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Cleansing of the Imperium's Bane
Crescent Battleships

Battleships bearing The Crescent Insignia begin their assault on the Space Hulk.




Space Hulk "Imperium's Bane", Segmentum Solar


Decisive Imperial victory
  • %35 of the Space Hulk is destroyed.
  • Space Hulk "Imperium's Bane" is renamed as "The Crescent".
  • The map of Vulkan is acquired and given to Salamanders chapter who, in return, assist rebuilding The Crescent.
  • The Crescent is given under the direct command of Lune Crackham who turns it into a meeting grounds for the four chapters.
  • The Quadruple Alliance is officially formed as the chapters agree to work together more often.
  • The map of Vulkan also reveals the location of the relic that corrupts Damollius Cordatanus.
Imperium of Man
Forces of Chaos
Imp Protectors SP
  • Legatus Damollius Cordatanus
Imp Protectors SP
The Badge of a Protector
  • Lord-Protector Kür-Shad
  • Packmaster Sungur Yamtar
  • Chapter master of the Blazing Warriors
  • 411 Space Marines Total
    • 101 Turquoise Protectors
    • 103 Wardens Cosmic
    • 118 Green Wolves
    • 99 Blazing Warriors
  • 1000 Crescent Elites Total
    • 5 shells (from 44th to 49th)
"Our homeworld is in danger. Every soul in this planet is in danger. Our existence is in danger. The day is a day we fight for our survival. TO ARMS!"
―Lord-Protector Kür-Shad announcing the appearance of the Imperium's Bane.

Cleansing of the Imperium's Bane was a Space Hulk Purge that resulted with the combined might of 4 chapters, aided by The Crescent Elites, taking control of the Space Hulk named Imperium's Bane. The main reason behind this campaign was a map, which was rumored to carry information detailing clues about each artifact Vulkan had left to test his chapter and Vulkan's whereabouts. Called "The Map of Vulkan", it was later uncovered that the map was made and left behind by one of the corrupt Pyre Guard that served under primarch Vulkan himself, who was corrupted due to the fact that he believed Vulkan's test was inessential.


Prelude Edit

The entire campaign started because of the appearance of a Space Hulk named "Imperium's Bane" on the Elysian System. Having no knowledge of this Space Hulk and it's treasures, Turquoise Protectors quickly mobilized a small strike team from the 10th scout company to analyze the Imperium's Bane. Only a record was able to reach Elysia, the last scout reporting about their find of the "Map of Vulkan", a working engine system inside the Space Hulk and the Chaos Marines inside that planned to crash the Space Hulk onto Elysia. After investigating this record Turquoise Protectors immediately mobilized all of their chapter and immediately sent word to their allied chapters Wardens Cosmic and Salamanders.

Alliance of the Four Edit

"We are united until our goals are."
―Packmaster Sungur Yamtar.

When the word reached Wardens Cosmic, they mobilized their entire chapter. However, Salamanders were stretched thin and unable to send aid, even though these news were of great importance to them. On the other hand, two other chapters caught note of this message. The first one was Green Wolves, whom were chasing the Chaos Lord Pugnator, who entered the Imperium's Bane. The second was the Blazing Warriors whom Salamanders contacted as they were their closest successor chapter that could reach the Space Hulk in time. As the Wardens Cosmic arrived, the other 2 chapters had already joined Turquoise Protectors, and were waiting for the Wardens Cosmic whose fleet was slowed because of the psychic assault of another being who had also arrived on the scene. A being of greater power and might than any Space Marine. After the arrival of Wardens Cosmic, the four chapter masters agreed to unify their forces under one assault team to achieve their objectives which ultimately resulted with the Imperium acquiring a Space Hulk.

The First Assault Edit

"The Cyclops is here, whose wicked words echo through my head. There must be miracle for us to save those inside."
―Chief Librarian Ahmet, to Lord-Protector Kür-Shad.

A plan was made while the Wardens Cosmic were stuck in the warp. The plan was finished with the assignation of the Wardens Cosmic. According to the plan, Wardens Cosmic would lead an assault alongside 4th Marauder company of Turquoise Protectors, while the Green Wolves follow their backs and secure the advanced positions. Blazing Warriors would utilize their flamethrowers to assault locations where other weaponry would prove useless and also secure the advanced positions by destroying the possible hiding locations of the enemy. Turquoise Protectors would coordinate the assault and secure critical locations like the engine room and the medical areas. The battle had begun to save Elysia.

