the Reformed Imperial Guard, the bulk of the New Imperial Armed Forces. The Munitorial Department has the ultimate responsibility of providing equipment and supplies to all regiments in the field. It is primarily a logistical organisation, like the larger Imperius Admistratus of which it is a part, but while the Imperius Administratus deals with the civilian logistics and bureaucratic responsibilities of running the entire New Imperium, the Munitorial Department deals solely with the military logistics necessary to fight and win the Imperium's wars on behalf of all branches of the Imperial armed forces.

  • The Militarium is the Adepta that bears the responsibility of raising Reformed Imperial Guard regiments, training Reformed Imperial Guard troopers, transporting troops along with equipment to the theaters of war using the vessels of the Reformed Imperial Navy. The Militarium also has the right to declare war without being forced to vote for it on the Great Council, if there is an Imperium-Wide-Emergency (IWE in short). The Militarum also bears the responsibility of managing the Reformed Imperial Armada. Whether it is the repairing of Ships or ordering the production of new vessels, all is the responsibility of the Militarum.

Imperius Psychera

The insignia of Imperius Psychera.

  • The Imperius Psychera is the Adepta responsible with managing the New Imperium's network of Astropaths, the Sanctioned Psykers who are responsible for telepathically transmitting faster-than-light messages through the Immaterium, Navigators, who have the unique psychic ability to navigate spacecraft through long distances in the chaotic trans-dimensional eddies of the Warp, and the Pharos devices planted on every Sub-Sector under New Imperial rule. Those Pharos devices cause the planets they are planted in and the surrounding area to be visible to Navigators. As a result of this, the Astronomican is powered with less psychic energy and now can be maintained without psykers to power it. However, The Pharos devices must be maintained with extreme caution and guarded by the best psykers in the New Imperium. That is why they are entombed deep within vaults built to protect them, guarded by the Military under the command of Imperius Psychera, called "Armata Psychera". The Armata Psychera is a force that consists entirely of psyker soldiers who are subjugated to a training so harsh that they can endure solely because of their psychic abilities. The New Imperium collects psykers all around the galaxy, however, it doesn't send them to the Astronomican and in fact, trains them in a special educational center called "Schola Psychera" that trains psykers and places them on the ranks they earn the right to be placed in.

  • The Reformed Mechanicus is the Adepta responsible with building and maintaining all advanced New Imperial technology, vehicles, starships, weapons of war and equipment. Their Headquarters are on Mars. The Reformed Mechanicus believes that all knowledge in the universe can be changed and must be examined properly to understand it. They believe that technology is only a path to advance mankind and nothing more. The Reformed Mechanicus was formed when only a handful of tech-priests remained loyal to the New Imperium due to the Sacking of Mars. Due to this event, the New Imperial command decided reform the Mechanicus with merging all the Reformist tech priests, Techmarines and Masters of the Forge to rebuild it. Many answered the call, and when the New Imperium was officially formed, each chapter retook half of their techmarines while the rest stayed to continue building the Reformed Mechanicus. Outside of Mars, the Reformed Mechanicus controls all of the Imperium's Forge Worlds, the planets where the production of most of its advanced technological items is done, while the laboratorums, the locations where new technology is researched and existing ones advanced, is controlled by the New Imperium. They are the guardians of technology, the leaders of machinery. However, they are also the teachers of technology and scientists in the New Imperium that are duty-bound to share their knowledge with the worlds under New Imperium's command to ensure their survival. To them, Mankind is in a fallen state from the height of its powers during the Dark Age of Technology, when the secrets of the universe were known to all. It is their honor-bound duty to ensure that Mankind returns to the technological state it once was in.

  • The Royal Guard are the genetically-engineered super-humans who serve as the guardians of the Emperor's ideals. They are essentially the Emperor's bodyguards, the Royal Guardsmen within the Imperial Palace on Crimson Terra, and they are considered to be the greatest warriors of the Imperium, more powerful than even the Adeptus Astartes. The New Imperium tasks the Royal Guard more than the old Imperium and usually orders their deployment on critical situations. However, the Great Council has agreed to the request of the Royal Guard that no matter what happens, half of them would remain on Crimson Terra. They are among the mightiest warriors in all the Imperium, the praetorians of the Emperor. They stand vigilant outside the brazen doors which seal His holy chamber. However, even though in their vigilant state, the New Imperium also makes active use of them and they are also inspected thoroughly if corruption is suspected.

