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Defence of Stallgrim




Imperial Victory


Sons of Mortis Warriors Tempest Blood Ravens Cadian Regiments Imperial Navy

Corpsemakers The Tainted Knights of Blood (Warband) Death Shadows Renegade Auxilia Forces


Death Master Mortis Unknown Blood Ravens Chapter Master Chapter Master Vonic (Warriors Tempest) Many Cadian Commanders Many Imperial Navy Commanders

Various forgotten Chaos Lords


Around 3,000 Space Marines and 100,000 Guardsmen

Around 5,000 Chaos Marines and 25,000 Renegades


Death of Mortis, 400 Sons of Mortis dead, Warriors Tempest lose 200 Marines, Blood Ravens lose 100 marines and Cadian lose about 50,000 Guardsmen

Around 4000 Chaos Marines are dead and 24,000 Renegades are dead


The Defence of Stallgrim was a major Imperial campaign fought against a large encroaching Chaos force comprised of multiple renegade Space Marine Chapters and various other unsavoury forces of ill-repute. This campaign took place upon the vitally important Knight World of Stallgrim, located in the Segmentum Obscurus. The Imperial forces were spearheaded by the Sons of Mortis Space Marine Chapter, who were allied with fellow Astartes from both the Blood Ravens and the Warriors Tempest Chapters. They were further augmented by multiple Cadian Shock Troop Regiments as well as a substantial contingent of the Imperial Navy forces of Battlefleet Obscurus.


The Defense of Stallgrim was known for beginning a small but important battle in the history of the Imperium for one simple reason. Stallgrim was a world devoted to simply making Imperial knights and if the world Stallgrim was token by chaos it would greatly lower Imperial Knight numbers.

The Beginning InvasionEdit

Without notice, multiple Chaos Warbands attacked the world with all they had, using bombs to scatter the world into bits, they soon landed upon the world to invade and loot what they can, all four warbands went looting for many days before any help showed up.

After about 5 days Cadian forces were deployed however they could not withstand the Forces of Chaos and their mighty warbands.

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