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Imperial Uhlans
Imperial Uhlans

Twenty Third


Imperial Fists


Rogal Dorn

Chapter Master

Jonathan Lancerius


Cuyrilia V


Saber and Shield


1,000 (approx.)


Armoured Assault


"By the Sabre, we shall prevail!"


Born from the mighty and noble Imperial Fists, the Imperial Uhlans are a Twenty Third Founding chapter, taking the beliefs of their parent chapter to heart. As with their forbearers, they believe in the superiority of siege warfare and turned it into an obsession, amassing an impressive collection of armored vehicles such as APCs and tanks. They use them to burn and smash enemy defensive lines and fortifications wherever they go in defense of the Imperium. Amongst their vast collection lies their most valuable relic, an ancient and powerful Fellblade super heavy tank. After being acquired at an unknown time through unknown means, this mighty tank, Doomslayer, has only been called upon a handful of times in the Chapter's history.