  • The Justiciars are the guardians of Code of Judgements, New Imperial Law. It is given to them to maintain order within the New Imperium and they have the right to accuse anyone who disobeys it. The Code of Judgements is however, is meant to provide a general idea about the New Imperial rules and regualtions. It is up to the justiciars to understand them without the help of a book and then judge those who broke it. Wherever a Planetary Governor seeks to abuse his rule, wherever populist unrest seeks to unseat the rightful dominion of the New Imperium, wherever thoughts of personal gain at the expense of the New Imperium's interests crosses the minds of anyone, there you will find the Justiciars, clad in their ceramite armor and weaponry. The Justiciars enforce the New Imperial laws across the New Imperium's domains and a Justiciar possess the right to serve as judge and jury on every Imperial world. However, the authority to execute the accused is not given to them unless the accused is ready or about to commit an act that can damage the New Imperium. The executioners of the traitors within is the Great Council, as they inspect every filed criminal and the judgement of the Justiciars that caught them. In the end, they decide the best course of action based on the judgement of the Justiciar.

  • The Officio Assassinorum is the Adepta tasked with removing the key leaders of any enemy of the New Imperium as determined by the Great Council, who can even order the disposition of the High Consul if all the councilors vote in favor of this act. However, the Officio Assassinorum only involves itself if the High Consul refuses to resign and denies the vote, thus the will of the Great Council. Officio Assassinorum has the right to stand against this decision, primarily because the Grand Master of the Officio Assassinorum is a member of the Great Council and can oppose this task, thus breaking the required unanimity for the task to be carried out. Of all the known Adeptas, The Officio Assassinorum is the most covert one known, tasked with execution of key leaders whether they are a threat from outside or inside.

  • The Mutant Imperialis is the Adepta responsible with representing the "Sanctioned Mutants", mutants that are not created through chaotic taint, but genetic errors and similar problems instead. The Mutant Imperialis also represent the interests of Navigators. Even though the Imperius Psychera handles the training of New Navigators, it is the Mutant Imperialis that represents them. These "New" Navigators are specific mutants that possess the Navigator Gene like their predecessors, the Navis Nobilite. However, their difference is that they are no longer a guild of great noble houses, but an organization that is directly under the command of the New Imperium. Trained by the Imperius Psychera, this new generation embodies what the New Imperium wants from them: unwavering loyalty. Due to the Edict of Naval Reformation, referred to as the "Great Betrayal" by the Imperial Remnant, the riches and gains of the Navis Nobilite are confiscated by the New Imperium and most of their members are captured, brainwashed and made to believe that the Navis Nobilite did not exist at all, that they have always been the "Navis Imperialis", a governmental organization within the New Imperium tasked with navigating spacecraft through long distances in the chaotic Immaterium, also known as the Warp. The members of the Navis Imperialis however, despite that they've lost almost all of their power and riches, enjoy great benefits as the New Imperium still values their assistance greatly. Rumors also exist that dirus, a substance that brainwashes and mindwipes its victims, was also used on them, turning them into more diligent and obedient citizens of the New Imperium.

  • The Secundum is the term used to collectively describe both the Xeno Imperialis and Abhuman Imperialis, whom are responsible with maintaining the rights of the Xenos and Abhumans living under the banner of the New Imperium. Their existence is proof that the New Imperium cares for every citizen under its rule, whether it is a man or xenos.

  • The Economistry is the Adepta responsible for maintaining the economy of the Imperium, ensuring the New Imperial treasury prospers. Even though their ways are direct and sometimes outright brutal, the Adepta does a proper job as the New Imperial treasury has always been on surplus since it was founded. The Economistry also ensures the distribution of the money and gains among the population. The Economistry, working together with various other Adeptas, also has the important duty of calculating the estimated population of every planet under New Imperial rule, along with the population growth rate, the amount of taxes and materials that should be received from these planets. These tasks are mostly done during the Representative Elections, as the Great Council also relays all the information received from planets to the Adepta so that these tasks can be completed with ease.

  • The Estate Imperium is the Adepta tasked with recording Great Council sessions, mapping the planets and Segmentums under New Imperial rule, maintaining the archives of the New Imperium and many more untold missions to ensure the New Imperium doesn't lose the records of events or its advancement which may result with it decaying if those records are not secured. The

  • The Medicae Imperialis is the primary arm of the Great Council that deals with public health and medical-related issues in the New Imperium, operating medical facilities and hospitals throughout the New Imperial planets. In addition, they seem to oversee the management and quarantine of worlds or groups afflicted by plagues, such as those created and spread by Nurgle, the Chaos God of Plague. The Medicae Imperialis also deals with epidemics and other variations of diseases, trying to develop cures to counter them.

