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Commissar Masterson
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Felix Masterson
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"It is not a Commissar's duty to teach his men fear - it is his duty to repress it. To turn that fear into vengeance, and to tune that vengeance into a weapon more potent than any Bolter shell or Las shot."
―Lord-Commissar Felix Masterson of the 47th Steel Legion.

Notable for being a rare Commissar with a sense of humor, Felix Masterson was a resilient Lord-Commissar who was born in 820.M41, living right through to the events of the 42nd Millennium. While not the best-known Commissar in existence, he was notable for being a decent, human Imperial who watched out for the guardsman under his command, knowing that their existence means nothing if he sent them to a worthless death. Well-aware of the dangers that plague the Imperium, he is nothing if not a staunch rationalist.

Felix Masterson was also well-aware of fallacies and loophole within Imperial doctrine - the Imperials teach, "fear ensures loyalty", but his time with the Space Marines show "fear denies faith", the latter of which he feels is true. As a result, he feels an intense need to push his Guardsmen to their absolute best, and make sure their morale is high, like any true Commissar - but however, his methods of enforcing this, along with enforcing discipline, are abnormal compared to others.


Early Life and TrainingEdit

As it is mostly kept secret due to the Commissar's personal reasons and his rank, all that can be known of Commissar Masterson's early life is that he was brought up at the Ecclesiarchy's Schola Progenium as an orphan to become an officer, before being trained by the Departmento Munitorum's Commissariat division to become an Imperial Commissar.

The division assigned the young Felix to become a Commissar of the 47th Steel Legion, keeping both mechanized troops, disobedient tank operators and standard infantry within line. However, he believed that if he were to keep his troops in line, he would do it in his own fashion.

Felix took it upon himself to make certain that the Guardsmen were not only at full morale strength, but he would do so by leading by example. He refused to execute his men unless proven absolutely necessary, merely threatening soldiers out of line before drawing his weapon, forcing them to contemplate further.

The incident that would lead to Felix Masterson becoming promoted would be a small skirmish upon an Ork-infested planet, the nemesis of the Armageddon Steel Legions, and in particular curbstomped this particular Waaagh! that was mustering its strength.

Felix saved the lives of his entire regiment by leaping atop a looted Baneblade superheavy tank which the Orks had stolen and entering the hatch, before killing the lives of its crew and then ordering the Legionnaires to take command of the vehicle, killing the Warboss with it and claiming victory. This act of valour earned him the rank of Lord-Commissar.

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Masterson gasmask

Masterson in full regalia.

Known for being a deadpan and logical man, Masterson is known to look out for those under him while at the same time pushing them to be their best. His constant snarks are delivered completely straight-faced but merely for comic relief, as he is well aware of the brutal dictatorship that just barely holds the entirety of humanity together.

He has a realist outlook on humanity's battle, but is by no means a coward, and certainly willing to lead himself first, then the guardsman behind him, to make sacrifices when needed - especially if they are heavily suspected of Chaos taint or of cowardly nature, he is reluctant but dutiful and will execute anyone under his command showing traces of either.


  • Felix has been coined by the author as "the bastard child of Sebastian Yarrick and Ciaphas Cain".