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Fallen Angel
Daemon Hunter
Gallow Vanik
Biographical Information
Date of birth


Physical Description
Hair color


Eye color


  • Due to overexposure to the Warp his eyes are now just silvery orbs, forcing him to rely on Spectral Sight.
  • His skin is deathly pale with unclear markings and images appearing and disappearing at random.
Miscellaneous Information
  • Daemon Blade The Forbidding
  • Archaic Pattern Bolter
  • Artificer Power Armour
Current Status


  • Imperium of Man (formerly)

"Your mistake is trying to counter madness with order. The only counter to madness is one all of your own"
―Gallow Vanek

Of all the many warriors that call the galaxy their battlefield few are as strange as the mystery that is Gallow Vanek. On the surface he is just another one of the countless space marines fallen from the Imperium service into the servitude of Chaos. But for those who have seen him in battle or studied his moves and motives a much different story slowly unveils itself.


War RecordEdit

Personality and SkillsEdit




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