New Imperial Education SystemEdit

While matter of education is left to the discretion of the Planetary Governors, the New Imperium maintains one colossal organization which has a base on all the planets under New Imperial rule. This organization is created to educate the bright citizens of the New Imperium, make them "useful" and spread the New Imperial Cause.

New Imperial AcademiesEdit

New Imperial Academies are, at the very core, military, administrative and diplomatic centers of education. Replacing the Schola Progenium and various other Imperial educational organizations, these academies mostly occupy former Schola Progenium facilities and have a similar purpose. However, they are organized and function in a different way. Students are not only orphans, but also citizens of the New Imperium that have shown great intellect when it comes to various topics. These students, referred to as "Cadets", are taken to these Academies and undergo a brutal training. The ones that graduate are assigned to various positions within the New Imperium so that they can be used at peak efficiency. It is also very important to note that many New Imperial organizations recruit from these colossal academies.

  • Those that prove to be exceptionally skilled in the art of war and combat are conscripted into various elite Reformed Imperial Guard Regiments, such as the Consul's Chosen.
  • Those that understand complex strategies, expert logistics, adaptability and battle situations are selected to lead regiments as Colonels, Lord Commanders or above.
  • Those show understanding in the art of naval warfare are assigned as captains, Naval Masters or above.
  • Those that are skilled in administrative duties are sent to various Adeptas or other governmental organizations.
  • The cadets that prove their skill when it comes to diplomacy and negotiations are also taken into the New Imperial governmental structure as either "Ambassadors" or "Diplomats". The main difference is that Ambassadors have to know the New Imperial Cause and the objectives of the New Imperium so that they can represent it with ease and might while Diplomats are negotiators at their core. The Diplomats have to be more open to other ideals and able to sway even the most stubborn into cooperation. Both of these ranks answer to a subdivision of the Imperius Administratus, called The Diplomaticum, and are assigned by the it as well.
  • Odd situations may arise when a cadet shows exceptional skill in stealth, poisons and other arts of intrigue. These cadets are granted the most esteemed honor of joining the Officio Assassinorum, the secret assassins that are under the disposal of their Grandmaster and the New Imperium. However, these are considered to be rare cases as the Officio Assassinorum employs more secretive ways to recruit and train. It is even suspected that these cadets are simply "dolls", decoys to hide the true assets of the Officio Assassinorum.
  • Monitoring their cadets very closely, these academies do not only record the test results of their students. Indeed, these cadets are strictly monitored and their moral behavior, alongside many other things, are noted as well. Those cadets that are recorded to be the most devout followers of the New Imperial Cause, to a state where everything else doesn't matter when it comes to defending the principles of the New Imperium, are recruited to the Electionary Guard itself. Those that are bestowed with this magnificent honor are truly the most strict and devout defenders of the principles that the New Imperium was built on.
  • The Justiciars, the Judges and Juries within the New Imperium, also recruit from these vast academies. Chosen for their ability to think independently and obey the law on any occasion, these people represent the very best of their classes when it comes to obeying, enforcing and explaining the New Imperial Law and Code of Judgements.

The power that they have is so magnificent that they dwarf and absorb every other educational organization created, and they intend to keep on doing so. They have expanded on such a level that all the other educational organizations are all officially considered as sub-branches of the New Imperial Academies. The size of these Academies are generally colossal, due to the fact that most of the elite troopers of the New Imperium are trained on these academies, and they span all over the New Imperium. Funded and built by the Great Council directly, the academies are the most notorious organization when it comes to education.

Graduation Process and Secret Wall ProtocolEdit

Graduation Process in these academies vary greatly. The cadets are tested harshly on all the lessons combined, and a list is prepared regarding the results, assigning every cadet to the most productive area they should serve on. Later on, these lists are sent to Crimson Terra so that the organizations which will recruit from the academies are notified. The recruiting is not done on a specific time and academies serve as quarters for the cadets that are not drafted into any organization yet. Organizations have various ways of recruiting:

