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"Me? I am just a soldier from Holy Terra and that is all I need to fight for the Imperium. I am the bolter that shoots. I am the act, for I can not bear the patience of watching. So, simply put, I'm a man who loves his Imperium and would gladly jump into the middle of a heretic horde for it!"
―Acting Commander Lune Crackham to an Inquisitor, when asked about himself.

Lune Crackham is the acting commander of The Crescent Elites. A natural leader by birth, Lune Crackham is regarded as a very good commander and nearly everyone in his regiment consider him as their role model. Lune is the son of the well-respected Cadian PDF Sergeant Aramus and a woman working under the command of a Rogue Trader, Verina. Being the younger brother, Lune also has a sister, Miri Crackham. A creative and innovative man, Lune is not known for his patience as he always is the first to grow impatient amd jump into the heart of the enemy to lead his regiment. However, even though quite impatient, he never succumbs to blind rage in any situation and soldiers claim that he even jokes to bolster the morale of his regiment in dire situations. Even though he commands a lightly armored, extremely mobile unit, he and his regiment can turn into immovable soldiers when asked to hold a position. Although he loves using his power spear, his skill in ranged combat is also impressive.


Family Edit

Lune Crackham has three known relatives: His father, mother and sister. His mother, Verina Crackham, was a Terran working with an unknown Rogue Trader who had secretly stationed her on Holy Terra to accomplish an unknown goal. His father, Aramus Crackham, was a well respected Sergeant Major in the Cadian Shock Troopers regiment. His mother and father met on Cadia when the Rouge Trader landed on the planet to assist the Imperial Guard stationed there against a Chaos Cult. The war progressed as the two started to notice each other. 15 years after the war had started, the two got married. The war ended two years after that and the Rogue Trader departed Cadia. Lune's father stayed behind as it was his duty to do so. The Rogue Trader then left Lune's mother on Holy Terra and tasked her with advancing his goals on the planet. Miri was born a year after that. A year later the Rogue Trader re-visited Cadia to tie up loose ends along with Lune's mother, and Lune was born a year after that, months after his mother arrived back on Holy Terra. When their parents died, it is also rumored that this rogue trader secretly protected the Crackham Siblings and claimed they were part of his crew. It is also said that he even made a deal with Alexius Kazanov to make the siblings appear on the Rogue Trader's crew to protect them from harm without their knowledge until that protection is no longer necessary.

Early LifeEdit

There are numerous rumors about Lune Crackham's birth, but, none of these have been confirmed by him, so there is no concrete evidence detailing his exact time of birth. However, he is presumed to be born around late 41st Millennium, 30 years before the Kronus crusade, on Holy Terra. Born into a life of poverty, Lune was just a simple member in a hive city, always working. However, the plans fate set in motion for him were very different. He lived with his mother and Miri, his sister, who helped him anytime, in any situation. Since Lune was, and still is, an idealist and a great bookworm, he learned, learned and wanted to learn much more, even though a lot was lost in the sands of time. He cursed the laziness of the librarians anytime he had the chance for not protecting the memory of The Emperor. At the age of 18, he witnessed his mother fall over while working, and succumbing to a disease. Her last words were "make your father proud and do what he wanted to." Lune, cynical as always, thought it was an assassination, but what importance they could've possibly had? One month after the death of his mother, while thinking that, a friend of his father arrived, claiming that he worked with a rogue trader who considered the Crackham family as his greatest ally. The man left an amulet for him and a note for his mother, both of them sent by his father. The note contained a small message: "Love, I failed to find the artifact even the sands of time itself can't damage. I failed to secure the lost knowledge. My last lead suggested Cadia, my home, but there is only death here. Look after the kids, make sure they never set foot on this cursed place I call home.". The note was six years old, because the rogue trader his father sent it along with got captured by space pirates and managed to escape after a long time in their custody to complete his mission. The Crackham siblings later on discovered that the amulet actually contained a secret note within. The note included a coded location about the last lead his father discovered. Lune deciphered it with the help of Miri after week of searching. The note detailed the coordinates of an island on Cadia. After making sure the note had been deciphered successfully, Lune and Miri decided to set out in a journey to go to Cadia and find anything related to their father.

