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The Knights Eternal is a lesser-known, seldom mentioned, and deceptively powerful chapter by design. albeit unusually well-equipped

Official records of the Imperium hold the Knights Eternal responsible for the Caligari Sector of the Tempestus Segmentum, tasked with patrolling the warp-strewn vastness of this doomed region. Publicly believed to be a Second Founding successor chapter of the Ultramarines, the truth behind their celestial garrison is far more tragic. The Knights Eternal are simultaneously the caretakers and wardens of the now dormant II Legion, condemned to defend the very knowledge of its continued existence and charged with continuing the hunt for an all but lost Primarch.

Chapter History Edit

First Son of the Second Son

A Legion Buried

Caligari Crusade

Ruined World

Great Shame

After the Horus Heresy

Undertaking the Watch

Notable Campaigns

Chapter Organization Edit

Pre-Heresy Edit

To Legion Master Agenor, the legion structure provided to him was holy writ, and shouldn't be changed without dire necessity. Century-long preparation forged powerful Space Marines; individual units proved so efficient at vanquishing their enemies that any shortcomings appeared to be on the strategic level more often than the tactical level.

The Four Orders Edit


Lanceknight Techmarines Edit

After finding the ruined world of House Kirghren, the II Legion acquired 72 Imperial Knights of various patterns. Much debate followed the addition of these venerable machines to the Legion's armouries, brothers and techmarines arguing whether these relics should be held as the only known symbols of their primarch, or used as gifts of the Omnissiah. It was eventually decided that veteran techmarines would undergo surgery to accommodate a Mind Impulse Unit in order to pilot these great weapons. Having trained as tech-priests on Holy Mars itself, the newly dubbed Lanceknight Techmarines served as sacristans as well as pilots, repairing these machines when not in use.

Ascension Protocol Edit


Post-Heresy Edit


Four Reclusiams Edit

As a Space Marine Chapter of the 41st Millennium, the Knights Eternal are unusual in that they actively maintain four separate reclusiams which hold much sway and power within the chapter, power that is second only to the Chapter Master himself. Somewhat mimicking the Four Orders of the II Legion,

Reclusiam of Brotherhood Edit


Reclusiam of Faith Edit


Reclusiam of Sin Edit


Reclusiam of Justice Edit

All Knight companies and Reserve companies within the Knights Eternal forgo the position of Company Champion. The role is effectively filled by Chaplains of Justice

Knight Companies Edit


Chapter Support Edit


Order of Battle Edit


Chapter Command Edit

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Chapter Companies Edit

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'Veteran Company Knight Companies
1st Company 2nd Company 3rd Company 4th Company 5th Company

Chapter Recruitment Edit

The Knights Eternal recruit from a plethora of worlds, most of which are the few active trading hubs capable of operating with relative safety as part of the Caligari sector. Hive world residents will gather in masses for the opportunity to participate in the Aspirant Trials. Larger settlements in feral worlds will host annual tournaments where natives compete for glory and title. Suitable victors are then ferried to the Chapter's fortress-monastery to be further tested by the Astartes themselves. Settlements do not dare send an unworthy child for if one were to return unsuccessful, it would show that even the best among them is not worthy of travelling the stars.

Once an aspirant arrives at the Chapter's testing grounds, he must undertake three tests to prove his worth, the first of which is the Test of Strength. Aspirants are pitted against each other in savage duels and against monstrous creatures from the most dangerous planets of the Caligari Sector. Those who survive the ordeal aren't given any respite, for the Test of Wits begins immediately for those who manage slay 13 beasts and defeat 13 of their peers within three days. During the second challenge, aspirants are put into a man-made maze that requires its challengers to complete puzzles, riddles, and other tests of mental ability in order to proceed through the thousands of winding corridors. Only those who possess an unusually sharp mind are capable of conquering the maze. The third test is the Test of Guts, where aspirants are psychically examined, and essentially tortured, by the psykers who frequent the monastery. The young minds are probed and thoroughly tested for any sign of weakness or doubt.

Should the aspirant prove worthy, he is then brought to the Vael System, seat of the ruined planet. Hundreds are tested but few reach the cracked steps of Kirghren Keep. Only one in every thousand reach this stage of the testing process, yet those who do are greeted by an impossibly imposing sight: a damaged Throne Mechanimum known simply as the Ferrum Domina. It is here that the potential astartes are seperated from the unworthy for each aspirant undergoes a ritual of becoming more brutal than any other. A Throne Mechanicum echoes the past lives of stalwart nobles who wielded fierce Imperial Knights, but the Ferrum Domina is infested with the millions of unworthy souls who have failed this final trial. The mental torrent experienced by these unlucky aspirants is akin to holding a single feather amidst a admitted a fiery and bloody tempest. However, the soul of Carolus Konigrhen resides in this Throne Mechanicus, and those who find his soul and deemed worthy are sheltered from the inexplicable horror that awaits them. Survivors are admitted into the Chapter as a Neophyte, having been acknowledged by the memory of paragon of humanity.

