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"I gave you only one simple order Colonel Meternich! I wanted you to charge and your regiment to lead the assault, but due to your incompetence and laxity, our forces were unable to pierce through the enemy ranks. Your mistake is not tolerable Colonel. Not this time."
―General Friedrich, before executing Colonel Meternich of the 44th Mordian Iron Guard.

Friedrich "Flammen" Konegeer was a general of the Imperial Guard who hailed from the Hive World of Mordian. Known to be a cunning, strict and brutal soldier, he was most known for his actions during the 13th Black Crusade. Konegeer was a man who believed that strict discipline is the key to achieve success. He was a brutal commander and could not tolerate weakness or mistakes. At the height of his military career, Konegeer commanded 3 regiments of the Mordian Iron Guard, formally referred as the 1st Mordian Battlegroup. Konegeer is reported to be killed in action during 13th Black Crusade, killed by Devram Korda himself. Konegeer was also a recipient of the Honourifica Imperialis and the Macharius Cross, which were always displayed on his uniform with pride. After his death, these medals were also buried with him.


Early LifeEdit

Imperial records state that he was born in 599.M41, in Mordian. However, Imperial records contain no data related to his early life. The records related to Konegeer start from 640.M41, when Sergeant "Flammen" Konegeer saved the life of General Morris on a campaign. However, even though he was rewarded with being directly promoted to the rank of Captain, General Moris was killed in action a week later and Captain Konegeer was unable to reach the general this time.

Promotion to ColonelEdit


A New GeneralEdit


1st Mordian BattlegroupEdit


Final ServiceEdit




Personality and TraitsEdit

Known for his strict discipline, General Konegeer was a true example for all Mordians: Filled with hatred against the enemies of man and laxity alike. Always standing tall, even in the face of utter defeat, General "Flammen" did all he could to prevent defeat and yet when he faced it, he still maintained his anger without fear. A rather bold man who did not respect either corruption or laziness, Konegeer was an elitist for he expected the very best his soldiers could offer.


  • Friedrich Konegeer is inspired from Director Krennic from Star Wars: Rogue One and German generals from WW1.
  • Konegeer's nickname is Flammen because of the following reasons:
    • He is obsessed with flamers and used flamers until he was promoted to the rank of general.
    • He is angered easily and often executes his soldiers when they have made a mistake that denied the Imperium any kind of asset.
    • His nickname was originally "Flame", but the author decided to change it to "Flammen", which means Flame in German.

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