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Iriliyian is located in the Boardicea Sector, right between the Dominion of Storms and the Centaurus Arm, on the very edge of the outer spiral arm.

BOARDICEA sector map

Boardicea Sector and Irillyians path (indicated in blue)


Little is known about this craftworld, since it's existence was discovered only recently. What is known is that it mirrors the craftworld Iyanden almost perfectly. While smaller, it shares the dedication to the same eldar god Asuryan, uses the same iconography and even shares a similar tragic history. Some say it might actually be a part of Iyanden that broke off, or the remains of a sister-world-ship.

Regardless, the eldar of this crafworld avoid conflict and prefer to stay hidden. It is clear the craftoworld was involved in a large conflict recently, drastically reducing its naval force and inflicting visible structural damage. It is reasonable to assume its population and ground forces suffered losses too. This forced the Elders of the craftworld to resort to drastic measures to protect their world from a small hive fleet.

They set up psychic beacon to lure the fleet towards Vixis, a jungle moon used by the Phoenix Knights chapter, hoping the imperials will destroy the tyranids. Their plan nearly backfired when farseer Tyranel discovered that the Imperials were barely at half strength and the tyranid fleet was greater than initially thought. Knowing that the fall of Vixis might very well spell doom for her own home, she took a force of eldar to aid the imperials, despite being forbidden to do so.

The resulting victory resulted in an tenius alliance between Irillyian and the Phoenix Knights chapter, an alliance that still stands to this day.


It is rumored that this craftworld never leaves this sector. It is theorized that the eldar are either protecting something or looking for something.

Iriliyian is dedicated to Asuryan.

Iriliyian means "blazing light"