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Imperium Dominus Angelus - "Angel of the Lord"
Lion's Gaze
Biographical Information

Dark Angels


None, takes auxiliaries from multiple companies

  • Discovery and capture of Fallen Angels
  • Surgical strikes
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  • Dark Angels
  • Adeptus Asartes
  • Imperium of Man

"Remember Caliban."
―Lion's Gaze saying.

The Lion's Gaze are a group of senior Astartes within the Dark Angels' Inner Circle, dedicated to hunting The Fallen and delivering the "first strike" through a series of highly planned and coordinated attacks, dealing in surgical strikes. The Lion's Gaze is made up of several different key members who are aware of the existence of The Fallen and make use of several squads from the different companies, though the secrets of The Fallen are never revealed to them, as they are not yet senior enough to know. The Gaze often operates far away from The Rock, a highly maneuverable force.

They are a constantly vigilant group who are sent to fight alongside other Chapters with attached squads, keeping an eye on everything and everyone, and as a result are one of the few Dark Angel groups considered to fight frequently alongside other Chapters.  The Lion's Gaze flagship is the Strike Cruiser Redemptor Peccati. The convent of Dark Angels was originally led by Interrogator-Chaplain Araqiel, but during Foeturn Rebellions of 001.M42, the ramifications of said event reduced the Lion's Gaze to a total of twenty Marines on a Death Oath in 002.M42. After the event, the Lion's Gaze was merged with Third Company and any auxiliaries remaining left for their original companies.

Notable MembersEdit


Commanders of the Gaze, these sons of the Lion are the most forefront at dealing with the threat of the Fallen.

Aides and AuxilariesEdit


These are the current squads in service to the convent. However, they are unaware of the secrets of The Fallen, aside from Tyr.

Transport & VehiclesEdit

These are the machines of war current at the Gaze's disposal. A detachment of Ravenwing Bikers are always at their fingertips.