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Iseros Dynasty
Iseros Dynasty
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The Iseros Dynasty is a rather small but still extremely powerful and dangerous dynasty known for it rather unorthodox ways compared to other Necron dynasties. It is ruled by the Phaeron known as Ramenna Iseros who was a leader of a Cryptek Covenant and whould later aim to use the Biotransference on the people of the Imperium to bolster his dynasty's armies to conquer the galaxy and to claim their souls so he could transfer them to his people. Other than Ramenna himself he also have a few Necron Overlords under his command. These Overlords each manage large chunks of the Dynasty's forces and worlds.


Wars of SecessionEdit

The Iseros Dynasty was a small yet very influential dynasty when the Necrons were still organic beings known as the Necrontyrs. Iseros was famous for its strong ties to different Cryptek Covenants which allowed the dynasty to always have access to the newest technology within most fields of Necrontyr science. This made Iseros a very attractive ally for other dynasties to try and exploit. While it still had its enemies within the chaotic Necrontyr Empire it was able to endure these invasions into its territories and even managed to take a few world for itself. The Dynasty also faced another problem when the heir of the dynasty, Ramenna, left to become a Cryptek. His father was furious at his son but could little about since Ramenna had joined a power Cryptek Covenant. And so the Iseros Dynasty would stay without a heir for many years.

War in HeavenEdit

The Silent King and his Triarch saw that the fighting between the many noble dynasties was tearing the Empire apart from the inside he declared war on the Old Ones in the hopes of unifying the Necrontyr race against a common enemy. This proved to be a great success and the many dynasties united behind the Silent King. The current Phaeron of Iseros at the time, Ramenna's father, gladly joined the war with his forces, hoping to claim more territory for his dynasty. The war with the Old Ones quickly proved to have been a horrible mistake. The Necrontyr was quickly loosing ground to the technologically superior Old Ones and their vassal races. The Iseros Dynasty was nearby destroyed by the time the Necrontyr entered into the Second Wars of Secession. It was during these wars that the Iseros' Phaeron died in battle and it was left leaderless. The dynasty was about to imploded in on itself from internal strife over its throne. Some people loyal to the original family searched for Ramenna so he could claim the throne and unify it. They found Ramenna as the head of a powerful Cryptek Covenant and pleaded him to return to his dynasty and restore order. Ramenna first laughed them off as a scheme from his father to get him back but when they told him of his father's death he saw the opportunity of to gain more power if he would be able to combine both his dynasty and the Covenant he ruled. Ramenna would leave his covenant and with his loyalists he managed to bring order to the shattered dynasty. When order had been restored within the dynasty set Remenna and his troops out to claim the Covenant by force. Those Crypteks that refused to join the Iseros Dynasty was hunted down and killed while those who swore allegiances to Ramenna and his dynasty. When the Necrontyr discovered the Star Gods known as the C'tan was the Iseros Dynasty one of the most influential when it came to technological advancements and knowledge. The Dynasty even contributed to the development and construction of the C'tans bodies. It didn't take all for the C'tan known as Mephet'ran the Deceiver to convince the Silent King to agree to a deal where his people would gain the immortality they had sought after for so long. The Silent King trusted the C'tan and announced that all Necrontyr would go through the Biotransference and the Iseros Dynasty was exception. Little did he or any other Necrontyr know that they had just signed their own enslavament to the C'tan who feasted on the Necrontyrs' discarded flesh and souls. When every single Necrontyr had become a Necron as a result of the Biotransference.

With the Necrontyr race gone and the C'tan in control of their Necron slaves they started teh War in Heaven anew. This time the Old Ones and their vassal races could not hold back the Necron tide and quickly the Necrons and their C'tan Masters were besieging the last of the Old Ones' fortresses and most of their precious vassals had turned into cattle for slaughter to feed the C'tans' unending hunger for flesh and souls. It was during these horrible years that the Iseros Dynasty managed to claim large swatch of space which they fortified with constructing numerous strongholds on various worlds throughout what would later be the outer reaches of Segmentum Ultima and far beyond the touch of the Imperium of Man. The reason for the Iesros' great sucess was due to their forces being under the command of the dreaded Void Dragon that is still feared to this day. The Void Dragon made the troops of Iseros near indestructible which allowed the dynasty to only suffer minor losses throughout the entire war with the Old Ones and their vassal races.

Rebellion and the Great SleepEdit

While the C'tan had focused on the Old Ones the Silent King had plotted the Necron's rebellion to overthrow their evil masters. While He dared not rise against the Old Ones still existed he made preparations behind the C'tan's backs and Iseros were one of the few dynasties that helped develop the Tesseract Labyrinths that would later be used to capture the sharps of the C'tans. While the rebellion against the C'tan was a sucess it left the galaxy in complete ruins and millions of Necrons had been destroyed in their rise against their godlike masters. Free from the C'tan's rule over the galaxy the Silent King knew that the Necrons had no strength left to stand against the Eldar that had risen in the Old' Ones' place. He therefore declared all the remaining dynasties to transform their worlds into tombs for the long slumber ahead of them. Before the entirety of the Iseros Dynasty went to sleep it took control of many Necrons that had survived the destruction of their own dynasties and added them to their own ranks.

By the time the Great Sleep set in the Iseros dynasty commanded well over two hundred Tomb Worlds but as time past the many of these world that were within the boundaries of the Segmentum Ultima. Most of the worlds that were lost were from Eldar raids or cataclysmic events on the planet itself.


The entirety of the dynasty was rudely awoken in 761.M41 when colonists from the newly settled imperial world known as Asteagar in imperial records accidentally mined too deep and intruded on the tombs below. Asteagar was the only Tomb World of the Iseros Dynasty to have survived within Segmentum Ultima and when miners accidentally dug into the tombs they send out a distress call to remaining world of the dynasty. The automated defense systems within the underground tombs of Asteagar of course dealt with the intruders as they had been instructed and slaughtered the miners to the last. A search party was sent to investigate but met the same fate. It was also at this time the planet's Lord had awoken and marched his legion up to the surface to deal with the humans. He destroyed all settlements and the planet and left none alive to tell the tale of what had happened. Back on Ramenna's own Crown World he awoke to the Lord's report of the inferior humans invasion into their territory. Having checked the status of his worlds he concluded that he would not rist exposure yet and instead ordered his subjects to lay low for now while the tomb worlds fully awoke from their long slumber.


While it indeed laid low, Iseros didn't sit still for long. Ramenna was desperate for information of what was going on around him and so a few scout ships were sent out to gather data on the affairs and the stat of the sectors around his small empire. Iseros scouts quickly discovered that ork pirate fleets had takken residents near the Imperial borders and that a minor Eldar Craftworld had hidden itself nearby as well. After having observed the Ork Freebooter fleets concluded Ramenna that he could make use of the Orks services and so approached each of their Kaptins and offered them wealth and plenty of battles. The Orks eagerly took the offer. Having bolstered the dynasty's forces with many Ork mercenaries Iseros now turned its eyes on the Eldar Craftworld, Lioterona. Ramenna gathered his Crypteks skilled in the art of Chronomancy to counter the Craftworld's future predicting Seer Council. While the Seers desperately tried to flee from the combined Ork and Necron fleets they were in the end cornered and the battle for Lioterona were underway.

Battle for Craftworld LioteronaEdit

Main article: Battle for Craftworld Lioterona

Armed ForcesEdit


Ground forcesEdit

True PariahsEdit



Notable individualsEdit





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