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Iron Brotherhood

6th Founding


Imperial Fists


Rogal Dorn

Chapter Master

Lord Balghast




Roughly 1500

  • Crusades
  • Special Tactics
  • Combined Arms
  • Blood Dragons

"Hear the call of Gjallarhorn! It is your doom!"
―Battle Cry

The Iron Brotherhood (Ferrum Fraternitati in high gothic) are a crusading chapter, spending years at war, only to return home and celebrate with tales of conquest, and battles won. Counting themselves amongst the sons of Dorn, they lack some of their sombre, stern traits, replacing it instead with a joy for combat that they wear upon their sleeve. Like their progenitors, they place great focus on martial skill, and are renowned for having iron-wills, strong discipline, and being stubborn in battle. They are known as both crusaders, and heroes, placing greater focus on protecting the citizenry of the Empire, more than most other Chapters.


The Iron Brotherhood hail from the world of Veles. Once, Veles was the glittering crown of the sector, being a juggernaut of manufacturing, a place of great philosophy, and never faltered in their dedication to the Emperor. It suffered greatly at the hands of WAAAAAAAGH! Brokentoof, being besieged for years, before the Imperial Fists lifted the siege, and broke the WAAAAAAGH!, but not before it had laid most of the planet to waste.

The Imperial Fists established an outpost here, though were not in sufficient numbers to help rebuild the damaged infrastructure of the planet. This garrison became the basis of the Brotherhood during the 6th founding.

Veles has scattered, walled settlements, usually built upon the ruins of cities ruined by Orkish invasions. These serve as vital recruiting locations, not just for the Brotherhood, but for their auxiliaries that support them. The largest settlement is Erimor, which rests in the shadow of the Watchtower, the Fortress Monastery of the Brotherhood. They also have other outposts, mostly small shrines, or installations.

The Watchtower is the Chapter's fortress monastery, built on an ancient Imperial Fists outpost, the Fortress is a tall, foreboding structure. It lacks some of the pomp of other Imperial Structures, lacking decoration, or gothic stylings. The Watchtower is sturdy, and well built, with layers of defences. It has hangars, training facilities, armouries, and other facilities, and also includes recreational facilities too, where brothers can share drinks and tales of adventures, or rest in quiet contemplation. At the centre of this, is the Ironwood tree. It was in the shade of this tree that their ancestors first rallied and formed the Brotherhood.




Combat DoctrineEdit

Chapter OrganisationEdit


Chapter Master Honour Guard Chaplaincy Logisticiam
Armoury Apothecarion Fleet Command Librarius

Chapter MasterEdit


  • MAster of the Apothecarion
  • Apothecaries


  • High Chaplain Master of Sanctity
  • Reclusiarch
  • Chaplain


  • Warden
  • Chapter Serfs
  • Servitors


  • Master of the Forge
  • Techmarines
  • Servitors

Fleet CommandEdit

  • Fleet Commander


  • Chief Librarian
  • Epistolaries
  • Codiciers
  • Lexicaniums
  • Acolytum
Psyker Powers
Power Type Description


Host of Lords

Chapter Master
50 Terminator Veterans

Host of Iron Host of Wolves Host of Fire Host of Wrath Host of Citadels
Lord of Marches

2 Veteran Squads
1 Huscarl Squad
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Bike Squad
1 Scout Squad

Lord of the Watch

2 Veteran Squads
1 Huscarl Squad
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Bike Squad
1 Scout Squad

Lord of the Arsenal

2 Veteran Squads
1 Huscarl Squad
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Bike Squad
1 Scout Squad

Lord Executioner

2 Veteran Squads
1 Huscarl Squad
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Bike Squad
1 Scout Squad

Lord Regent

2 Veteran Squads
1 Huscarl Squad
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Bike Squad
1 Scout Squad

Host of Scars Host of Fury Host of Dragons Host of Judgement Host of Swords
Lord of the Rites

2 Veteran Squads
1 Huscarl Squad
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Bike Squad
1 Scout Squad

Lord Victualler

2 Veteran Squads
1 Huscarl Squad
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Bike Squad
1 Scout Squad

Lord of the Fleet

2 Veteran Squads
1 Huscarl Squad
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Bike Squad
1 Scout Squad

Lord of Relics

2 Veteran Squads
1 Huscarl Squad
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Bike Squad
1 Scout Squad

Lord of Recruits

2 Veteran Squads
1 Huscarl Squad
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
1 Bike Squad
1 Scout Squad

Host of LordsEdit

The Host of Lords is the home of the most worthy Battle-Brothers, each bearing a suit of Terminator armour. Each Battle-Brother is a hero, and a legend, each earning the right to the title of 'Lord'. They form the personal retinue of the Chapter Master, and act under his direct order, often being set to perform missions for the Chapter Master himself.

Their Host markings are white and gold. Their sigil is the axe on a shield

Host of IronEdit

Respected first and foremost amongst their brothers, the Host of Iron is the most storied host in the Chapter. Tales of their deeds have gone far and wide.

Their host markings are green and white. Their sigil is the ironwood tree.

Host of WolvesEdit

The Host of Wolves, better known as the Iron Wolves, are much like their namesake. A pack of predatory animals. The host of Wolves have won honours across the segmentum, and fought almost every foe that assails the Imperium.

Their host markings are black and gold. Their sigil is the twin wolves.

Host of FireEdit

Host of Fire have long been tasked with guarding the Flame Eternal, one of the key relics of the Brotherhood. Once kept within a great shrine, it is now kept inside their lead ship, the shrine having since fallen.

Their host markings are white and black. Their sigil is the flame.

Host of WrathEdit

The Host of Wrath are the Emperor's vengeance made manifest. When atrocities are heaped upon Imperial citizenry, it is the Host of Wrath that sally forth, returning only once they have slain their foe.

Their host markings are brown and gold. Their sigil is the axe.

