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"In our time, dying is easy. Killing is easier. The hard thing to do is to help others survive."
―Miri Crackham to the recruit medics of The Crescent Elites.

Miri Crackham is the Lead Medic of The Crescent Elites and a famous one, known for her skills as a medic that even surpasses many space marine apothecaries. She has a calm personality and she is known for her hate towards violence. She was with Lune when he decided to join the Terran Rangers, a secretive imperial guard force. She wanted, from that moment on, to heal those harmed by these unending series of conflicts. She currently both trains the recruit medics of The Crescent Elites and accompanies her brother, Lune Crackham, during the operations Lune participates. She is known for caring even the worst soldier under her command and always protects those around her. She is also known to speak only when spoken to and needed. She has used every medical item produced by the Imperium and it is rumored that she also used medical items utilized by xenos, greatest enemies of the Imperium. She even published a book detailing the usage and effects of many medical items within the Imperium, which the Inquisition didn't burned because of the "help it provided for the people of the Imperium". It should be noted that she also learned how to use lasguns and pistols during her long service in the Imperium and her accuracy rivals even her brother.


Early Life Edit

"We are only measured by what are we willing to do to protect those around us. You shall not let me rot here."
―Miri Crackham, to Lune Crackham when Lune tells about his plan to go to Cadia.

Miri was born 2 years before Lune, so she believes that she is his "Guardian Angel" from a point of view. Miri, being someone who values life dearly, had a talent for medicine and such practices since she was a small child, which she always used when Lune returned beaten from a street fight or when her mother needed medical care. She, along with Lune, also witnessed the death of her mother. Accounts state that the primary reason for her less talkative attitude is because she actually uncovered why and how her mother died, "Settled old debts", but never revealed it to Lune. The death of her mother scarred Miri for the rest of her life and she always tells her recruit medics that the death of her mother was her first, and hopefully only, major mistake because she failed to protect her. She also helped Lune to discover the location their father encoded within his message and this led to their departure for Cadia.

On Cadia Edit

"More like a nightmare, Lune. This place consumes you, it drains your very soul until you are nothing but a servant of death. Remember: The most poisonous snakes are often the most beautiful."
―Miri Crackham, to Lune Crackham upon landing on Cadia.

Miri played a rather passive role on Cadia, when Lune left her behind and went to the island their father had described. However, it is rumored that she also followed her own personal agenda there. While Lune fought to find what his father sought, Miri was after the "madmen" that killed her mother, and the poison used in the process. She managed to track down a lead, a man who was a master in the art of using poison. While Lune went to Heretic Island, she went to investigate. Her lead was embedded inside an Imperial Guard outpost. Miri miraculously managed to infiltrate the place and only anesthetized the guards guarding his room. When she busted into the room, she was surprised to see that the man she wanted to question was lying dead and another Imperial Guard officer was cleaning his sword. He was surprised to see Miri, however said nothing. The officer then sheathed his sword and looked to Miri.


"The Resurrection" before Miri upgraded the blade to a chain knife on Vostroya.

"You don't belong here."

"Yet I am here, and the man you killed had answers I needed."

"He needed to be silenced. So will you now. A waste of your talents."

The assassin lashed out to Miri who immediately drew her archaic autopistol, the Beauty of War. However, before she could even move, the assassin punched her right hand and the pistol fell. Miri then utilized her "Resurrection", a device that Miri made which resembles a Narthecium. With it, she managed to cut the right wrist of the assassin and rushed to grab her pistol. Immediately after taking her autopistol, the assassin drew his gun and pointed it at Miri. Before he could shoot however, the will-be Hero-Commandant of The Crescent Elites, Alexius Kazanov entered the room and stabbed the assassin in the back with his favored blade, The Edge Of Justice.

"Cursed Warp! Who are you?!"

"I was after this man." she said, pointing the target of the assassin.

"That man was a rogue trader. What business you had with that poor soul?"

"He sold a poison that was used in the murder of my mother. I had to investigate."

Alexius, still not convinced, looked at the desk that belonged to the rouge trader. A document he looked made him gasp in fear. The document was a map detailing the Heretic Island. A note was scribbled below:

"Make sure to tell about my help and generous advice to your superiors. All Is Dust!"

Miri also looked at the document before Alexius could act and she turned to him, looking for help.

"My brother is there! You need to help him."

"Normally you would be shot in a firing line, girl. But since you killed no one and managed to anesthetize these useless soldiers lying near the door, I can make an exception. I will go there, purge those heretics, and save your brother, only if you will join the Terran Rangers and serve the Imperium."

Miri accepted the offer without a single doubt. Hours later, they were on board inside an Imperial ship and were en route to Holy Terra, their home. Lune was saved without any casualties from the Terran Rangers, and Alexius knew that those kids were special, after all that was why he also adopted them both. They would help the Imperium greatly if they were trained properly. He felt that he was going to a lot of favors to do that, but was determined to do so.

