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Eneldor Campaign




Forge World Eneldor, Ultima Segmentum


  • Pyrrhic Imperial victory
    • Orks are driven off of Eneldor
    • Warboss Roktoof is killed
    • Eneldor is ravaged beyond rebuilding
Imperium of Man
WAAAGH! Roktoof
Inquisitor Palathius
Warboss Roktoof
Over 80 million Orks
  • Minimal Inquisition casualties (exact percentage unknown)
  • Roughly 30% of Space Marine forces killed
  • Roughly 80% of Imperial Guard forces killed
  • Roughly 45% of all present Imperium Naval assets lost
  • Minimal Adeptus Mechanicus casualties (exact percentage unknown)
  • Nearly all civilians killed
  • Warboss Roktoof killed
  • Roughly 60% of total forces killed

The Eneldor Campaign was a conflict between the Imperium of Man and an Ork WAAAGH! led by Warboss Roktoof on the recently-established Forge World of Eneldor. The conflict was short but incredibly bloody, lasting only six months but with casualties on both sides numbering in the tens of millions. Ultimately, the bitter conflict over control of the planet laid waste to anything of value it had once possessed, with its formerly mineral-laden surface scorched and ravaged, and valuable Imperial technologies either broken beyond repair or hopelessly buried beneath the rubble of the hive cities and manufactorae that had previously housed them.

Order of BattleEdit


First settled by the Imperium in 324.M39, the planet Eneldor was relatively young for a Forge World. Located at the fringes of Imperial-controlled space in the Ultima Segmentum, Eneldor served a vital role in ensuring that other planets in the area remained well equipped to fend off any threats that may have loomed in the depths of space beyond the reaches of Imperial rule.

However, in 876.M41, a revision of Imperial supply routes unknowingly resulted in the diverting of Imperial vessels directly through the heart of Ork territory. The Orks there began feeling threatened, and in only a short while banded together into a WAAAGH! under the command of the most powerful and feared Ork in the region, Warboss Roktoof. In 896.M41, the Orks of WAAAGH! Roktoof intercepted and boarded an Imperial supply vessel passing through the area, capturing the ship's Navigator. Through torture, they managed to extract the source of the supply vessels from the Navigator, whom as a "reward" was promptly executed. The source, he revealed, was the Forge World of Eneldor.