  • The regiments shall draft troops from these academies only when there is need, and the process is usually done by selecting random cadets from the lists provided. However, if a new regiment is to be created, the regiment is formed entirely from the academy, but the command of the regiment is not necessarily given to commanders that have graduated from the academy and a different commander may be assigned to lead the regiment.
  • Governmental organizations are perhaps the most organized when it comes to the matter of recruiting, for they will most likely send a time for their "recruiting sessions" and will expect the students to be ready. They will most likely be tested by the representatives of the organization as well.
  • Diplomats and Ambassadors are what the New Imperium requires at its core so those that graduate as one will be immediately sent to Crimson Terra to follow their assignments.
  • The Electionary Guard have a presence on every planet, so when the need to recruit arises, the local commanders of the Electionary Guard, referred to as "Lord Peacekeepers", will notify the academy and ask for the cadets to be prepared. While it is not law, most Lord Peacekeepers send expert Electionary Guards to test the cadets as well.
  • Justiciars are widespread so there is no way to confirm a certain recruiting time. Mostly, these cadets will ve assigned to work under a certain justiciar so that they gain experience to become a Justiciar on their own. However, times may arise when a Justiciar arrives to an academy to recruit on his own. On such an event, the Justiciar in question is given the right to recruit 2 cadets at most, this is why most Justiciars work as either duos or trios, because on most occasions, these cadets do not leave their "mentors" when they graduate, but keep on serving alongside them.
  • If a cadet is deemed worthy to join the Officio Assassinorum, the Secret Wall Protocol is activated. This protocol demands that the cadet in question must be publicly transferred to Crimson Terra. However, right after arrival, the cadet in question is immediately seized by the Officio Assassinorum, who then trains these cadets again on one of their hidden facilities. Depending on their success, or death, the cadet may be disposed, either by killing or brainwashing, used as a "doll" or on rare occasions, recruited into the Officio Assassinorum.

Reformed MilitaryEdit

The New Imperium, even though more democratic, still upholds the military traditions of the Old Imperium and even takes them further by both taking the support of the citizenry and enhancing its military with xenos citizens.

Reformed Imperial GuardEdit

"Let there be few with strong minds rather than many with weak ones."
―Reformed Imperial Guard Proverb.

Imperial guard has been the primary offensive punch of the Imperium since the 31st Millennium, and the New Imperium continues this tradition since the space marines can't fight on every battlefront and location due to their insufficient numbers. However, the New Imperium maintains a high quality army. Even though it has lower manpower compared to its Predecessor, the New Imperium pushes the soldiers under its command to their limit, often training the cadets in a really strict and brutal manner. Because of this, the New Imperium maintains a smaller but more disciplined army compared to the Old Imperium.

The Lord General commands the Reformed Imperial Guard and is responsible for everything related to the Reformed Imperial Guard. However, since a single man can't lead an army as big as the Reformed Guard, the Lord General also delegates Lord Commanders, man and women that show an extraordinary understanding of logistics, that are tasked with maintaining their respective Grand Armies, forces consisting of multiple battlegroups. Battlegroups are best defined as armies consisting of multiple regiments and each battlegroup is led by a General. After them, comes the Colonels, men and women that lead a single regiment. The forces of the Reformed Guard are bound to obey their respective peers in order unless there is certain evidence of corruption.

Reformed Imperial NavyEdit

"To control this vast, boundless and unending sea known as space is to control the fate of the New Imperium itself. If I am granted the great honor of having a role in this grand endeavor, I must carry it out with supreme excellency! All batteries, open fire! We shall lead the assault! There will be no retreat, so make your peace with what you believe in!"
―Grand Admiral Chaka during the Conquest of Titan, spearheading the assault to destroy the remnants of the loyalist armada.

The Reformed Imperial Navy is the guardian of the New Imperial authority in Space. While the Reformed Imperial Guard represents the Imperium's ground forces, the Imperial Navy is responsible for the fleets of starships that maintain order between the stars and planets in the Imperium. The Reformed Navy has many tasks, from providing space and air support to transporting the Reformed Imperial Guard across the galaxy. The mighty Battle-fleets of the Reformed Navy are constantly engaging threats both inside and outside the New Imperium's borders. Because of this, the Reformed Navy is one of the most prestigious and important establishments in the New Imperium and it is a great honor to be a member of the Reformed Imperial Navy.

However, the Reformed Navy was, following the New Imperial Revolution, one of the most devastated forces in the New Imperium, having turned into a small fragment of what it once was. For this reason, the Reformed Navy saw extensive changes and was almost rebuilt from the ground to become the navy it is today, in a miraculously short amount of time. This lied on two reasons: One, to ensure that the New Imperium would rule the stars properly, the existence of a glorious and strong navy was essential. Understanding this, the Great Council decreed that the highest amount of funds would be devoted to the reconstruction Reformed Navy, followed by the administration. Two, having lost most of it's heavy cruisers during the revolution, the Reformed Navy adopted a more balanced approach when it came to quality and quantity, combining heavy firepower with masses of small starships designed to destroy or sabotage important enemy assets and protect their own. Yet, the Reformed Navy is still constantly and vigilantly improved, growing in size with each passing day.

