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Hailing from the Death/Industrial World of Chalish, the Chalishan Rad scorpions are renowned for two things, their experience in surviving highly radioactive environments and making an enemy fight heavily for every inch of ground. It is of note that they are also rather amiable with the Adeptus Mechanicus (As both hold a great deal of appreciation for technology, the Mechanicus out of venerable worship and the Chalishan's out of appreciation for it), indeed it is rumored that the Sekban Order is in fact giving small tithes to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Since the Foundation of the New Imperium though, Chalishans are sent to colonize various empty Death worlds to ensure these soldiers do not die out, especially given the defection of the entire Sekban Order.

Homeworld Edit

According to ancient weathered and corrupted Data, Chalish was once a vibrant Industrial Colony world from the Dark Age of Technology, ruled by it's wise Technocrat council it seemed the golden days would never end. However, this world on the edge of the Halo Stars was the subject of a harsh and vicious change. What records remain say that it was the site of a battle with a strange alien fleet, that while destroyed, made the surface of Chalish near entirely uninhabitable by humankind. Today Chalish's population lives in converted mining colonies turned massive underground hive cities, with the ruined hive cities being remnants of the past regularly scavenged. The Surface is by and large home only to the dangerous mutant creatures now, but there are various Hunter supply cache outposts, and there are a myriad of ancient relics to be found in the ruined hive cities. Previously there used to be Sekban outposts and supply caches, but given the silent defection of the Sekban Order, these were all found to be rapidly packed up by the Sekban.

Native LifeEdit

Chalish can be best considered a dangerous place, what with radioactive sandstorms and extremely few sources of clean water outside of the Hive cities. Chalish is most notable for the Impaler, a strange mutant lifeform that many surmise is genetically related to Old Terra Horses mixed with the native radioactive scorpions, and is most distinguishable by the claw like mandibles that grow out of it's mouth. While Domesticated Impaler's lose some of their ferocity, the Chalishan's Rough Rider and Cataphracts 

Chalishan Culture Edit

Chalishans believe that the calamities that have befallen them are due to their preferring a life of comfort, and as such, their eternal war for survival both on Chalish and throughout the Imperium is a test in their eyes. A test of wether they and their constructions and inventions are worthy, and they will not fail without a fight. Since the founding of the New Imperium, any form of Machine worship is strictly monitored after the defection of the entire Sekban Order. Positions and Benefits are more or less handed out based on merit, with the entire Chalishan people holding more of an emphasis on practicality rather then aesthetic. And this shows in their castes, as they have barely any artists and sculpturers, and before the New Imperium their loyalty was called into question given the shockingly low popularity with the Imperial Cult. Chalishan daily life is highly scheduled, and this is especially noticeable to traveler's, who note that leisure shops are open during break times for the workforce.

Chalish ForcesEdit

The Chalishan Rad Scorpions are fond of utilizing Mechanized Infantry and Vehicle Hit and Run tactics, some enemies derisively call them 'Mock-Tallarns', and it may or may not be true. Were it not for the unique vehicle designs brought about by the STC on Chalish.

Cataphract OrderEdit

Formed to replace the Sekban Order after it's defection to the Imperial Remnant, the Cataphract Order is unusual and unlike the Sekban Order, they are an elite force of Cyberneticly enhanced soldiers that have a role akin to Stormtroopers. The Cataphracts operate as something of an Unorthodox form of Rough Riders. Clad in Cataphract pattern Carapace Armor and wielding Cataphract Weapons, they ride into battle atop mighty armored Impalers and are indeed a fearsome force.

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