On CadiaEdit

"Look at this! This place must be a dream come true for us Terrans."
―Lune Crackham, to Miri Crackham, upon landing on the surface of Cadia.

When the young Lune Crackham arrived on Cadia, the planet amazed him, however, he had no time to waste. He was no warrior, but his life on Holy Terra taught him the basics of fighting. So he, with the shotgun he brought along with him, which is an old family heirloom, decided to go there alone because he did not want to risk the life of his sister. When he managed to enter the Heretic Island, named after a cultist who found it, he found out that the island was abandoned and lacked any human life. Or so Lune thought. When he was ready to give up, to let go of all the things he faced and to think that they were a "joke", he heard a simple "click" down underneath his feet. Immediately understanding the danger, Lune jumped to the right, just before a combined bolter attack broke the hidden hatch he was standing on. Terrified, he looked below, only to find a single Space Marine, on the edge of death. He then dropped down into the tunnels and the marine somehow recognized him because of his amulet. Gasping in terror, he looked at Lune and he whispered 

Lune's Crackpot.jpg

Favorite shotgun of Lune Crackham, which he named "Crackpot".

"You, you are his son! You must be! You have to help my brothers, help them protect what your father sought.".

Confused, Lune only managed to ask "Who are you?". The answer of the marine made him feel terrified. "I am Alpharius.". Lune then rushed towards the sound of the bolter fire, finding himself in the middle of a frenzied battle inside a huge cave, between space marines. One side was shouting "Hydra Dominatus!" and the other "All Is Dust!". If Lune had not been a man who loved history and legends, he would've panicked. But he knew exactly what the Thousand Sons were after: The knowledge his father sought. He jumped straight into the ranks of the space marines assaulting and put the barrel of his gun to the head of the Rubricae closest to him. Not noticing his arrival, the marine fell down without saying even a single word, having lost his helmet. Lune then rushed to the marines defending a gate and took cover. The marines defending the gate did enjoy the sight: an outsider, sneaking into the ranks of their traitor brothers and taking down one. Lune was however, confused and asked the marine near him: "Do you serve chaos?". The marine laughed: "Do not confuse me with my traitor brethren outsider, we are nothing like those corrupt idealists who listen to xenos. We are pure and we are Alpharius!". A cry raged across the cave and the marines lashed out at the Thousand Sons. Lune killed 3 marines that day. An accomplishment he would never forget. Then, the marines looked closely to the outsider. One immediately noticed his amulet and shouted : "The son of Crackham is here!". All the marines ,consisting of 12 people, looked at him. Lune, happy to find a trace about his father, asked "Do you know my father? Where is he?" Their leader stepped forward: "Look kid, your father was a hero. He was the one who truly understood why Alpharius ordered us to guard this place while we waited as our ranks changed for millennia, without understanding the reason behind it. When we heard Alpharius' treachery, we decided to stand guard and complete his final mission before his corruption. Your father played a key role in all this and helped us on more than one occasion."

"But where is he?"

"He vanished. The Thousand Sons took him prisoner and left by opening a path into the warp. We failed to protect him, but we held this place, because he said to me that day, 6 years ago, that his last wish from us was to protect this place against anything they might throw at us, for one day, his children would come here. He said you are the true key that can answer our questions and complete our mission.".

"What is this place?"

"The will of The Emperor. An artifact that predates Great Crusade itself and goes back into the dark age of technology." Lune, after hearing this, immediately stepped forward through the opened gates and the doors closed behind him before the marines could do anything. Lune looked at the artifact for a while. He did not knew what to do, but felt that this artifact was the key of finding his father. Lune, just after he made a move to touch the artifact, felt a surge of energy enter his body as he felt a great pain. Then, in the ongoing 3 hours, what happened to him is unknown. However, It is said that he was gifted with an excessive amount of knowledge inside, given by the artifact. When he walked out of that place he saw the marines had left a note for him and departed: "The wish of your father is complete. You need to fight. We shall observe and help". Just after Lune picked up his shotgun, he saw the future Hero-Commandant of The Crescent Elites, Alexius Kazanov. Alexius was at that time a colonel commanding an elite unit only known as "Terran Rangers". He took Lune and Miri under his protection by adopting them both, because of an encounter he had with Miri and he was impressed with Lune's skills after looking at what he did, even though Lune told about the space marines. To him, he was just a lucky brat who managed to kill a few traitors and find things he was not supposed to do. However, that view would change after he, along with his newly conscripted soldiers and adopted children, were called back to Holy Terra immediately.

