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House of Ithaka is a loyalist Knight House located in the Polean System. The most known members are:

  • The Red Baron, the Knight Crusader of the eponymous "Red Baron" Wilhelm Freiherr von Richthofen, who is also the Lord Commander.
  • The Black Widow, the Knight Styrix of Baroness Anastasia Kiesler Lamarr, wife of the Red Baron.
  • Ozyorskk, the Knight Atrapos of Sasha Karachaj.
  • The Pearl Raven, the Knight Castigator of Rey Gurinto.
  • Sparta, the Knight Lancer of Maessina Chilon.

In a peculiar and unusual fashion, the House of Ithaka has full knight members of squat abhumans. These are piloting heavy converted Domitar Class Automata and they are usually aiding the Polean Forces in tight spaces (like the underground cities of Túnis) and the Caballeros Vulpones Space Marine Chapter.

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