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Drakonian Shock Corps
Command Staff

Lord Commander Aeschylus




10,000 per regiment


Heavy Assault, Attrition, Siege Warfare


"Never Falter, Never Surrender!"


The Drakonian Shock Corps are specialized regiments that are often used for heavy assaults and holding down strategically vital locations. The Nova Terra Regency often utilises the Shock Corps as an attack force that is used in conjunction with the Space Marine forces known as the Ur-Legions as a heavy assault force. The Drakonian Assualt Corps is best known for having the first boots on the ground and the last ones off of a planet. They are well renowned for taking strategically important assets and holding it at all costs.


The Drakonian Regiments were founded during the peak of the first great crusade. As the forces of the venerable space marine legions were stretched thin across the galaxy bringing more and more planets into imperial compliance, the Emperor saw the need for more human auxiliary forces to supplement the space marine legions. Just before the Horus Heresy the Luna Wolves brought in the planet Drakonis into Imperial compliance on the border of the Segementum Pacificus. With an offer of surrender to the people of Drakonis which was shot down, The Luna Wolves started their subjagation of Drakonis with a mass drop pod assault and saw that the people of Drakonis were hardly and unwavering in the face of an entire space marine legion desending from the sky like angry gods.

Combat DoctrineEdit

Notable CharactersEdit

Lord Commander Aeschylus- The senior commander of every regiment the Drakonian shock corps fields.

Captain Andronicus -


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