Host of CitadelsEdit

Even amongst the stubborn sons of Dorn, the Host of citadels is renowned for stubborn warriors. Tasked with guardianship of the Chapter's Fortress monastery, they erect great defences, then hold them against all threats. They were almost exterminated upon the walls of the Watchtower during the battle save their world from Greenskin invaders .

Their host markings are black and green. Their sigil is the iron gate.

Host of ScarsEdit

The Host of scars conduct battles far from the homelands of the Brotherhood, bringing the emperor's Light to distant worlds. They are so named because of the pitted, and scarred nature of their armour, which is only repaired once they have returned home to share their tales of war.

Their host markings are brown and white. Their sigil is the wolf's head.

Host of FuryEdit

The Host of Fury having long been the forefront of any Crusade, launching themselves into the jaws of the enemy armed with nothing but their wits, and a righteous fury. The Host of Fury have conquered and torn down a great many fortresses.

Their host markings are dark green and gold. Their sigil is the deer's head.

Host of DragonsEdit

The Host of Dragons were once the Host of war, but changed their name following the invasion of their homeworld. Saved by the Blood Dragons, the Host of War changed their name, and iconography, to honour their sworn brothers. The Host of dragons now fights on, to best honour the second chance gifted to them.

Their host markings are red and black, in honour of their brotherhood to the Blood Dragons. Their sigil is the Dragon's head.

Host of JudgementEdit

during the invasion of their homeworld, the Host of Judgement met the Ork invaders head on, battling them in the city of Clovis. In order to stall the invaders, and give enough time for the city inhabitants to escape, the Host of Judgement held their ground and refused to fall back. The Host of Judgement kept back the green tide for five days, before being totally annihilated. After the battle, they were reconstituted, but are still in mourning for their loses.

Their host markings are plain black, in mourning for their losses. The have no sigil marking.

Host of SwordsEdit

The Sword is said to be the soul of a Space Marine, and the host of Swords exemplify this. They bring death to the Emperor's enemies in the cold void of space, in the dense corridors of hives, and in the ruins of Space Hulks.

Their host markings are white and green. Their sigil is the sword.





Hand-held Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Bolt Pistol Bolter A standard issue side arm, utilised by both officers and Assault marines, it is widespread, and deadly in an Astartes; hands.
Bolter Bolter The standard issue weapon of the Chapter, is is accurate and deadly. Although the Chapter use several different models, most are uniform in accuracy and lethality.
Siege Bolter Bolter Unique to the Iron Brotherhood, the Siege Bolter is used by them as a squad weapon. It combines a standard Bolter with a longer barrel, and a powered belt feed linked to a backpack, like a heavy Bolter. This gives them an assault weapon capable of laying down thunderous hails of fire.
Heavy Bolter Bolter A heavy weapon, utilised against squadrons of infantry, it is cumbersome, but deadly.
Storm Bolter Bolter Largely used by Terminators, but also by a few select officers, the Storm Bolter is perfect at clearing enemy positions.
Combi-Bolter Bolter/Weapon combination Not referring to a single class of weapon, but a wide variety of relics, these weapons are bolters fitted with a single use secondary weapons. These include flamers, meltas, plasma weapons and grav-guns. Revered relics, only the most elite see them.
Stalker-pattern Bolter Bolter A specially manufactured pattern of bolter, fitted with an elongated barrel and a high power scope, it is extremely accurate. Preferred for long distance fire, its a lethal instrument.
Seeker-Pattern Bolter Bolter A model of ancient providence, it is fitted with high power sensors for precision target tracking. A weapon ideal for assassination, it is often utilised by Shades and veterans.
Angelus boltgun Bolter A unique bolter wielded by the Sanguinary guard, the weapon is mounted on the wrist, leaving their hands free. A variety of Bolter variants are utilised, but most are Godwyn, or Phobos models, though there are also a few Tigrus pattern bolters.
Plasma Pistol Plasma weapon The smallest issued plasma weapon, its used by veteran sergeants and assault troopers, and is excellent at taking down heavy infantry or light armour.
Plasma Gun Plasma Weapon Issued to weapon specialists, the plasma gun is a deadly, if unpredictable tool, excellent for attacking light armour and heavy infantry.
Plasma Cannon Plasma Weapon The largest plasma weapon at use by the Chapter, this cannon is equally adept at attacking infantry as it is at attacking armour.
Melta Gun Melta Weapon The preferred weapon of tank hunters, the Meltagun is a short range, lethal weapon, that vapourises flesh, bone and armour.
Multi-Melta Melta Weapon The largest kind of melta weapon carried by Marine, it produces fearsome results against armour, but is hampered by it's short range.
Flame Pistol Flamer A compact and lethal weapon, its used by assault troops to spray fire across battlements, clearing them of threats.
Flamer Flamer A standard weapon for close quarters fighting and breaching, it produces a gout of flame that can incinerate anything in it's path.
Heavy Flamer Flamer The largest and most lethal model of flamer, it is used for supporting infantry, and by veteran squads, allowing them to torch whole waves of enemies.
Lascannon Laser weapon A heavy weapon, this accurate cannon is used to attack enemy armour. Often cutting right through armour, its often used in a supporting role, with the multi-melta and missile launcher preferred.
Lascutter Laser Weapon Not a weapon per say, more a tool, the Lascutter is used to cut through bulkheads. Used almost exclusively by the Tyrant Company, the weapon is used to make a mess of enemy siege works, cutting into fortified positions. Worse come to worse, they can be used to cut apart enemies in close rank, as adept at slicing through armour and flesh as they are at opening bunkers.
Graviton Gun Gravity Weapon An ancient relic, all but forgotten by the galaxy at large, the Graviton Gun, or Grav-Gun, uses dark age technology to afflict gravity at its target, making a target lighter, to set them off balance, to heavier, to pin them down. As a weapon, it can also be used to crush enemies, breaching armour and liquefying organs. Its also deadly against buildings and bunkers.
Grav Cannon Gravity Weapon A larger example of Graviton weaponry, mounted on Centurion suits, the cannon has a longer effective range, and is more devastating against a range of targets. It is teamed with a grav-amp to focus it in, to create a more devastating weapon.
Missile Launcher Missile Launcher An all-purpose weapon, it can be loaded with fragmentation, krakk or flakk warheads, ideal for attacking infantry, armour and air vehicles respectively.
Cyclone Missile Launcher Missile Launcher A model of misile launcher carried by Terminators, it is accurate and lethal, and can fire a heavy barrage in a short time.
Assault Cannon Auto Weapon Carried by terminators, this rapid fire weapon is prone to jamming, but can produce a tremendous hail of fire.
Shotgun Shotgun Normally reserved for scouts, the Shotgun is a sturdy weapon that reduces infantry to chunks in close quarters. The shotgun is a favourite for raids and close-quarters.
Sniper Rifle Long Rifle A high power weapon, used scouts, the Sniper Rifle allows a scout to eliminate a target far beyond the range of most other weapons. Its high power allows it to take down even hardened targets with ease.


Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Bolter Round Bolter Round Standard bolts comprise the following components: outer casing, propellant base, main charge, mass reactive detonator cap, depleted deuterium core, diamantine tip. The round possesses a super-dense metallic core.
Dragonfire Round Bolter Round Used by Sternguard Veterans, it release a gout of superheated gas that makes a mockery of cover; the gas discharge ensuring that struck targets receive full damage, even if partially protected.
Hellfire Round Bolter Round The Hellfire replaces the core and tip of the standard bolt round with a vial of mutagenic acid, and thousands of needles that fire into the target's flesh on impact, pumping the acid into the target. Developed specially to combat Tyranids, Hellfire Rounds have equally devastating results on other organic targets.
Inferno Round Bolter Round Designed to immolate their targets and destroy them with superheated chemical fire. The deuterium core is replaced with an oxy-phosphorus gel, known as Promethium.
Kraken Round Bolter Round Powerful armour-piercing rounds. The deuterium core is replaced by a solid adamantine core and uses a heavier main charge. Upon impact, the outer casing peels away and the high velocity adamantium needle accelerates into the victim, where the larger detonator propels shards of super hardened metal further into the wound. These are effective against heavily-armoured infantry.
Metalstorm Round Bolter Round Best against multiple lightly-armoured targets, the Metalstorm round detonates before impact and sprays shrapnel, shredding their victims. A proximity detonator replaces the mass-reactive cap, and the diamantine tip and deuterium core are replaced with an increased charge and fragmentation casing.
Stalker Round Bolter Round Are rounds with low sound signatures, meant for covert fighting and used in conjunction with an M40 targeting system and an extended barrel and stock on a bolter to produce a sniping weapon system. A solidified mercury slug replaces the mass-reactive warhead for lethality at sub-sonic projectile speed. A gas cartridge also replaces both the propellant base and main charge for silent firing.
Tempest Round Bolter Round The exotic Tempest round incorporatestiny plasma shock generators that emit electromagnetic and thermal radiation when the shell detonates. Produced only on Mars, Tempest shells are noted as particularly effective against machines and mechanical targets.
Vengeance Round Bolter Round This round utilises an unstable flux technology which makes them slightly hazardous to use but makes them very good against armoured targets. Their effectiveness against power armour means they are highly sought after.


Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Frag Missile Anti-Infantry Missile A standard purpose missile, the frag missile is designed for clearing scores of light infantry, and light armour. The missile explodes on impact, releasing a cloud of razor-sharp shrapnel. It can be used with standard shoulder-carried missile launchers,
Krak Missile Anti-Armour missile The Krak missile is an anti-vehicle weapon, that uses a shaped charged explosion to punch a hole through its target, causing lethal damage to its target. While normally used against vehicles, it is also deadly against heavy infantry, and bunkers. It can be used with standard shoulder-carried missile launchers,
Flakk Missile Anti-Air missile A lethal anti-air weapon, the Flakk missile is a high-speed, high-accuracy missile that explodes in close proximity to its target, spraying it with shrapnel. It can be used with standard shoulder-carried missile launchers,
Concussion Missile Anti-structure Missile Instead of a large explosion, the Concussion missile uses an explosive putty as its payload. On impact, it forms a pat against it's target, then detonates, creating an explosive shockwave. It is commonly used against enemy structures. It can be used with standard shoulder-carried missile launchers,
Cyclone Missile Multi-Missile Launcher Carried by Terminators, the Cyclone Missiles are usually Frag or Krak-type missiles, and can be rapidly fired with high accuracy, creating a mobile, and lethal, artillery barrage.
Hellfire Missile Dreadnought Missile Carried by Dreadnoughts, the Hellfire missile is designed to be rapidly vollied at a target, overcoming it with sheer numbers.
Aiolos Missiles Dreadnought Artillery Missile Mounted on the mighty Deredeo, these missiles are fired like artillery. Using their advance sensors, they can be fired over terrain without losing accuracy.
Hunter-Killer Missile Vehicle Mounted A standard missile for vehicle mounting, the Hunter-Killer Missile is a large Krak missile, using a powerful guidance system to strike vehicles without fear for missing. It is mounted on a variety of vehicles, and on Ironclad Dreadnoughts.
Hyperios Missile Anti-Air Missile A high-speed anti-air missile, the Hyperios strikes down low flying aircraft with high-accuracy attacks. In a pinch, it can also be used to bombard ground positions. They are carried by the Whirlwind variant of the same name.
Skyspear Missile Launcher Anti-Air Missile A high-power missile, the Skyspear is dedicated to shooting down any threat that enters the Chapter's airspace. The missile uses the interred remains of a Serf, whether they were alive or dead when it happened. These missiles are supremely accurate, and lethal, and they can even be used against ground targets, levelling all but the most powerful defences. The Skyspear is used by the Rhino variant of the same name.
Skyhammer Missile Air-Ground Missile Tank-busting missiles, the Skyhammer missiles fire off at hyper-velocity, and use their kinetic power to flatten their target. It is used by both the Stormhawk and Stormtalon.
Typhoon Missile Air-Ground Missile A mixture of Frag and Krak missiles, Typhoon missiles are designed to rapidly saturate an area, covering it in a hail of explosions. This is used on, Landspeeders, Stormhawks, and Stormtalon gunships.
Stormstrike Missile Air-Ground Missile The Stormstrike is designed to soften up a hostile landing zone, creating thunderous booms on impact. Those that survive the explosion are left flattened and confused in the aftermath. Storm Ravens use this to clear a landing ground.
Vengeance Rocket Air-Ground Rocket Unrelated to the Whirlwind's Vengeance Missile, the Vengeance Rocket is carried only on the Storm Eagle. The Vengeance Rockets are not guided, but are deadly, being fired en-masse to shred enemy positions with punishing fire. Each rocket releases a hail of fragmentation.
Firefury Missile Air-Ground Missile A micro-missile, it fires off in massed swarms, designed more saturation than individual lethality. The effect is undeniable, reducing defences, opening up for boarding action by the Caestus Assault Ram.
Hellstrike Air-Ground Missile One of the most heavy duty missiles carried by Astartes craft, the Hellstrike is a long range, high-power missile, that is fired on targets before ground forces arrived. It's power allows it to destroy large swathes of ground, clearing it for troops. The Storm Eagle, Fire Raptor, and Thunderhawk gunships all can carry it.
Xiphon Missile Air-Air Missile A multi-purpose missile, the Xiphone uses a cluster warhead for lethality against a variety of targets. While technically an air-air missile, it also works against ground positions. IT is carried on the Xiphon Fighter.
Vengeance Missile Artillery Missile An all-purpose artillery missile, the Vengeance Missile is used to bombard enemy positions from afar, reducing everything to ruin. IT is the typical armament of the Whirlwind.
Castellan Missile Artillery Missile A more insidious missile, the Castellan deploys a scattering of mines onto the battlefield. It creates a dangerous and unpredictable battlefield, allowing the Astartes to box in and massacre their foes.