However, that is not the only difference it has, compared to the old Imperial Navy. The Reformed Imperial Navy is also led by the Grand Admiral, who is responsible with supplying all the needs of all the naval forces and coordinating them. However, the Grand Admiral does not directly control all the naval assets. Instead, the Grand Admiral also assigns Admirals to ease his job, as the Admirals are tasked with commanding Battle-Fleets, naval forces that consist of multiple Expeditionary Fleets. These Battle-Fleets are also divided to smaller parts, called Expeditionary Fleets. Led by a Grand Master, these small fleets form the core of the Reformed Navy's organization. After the Grand Masters, comes the captain, who commands a single ship and is responsible with managing both his crew and ship.

Reformist Adeptus AstartesEdit


Royal GuardEdit

The Royal Guard are, in essence, the Adeptus Custodes that sided with the revolutionaries during the New Imperial Revolution. For the Royal Guard, the revolution was more of a revelation because it showed them that the corruption outside the halls of the Emperor was inevitable. Having turned into a secluded force that rarely left the Imperial Palace after Roboute Guiliman's sacrifice during The Great Devouring, the Adeptus Custodes were shattered when they saw what they fought for. Doubt started to brew whether should they intervene or not and eventually, it tore them apart during the Second Siege of Terra. Brother slew brother and confusion spread even among themselves, as they didn't know what or whom their brothers defended. In the end, the loyalist Custodes were pushed back and eventually defeated on Titan, but the deaths of their brothers and their blind obedience made the reformist Custodes realize that to protect the Imperium was to protect the Emperor. Renamed as the Royal Guard and clad in their armor once more, the Adeptus Custodes were ready to wage war once again. However, despite the fact that they've seen that direct intervention was necessary, they petitioned that a half of their force should stay in the Imperial Palace. The Great Council was more than willing to accept, for it did not wish to invoke the wrath of the Adeptus Custodes, and they knew that they were bodyguards fist and foremost. Accepting their request, The Great Council also decreed that the Headguard, a title that was formerly known as Captain-General, would enter the Great Council.

Reformed Legio CyberneticaEdit

The Legio Cybernetica was a sub-branch of the Adeptus Mechanicus which was responsible for deploying fully autonomous Battle-Automatas. However, following the New Imperial Revolution, The Legio Cybernetica was greatly reformed and became an independent organization, even though it still retained most of it's old ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus, for both increasing the combat duties and the support tasks intended to aid Imperial armed forces in the field with peak efficiency. The Legio Cybernetica can trace its lineage to the time before the birth of the Imperium of Man when Mars was an independent empire ruled by the Tech-priests of the Cult Mechanicus. Currently, the Reformed Legio Cybernetica is considered as an elite force of the New Imperium and a well respected one.

Reformed Collegia TitanicaEdit

When Alistair Crackham renounced his allegiance and joined the New Imperium, many Titan Houses also sided with the infant New Imperium. After Terra was conquered, the New Imperial Command made a declaration stating that titans would be given command under Grand Masters and they would be regrouped according to their types rather than houses. This was approved by Legio Titanica as well, primarily because the Refromist Titan Houses didn't lose anything with this reorganization. However, after the event known as the Ransacking of Mars, New Imperium was forced to rebuild the Legio Cybernetica, Legio Titanica and Adeptus Mechanicus from the ground. This was mainly due to the treachery of the Iron Hands as they renounced their allegiance and betrayed the New Imperium both by convincing Augustus, the Grand Master of Imperator Class Titans, to revolt against the New Imperium and by rescuing the loyalists that survived the Conquest of Titan. During the war, they were tasked with destroying any survivors that might escape into orbit, but instead they arranged a secret meeting between the Iron Council and Supreme Grand Master Philip Agustus and agreed that they would help the survivors. When the command squad of the Grey Knights, along with most of the loyalist Tech-Priests, managed to escape from Titan, the Iron Hands fleet opened fire on their allies. Taking advantage of this distraction, the survivors managed to board the Iron Hands' flagship, The Iron Hand. The Iron Hands later on fled to Segmentum Tempestus while the New Imperium was busy retaking the control of the Imperator Class Titans in Titan, who agreed to stall the New Imperium until the Iron Hands successfully managed to pull back. The New Imperium managed to only keep a handful of Imperator Class Titans in its hand after these events, as all the Imperator Class Titans that didn't join the Conquest of Titan had already fled to Segmentum Tempestus. The Reformed Collegia Titanica is organized into 5 patterns, as each pattern represents a Titan class:

  • Warhound Scout Titans (Seekers of War):...
  • Reaver Battle Titans (Burning Reavers):...
  • Warlord Battle Titans (Lords of War):...
  • Imperator Class Titans (The Emperor's Fury):...
  • Imperial Knights (Knights of the People):...

Silent DaggersEdit


Electionary Guard

A command squad of Electionary Guard, led by their Peacekeeper, preparing for their duties. It should also be noted that when there aren't any elections, the Electionary Guard act as the "Planetary Police", keeping civil order and enforcing New Imperial Law alongside Justiciars.

Electionary GuardEdit

"Whereas the Justicars ensure order within the New Imperium by acting as judges and juries, it is the Electionary Guard that keeps the peace on each planet."
―Lord Peacekeeper Vanteric Siralian of Necromunda, during a conclave of Lord Peacekeepers on Crimson Terra.

Out of all the New Imperial Military, the Electionary Guard are perhaps the strangest. While they are not the main military force of the New Imperium like the Reformed Imperial Guard, these men and women are trained in a similar fashion. However, even though their training is similar, the Electionary Guard differ from the Reformed Imperial Guard in many ways. Most notable difference is that they only wear an elegant, finely crafted blue uniform instead of flak or carapace armor. They are equipped with the recently created laspistol, referred to as the "3L3C-T10N" pattern. This weapon is, in terms of firepower, quite similar to a lasgun but smaller in size.

The Electionary Guard are not considered as a military force and are mostly left as reserves. Their primary duty is to guard the voting locations during Representative Elections, but in times of duress, Planetary Governors are known to use the Electionary Guard forces during a war, primarily because of their inspirational devotion to the New Imperial Cause. Indeed, such is their devotion that they sometimes even refer to each other as "meat shields", to remind themselves the fact that their lives do not matter when it comes to protecting the New Imperium. Their official motto is "Service is it's own reward.", which signifies their loyalty.

Electionary Guard forces are divided into battalions, with each battalion being stationed on a planet. The number of a battalion varies from 15.000 to 50.000 and each battalion is led by a Lord Peacekeeper. However, each battalion is also divided into 1.000 men forces referred to as Companies. Each Company is led by Peacekeepers that also delegate Sergeants that lead their respective squads. The Lord High Peacekeeper is responsible with delegating Lord Peacekeepers and is the highest authority withing the Electionary Guard. The position of Lord High Peacekeeper is also a member of the Great Council and thus, the Lord High Keeper is obliged to join it's sessions.

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New Imperial Code of JudgementsEdit




Slavery Within the New ImperiumEdit

"People of the New Imperium! The treasonous act of slavery is from now and on officially illegal! Every citizen is equal under the law and it is this one ideal that strengthens us against this monstrosity!"
Ulrik De'Noral, former slave and Space Wolf, announcing the abolition of slavery.

Slavery, defined as "A condition in which individuals are owned by others who control where they live and at what they work" within the Imperial Code of Judgements, is illegal within the New Imperium and the law regarding it is strictly enforced by Justiciars. The most well known action of the New Imperium against slavery was the destruction of the planet Obsidia III, planetary capital of the Obsidia Sub-Sector, which had turned into a location categorized as a "Slave Planet". Even though the planet was under the direct control of the New Imperium, it was the New Imperial High Command who commanded the destruction of the planet and ordered that anyone who wasn't wearing a slave collar within the surface to be shot down. Such was the brutality of the New Imperium regarding slavery that even the New Imperial troops stationed on the planet were not spared. This act is considered as the most important example of the hatred against slavery within the New Imperium.