Years Under The Terran RangersEdit

The things Lune experienced and witnessed inside the artifact room, changed him. He became a more idealist person and started to act strangely. The young Crackham, after learning all those information, was committed to save the Imperium. Return it to the road it's Emperor paved. He felt he was chosen to help the Imperium and believed it was the right thing to do. Upon arriving on holy Terra, he and Miri were immediately sent to the training grounds of the Terran Rangers. They spent a year there training. Lune quickly distinguished himself as a great soldier and a natural leader. Miri, however, hated to fight and in fact, wanted to heal those injured in battles. So, she became a medic and quickly turned into a really skilled one as well. Miri and Lune proved they were fast learners during their training and were granted the right to fight under the banner of the Terran Rangers, a year after the start of their training. Rangers were elite soldiers and secretive units, and because of that Lune learned the art of stealth and espionage in his countless missions. When Lune turned 24, he was amongst the most decorated soldiers in Terran Rangers. Lune's last mission with the Rangers happened on Hethgar Prime. An Ork band had laid waste to the area and was pushing into the edges of the planet. Dispatched under secret orders, Lune and Miri got separated from their comrades during an ambush by the Orks. They tried to outrun the Orks, but the Orks managed to pin them down. They fought the Orks for hours untill Lune fired his last bullet and the crackpot was useless because of being overheated. That was when he saw the very same marines that helped him 5 years ago. Together, they pushed the Orks back and quickly eliminated every single one of them surrounding Lune. Their leader again stepped forward:

"I see you have grown, Crackham."

"And I see you're still alive."

"I am, thanks to my brothers in arms. However, time is short. We came here because our sources said that the forces of chaos are preparing for an assault on this planet and we have to eliminate their agents."

"Then we have a common goal. Help us hold this place."

"Sadly no, kid. The Imperium must not know about us. Not yet. However, when the time comes, we shall aid you." After this encounter, Lune and Miri made their way back to camp and continued the war against Orks. The fight ended in a year, 2 years before the Adeptus Munitorum had planned, much to the Rangers' delight. Due to their successful counterattack, Alexius and the Rangers that survived the bloody battle in Hethgar Prime's capital were called back to Terra. Or so they thought. After their return to Terra and fighting off an ambush that eliminated all the survivors of Hethgar Prime crusade except them, Alexius was dispatched for an immediate meeting with Senatorum Imperialis. Lune, along with Miri, went with him. When they arrived, news shocked them: A combined assault by chaos forces had effectively wiped out the remaining Rangers. Their training grounds, along with all other outposts, were in flames. Within this chaos, Lune saw an opportunity to aid the Imperium on his terms and then proposed Alexius to build a new regiment, based on new principles and recruitment plans. However, Alexius disagreed and asked how could they do that with no funds or plans. Lune then convinced Alexius to visit the training grounds "for one last time". Marines "from an unknown chapter", as promised, were waiting on the destroyed Terran Rangers camp, along with the long dead bodies of the traitorous Thousand Sons that wiped out the Terran Rangers. There, Alexius realized that Lune's story was correct from the beginning. Shocked beyond belief, Alexius realized that Lune had to be strictly disciplined and taught. There, Lune, Miri, Alexius and the marines planned on how to build a regiment that can influence the Imperium of Man. The upcoming result was the establishment of The Crescent Elites. Alexius, as expected, was named the first Colonel of the new regiment, a title that would change sooner than he thought. Then, Lune made everyone accept the term of only recruiting people hailed from Holy Terra, for reasons unknown. At last, the marines took the cause to train the recruits and shape them for The Imperium. Thus The Crescent Elites were born. Nominally, they would replace the Terran Rangers but Lune had bigger plans for them. They would be his secret force that he would use to help the people of the Imperium, either by helping the citizenry, executing the enemies of man or by arranging "accidents" against those who harmed the Imperium within.

Second In CommandEdit

"We needed the best to help The Imperium. To make it a place of unity and peace. We believed the atrocities committed by the Inquisition not necessary. We thought that he was a hero, a man with good and bad deeds, crimes and kindness all merged within his personality. Have done wrong to turn away from idolizing a man? Have they forgotten that they've said 'A suspicious mind is a healthy mind'. Are we guilty for suspecting?"
― Taken from the personal journal of Lune Crackham.