Melee WeaponsEdit

Melee Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Combat Knife Blade Weapon Used as a weapon of last resort, or a tool for silent execution, the combat knife is a monolithic blade, comparable to a sword for a normal human. The hardened blade can easily slip through the plates of hardened armour, and deliver a fatal blow.
Chainsword Chain Weapon The standard weapon of officers, boarding parties and assault squads, the Chainsword uses motorised mono-molecular teeth to eat it's way through armour, flesh, bone, and anything else between it and its prey. Gory and loud, they provide a suitable end for the Emperor's enemies.
Eviscerator Chain Weapon A two handed variant of the Chainsword, the Eviscerator is an incredibly powerfuly weapon, being capable of slicing through heavy armour, sealed bulkheads, even vehicles. Such weapons are exceedingly powerful, especially against other Astartes.
Power Weapon Power Weapon A catch all term for a type of weapon, Power Weapons use a disruptive force field to slice their way through armour, flesh, and bone. Lethal, especially against a singular opponent, the design of the Power weapon can vary widely, including swords, axes, spears, glaives, and halberds.
Relic Blade Power Weapon A two handed power weapon from the dawn of the Imperium, these treasured relics are carried by the greatest heroes in the Chapter. Such is their strength, they could cleave through a renegade astartes, and the wall behind him, without coming to a stop.
Power fist Power Weapon Covered in the same disruptive energy as other Power weapons, it offers tremendous power, at the cost of agility. While slow, the power fist allows the user to crush powers, tear off armour, and smash enemies.
Chain Fist Chain Weapon The Chainfist is the marriage of a Power Fist and Chainsword, keeping the strength and power field of the Power Fist, with the cutting power of the Chainsword. The disruptive field covers the Chainsword, allowing it to quickly chew through bulkheads, making it the perfect entry tool.
Lightning Claw Power Weapon A power Fist gifted with energised claws, the Lightning Claw can scissor through flesh and bone with ease, causing grevious injuries, or outright reducing its target to bloodied chunks.
Thunder Hammer Power Weapon A massive hammer, it utilises power fields in a novel way. Instead of being constantly on, it only activates at the moment of impact, with incredible force, resulting in a powerful crack, often throwing its prey back in disarray.
Crozius Arcanum Power Weapon A symbol of office, and a powerful weapon in its own right, the Crozius Arcanum is a Chaplain's badge, and in a pinch, its power field allows it to crush a foe as a powerful bludgeon.
Force Weapon Force Weapon Carried by members of the Librarius, the Force weapon is a conduit of their power. The weapon seems to differ little from other weapons, but possesses a psi-connvector that channels the psyker's power. At the moment of impact with their foe, the Psyker's power is focused, and the weapon acts as a conduit, transferring that power into their foe. Like power weapons, these can take many forms, such as swords, axes, spears, and staffs.

Explosives and GrenadesEdit

Explosives and Grenades
Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Frag Grenade Anti-Personnel Grenade A plentiful pattern of grenade, it is set on a timer, and explodes in a hail of lethal shrapnel
Krak Grenade Anti-Armour Grenade The Krak grenade uses implosive force to crack open armour. Useful against light to medium armour, Krak grenades are unwieldy to follow, meaning they must be fixed in position.
Melta Bomb Anti-Armour Grenade Using the same technology as a melta weapon, the Melta Bomb is perfect for destroying heavy armour, or breaching enemy hard-points. Once placed, it melts a hole straight through it's target.
Concussion Grenade Anti-Personnel Grenade Using a concussive shockwave, rather than a fragmenting explosion, the Concussion grenade is lethal in close quarters, especially in ships.
Blind Grenade Support Grenade The Blind grenade uses smoke, chaff, and heat decoys to creating an obscuring cloud that blocks most sensor technology.
Breaching Charge Explosive Charge Used during sieges, the Breaching Charge is a heavy explosive, that must be placed with care. Once in position, it is detonated, creating a large and powerful explosion that is focused upon its target, usually a structure or fortification
Frag Assault Launcher Anti-Personnel Grenade Mounted on certain Land Raider variants, the Frag Assault Launcher is fired after breaching the enemy's defence, flooding the area with a hail of shrapnel intended to annihilate any enemy in the vicinity.
Ironclad Assault Launcher Anti-Personnel Grenade Similar to the Frag Assault Launcher, the Ironclad is both offensive, and defensive, firing off grenades with the intention of pinning, blinding, or killing any defenders still in the vicinity of the unit.