Years Under The Terran Rangers Edit

Miri, even though suspicious, agreed that the story Lune told made sense. When they returned to Holy Terra Miri and Lune were conscripted into Terran Rangers and spent a year training on their training grounds. While her brother was committed to destroy the enemies of man, Miri decided to focus on something harder: to heal the soldiers of man. She improved her skills as a healer there and even became a respected medic. She learned more ways to treat injuries and cure diseases. She even created a new way to identify a disease which she called "reverse bioengineering". She also studied the anatomy, culture, art, strategies and beliefs of every xenos living in the galaxy, from Tyranids to Tau. She mastered the art of healing and honed her skills to a point where nearly none was skilled as her.

After the end of her training she participated on countless missions, healed thousands of injured people and improved her aiming with pistols and lasguns. She became a warrior dedicated to heal those around her. She was 28 when they were assigned with helping the Blood Angels on Hethgar Prime. During her last mission with the Terran Rangers, which was also on Hethgar Prime, she helped a Blood Angels space marine who was heavily injured and made sure he would survive. The apothecary who later checked on the soldier said that not even himself could have managed to make sure the soldier survived. During a planned strike, an ambush by the Orks took the Terran Rangers by surprise. Miri and Lune got separated from the rest of the Terran Rangers and got pinned down by Orks. They fought for hours and killed a lot of Orks, but when she thought that all was over, the marines arrived and quickly routed the Orks. When the fight was over, she listened to the conversation between Lune and the leader of the marines. She was amazed and her suspicions were all gone. She looked to their leader and asked:

"How did our father found you?"

"It was during another long lost mission. Your father was shot by a cultist and bleeding. We helped him and when your father discovered our purpose, given by Alpharius, he broke into the artifact room. Normally, those who try perish in but a mere moment, but your father survived. We do not know what happened there but when he emerged, he knew exactly what to do. Like he was TOLD what to do."

They parted ways there, but Miri was almost certain that they would meet again. When the war was over, all of the surviving Terran Rangers were called back to Holy Terra immediately. Miri, at first, thought this was a commendation upon their regiment for ending the war 2 years before planned.

When they arrived on Holy Terra, however, they found out that the reason why they are called back early was because of a devastating assault which effectively wiped out the Terran Rangers effectively. Even their unit perished as they were attacked upon landing the planet, an assault which only Lune, Miri and Alexius Kazanov survived.

The Crescent Elites Edit

During the events that followed, Miri played no active role. The reason for this was because of her own quest. She took the title "Lead Medic" and started training her recruits. However, she was also searching for the traitors that killed her mother, and the reason why they did so.

Personality And TraitsEdit

"Do you know what love for duty is? It is to gaze upon death itself, and still continue to serve. You all shall face death on countless occasions and no matter what, you shall execute your duty. Like I did, so shall you all."
―Miri Crackham, to the recruit medics of The Crescent Elites.

Miri loves studying the culture of xenos and plan The way their soldiers act based upon their cultural weak points (like capturing shrines or important structures of the enemy to finish the fight without bloodshed on both sides). However, she is not a cold blooded person. In fact, she is known to plead for the enemies of man to surrender and protects any prisoners from even people she care most, going further to treat some of their wounds if they are serious. This also resulted in inquisition to investigate Miri of potential heresy, but all their attempts were blocked by her brother, Lune Crackham, who believes without a single doubt that she is loyal to The Imperium. Since both of the siblings have the same amount of love for planning and strategy it helps Lune to perfect his plans. The most important example for this was on Meridian, during the First Aurelian Crusade, when Miri found a fatal flaw in the defense plan Lune made to protect the Angel Forge and prevented a devastating blow to The Crescent Elites and the people of Meridian. She believes that duty is sacred and should be put above anything else. That is why she is a demanding teacher which means if she orders something she would want to see it done properly. However, she is also creative and supports her recruit medics if they discover a more useful, and less wasteful, way to solve a problem. This attitude has made every medic within The Crescent Elites admire her.

Wargear Edit

  • Beauty of War: The Beauty of War is an archaic autopsitol that Miri acquired after her mother died. It was the only thing on their house which was worthy to be sold, and she believed selling it would greatly help their family. Despite this however, her mother never agreed or let Miri do so and ensured that it was not sold until she died. It was later uncovered in her last will and testament that she wanted the pistol to be given to Miri while their family shotgun, an heirloom that passed from their father, was given to Lune instead. The Beauty of War is an archaic auropistol, of an unknown pattern, has a range and damage value nearly equal with a ripper pistol and serves as Miri's primary sidearm, even though she uses it more than any other weapon she has. Miri also heavily modified this weapon to make it compatible with Ripper Pistol ammunition, thus turning the archaic pistol into a very adaptable, and valuable, piece of wargear.
  • The Resurrection: The Resurrection is a hand crafted weapon that resembles a Narthecium. However, the use of the weapon is completely different. The Resurrection primarily serves as a close combat weapon, but it is also possible to drill through basic armors like Flak Armor by using The Resurrection or perform medical operations. Miri usually uses this weapon for medical purposes like performing operations, even though it was designed as a close combat weapon at first, and she also upgraded it with an injector and a chain knife after her mission on Vostroya.

Trivia Edit


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