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Establishment of the New Imperial Trade CompanyEdit


New Imperial SecularismEdit

"High Consul! Hold on! Are you saying that you are against faith and belief with this new doctrine? Is this what I fought for?!"
"I am not against faith itself. What I am against is it's dogmatic and forceful insertion into people's minds. We all have to believe, but what we believe in is special to us and us alone. However, make no mistake, this tolerance does not apply to chaos worship. That is not a faith, it is a twisted and corrupted organism bent on destroying us all."
"You have to tread carefully though Alistair, not everyone will see this like you do nor understand it like I have. Some may even think that you are taking away their right to peacefully preach."
"Of course not! We will surely have people with legal permits to preach peacefully, but a man doesn't become a devout after being forcefully converted. I can not and will not tolerate that. Besides, what is a few more dogmatic and stagnant corpses compared to mankind's untrammeled dominance in the Galaxy? Let me tell you, it is nothing. If they decide to break the doctrine and form secret cults in order to hammer more of their dogma into people's heads, we will be the saber that'll decapacitate them.
―Ebony Dagger and High Consul Alistair Crackham, conversing about the New Imperial Secularism.

The New Imperial Secularism is the doctrine implemented by the High Consul Alistair Crackham after the establishment of the New Imperium. The New Imperial Secularism is not an atheist doctrine like the Imperial Truth or carries dogmas that should be heavily enforced like the Lectitio Divinatus. Instead, the New Imperial Secularism capitulates and states that mankind has to believe, and belief is an inseparable emotion embedded deep within the hearts and minds of men. However, it also states that belief can not be enforced and thus, deems all the New Imperial Citizens to choose their own faith, allowing all forms of worship except Chaos worship and forms of worship that resemble it. Moreover, in order to ensure that secret cults are not spread, the New Imperial Justicars tirelessly root out any form of treasonous cult, be it religious or not. Even taking their precautions further, New Imperium teaches the Electionary Guards in a strict fashion, teaching and imposing them the New Imperial Secularism. Being the peacekeeping forces of the New Imperium, the Electionary Guard do their best to root out and destroy these cults as well.



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Psykers in the New ImperiumEdit

Whereas the Old Imperium "harvested" psykers and collected them using their notorious Black Ships, the New Imperium has found a different way to deal with them. While it is true that any confirmed psyker has to be handed to the New Imperial authorities, these psykers are treated as special cases instead of a potential threat and the New Imperial High Command sees them as a boon that should be fully exploited. Due to this, these psykers are handed to the Imperius Psychera, an organization that is responsible with training them. They undergo a brutal training where only the strong can survive and all must learn to control their powers no matter what happens. Those that perish are seen as a "necessary sacrifice", having fought and died for the New Imperium. Due to the fact that the time that it takes for a psyker to be fully trained varies greatly, their training has no official deadline, for they must control their power before graduating.

Psykers that successfully undergo their training are assigned to various places. The most notorious place for a psyker to be assigned to is the Armata Psychera, a military force composed of psykers alone. Under the command of the Imperius Psychera, these forces are mainly tasked with guarding Pharos Devices, artifacts that are capable of emulating the Golden Throne in a smaller scale and act as little psychic beacons for Navigators. Except for Armata Psychera, a graduated psyker has all the rights of a normal New Imperial citizen, meaning they can enter and graduate from New Imperial Academies, get assigned to a Reformed Imperial Guard Regiment or even get a position in the New Imperial High Command.


Imperial RemnantEdit

The New Imperium and the Imperial Remnant are two deadlocked rivals that wage a massive for galactic domination. Whereas the New Imperium stands as a more progressive and benevolent force, the Imperial Remnant is a dogmatic and stagnant force that embodies the Imperium of Man after the Horus Heresy. However, it is this ruthless effectiveness and brutality of the Imperial Remnant that makes it a competent foe and one that is on par with the New Imperium's military strength, even if it is somewhat less advanced in terms of technology. Centered around Segmentum Tempestus, the Imperial Remnant can be considered as the exact opposite of the New Imperium and thus, a hated rival.

The FederationEdit

The Federation is, at best, seen as a protectorate of the New Imperium. In reality, however, it both acts as a vassal state and a buffer zone for the New Imperium with vigilance and a rather acceptive attitude. For a brief time, The Federation was the utmost authority in Segmentum Obscurus, controlling a wide portion of the Segmentum until the Ork invasions commenced. Drawn back planet by planet and ultimately kicked out of the Segmentum entirely, the Federation couldn't stand the combined assault of the Orks and eventually, fractured.

What changed it's fate, however, was the arrival of a New Imperial Admiral. Sent to the region on the orders of the High Consul Alistair Crackham directly, this man arrived on the capital world of the Federation, the planet of Fortress, on the height of a massive battle that would later be remembered as the "Eagle's Final Flight", due to the fact that it was the final battle which involved the presence of the Eagle Dynasty, the ruling family of the Federation. With an entire New Imperial battlefleet at his command, the Admiral turned the tide of the battle, saving the capital from the Ork invasion and leaving it unscratched. This resulted the fracturing Federation to face a revolution as the citizens of Fortress rose up en masse as the Eagle Dynasty was deposed and their property seized. The remaining dynasties of the Federation have aided the Admiral as he pushed the Orks back and established the modern boundaries of the Federation.

