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"He walks the shadowed path, under moonlight and the fire of those worlds he has glassed. Each step has a million purposes behind it, and each order he gives will no doubt provide an edge to his troops in both seen and unseen ways. This brothers, is why I fear the void of space."
― Brother Destrus of the Astral Glaives Legion

Dominus Cadavera is the first and only Legion Master of the Mortis Reapers Legion, commander of the 'Great Harvest' and the face of doom to all xenos within the Milky Way Galaxy. His legion has wiped away many minor xenos species out of existence, and continues to add to that death toll every day.


Once a Praetorian in the Iron Warriors Legion, when his Primarch turned to the side of Horus, he was among the first to turn their backs on the traitorous path. He went to the Primarch Rogal Dorn as soon as he was able, and his loyal troops bolstered the Imperial Fists' lines during the Siege of Terra. In the aftermath, Dorn recommended him to the High Lords of Terra personally, as a top candidate for the new Legion Masters. Upon receiving his rank and new modifications, he inducted the remainder of those Iron Warriors under his command, and willingly gave his DNA for new gene-stock.

Nova Terra InterregnumEdit

During the Nova Terra Interregnum, he led his Legion on a crusade out into Dark Space, where no other legion had gone before. He cut all contact with the Imperium and nobody was able to track down his legion.

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