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Legiones Astartes: The Endless Void is the first installment of the Legiones Astartes series written by SOSDarkPhoenix. In the first book, we follow the Wyverns Eternal and Imperius Ravagers Legions as they embark upon the Second Great Crusade, and fight for the glory of the Imperium of Man. Along the way they will forge new alliances and encounter adversaries that might take their full might to overcome.


"The Horus Heresy. Its magnitude shook the very foundations of the Imperium, rattling the once noble empire to its core. The Emperor has fallen, fully half of the great Primarchs have sworn their allegiance to the powers of Chaos, and those who remain loyal are either dead or distraught. Horus, corrupted and twisted by the whispers of his brother Lorgar...a pity they did not share the same fate. Mortarion, Angron, Perturabo, each of them fights for more blood to be spilt upon the ground in the name of their dark gods...Fulgrim...'The Slain Lord', his dark soul now serves the wicked whims of Slaanesh...and our prodigy, our solution, appears to have failed us. The galaxy is doomed to go up in flames, starting with that foolish Imperium...Oh, how the mighty have fallen..."
― Unknown

The doors slide open, and a small huddled creature steps through into the dark room..."M'lord.." the creature stammers. "They have started again." A figure rises from it's seat in the center of the room, this one much larger than the smaller creature, tall, slender, and dressed in decorative robes.

"You're sure?" asks the taller creature. The smaller one nods and swallows out of fear. "Then this time a more direct approach may be required, do you agree?"

Once more the small creature nods and bows it's head "Y-yes sir.."

The tall creature makes a hand gesture for the smaller one to leave, causing it to flinch momentarily. It nods, and scurries out the door. The tall figure steps towards a panel, presses a few buttons, and the wall begins to open into a window, revealing the starless void outside, "We will watch with great interest.."

Chapter OneEdit

The Lord-Wyvern, Arcturus Helios sat upon his throne, a troubled expression on his face. He watched with the utmost of boredom as his legionnaires marched in collumns to either side of the great hall of the Occulus, at least 5000 Astartes on each side, and hundreds of thousands more outside. He festered with unhappiness at the apalling state of the Imperium. He had witnessed its founding, its rise and fall. Long before the Horus Heresy, Arcturus Helios had been one of the Terran-born Raven Guard legionnaires who had acompannied the Emperor himself to meet with their Primarch, Corax. He had fought side-by-side with the fabled Raven, as a 'Chooser of the Slain', a seargent of the Dark Furies. And now here he sat, overseeing his legion rallying in full for the first time. His years of service on the field, fighting alongside a Primarch, all for what? For this title, more honourary than real.

"Sir?" Arcturus looked up. The voice had come from his one of his Guild-Masters, a commander. The Lord-Wyvern realized he had been day-dreaming and failed to notice the last of his Legion falling into place. He stood, brushed off his power armour, and stepped towards the podium. This speech would decide the Legion's goal, its own personal motive for the Crusade. "Brothers!" the booming voice of the Legion-Master bounded through the hall, reverberating off walls and power armour alike. "Today, marks the first day of our great crusade!" Thunderous applause and cheering erupts, and the Lord-Wyvern raises his hand to silence the crowd.


Chapter TwoEdit

Focusing on Imperius Ravagers

Chapter ThreeEdit

Focusing on Wyverns Eternal

Chapter FourEdit

Focusing on Imperius Ravagers

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