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Kabal of the Cursed Flesh
Kabal of the Cursed Flesh
Head of State

Mezama the Ever Cursed

Official Language
  • Eldar
    • Dark Eldar
Governing Body

Court of the Cursed

  • Dark Eldars
  • Mandrakes
  • Humans
  • Sslyth
"Prove yourself more useful than entertainment in the arenas and the Cursed Flesh might just have a place for you. But if you fail my expectations you'll wish you had died a thousand times in that arena for I will inflict such untold pain and suffering on you the rest of your life that you'll beg me to torn apart by the dogs."
―Mezama the Ever Cursed

The Kabal of the Cursed Flesh is a mysterious and odd Dark Eldar Kabal that have been exiled from Commorragh by the other Kabals. The Cursed Flesh is know for their employment of human, Sslyth and Mandrake mercenaries. The Kabal is led by the renowned and feared Mezama the Ever Cursed. After they were beaten and exiled from Commorragh they forged their own little empire in the Ultima Segmentum near the Warpstrom known as the Maelstrom.



The Kabal of the Cursed Flesh rose from the ruins of serval lesser kabals that suddenly found the majority of their troops turning on their former leaders and swore allegiance to the mysterious Mezama that had somehow managed to get many Mandrakes to follow him. He used these deadly assassins to kill off the leaders of each Kabal before he swooped in a claimed the Kabals for himself, uniting under the newly founded Kabal of the Cursed Flesh. Many, at first, saw this new Kabal as nothing of importance even when it had achieved to fuse multiple Kabals into one stronger one. Many weaker kabals tried to destroy the Cursed Flesh before they could truly settle into their new territories within the Dark City. Bloody gang wars over the Cursed Flesh's districts erupted. While the Flesh were surrounded by many enemies it somehow managed to repel the attacks and then their enemies had exhausted their forces they had committed to the wars it was time for the Flesh to go on the offence. The offence was brutal and overwhelming. Hundreds of Mandrakes sprung from the shadows, targeting and killing key targets that operated in the districts, while Kabalite warriors advanced and secured the streets. within the first half century the Kabal of the Cursed Flesh had more than tripled in size, claiming most of the lower districts for it self. With many of its former enemies either outright destroyed or absorbed into its foldes it finally took its time to lick its wounds.

Consolidating powerEdit

While there were peace in the Dark City, Mezama didn't sit idly by. He formed alliances with other Kabals or other factions within the Dark City. With these allies he and the Cursed Flesh sought out the riches beyond the Webway. The Cursed Flesh assaulted countless Imperial worlds as well as other alien worlds. Slaves and other goods quickly helped the Cursed Flesh push its way even higher up and eventually stood just below biggest and most feared kabals in the Dark City. At this point even the dreaded Supreme Lord of Commorragh, Asdrubael Vect, had taken notice of this rapidly rising Kabal. While curious at just how far this Kabal could make it he didn't approve of the Cursed Flesh's politically aggressive approaches or its leader's polices where lesser races, such as humans, fought alongside the Dark Eldar warriors.





Notable membersEdit

Mezama the Ever CursedEdit