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Cruentus is a Death World located in the Segmentum Obscurus that serves as the home world and recruiting ground for the Angels Cimmerian Space Marine Legion. Cruentus is a hot, volcanic world, criss-crossed with lava rivers as bright as blood.


Environmental ConditionsEdit

Surface View Of Cruentus

Ever changing surface of Cruentus

The planet was a literal furnace and was virtually uninhabitable, as the extremes of its environs made it inimical to most lifeforms. Cruentus's suns burn exceptionally bright. During the height of daylight hours, the red giant, Rubrum Arafa, (Baalite for 'Red Giant'), is a baleful presence, washing the world with angry red light. Cruentus's ferocious heat is provided by the tidal forces of its large moon, Luna De Sanguis, ('Moon of Blood'), pulling at its guts. Churning geology wracks the planet with endless earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The planet is phenomenally active, its entire surface remade once every ten thousand standard years, coated over by fresh rock spewing from its many volcanoes, volcanoes like Mount Invalesco, ('To Gather Strength'). The harsh environs provide an ideal recruiting ground for the Legion's Neophytes, making the world's population excellent candidates as warriors for the Angels Cimmerian.

Life on CruentusEdit