Armour Name Armour Type 'Description
Mark 2 "Crusade Armour" Power Armour One of the oldest patterns of Power Armour still in circulation, the Crusader armour is dated by modern standards, but still possesses incredible armour, and tough features. The suits are regarded more as a ceremonial item, and rarely sees battles.
Mark 3 "Iron Armour" Power Armour An improved variant of the Crusade Armour, the Iron features much heavier armour, and as a result is more cumbersome. these suits are still highly prized, especially by the Tyrants.
Mark 4 "Imperial Maximus Suit" Power Armour Considered the pinnacle of Power Armour design at the time of its inception, the Maximus was superior in every regard to the Crusade Armour. Still kept in some numbers, they are even traded by their allies who can still manufacture the suits.
Mark 5 "Heresy Armour" Power Armour More a badge of honour, the Heresy Armour was originally an ad-hoc suit made by the Loyalists to make up for deficits in suit numbers and capabilities. The Heresy suit is resistant, but heavy and power hungry.
Mark 6 "Corvus Armour" Power Armour Precursor to modern suits, the Corvus features many components and technology that would be seen on later suits. The Corvus is a tough and reliable suit, with very powerful and accurate sensors. lighter, easier to manufacture, more reliable, and more stealthy than previous models, the Corvus is still manufactured.
Mark 7 "Aquila Armour" Power Armour Considered a standard amongst the Chapter, the Aquila armour is a well balanced armour, mixing armour, ease of manufacture, and mobility. Almost every battle-brother has worn one of these suits once.
Mark 8 "Errant Armour" Power Armour The most recent armour pattern, it improves on the Aquila with extra armour around the collar. Manufacturing delays have meant the suits are in short supply, so they often only go to veterans.
Cataphractii Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour The most ancient pattern of armour referred to as 'Tactical Dreadnought Armour', the Cataphractii is a monolithic suit of armour, covered in slabs of armour, and potent shield generators. While slow moving, its possesses incredible protection. There are very few suits of these armour.
Tartaros Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour Probably the most advanced suit made yet, the Tartaros is the greatest balance of strength, protection, and mobility. However, this comes at the cost of it being the most technically advanced, and most costly to build. With the information to build them having been lost, the Tartaros is becoming increasingly rare.
Indomitus Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour The most common suit of Terminator Armour, the Indomitus is strong, and with incredible protection. Built like a tank, they are heavy duty suits meant for close quarters combat. They are used by only the most elite forces in the Chapter, who carry the Crux Terminus honour.
Centurion Armour Heavy Duty Power Armour A larger exoskeleton, not unlike the Terminator suits, the Centurion is a high power suit that allows for incredible strength and armour, at the cost of manoeuvrability. The Centurion is a massively armoured suit, designed for siege work. Its strength allows it to carry heavy weapons without a care, or smash defences.
Scout Armour Body Armour Compared to every other suit in use, the Scout Armour is probably the simplest. Using basic combat armour over a hardened fabric uniform, the suit is tough and resilient, but is nothing compared to Power Armour.
Combat Shield Shield The Combat Shield is a small plasteel shield, with a power generator inside of it. Light weight, and bolted to the wrist of the user, it is easy to use, and allows the operator to still carry a sidearm, or wield a two handed weapon
Boarding Shield Shield A heavy duty slab of armour, the Boarding Shield is used to ward off fire during incursions into enemy starships. Heavy armoured, and protected by an energy shield, it ties into the auto-senses of the user's power armour. It features a notched plate along the side that allows the user to fire a weapon, even while the shield is up.
Storm Shield Shield The most powerful shield used by Astartes, the Storm Shield is large, and cumbersome, and shielded in a field of shimmering energy, that snaps and crackles on impact. Capable of warding off the fire of anti-tank weapons, the Storm Shield is carried by Terminators when storming the enemy's position.


Weapon Name Weapon Type 'Description
Auspex Scanner A hand held scanner, the auspex is a ubiquitous tool for tracking down and exterminating the foes of the Imperium.
Omniscope Scanner A sensor mounted on the Centurion, it is used to direct and guide the fire of Centurion Devastators.
Signum Scanner A sensor linked carried by a Devastator Sergeant, the Signum gathers a myriad of data and feeds it back into the auto senses of the squad, allowing for a unification of auto-senses and unifying them for a increase in accuracy.
Servo-Arm Techmarine Equipment A third arm for the tech marine, it allows him to repair machinery with ease, since the limb contains a myriad of tools, and can be controlled with a deftness of an organic limb
Servo-Harness Techmarine Equipment A mobile shrine to the Omnissiah, the Servo-Harness contains limbs, tools, weapons, everything a Techmarine would need. carried by seniors, and the master of the forge, each is unique in design and contruction.
Purity Seals Blessing A sign of Purity and morality, Purity Seals are an invocation from a Chaplain, bearing an inscription, and invocation, or a litany. They give focus through tasks, through callings, so that a battle-brother can focus their will into a single function.
Terminator Honours Blessing The reach the First Company of veterans is no easy task, but to exceed even there, results in a new honour. The Crux Terminatus marks the user as not only being amongst the bravest in the Chapter, but being allowed to wear Terminator Armour into battle.
Teleporter Homer Teleporter A mobile teleporter node, it is used to provide a beacon, for Terminator-equipped Astartes to lock onto, and home in on.
Rosarius Conversion Field Both a protective icon, and a powerful Conversion Field, the Rosarius is used by Chaplains. An icon of their office, and belief, it carries a Conversion Field that turns any energy that hits it into light.
Iron Halo Conversion Field Awarded to Astartes heroes, the Iron Halo is a powerful Conversion Field, deflecting enemy fire and turning it into a bright light.
Jump Pack Jump Pack A powerful set of rockets strapped to the back of a Space Marine, it allows them to make great roaring leaps across the terrain, coming down on top of their foe. They can also be used to descend from low-flying craft.
Familiar Psyker Familiar Space Marine Psykers often use Familiars to enhance their abilities. These creatures enhance their psyker abilities, and extended their senses further, allowing them to see and speak through them. They take the form of Cherubims, animals, servo skulls, or other machines.
Psychic Hood Psychic Hood An artefact of Psykers, the Psychic Hood carries crystals that protect the user from warp attacks.
Narthecium Medical Tool The Narthecium is a vital tool of every Apothecary, used to treat injuries on the fallen. It includes medical salves, drugs, and surgical tools, in order to treat an array of injuries. It can also harvest the gene-seed of a fallen Astartes.
Carnifex Medical Tool A tool used for inflicting a painless death for those too wounded to recovery, the Carnifex fires a metal pin into their brain, that renders them dead instantly, and without pain.