Deathwatch Service Edit

Brothers of the Knights Eternal are a common sight within the ranks of the Deathwatch. Though brothers are regularly seconded, they are usually seconded as squads rather than individuals. Some chapters consider a brother's service to the Deathwatch as a right of passage; the brothers of the Knights Eternal see their oath as test of unity. Knight Brothers of the II Legion would earn their titles after competing in a gauntlet against deadly beasts gathered to Terra for study, and later if a battalion could find salvation against overwhelming odds. The chapter pays homage to this tradition by sending would-be champions as groups to fight against the unknown enemies of the Imperium.

Upon taking the Apocryphon Oath, each brother of the Knights Eternal is given a freshly-forged storm shield for him to carry on his journey. Only after each shield has been broken in combat can a squad of Brothers be allowed to return to the chapter. As they complete their tour of duty, these warriors will come to rely on their shields for protection, all the while knowing that their first line of defense is destined to falter. Even a mighty Space Marine is often unprepared the moment his shield breaks, and it is in these few, desperate moments that a Space Marine may see himself for what he has become: either he will press forward with fortitude and instinct, or he will hesitate, stagger, and most likely die from the attack capable of shattering a storm shield. Should a brother hesitate or even fall during battle, the squad is deemed to have failed and must return to their Chapter as soon as is allowed.

Those squads who succeed are heralded as heroes, and take their place among the Knight Companies of the chapter. Here, they are ready to serve under one of the Chapter's four chaplaincies and continue the tragic legacy of their forebears.

Knight Brothers and Chaplains of the Chapter will seldom join the Deathwatch. When a Knight Brother does so, he does so as an individually, to hone his skills or break the shields of past brothers who have failed their task. Chaplains will do so to immerse themselves in the lore of 1000 chapters and maintain some active knowledge of the wider Imperium. Indeed all High Chaplains of the Chapter have served the Deathwatch.

Chapter Headquarters Edit


Chapter Combat Doctrine Edit


Chapter Gene-Seed Edit

The gene-seed of the Knights Eternal is remarkably pure and free of any mutation. To this day, the chapter still enjoys the larger physical frames bequeathed as genetic heritage by Agenor the Awesome. Where the height of an average Space Marine rests between 7 and 7.5 ft., almost all brothers of the Knights Eternal stand at roughly 8 ft. This has caused the Chapter to endure some scrutiny from both the Mechanicus and imperial academics, each attempting to decipher the secret behind the chapter's unusually large bodies.

Although the Chapter continues to use gene-deed descended from the stocks of the II Legion, official records hold them as successors of the Ultramarines. During the 2nd Founding, each chapter was supplied with gene-seed stocks originating from a 1st Founding Chapter to aid in the reformation. It was secretly hoped that the genetic lines from chapters formed from the remnants of the II and XI Legions would be phased out over time. Luckily for the Knights Eternal, they had the armories of the II Legion at their disposal, including a sizeable store of gene-seed within each of the Legion Arks. It is from these stockpiles that the Chapter was able to rebuild, and recent actions have seen the original caches refilled.

Every Chapter is required to tithe 5% of its gene-seed stocks at regular intervals to the Mechanicus on Mars so that the genetic purity of each Chapter can be properly acertained. In order to continue as generally unattended by the greater institutions of the Imperium, the Knights Eternal must still provide gene-seed stemming from the Ultramarines lineage. Unfortunate aspirants who prove physically capable yet fail the test of the Ferrum Domina are sedated, and used to grow the gene-seed of an Ultramarines Astartes. This gene-seed will never be used by the Knights Eternal, and is solely prepared to be sent to Terra during the demanded tithes.

The Forgotten Angels are listed as a successor chapter of the Knights Eternal, and while they believe themselves to be their descendants, they are in truth descended from of the Ultramarines. The Knights Eternal were notified that their stock of gene-seed on Mars was used to create Forgotten Angels chapter during the 22nd Founding. It is normally a great honour for a Chapter to be created from another's stock, but for the Knights Eternal, it is a heavy burden to know that their lies have

Chapter Beliefs Edit


Notable Knights Eternal Edit

Pre-Heresy Era Personnel Edit

  • Legion Master Agenor the Unyielding
  • Chapter Master Carolus the Kind
  • Chapter Master Draugus the Loyal
  • Chapter Master Kiren the Enlightened
  • Chapter Master Maximillian the Envious
  • Chapter Master Aeolius the Wise
  • Brother Captain Linius
  • Brother Captain Appo Cren
  • Knight Brother Stradius Kring
  • Dreadnought Revelus
  • Dreadnought Sanctus

Post-Heresy Edit

  • Chapter Master Stradius
  • High Chaplain Vigoth the Great
  • High Chaplain Neptunius the Drunk
  • Chaplain Jawas
  • Chaplain Torstein
  • Venerable Dreadnought Chaplain of Justice Yosha
  • Knight Brother Achenroth

Chapter Fleet Edit


Chapter Relics Edit


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Gallery Edit


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