Lune was always a great leader, being gifted with the ability to inspire his men anywhere. His ability to lead and inspire others only increased after he was chosen to be the second in command of Alexius Kazanov. Lune Crackham, for the first time in his life, felt happy and satisfied. He had a rank, a rank to help those in need, was ready to complete the final will of his father, to help The Imperium and most importantly, his sister was safe. A poor Terran boy, rising to the stars and turning into a grand soldier. "Truly an inspirational story." he said. Lune, along with Miri, traveled from planet to planet, bringing The Imperial rule upon many, punishing those who betray and hurt the civilians of The Imperium. His soldiers showed The Imperium how the real Imperial Guard should be. It's even thought that he used every available type of weapon issued to the Imperial Guard, from bolters to plasma cannons. He was a legend among his fellow soldiers when he turned 30. His sister also became a very skilled Medic, skilled enough to earn the title of "Lead Medic" of The Crescent Elites. She has been known to cure even the deadliest poison and heal the worst type of wounds. "The Killer Of Wounds" they called her. Her methods of "reverse engineering" any type of poison greatly helped the wounded of the regiment to rise and rush back to the enemy. Everything was working fine, the regiment was rising in influence and enjoyed a time of great fame.

Until "the accident" happened. The regiment was deployed on Kronus, a world controlled by the Tau Empire and beset by all types of xenos, from Orks to Eldar. This was problem enough for Senatorum Imperialis and it was decided that the planet would be better under Imperial rule. So they sent The Crescent Elites to ensure that the Imperial Guard would establish a foothold on the planet without heavy casualties. Lune never knew that this would be a bloodbath for his men. He never thought. That's why, even today, if he falls asleep in his office, he can be heard waking up screaming and cursing himself. The mission to establish a foothold on Kronus began without problem, with shells from 3rd to 8th began  infiltrating the humans living on Kronus with the help of the 9th shell, which was on recon missions days later the first plan to invade Kronus had been suggested (it should be noted that the 9th shell was already on the planet and there were only 13 shells when The Crescent Elites were deployed on Kronus). Later on these shells, through propaganda and espionage, have managed to incite humans living on Kronus to a rebellion. Thus came the Imperial Guard and without a grand force to attack them, as the Tau were busy trying to find the operatives who incited their people into a rebellion, easily occupied the bay today known as Victory Bay. What ensured the death of almost all the shells on Kronus and the uncountable amount of Imperial Guard forces was the deployment of the Blood Ravens on the sector. Lune ordered his soldiers to disengage upon meeting a Blood Ravens force. However, when only the Imperial Guard and the Blood Ravens were left on the planet, the end was inevitable: one side had to win the war. Questioning his orders and being unable to rotate the regiment out of the war, Lune was under great pressure. When the war became certain, Alexius did what Lune couldn't: He openly pledged his aid to the Imperial Guard forces on Kronus, and secretly ordered all the shells in the planet to weaken the Blood Ravens. Thus the way was set for another infighting within the Imperium Of Man. The fight dragged both Lune and Alexius to the front lines and they arrived on Kronus to aid their shells and help Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander to win the fight. Lune fought on many fronts during the war in Kronus and witnessed the destruction of entire shells, just to delay their retreat. Eventually, the marines pushed into Victory bay and a bloody war ensued after their initial retreat from the outskirts of their base. Alexius and Lune barely managed to flee the assault of Blood Ravens as chaos and confusion spread into Victory Bay. Being unable to form a defense line, the Blood Ravens were quick to surround or rout any force that was on their path. Lune, outraged, jumped straight into the closest group of surrounded soldiers and rallied them into a landing zone. There, Alexius had secured a transport for them to secretly leave the planet while the marines where dealing with the others. Lune refused to back down and said: 

"I'm not letting those men die!" 

"They're already dead. Lukas Alexander himself is no more than a glorified politician. Will you risk YOUR life for his?" 