Relics and ArtefactsEdit

Relic Name Relic Type 'Description

Dreadnoughts and Dreadnought WeaponryEdit

Dreadnought Name Dreadnought Type Description
Dreadnought Dreadnought An engine of destruction, every dreadnought contains the interred remains of a hero of the Chapter, close to death, but kept alive by the life support systems held within. Each is deadly at range with their cannons, and at short range, with their fearsome power fist. Despite their size and bulk, they are surprisingly agile and sure footed.
Hellfire Dreadnought Long-ranged Support Dreadnought Each Hellfire Dreadnought exchanges its power fist for a missile pod, making it deadly at range, and a fearsome hunter of armour.
Ironclad Dreadnought Siege Dreadnought A heavily armoured dreadnought, the Ironclad is most commonly seen at the head of sieges, smashing its way through enemy blockades, and filling the air with frag and fire. It carries weapons specific to its role, and its plating is embedded with frag assault launchers, flushing the enemy out as it's assault hits home.
Contemptor pattern Dreadnought Heavy Dreadnought An ancient pattern to Dreadnought, lost to the Imperium at large, the Contemptor is still a frighteningly powerful monster. Clad in heavy armour, and protected even further by Atomantic shielding, the Contemptor strides forth, ignoring even the deadliest of weapons. It takes much of the same weaponry as the smaller Mk IV and Mk V dreadnoughts.
Deredeo pattern Dreadnought Long-ranged Support Dreadnought Cousin of the Contemptor, the Deredeo is heavier in armour, and much stockier, and carries on its shoulders much more mighty weapons. Rather than the rampaging might of the Contemptor, the Deredereo specialising in precise, long distance fire, hitting the enemy with punishing accuracy.
Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought Siege Dreadnought The largest, most powerful pattern of Dreadnought ever manufactured, these barely-understood machines contained unique technologies that have been lost to the onset of time. Armed with phospex launchers, hunter-killer missiles, and a chassis mounted Volkite Calivers or heavy flamers, it is a force on the battlefield. The machines take a toll on their occupants, sapping them of their little remaining life, and driving them mad.
Assault Cannon Auto Weaponry A multi-barrelled Autocannon, the Assault Cannon produces a devastating hail of fire that chews apart infantry. While it suffers from reliability issues, it's firepower is undisputed.
Twin Linked Lascannon Las Weapon The twin-linked Lascannon is a might beam weapon, meant for striking down armoured threats. It uses two Lascannons fired in sequence to shred targets.
Twin Linked Heavy Bolter Bolter Weapon A twin-linked Heavy Bolter, the weapon is used to lay down a tremendous hail of fire, capable of sundering light armour and infantry with frightening ease.
Twin Linked Autocannon Auto Weapon Using twin cannons, this weapon lays down fire on armour and entrenched infantry alike, devastating them in a thunderous call of fire.
Heavy Plasma Cannon Plasma Weapon A heavy plasma cannon mounted a Dreadnought, these weapons are difficult to manufacture and maintain, but are lethal in battle, firing an orb of sunfire that wrecks everything in it's path.
Multi-Melta Melta Weaponry A massive weapon, capable of firing a lance of fire that melts through armour, through flesh, without compromise. The multi-melta is used to torch armour at short range.
Powerfist Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon a massive fist, it is covered in a crackling energy field that allows it to tear armour and crush infantrymen with ease. Power fists posses enough strength to crush almost anything. To augment the weapon, it packs a storm bolter, flamer, or melta, allowing it to augment fire power. Power fists come in a variety of patterns, including more-claw like designs, and large patterns on Contemptors, that pack plasma and graviton weapons.
Hellfire Missile Launcher Missile Launcher A high-power missile launcher, it uses the Dreadnought's auto-senses to fire off salvoes of frag and krak missiles. Considered top amongst ranged weapons, it is used by Hellfire dreadnoughts.
Hurricane Bolter Bolter Weapon Using six linked bolters, the Hurricane produces a hail of fire capable of cutting down whole squads in a screaming hail of bolts. Its mounted on the Ironclad dreadnought exclusively.
Flame Storm Cannon Flamer Larger than even the heavy flamer, the Flame Storm is used to sweep infantry from defensive locations, incinerating a dozen at a time.
Seismic Hammer Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon When a structure must be brought down, the seismic hammer is used to do it. Similar to a power fist, it hits with a hammer blow against structures, smashing them down with thunderous blow, after thunderous blow.
Chainfist Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon Combining a power fist and chainsword, it uses a mixture of power fields and cutting teeth to cut through solid structures, cutting open bulkheads, armoured vehicles, so on.
Conversion Beamer Beam Weapon Mounted on the powerful Contemptor, the Conversion Beamer is a rare weapon from another time. The beam is more effective at range, where the beam can focus in on its target. It has a certain sweet spot, where above, and beneath that, it is less effective.
Cyclone Missile Launcher Missile Launcher A precursor to the Terminator Cyclone Missile Launcher, the Cyclone uses the dreadnought's own sensors to fire off a salvo of guided frag and krak missiles with unnerving accuracy and lethality.
Anvilus-Pattern Autocannon Battery Autocannon The Anvilus pattern is a extremely accurate autocannon weapon. The twin linked cannons are linked to a large ammo reserve, and highly-accurate sensors, allowing it to fire salvoes that can strike down fast moving vehicles, or bring down infantry.
Hellfire Plasma Cannonade Plasma Cannon An exotic plasma weapon, the Hellfire carries a fast-charging plasma cannon, that allows for a rapid fire barrage of plasma fire, creating a hail of fire that slags armour.
Aiolos Missile Launcher Missile Launcher A supremely accurate missile launcher, it fires missiles over terrain, with each one coming down with unnerving accuracy, evade obstructions to deliver its punishing blow.
Leviathan Siege Drill Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon A massive drill, it is designed to cut through the outer wall of fortifications, and then discharge a lance of melta fire into the breach.
Leviathan Siege Claw Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon A massive power claw, the Siege Claw can easily swipe away infantry and tear through flesh, armour, and bone.
Cyclonic Melta Lance Melta Weapon One of the largest melta weapons ever mounted on a walker, the Cyclonic Melta Lance is a rapid-fire, high-power melta weapon, which can reduce a Leman Russ to slag in an instant.
Leviathan Storm Cannon Auto Weapon A punishing cannon, it is designed to rapidly sweep infantry away by their dozens. The cannon uses 4 autocannons linked together, creating a cacophony of fire with every burst.
Grav Flux Bombard Graviton Weapon A Grav weapon of unstoppable power, the Bombard fires a vortex of gravitational torsion that will bring down even the mightiest fortress in a hissing, screeching torrent of doom.