Finally, after an unsuccessful attempt on his life, the Admiral unleashed his long-hidden wrath on the Federation's dynasties and took advantage of the temporary peace, subduing those he could and exterminating many by using the wrath of the citizenry. With the nobility crashed and brought down under his heel, the Admiral enacted many reforms within the Federation's bureaucratic structure, crowning himself as the utmost ruler of the Federation under the title of "Lord Commandant", forging a semi-democratic government, which has an assembly similar to the Great Council, and creating a benevolent yet militaristic society. With this whole ordeal over, the New Imperium established trade routes and started supplying the Federation which, ultimately, caused it to gain a vassal as well as a buffer zone against Orks and Tyranids alike.

The Banished EnclavesEdit

The Banished Enclaves are an enigma to the New Imperium. With their different and rather advanced technology compared to it's fellow pocket empires, they are a nation of great interest. Thus, the New Imperium has sent several diplomatic envoys to study and understand this enemy. However, due to the New Imperial Government and bureaucracy, the Banished have so far stood silent and rather reluctant towards the New Imperium. Despite their initial reluctance, however, the Banished Enclaves are seen as a potential opportunity by the New Imperium which can be fully exploited if the circumstances allow it.

Inspiration and TriviaEdit

  • The New Imperium is considered as a mix of the First French Republic, Imperium of Man and Republic of Turkey (in late 1920s) as it bears similarities to each said nation.
  • Because it became a question among some contributors and users, the reason why the logos and insignias within the New Imperium are changed will be explained under this section. There are 2 primary reasons for these changes:
    • 3 thousand years prior to the New Imperial Revolution, another galaxy wide unrest had plagued the Imperium of Man. This massive civil war is referred as the "Ecclesiarchial Wars" and as the name implies, was a massive religious civil war. The logos used by the New Imperium dates back to this era, as they were taken from a similar revolutionary organization that used them, whose goal was to extend the rights given to the citizens of the Imperium. Led by a former Lord General Militant, who was known as "Alexander", the revolutionary force found a massive fortress that was abandoned on Elysia itself. Further inspection revaled that this fortress had actually predated the Imperium of Man itself by several millenia. The symbols that the New Imperium would use were inscribed and drawn in many locations within the fortress, on many different shapes and types. Alexander took advantage of this situation and turned the abandoned fortress into the headquarters of the revolution after he proclaimed that the logo would represent his movement and goals. His revolution was eventually crushed by the Imperium, after all the warring factions within the Ecclesiarchy agreed on a ceasefire and joined together to destroy any other rebellious movement. His fortress lied in ruins as Alexander was executed and his body was impaled on a spike and left on the ruins of his once magnificent fortress,a warning to anyone who dares to rebel against the Imperium of Man. When Alistair secretly joined the revolutionaries, he decided to adopt the logo Alexander had once used to represent the revolution itself. After the New Imperial Revolution succeeded and Terra was seized, it was Alistair who ordered that the logo used by the revolutionaries were to become the new logo of a New Imperium that would be established hours later. Alistair knew about the logo and the Ecclesiarchial Wars, even though their records were hidden deep in the Imperial Archives. Because of his rank as Lord Solar, however, these "precautions" proved to be no trouble at all.
    • The White Scars were one of the very first chapters to join the revolutionaries and they, along with the Salamanders, became one of the most known and important figures of the revolution itself. Some of their Chogorian iconography are thus used within the New Imperium to honor their deeds and show their importance.
    • It should also be noted that even though The Stacre is the official Seal/Sigil of the New Imperium, the other symbols such as different variations of the Imperial Aquila are still used. Indeed, there are also various types of Stacres used by various organizations in the New Imperium. The Stacre, being the symbol of the First Revolution, is also quite popular among the public.
  • By the time Ruina Imperii begins (10 years after the Second Battle of Terra), the New Imperium has successfully managed to notify all the planets under their control about all the changes and reforms made. However, there are still some "problems" implementing them on some of the planets under New Imperial control, which has also caused the New Imperium to declare an "Era of Reformation", dedicating itself to resolve the conflicts that has occurred within it's borders first, and focusing on territorial expansion second.