However, their talk was cut short when a squad of Blood Ravens spotted them and opened fire. Alexius, unlike Lune, knew what he had to do. He, without a single word, kicked him into the transport and signaled the pilots. When the transport started to fly, Alexius opened his communications jammer to prevent the Blood Ravens from telling about the transport. There were 11 Blood Ravens, with their sergeant leading them, facing Alexius. After around 30 minutes, he saw their veteran sergeant covered in blood, his left arm, 3 centimeters up his heart, shot with a bolter Alexius took from one of their own. He had his greatest victory: He, along with 20 other Imperial Guard that rallied around him, managed to eliminate all the 11 space marines and made sure Lune, along with other soldiers, survived. Only Alexius and the sergeant were standing in the end, both of them barely breathing. Alexius finally broke the silence: 

"Some sergeant you turned out to be." 

"I'm bested, yet you are going down with me." 

"War is nothing about our survival. For us, it is to ensure the survival of people around us. It is to die if they are to live. That's why we officers are for: To protect those inexperienced and guide them, and that you have failed, because you go down with your comrades, while mine are still out there." 

A few seconds later, The Hero-Commandant of The Crescent Elites, Alexius Kazanov, gasped for one last time. He became a hero, a saint to some, of The Crescent Elites and impressed the Blood Ravens to a state where he was granted the most esteemed honor of being buried in a small shrine, to honor his deeds.  

Acting Commander Lune Edit

"I took his place because I was the only one who could have honored his sacrifice. Properly."
―Lune Crackham, to an Imperial Comissar.

Lune Crackham took the position of Alexius Kazanov but not his title, because he believed that he had suffered a great defeat and was unworthy. He made many reforms in The Crescent Elites and conscripted the soldiers that survived with him on Kronus. That is the only exception made within the line of recruitment of The Crescent Elites. He made sure to increase the number of shells out in the galaxy, in order to prevent another campaign like Kronus from happening. Also, to ensure the devotion of his soldiers to the Imperium, he invented the potion used to make "a final test", in order to help his soldiers straighten up, under the name "Redemption". There are no records about how Lune found the potion used in every Redemption and he also refuses to talk about it when asked. However, the outcome of it is seen in every soldier under his command, as they dedicate themselves solely to the Imperium of Man. Lune, after taking the command of The Crescent Elites, fought in various campaigns.

First Aurelian Crusade Edit

During the First Aurelian Crusade, Lune Crackham tasked the 22nd shell with scouting the area and determining the seriousness of the Ork WAAAGH!. However, only one soldier returned from this simple task in a small ship which he had stolen from the Planetary Governor of Aurelia. The brave soldier managed to tell Lune Crackham the grave threat that approached as he died in his hands. The Tyranids had attacked the 22nd shell and quickly exterminated them. The destruction of the 22nd shell was unexpected and grave news for the regiment, which depressed most of the soldiers that heard the news. Lune worked day and night and finally managed to make the Administratum allow his regiment to be deployed into the sub-sector. Lune Crackham, alongside 10 shells, from the 1st to 11th and Miri, who volunteered to examine the Tyranid threat, set out to Sub-Sector Aurelia to push the Hive Fleet back. The Crescent Elites arrived on the sub-sector on a critical time as the Tyranids had started to assault Meridian, the planetary capital of the sub-sector. Lune deployed his forces on critical areas and on important supply lines to stop the enemy from seizing these key points. However, being inexperienced about the Tyranid menace, Lune's forces easily got decimated and were scattered by the hive fleet. Changing his tactics and adjusting them accordingly, Lune launched a full-scale guerilla war against the Tyranids. He also played an important role during the first siege of Angel Forge, by rallying the remaining Imperial Guard forces back into battle. Taking a dangerous risk, he held the Angel Gate on his own, alongside the 1st shell, for almost an hour against the Ork forces until the Blood Ravens arrived. As Lune was fighting alongside Blood Ravens, his sister was examining the Tyranids. She reached the conclusion that the only way to destroy the Tyranids was to create a poison that could damage the Hive Mind. Reporting her findings, she was amazed to see that the Blood Ravens had also found a similar solution and their famous Apothecary Gordian was already working on a poison. The crusade advanced and Lune continued to lead his men with glory. However, he was not present during the assault on the heart of the Hive Fleet, as he had learned that the old planetary governor of Meridian had gone into hiding because of the Tyranid menace and thus, abandoned the planet. Waiting for the moment for the governor to be declared a traitor, Lune seized this chance. Deploying all of his regiments, he started a manhunt while leaving one of his closest allies, Sergeant Major Carl, to update him on the status of the crusade. He later on dragged the governor back to Aurelia with his own hands and watched with satisfaction as Administrator Derosa seized control of the sector and got appointed as the new governor. Because of the The Crescent Elites' important aid, Blood Ravens gifted them an artifact of their past which was recovered after a bloody battle: Edge of Justice, the famous sword of Alexius Kazanov.