Notable DreadnoughtsEdit

Ground VehiclesEdit

Ground Vehicles
Vehicle Name Vehicle Type Description
Rhino Transport An all purpose transport, the Rhino is simple, sturdy, and reliable.
Razorback Transport A variant of the Rhino ,the Razorback sacrifices internal capacity to mount external weapons. These include twin linked lascannons, twin linked heavy bolters, twin linked assault cannons, and multi-meltas. Preferred for high-intensity warzones, the Razorback perfectly mixes weapons and transport.
Damocles Command Tank Command Tank Most Chapters have a few examples of the precious Damocles, each kept for guiding the chapter across large warzones. Using advanced technology, it can coordinate ground, air and space forces. It also has a high-power auspex that can intercept enemy communications, and a teleporter homer. As well as a command vehicle, it's also excellent at prosecuting electronic warfare attacks upon the enemy.
Predator Annihilator Battle Tank A deadly tank hunter, the Annihilator mounts twin lascannons to take down well armoured prey.
Predator Destructor Battle Tank An all purpose battle tank, it carries a autocannon and a variety of secondary weapons.
Predator Incinerator Battle Tank A relic of the Great Crusade, the Predator Incinerator mounts a deadly Volkite cannon on the turret. The focused beam can destroy waves of infantry, the heat ray cooking them in nanoseconds.
Predator Executioner Battle Tank Another rare relic of the Great Crusade, the Executioner exchanges the standard armament for a plasma destroyer, an exceedingly deadly plasma weapon. Deadly against heavy infantry and armour, the cannon sends balls of sun fire to take out large targets.
Reckoner Siege Tank twin assault cannons, hurricane Bolter, heavy front armour
Vindicator Siege Tank A heavily armoured line breaker, the Vindicator mounts a deadly demolisher cannon, which it uses to destroy enemy strong points. Valued in urban combat and sieges, the Vindicator rains shells on the enemy with frightening accuracy.
Vindicator Laser Destroyer Tank Hunter A relic of the Great Crusade, this variant exchanges the demolisher cannon for a laser destroyer, a potent las weapon used to destroy even the heaviest enemy armour.
Whirlwind Artillery A staple of the Chapter's armour, the whirlwind uses rockets to provide long distance support. It can fire the standard vengeance missile, or the more deadly castellan mine dispenser.
Whirlwind Hyperios Anti-Air Artillery A deadly Whirlwind variant, it mounts short range anti-air missiles, capable of tracking and destroying multiple targets.
Stalker Anti-Air Artillery A deadly short ranged artillery piece, it uses extremely precise sensors to fill the sky with shells, taking down all but the most agile of craft.
Hunter Anti-Air Artillery An older model of anti-air vehicle, it is gradually being phased out, being too costly to maintain. Each precious missile, while accurate, is costly to make, and requires the sacrifice of a serf, or the remains of one recently deceased.
Land Raider Heavy Tank A mighty vehicle, it is equal parts transport and heavy tank. Armed with two pairs of twin linked lascannons, and twin linked heavy bolters, it has a large transport capacity and incredibly heavy armour allowing it to smash it's way through enemy squads, armour and barricades.
Land Raider Achilles Siege Tank An ancient variant of the Land Raider, it has incredibly heavy armour, sponson mounted multi-meltas, and a single Thunderfire cannon. This mighty cannon can put down bunkers, infantry and even armour.
Lander Raider Crusader Breacher Tank A specialised variant, it has a larger transport capacity, at the cost of armament. Instead of the usual weapons, it mounts sponson mounted hurricane bolters, and a pair of assault cannons, along with a multi-melta. It also has frag assault launchers, that fill the air with shrapnel before the crew disembark.
Land Raider Redeemer Breacher Tank The Redeemer is a variant of the Crusader that changes the hurricane bolters for massive flamestorm cannons. Preferred by the chapter for the fiery vengeance it brings, the Redeemer is often seen smashing through fortifications, and torching any survivors.
Land Raider Prometheus Command Tank The Prometheus exchanges the lethal weapons of the standard land raider, for a battery of advanced sensors and communication gear. It is used by commanders to lead from the front, storming positions, while still directing his troops. While it is technically retained by the armoury, is is almost singularly used by the Lord-Captain of the Ninth Company, the armoured Ironsides.
Land Raider Diadochi siege multi melta sponsons, graviton cannon, whirlwind missiles.
Bike Bike Simple, rugged and reliable, the study MArine Bike is used for everything, from scouting, skirmishing, courier tasks and rapid attack.
Attack Bike Attack Bike Fitted with a sidecar, the Attack Bike carries a heavy bolter or a multi-melta, allowing it to attack infantry ot even heavy armour, then rapidly disengage.