Wardens Cosmic successfully secured the landing zone and immediately started the assault to destroy the enemies of Man. The first phase was completed successfully. However, before the remaining forces land, an unknown energy field surrounded the Space Hulk and trapped the assault force inside. At that very moment, Thousand Sons and Emperor's Children made their official appearance on the Imperium's Bane as Thousand Sons sorcerers powered the barrier while the noise marines ferociously attacked the assault team. Led by Chaos Lord Pugnator, Death Guard forces also utilized the Nurgle's Rot on the bulk of the genestealer horde, which was at the main bridge. The result was a chaotic genestealer army ready to serve the will of Pugnator. The forces left outside desperately bombarded the barrier but it was to no use. It seemed very likely that the force inside would be obliterated. The librarians tried desperately to deactivate the barrier, however, a great psychic energy destroyed their entire hopes as they all knew who was that psychic presence. The Cyclops had revealed himself.

The Crescent Fleet Appears Edit

"This is Acting Commander Lune Crackham on the vox. Gentlemen, get ready to be impressed."
―Lune Crackham, announcing The Crescent Fleet's arrival.

The word of the assault was received by Lune Crackham and he was already en route to Elysia with a fleet he brought along with that belonged to an unknown Rogue Trader. In the middle of the assault, The Crescent Fleet arrived. Magnus immediately felt his presence. Wanting to know more about his enemy, he attacked Lune's mind. However, Magnus' psychic assaults were blocked by Lune, who already knew about the warp as much as Magnus did. Magnus, understanding his enemy had already shielded his mind, and being busy with maintaining the barrier, instead decided to attack the mind of a weaker adversary. Miri, without saying a single word, collapsed to the ground. Magnus searched the Mind of the great Apothecary and learned all about the Acting Commander. intrigued by Lune's survival from the "Will of the Emperor", Magnus decided to imprison the Acting Commander and acquire the knowledge he wanted. However, understanding that he was unable to access his mind, Magnus planned a darker approach and lowered the barrier he had placed in order to lure the Crackham siblings into his hands. While he ordered the Death Guard and Emperor's Children to exterminate the arriving Space Marines, He and his Thousand Sons would destroy the map and capture Lune Crackham. Minutes after their arrival, The Crescent Elites were immediately added to the assault plan. Their fleet would prevent the enemy from escaping while their forces would ensure the security of the captured areas as the Space marines were bound to advance until the space hulk was wiped clean.

The Second Assault Edit

"Burn under the might of our flamers!"
―Chapter master of the Blazing Warriors, to genestealers.

The remaining forces regrouped at the breach zone and were notified of the new plan and the second advance began. The assault team, renamed as the "Spearhead" continued their push while the securing unit, named "Hilt" cleaned the positions behind and opened blocked ways for the Spearhead to progress. The Blazing Warriors team, called "Fire Bringer" also burned down small corridors, enemies hidden in unaccessible areas and possible hiding locations. Turquoise Protectors, renaming their team "The Brain", also set up a command center and Kür-Shad assigned one Brother-Protector to every squad in order to better coordinate the attack. The Crescent Elites quickly secured and made a watch schedule to defend the positions better. A shell also discovered a secret arms depot and the 2nd Termination Company successfully secured the path to it. The shell also discovered a lot of pre-heresy heavy armor, whom were awarded with them by Lune Crackham. The shell was renamed "Lune's Bodyguard" and tasked with guarding the leaders of the Quadruple alliance, along with their personal bodyguards. This shell didn't survive the assault on the Imperium's Bane.

Lune Crackham's Suicide Mission Edit

"If I fail this Miri, bury me near our father and mother."
―Lune Crackham to Miri Crackham.


Endgame Edit

"One dies, a thousand rises!"
―Last words of Sergeant Major Carl before detonating the explosives carried into the main bridge.



The Repairs Edit


Assistance From Salamanders Edit


Trivia Edit

  • "One dies, a thousand rises!" is a famous quote used by the Turkish Armed Forces.
  • ...

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