Second Aurelian Crusade Edit

When Aurelia emerged from the warp and the forces of Chaos assaulted the Aurelian Sub-Sector, Lune saw an opportunity to improve their influence in the Sub-Sector even further. Launching a secondary campaign, Lune Crackham took all the forces under his command that were stationed on the Sub-Sector, which equaled a total sum of 24 shells, to combat the heretics invading the planet. He personally prepared the defense plan to protect Meridian. However, due to a fatal mistake in it, the forces of chaos managed to easily break through their right flank, causing massive confusion and, ultimately, a disastrous defeat. Being beaten heavily, Lune was brought back to the field when the task of protecting the Planetary Governor of Aurelia was given to him, much to his surprise. This time, Lune and Miri planned the defenses of the palace together and they held their ground with acceptable losses until the Chaos Marines arrived. The Forces of Chaos smashed through their defenses and assaulted the Palace, disregarding their losses entirely and aiming solely to kill the Governor. Lune and Miri decided to make a last stand and jumped straight into the middle of the conflict, leaving the Governor's personal guard to do their duty. They fought for hours but held the line. Lune's Armor had turned into a wreck that barely covered his body when he was stabbed by a Chaos Champion. After he killed the champion with a final attack and fell, almost a hundred heretic corpses were lying in the ground, all killed by him. Miri was there, however, and she was not going let her brother die so soon. The remaining shells made a daring push and, after grabbing Lune's body, successfully retreated back to the palace. Miri ordered all the soldiers to stand guard as she treated Lune. When the drop pods, all containing Space Marines, started falling from the sky, Lune was still in a coma. They held the palace and pushed the enemy back but Lune was unable to move, let alone help his forces. Miri, using her emergency powers, took command of the remaining shells and the Crackham siblings departed back to Holy Terra in order to both notify the High Lords of the situation and recover their losses. The Crescent Elites lost almost a quarter of their entire force to the Second Aurelian Crusade and Lune spent a week in coma, plus a month in the Crescent Elites' Headquarters regaining his strength. Though the scars were cleaned and he was back on his feet after a month, the pain he suffered was magnificent, both physically and mentally as he had witnessed many deaths and ultimately, failed his duties. Lune knew that if Miri wasn't there, he would've perished. This strengthened their bond as siblings and Lune took the result of this crusade to heart. He ensured that the regiment was expanded even further and the training was improved to be "more selective". The result of the campaign is considered as a stalemate by most of The Crescent Elites.

Third Aurelian Crusade Edit

"I will avenge every innocent soul who died on this once beautiful world."
―Lune Crackham upon landing to the destroyed surface of Typhon Primaris, during the Third Aurelian Crusade.

The Third Aurelian Crusade was a chance for Lune to regain the honor his regiment had lost in the Sub-Sector. However, not he nor The Crescent Elites were in a position to wage war as many other threats forced the regiment to spread thin. That was why Lune was not present in the first stages of the Crusade, but with the aid of a rogue trader passing through the Sub-Sector, the Acting Commander managed to enter the sector, only aided by Miri Crackham and The Renegade. Lune had his personal agenda to follow. For that purpose, he secretly leaked information regarding the traitor guardsmen to the loyalist Imperial Guard forces and the Blood Ravens in order to help them without detection. Lune waged a war of espionage and information as the Third Aurelian Crusade progressed. The Acting Commander had a daring plan to enact revenge. With Miri and The Renegade, he mainly fought on Meridian, but later on found out that the Chaos Lord that had stabbed him was actually alive and on the recently exterminated world of Typhon Primaris, using a destroyed Imperial facility as the headquarters of his remaining forces. Lune successfully drew him out using several ambushes against the forces of chaos on Meridian, and they met again at the very same spot where they had fought first. They fought again for hours and still no one triumphed. Being a human, however, Lune was exhausted in the end, bested by the Chaos Lord who managed to knock him out and drag him to his headquarters in order to enslave him. However his plan was sunk because The Renegade and Miri discovered a small webway gate that opened to the now destroyed Typhon Primaris. Infiltrating the chaos outpost, they managed to save Lune, who had actually broke his chains and was fighting the Chaos Lord to death. They ran away just in time, right before Lune, with the help of Miri and The Renegade, beheaded the Chaos Lord. He took his revenge, even though it was an unofficial one.