Notable Ground VehiclesEdit

Air VehiclesEdit

Air Vehicles
Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Land Speeder Rapid Attack Speeder An all purpose flyer, the land speeder is a moderately armoured, moderately armed vehicle. Specialising in fast attack, reconnaissance and scouting. Fielded in small squadrons, they usually press and push at the enemy's flanks. It is usually armed with a heavy bolter, but some variants are equipped with a multi-melta to hunt tanks.
Lander Speeder Tornado Rapid Attack Speeder An up-gunned version of the Land Speeder, it carries a secondary gun. Usually equipped with an assault cannon to attack infantry formations from a distance, it can be exchanged for a heavy flamer to sweep infantry formations.
Land Speeder Typhoon Rapid Attack Speeder Instead of a secondary gun, this variant fields twin missile pods, allowing it to specialise in long range tank hunting.
Stormtalon Gunship Gunship A ubiquitous gunship, it is used as an interceptor, ground attack craft, and even escort. Armed with a pair of assault cannons, it also carries secondary weapons in the form of twin heavy bolters, twin lascannons, twin typhoon missile pods, or twin skyhammer rocket pods.
Stormhawk Interceptor Interceptor A high-speed interceptor, the Stormhawk is dedicated to engaging enemy air power. Armed with powerful weapons, dedicated to striking down enemy air power. Carrying twin assault cannons, Skyhammer or Typhoon missile launchers, and a nose cannon carrying either a Las-Talon or Icarus Stormcannon.
Xiphon Interceptor Interceptor A relic of the Great Crusade, the Xiphon is fast, agile and utterly deadly. Armed with two twin linked lascannons, and a missile bay that is deadly against armour and infantry.
Stormraven Gunship Dropship An all purpose, heavily armed dropship, it carries twelve marines and a dreadnought into battle. It is armed with a variety of weapons, too numerous to mention in a short space. It is most often used as a rapid attack ship, quickly cutting through the enemy, deploying its cargo, then supporting them with fire.
Storm Eagle Gunship Dropship An older model of dropship, thought extinct following the Horus Heresy. Well armoured, and well armed, the Storm eagle carries more marines into the fray, descending with a fury few can compare. The Storm Eagle carries a pair of twin-linked lascannons, twin vegeance rocket pods, and a front weapon that can change between twin-linked multi-metlas, twin linked heavy bolters, or a typhoon missile pod.
Fire Raptor Gunship Gunship A relic of the Horus Heresy, the Fire Raptor exchanges the transport capacity of the Storm Eagle for a variety of weapons. First and foremost are the twin linked Avenger Bolt Cannons, lethal tank busting weapons. It has two waist-mounted ball turrets, carrying four heavy bolters, and finally four hellstrike missiles. A deadly tank hunter, it can quickly annihilate whole armoured columns before leaving.
Caestus Assault Ram Boarding Ship A sturdy warship, equipped for boarding actions, the twin armoured prows are designed to slam their way through the hull of a warship, and deliver a squad of marines into the fray. It is armed with a magna-melta to cut through the hulls of enemy warships, and twin batteries of firefury rocket pods, capable of rapidly firing on enemy targets. Despite its specialisation as a boarding craft, desperation has forced some Chapters into using is as a dropship for ground assaults, and even as a tank hunter, using its main gun to flash-melt enemy battle tanks.
Thunderhawk Gunship Dropship The largest dropship utilised by the Astartes, the Thunderhawk is common, lethal and incredibly dangerous. Armoured like a tank, and deceptively agile, the Thunderhawk descends in a screaming boom, delivering ordnance and death as it goes. Armed with four twin-linked heavy bolters, two lascannons, bundles of hellstrike missiles, and a single battle cannon, or laser destructor. Enormously versatile, it can marines, dreadnoughts and bikes, and can change from dropship, to gunship, to void interceptor, and even titan hunter.
Thunderhawk Transporter Vehicle Transporter A variant of the Thunderhawk, it exchanges its weapons and transport capability to carry vehicles. Its mag clamps can carry two rhinos, or a single land raider.
Stormbird Heavy Dropship One of the largest combat flyers used by the Astartes, the Stormbird is a heavy-duty lander, carrying an arsenal of cannons, and a fully-armed strike force, including vehicles. Carrying four ball turrets, 6 missiles, and 4 twin linked heavy bolters, the Stormbird is armoured like a tank, and sheathed in void shields, like a Titan.
Tempest Falcon Landing Craft A large scale landing ship, it carries a substantial battery of weapons, mostly for self defence. It can carry a full company to the ground, along with several vehicles. It is the only ship in their arsenal that can carry the Spartan, Typhoon or mighty Fellblade.
Drop Pod Drop Pod Almost ubiquitous with the space marines, the drop pod is used to rapidly transport from orbit to the ground, evading ground defences and anti-air fire in the process. Deploying twelve marines into the heart of the enemy. Armed with an internal weapon point, carrying a storm bolter or a missile launcher,
Lucius-pattern Drop Pod Drop Pod A larger pattern of drop pod, it can be used to deploy a dreadnought, or a weapon platform into the heart of the battle.

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