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Dragons Sanguinaris Primaris Space Marine
Dragons Sanguinaris

27th 'Ultima' Founding


Blood Angels




Approximately 1,000


Shock Assault, Decimation

Special Units

Jaberwockis (Hellblasters), Wyverns (Interceptors), Kholeghan (Reiver), Death Company


Blood Angels & Scions of Sanguinius Successor Chapters




Summary Edit

The Dragons Sanguinaris are a non-Codex Space Marine Chapter composed entirely of Primaris Space Marines, created during the recent 27th 'Ultima' Founding, and descended from the Blood Angels. They favor a 'soften-and-smash' approach to battle, deploying Jaberwockis (Hellblaster units) from Wyrms (Land Raiders) alongside Amphitheres (stormraven gunships) and Wyverns (Interceptors). Then in the middle of the fight, once the enemy force has been weakened and diminished by the initial forces, drop pods descend from the sky behind enemy lines, and deploy Death Company, who take the form of Primaris Reivers.

Organization Edit

The Dragons Sanguinaris are split up into five companies of 200 men each

Bahamut's Chosen Edit

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The first company of the Dragons Sanguinaris, Bahamut's Chosen are the best and brightest of the chapter. Each member is hand picked by Bahamut (the Chapter Master) himself, who also leads them personally. There is much diversity in this company, as the only criteria for entry is that one proves themselves in battle.

Death Company Edit

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The second company of the Dragons Sanguinaris, this is where those who have succumbed to the Black Rage are assigned. Referred to as "Nidhoggs" by the rest of the Chapter, they are led by those few Ojutais (chaplains) with the ability to break through their blinding rage, and point them in the proper direction.

Fafnir Company Edit

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Composed of Jaberwockis and their Wyrm transports, the third company of the Dragons Sanguinaris are often the ones leading the ground assault during battles. Despite this, the highly deadly and viscous Jaberwocky squads do not exit their Wyrm transports unless they need to, relying on the armor and fire power of the Wyrms to deal with any infantry they encounter. However when they do exit their transports, it is often much to the enemy's horror, as their key pieces of artillery and armored vehicles are wiped from the field.

Smaug Squadron Edit

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Consisting of Wyverns and Amphitheres, the fourth company of the Dragons Sanguinaris bring death from above, as they fire from on high with their assault bolters, auto-cannons, lascannons, and missiles. Often they seek to eliminate key personnel on the field, severing the head of the snake if possible, or at the very least softening them up for the final decisive blow that is to come.

Hatchlings Edit

The fifth and final company of the Dragons Sanguinaris is the Scout Company. These are new Primaris who have yet to prove themselves worthy of being placed in one of the other four companies. They are the ones who perform reconnaissance on enemy movements and formations, providing their brothers with the information they need to win.

Terminology Edit

Chapter Master: Bahamut

Interceptor: Wyvern

Stormravern: Amphithere

Veteran: Ancient [unit name]

Pilot: rider

Chaplain: Ojutai

Librarian: Pseudodragon

Hellblaster: Jaberwocky

Intercessor: Drake

Reiver: Kohleghan

Terminator: Dromoka

Land Raider: Wyrm

Dreadnought: Soloknir

Repulsor: Lindworm

Formations/Maneuvers Edit

Bahamut's Fist Edit

Five Drop Pods land in close proximity and deploy squads of Bahamut's Chosen Kohleghans; usually targets the center of an enemy formation

Tail Swipe Edit

Jaberwockis deploy behind their Wyrm. The two units then move together between two enemy units. The Wyrm attacks one, while the Jaberwockis attack the other.

Lightning Breath Edit

All Jaberwockis disembark their Wyrms and focus fire on one particular unit. At least one member of each squad supercharges their plasma incinerator.

Notable Characters Edit

Bahamut Drago Arthurian Edit

Chief Librarian Cestus Swiftmere Edit

Master of Sanctity Markus Akambrian Edit

Master of the Forge Julius Angelos Edit

Master of the Fleet Sia Evangeline Edit

Chief Apothecary Severus Aurelius Edit

Kohleghan Captain "Darkseid" Edit

Chief Tech Priest Uriel Von Card Edit


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