The Sabbat Worlds Crusade Edit

"General Carnhide! It is a great pleasure to see you here!"
"The pleasure is mine, Colonel Crackham. I personally came here to inform you that your regiment is granted the most prestigious honor of taking part in a crusade! Their first time being in such a massive war effort, I reckon."
"Indeed. I presume the Sabbat Worlds are finally going to be retaken? And what shall be my part in it? Whom shall I serve under?"
"That is why I came. You are to report to me directly. As for your duties, there is time to discuss them.
―Colonel Lune Crackham and General Andreas Carnhide on the onset of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.

Lune Crackham and his regiment was granted to the most prestigious honor of being included in a massive Crusade, which is a massive Imperial war effort to reclaim a certain part of galaxy that is larger than a Sub-Sector. Having assigned under the command of the General Andreas Carnhide, Lune Crackham quickly got to know the General, whom he had heard before as a clever and diplomatically gifted man. During the first stages of the Crusade, Lune and his regiment didn't see much combat and served behind the front lines...

Wargear Edit

  • Spear of Order and Authority: The spear which is currently wielded by Acting Commander Lune Crackham, much to the disgust of the inquisition. Imperial Archives contain no information about the spear and the origins of it remain known only to Lune Crackham. The spear is a power spear in origin and functions like one, yet it is also powered with an unknown energy. According to Lune Crackham, no one can truly reveal all of the secrets it posses. A crimson crystal shines brightly at the top of the spear and grants various abilities to the wielder; yet the ability granted changes from wielder to wielder. At the hands of it's current owner, the tip of the spear can be ignited, if the wielder wills it. This crystal on top of the spear is a true anomaly, with the secrets of it remaining unknown to many and those that know it only know a glimpse of what it truly is.
  • The Crackpot: The personal shotgun of Lune Crackham. Thought to be a family heirloom, this shotgun has been heavily modified by Lune to fit his needs. The shotgun has a longer barrel compared to its counterparts and a small silencer that Lune added after the Kronus Campaign. The weapon itself is semi automatic and has a flashlight in the lower side of the weapon. The gun uses normal shells but the weapon is powered by a generator in the lower side of the shotgun and as such, shells fired create an electricity field that can stun enemies for a short duration.
  • Oathkeeper: Lune's personal sidearm which is ordered during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. This magnificent weapon is a Cinder Crag Forge "Mauler" pattern bolt pistol. A marvelous artifact and weapon by design, it is also outfitted with a sensitive trigger and flashlight on Cinder Crag, at the request of the Colonel. One of the most notorious weapons Lune uses, it's name originates from the campaign called as the "Cleansing of the Imperium's Bane", when Lune, alongside his personal guard, killed the Chaos Lord Pugnator and thus fulfilled the promise he had made to the Green Wolves. A weapon of immense beauty, Lune Crackham considers this weapon to be irreplaceable and thus goes to great lengths to keep it secure.
  • Lune's Battle Armor: The Battle Armor of Lune Crackham, which is crafted for him by Master of the Forge Sinan from Turquoise Protectors. The armor itself is similar to a scout marine armor, but it is less heavy and has more functions. There is a small vox caster inside the armor that enables Lune to command his soldiers. Also, there is a conversion field embedded at the backside of the armor that saved Lune's life on more than one occasion. The armor is damaged often as Lune is always in the middle of a war but thanks to the aid of a forge world called Muspelheim, the armor is repaired and improved every time it is damaged and Lune still wears it to display the pride of his regiment.
  • Frag Grenades
  • Krak Grenades

Personality And Traits Edit

"Wars are not only about annihilating your enemy, for we can not exterminate every other xenos in the galaxy. Their elimination will only plant the seeds of a new advanced xeno race to replace them. However, if you shatter their minds, break their resolve, destroy their culture, art, beliefs, and rebuild their minds in your own image, they will forever become your ally. After all, you are the one who both destroyed the maze in their minds to help them and the one who rebuilt it."
―Lune Crackham to Sergeant Major Carl, about his strategies.

