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Ork Invasion of Ailuros
Ork Fleet




Ailuros System, Segmentum Ultima


  • Decisive Imperial victory
    • Deadfang Tribe exterminated

Imperium of Man

Ork Warband Deadfang

Imp Protectors SP
  • Legatus Vatinius Peltrasius
  • Warboss Maguruk Deadfang

Severe civilian and military loses

All Orks eliminated


Initial InvasionEdit

The initial invasion came swift and brutally to the Imperial world of Ailuros XIII that first saw the Orks under Deadfang's command. Ailuros XIII was caught off guard by the overwhelming numbers of Orks that sudden rained down from the sky to slaughter and loot everything of value on the planet. While the local PDF did everything they could to hold off the Ork tides it was not enough keep the entire Ork fleet busy and so the vast majority of the Ork fleet moved further into the system. Fortunately XIII had managed to send out a call for help across the system but didn't have enough time to identify the xenos threat before the planet's communications were cut off by the Orks. This short cry for help allowed the other imperial planets to begin preparations to defend their worlds. Back on Kacreirus, Vatinius Peltrasius, Legatus of the Wardens Cosmic send out an order to all the Warden forces that weren't currently in the system to come their home's aid and defense.

Orks arrived at Ailuros XI shortly after the call from XIII was cut short. By the time the Orks made planet fall the brave men and women on XI had managed to prepare their defenses well enough to hold the Orks for a time but they were still in desperate need of reinforcements. Forces from Ailuros X, VIII and VII were on their way but the Ork Warboss were smart and had set up ambushes and traps on the way to XI. The troop carriers were hit hard and had to retreat to their own planets or face the same fate as those who didn't make it out of the ambushes alive. This forced XI to try and seek shelter deep into the mines and undergrounds below its surface.

The Orks, feeling that the battle were more or less done on XI now pushed for three weakened worlds of X, VII and VIII at the same time. The three planets had hoped to hold the Orks at XI but now they had exhausted their manpower and moral were dangerously low. The three worlds were quickly overwhelmed in a similar manner as XI and XIII. With no resistance left to hold back the Orks they set their eyes on the system's capital planet and homeworld of the Wardens Cosmic, Kacreirus, which had gathered most of the remaining planets' forces here to prepare to push the Orks back. This counterattack never came however due to Warboss Deadfang pushing his boys hard to get to Kacreirus in time to have a great battle.

Siege of KacreirusEdit

Main article: Siege of Kacreirus

Battle of Ailuros XIEdit

Main article: Battle of Ailuros XI

Battle of Ailuros VIIIEdit

Main article: Battle of Ailuros VIII

Ork RetreatEdit


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