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10th Founding (mid-35M)




Roboute Guilliman

  • Jewel (formerly, exileed)
  • Ionov

The Nest



  • ~1.000 Astartes
  • Long-range weaponry
  • Infiltration
  • Deep striking

"For the Emperor and the hunt!"


The Hunters are of Ultramarines descend and have claimed the jungle/death world of Ionov. The Hunters were founded as part of the 10th Founding during Nova Terra Interregnum. the The Hunters are known for their favor of the Stalker Pattern Boltgun as well as other long-ranged firearms. The Hunters were later exiled from Ultramar due to getting into fights with the other Ultramarine chapters over the interpretation of the Codex Astartes. The Hunters later joined the (insert name of faction here) and settled on the world of Ionov after its was purged of Xenos and resettled by a powerful Rogue Trader the Hunters had made a deal with.



The Hunters were founded during the 10th Founding during the troubled times of the Nova Terra Interregnum. The Chapter was specifically founded to combat this massive insurrection that had consumed the entire Segmentum Pacificus. It's founding was not only a way to boost the number of successor chapters for the Ultramarines but also a way for their leadership to remove key individuals from the chapter that were more or less known for their tendencies to stray from the sacred Codex Astartes. These veterans were gathered up and given the "honor" of being the Founding Fathers of the Hunters Chapter. Of course these Veterans knew what was happening on the Ultramarines' internal political floor and came to resent their former battle-brothers for dishonoring them in such a way by getting rid of them by doing this. Nonetheless the newly founded chapter took up arms against the rebels in the in Segmentum Pacificus. The chapter, still wet behind its ears, was thrown into the thickest of battle. None of the other Ultramarine successors deployed with them wanted to support them due to being the black sheep of the family. Instead the Chapter found friends among the Raven Guards who saw the despair of lone marines of the Hunters. A small detmatchment of Raven Guard marines decided to travel with the Hunters, teaching the arts of stealth and infiltration. The Hunters quickly adopted some of the Raven Guards doctrines, slowly forging their own as the Ravens allowed the Hunters to stand on their own. Countless battles against the rebels later, the Hunters had found a great passion in long-ranged weaponry, adopting the Stalker-Pattern Bolter rifle as their standard issued rifle. With a combination of deadly surprise attacks and long range sniper fire the Hunters quickly became a force of fear and dread for their enemies.

Exile from UltramarEdit

After the Nova Terra Interregnum returned home to Ultramar with many stories of heroic deeds and great bounties of glory achieved on the fields of battle. Their home coming, however, was not as welcoming as they had hoped. High ranking members from the Ultramarines and their 2nd and 3rd founding successors soon arrived at Jewel and demanded to talk with the Hunters' Chapter Master along with the rest of his staff and all of captains. Whatever happened within the Chapter Master throne room is unknown but what is that the meeting didn't go well and that it had come blows between the Hunters and their guests. The emissaries left in anger, spitting curses at the every Hunter they met on their way out of the fortress-monastery. Later the same night after the chapter had held its evening prayer led by the chapter's Chaplains the Chapter Master stepped in front of everyone. He told them that the Hunters were to be exiled from Ultramar and if they didn't submit to these demands the Ultramarines and their successors would force them out with violence if it came down to it.


Chapter FlawsEdit


Chapter OrganisationEdit

Chapter RecruitmentEdit

Combat DoctrineEdit

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