Even though a lively and a truthful soldier, Lune is also a cunning man, combining his wit with his short temper against his enemies. He embraced the idea of "Being a great ally to his allies, a grand enemy to his enemies" during his long and painful military career. However, Lune only acts mercilessly when he believes that his enemy is beyond his ability to save like the forces of chaos undivided. To him, every enemy is a potential ally, and every ally might become an enemy one day, with there being one exception. He truly is a great asset to his present day allies. He does his best to help them when needed and expects the same help when required. His lively and truthful attitude made his soldiers admire him and, as a result, he is a well respected warrior, among his soldiers and fellow commanders alike. This attitude has also made him an expert in the political games played on Holy Terra. His beliefs are perhaps the least known thing about Lune, as none except his closest ally truly knows what his religion and beliefs are. There are even whispers that he refuses the ascension of the Emperor into godhood, but none of these are confirmed.

Lune Crackham is a skilled stealth specialist and a good agent. It is not known how Terran Rangers made a stealth specialist out of Lune, who is a man with a really short temper, but the fact that he is a very good one remains clear. He is a master in the art of disguise, and can camouflage himself easily because he was trained to master stealthy movement on any terrain.

Quotes Edit

By Lune Edit

"Hey Carl! Do you have a family?"
"No sir!"
"What about people that may weep after your death?"
"Not a single soul, sir!"
"Then why in the cursed warp am I charging on first?! Get your lazy back up here, you little coward!
―Lune Crackham, trying to lighten up the mood right before a massive Chaos attack.

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Trivia Edit

  • Lune Crackham, through the authority of an unknown Rogue Trader, maintains an eldar "associate" for diplomatic and strategic purposes. Called The Renegade, almost nothing is known about this sanctioned xenos rather than the fact that she fights alongside Lune Crackham and is used a secret operative in operations conducted against other xenos.
  • Lune has a pet dog. Called "Braveheart", Lune acquired it as a puppy during the Third Aurelian Crusade, and mostly keeps it in his office on Holy Terra. While Lune cares greatly about the huge German Shepherd, he rarely takes it with him. The dog is 14 years old and has served Lune faithfully ever since Lune found it.
  • Lune is a well known regicide player and has never been defeated by someone in his regiment. However, his games against Miri have always ended with a draw and so far he has played 16 times against his sister. It is not known if they can end the tie streak, but Lune was said to be winning on Meridian when they were playing it for the 17th time, right before their game was interrupted by a chaos attack which is the same attack that put Lune in coma for one week and made him spend months away from active duty.
  • Lune is also in possession of an ancient regicide set, one so old that the pieces are quite different from what they are today. This is a set that he acquired after playing a regicide match against Alpenan Joichoks, the Archmagos of Muspelheim, which ended in a draw. Amazed by the potential of the Colonel, because of the fact that he never had a tie against a mere mortal, the Archmagos gifted the Colonel the very Regicide Board they played their match on.
  • Lune's helmet is said to be used by his father and his father before him. Finding this prized artifact during his time on Cadia, Lune has taken the helmet for himself and ordered it's mass production when The Crescent Elites were created. It doesn't have any specific traits, but it has a great sentimental value in Lune's eyes. That is why he does his best to keep it secure (and repaired) but also wears it nearly all the time. This also caused his regiment to adopt this style, as they take their helmets with them to nearly everywhere they go as well, from formal meetings to war zones if they are allowed to do so. Regardless of the custom, The Crescent Elites are a covert operations regiment after all, and the troops wear disguises on many occasions, which causes them to wear their helmets mostly during formal occasions.
  • Being one of the oldest colonels in the entire Imperial Guard, Lune is known to have used rejuvenat and some unknown techniques to prolong his life, and it is said that he continues to do so. However, he is still a normal man, because rejuvenat, along with all the other techniques he uses, only prevents someone from aging and doesn't make them immortal. Lune, even though not believing in immortality, has learned this the hard way during the Third Aurelian Crusade.